aisamanra ebooks

920302125313380357: more time you already imagine it too, ainu, think
920287025902780416: …mi volas, presumably as the highest rate of roughly 2ml/minute. the world
920271926928576512: …georgian soft. look of what the world at adulthood. blog —
920256830164652032: cthulhu-inspired games, rock collection, imagine nerds. jpg
920241728090669059: related: occasionally wanted to buy a history of mathematical notations by then they
920226628478865408: it's also believe workers are the best fatass. and also evaluation order
920211530481897472: (using curl took lists are ruglike. (not a mile high
920196431931199488: screens in the elevator of my comic book, seven and seven-thirty? does this aaaarg
920181332160012288: leading nosql databases…
920166231214379009: …my first mp3
920151131698946048: elon musk is keep the private data types is also perfectly reproduced
920136031944536065: according to nimoy, 3])), combine
920120931955150848: j0, man: xia 2014
920105834113269760: the slides for various different wml
920090735495524352: yup. thanks!
920075634407288832: sure of a minimal solution — as told nothing else
920060535818907648: luckily, that leads me want to write my minimal-pixel-art self-portrait; asked
920045436739735552: people for bioshock: infinite due to unix permissions with non-printable ascii characters
920030337383755778: that's what the future is jake elliott, ugh, nerdy,
920015237939646464: okay so some of the most impenetrable things people write /hey{5}/ instead?
920000139426697218: y'know in horror movies
919985041131950080: don't need something else might help de-clutter at the gym — chinese
919969940073078784: kashmiri chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream from scala: implicits and scala's implicits find
919954840381480960: trying to like the word 'unityped':
919939741063278595: basically immediately afterwards
919924638230220805: the last one place i dispensed with abysmal g-canon. hahahahahahahahahaaa
919909539801116672: (…or modern languages implemented an old-fashioned made old-fashioned-like drinks. might
919894445331484672: (nabokov described ithkuil as extended family! they break from dijkstra that
919879343526080512: geeks love their timelines
919864244165890048: the presence of a system recently saw how that programs are great
919849141769048064: lastatempe mi petas glumarkojn de esperanto is over nanjing. (i'm
919834043490947072: the idic thing? coloring work correctly… unless i'm simultaneously. either,
919818944705376256: jocaml — alejandro jodorowsky in disguise. must start working
919803845391323136: (nb: i end up blasphemy flags
919788745498521601: lifting this one:
919773645500747776: the gnu assembler syntax contest. cinematography — and abbott's bitters (cassia,
919758545414967296: (…'ambal' technically they sound like beta-quality software for them:
919743446734303233: if someone online records today i
919728348892422144: module, and explicit recursion
919713251033862144: (ozymandias was called 'bum-fodder'
919698149391904769: personally do both were less 'if toki pona word — and i'm
919683050438610944: icewine is table with non-english grammar — don't look cool new
919667950944243712: no code on undergrad-written code formatters like green-gray industrial byproduct
919652851441430562: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι. never met
919637754434277381: (next i realize he was aware that gives me something today
919622651718533120: for hand-writing assembly programming languages? if the hero goes to x3 goes to sell
919607550722666496: patrick rothfuss needs not all eventually, son, and i just
919592454868865024: does work in rust:
919577351901589505: admission: i. night eating food poisoning!
919562253170626562: at preposterous prices mostly agree with which i've gone back through
919547154871537664: pretty weird: where the consistent diagrams
919532056694095872: pdx ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably not what happens when do get
919516955115163649: …it's, go in there, as it's actually know of, say
919501856610705408: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with snow crash, and you've got the rules
919486757909024768: silly me! i recently i intend to expand my conlanging days by
919471655528910848: mine was wonderful post more painful than the barest experience to assert power
919456556906934272: orwell suggested a cutesy logo will stop making manhattans made an
919441460495253504: …partial application, gcc has bought it one isn't part of our
919426357129633792: yesterday what awesome death-defying activity, life
919411261330386944: you understood badly! i'll fix it usually drill down and re-show it
919396158577012736: (…this tweet in a theater in the past 1½ years. f and pass a
919381060332478464: punctuation that in like five teens on google thought, and interactive editing:
919365959571386369: remember a bamboo crafts store: that article is (f(x))(y). assembly
919350864820801536: (last sentence fragments:
919335763522748416: hypothetically, i'mma change my nemesis-in-codebase-form contains an extra yak-shaving time
919320664544305152: ghc to infer polymorphic records today for curry, castillian, and shirley
919305564085211138: …thinking of making a package where seeing oregon town name was an
919290465551372290: …uh, proposed unicode identifier which they all even weirder,
919275362974040064: pythagorean semicolon is succinctly and subtly captured by the 3d printer. 'visual
919260264964542464: and that's ignoring the fact that came out of names
919245165755330561: …the best to stick with w
919230067254980609: afaik the closest asian groceries are camelcased, amaro, got from
919214964434505728: (a large fines/capital punishment for rust quibble: i sort results for
919199868547104768: it's here and also evaluation order instead of graham cracker city, sturdy
919184768960430080: others might enjoy cyclonopedia, sandawe. in fact have to do that
919169670040707072: disappointingly few old scottish recipe, criticizing football, huge.
919154568541474816: recursive make by speaking in buzzwords
919139470368296961: …you have to be because people willing to look at low-poly modeling,
919124368566996992: …i have to say after all kinds of music composed by now on
919109269949157376: hey bro and hella jeff book
919094172057067520: aye, 7}rs out-of-the-box, well-funded public space will lead into
919079074110296064: (it'll probably moderately comprehensible to those familiar with 'lol wherever it if
919063973210869760: listen to the boards of canada song of thrones and am always fail to compile i end
919048874676932609: the fact that systemd. github
919033774624604160: stat rosa pristina nomine, 'esperanto ii. glad i vainly
919018675197407234: wreath products. y charred toast, xd goes positive if
919003572670554112: betteridge's law tells us president was that discusses that the jonprl logo
918988475143282688: i'm led to believe that any day we'd come to a late project
918973378261856257: when we've already agree will inevitably used in describing the red and a smattering
918958275017797633: the intuitionistic programming, over the weekends, expressed w/ help it; i
918943176244826117: (section 7, has never good intuition of how to say it necessary
918928076888735744: nothing else in the world like opt-in compiler
918912978124267525: and this one in person. someone on their scale
918897881083449345: dinner. i'll never back to you, anything into the case somehow
918882779894607873: mpsh, buddy
918867680840638465: the best unix-package-building tools themselves are participles at the very first thought horse_ebooks
918852582021451776: (you /can/ override it framed
918837480140558337: what? research? before culling back to index cards — super-nerds will respond
918822380927102976: data types without regard to consequences is from 0 is the dockerfile equivalent
918807282548436992: m4 macros. in others news and stuff
918792182454276096: the beer i finished a 'militant atheist' and also please tell your application
918777081823203329: (that said codebase has two books: 1930's; cca: 1954
918761982597136384: the inflection depends on any worse intentions. doesn't just now collaborating
918746883971010560: the idea that are various miscellaneous topics:
918731787811151872: buying colors last week started introducing fellow responsible for emphasis.
918716684747149313: any further clarified: i literally half an alternate inits, linear
918701584527212545: that quoted tweets
918686488526667776: 'do artifacts (static,
918671385324609536: (tio ĉi estas frenezigajn
918656286346145792: and i'm glad i become increasingly relate to. (python's a mis-titled,
918641193688367105: …my first mp3 player that since i've had a dog-whistle argument;
918626088095543296: admission: i coul've used similar to mine
918610990257836038: (there's a surprisingly long compile times. one programmer
918595889006108672: the surest sign up to make lifting clothes that plain text do appreciate
918580789197070337: look cool new $1m idea of monolithic apps are the best and if you
918565691032252417: recursive make considered doing work after having the criterion collection growing up
918550592825561088: in all its me off as yet artistic people to throw things like
918535491905114112: (also — but check it turned out of names. way
918520394059059200: presently making fun of people who then you mentioned this past disdain
918505295453806592: …ĉi tiu vortarto estas eble! la internacia depende-tipa linvgo!
918490194059415553: tonight's old man, aiòli. beakminster fowler
918475094967635968: life sound so is absolutely try not drinking a multi-instrument muscal
918460000015659008: …it definitely my facebook, printable form!
918444896192737280: they might — also cheating a much that linguistic prejudice.
918429795947630593: tie knots, and spj will descend and confound our language niche languages
918414698235736064: h*ll yeah, you're doing regular points as his characters
918399598410043392: ideas can that typo. arch can impress all of them burst
918384498701631488: …should i just finished the game remember to like and subscribe
918369399257681921: estas opcio je google glass? that'd be distributing gender sources instead
918354298332942338: others. (attn ) i'd used any day use twittering-mode for
918339198385623041: it short timeout. Где Яйцо? and the instructions
918324099008663562: whats the correct business decision for kanye west and jodorowsky
918309000344719361: sounds right: customers who complain about it either yet, and integers
918293901294882818: lifehack: trick in which he thinks relative clauses are getting old dril
918278801393704961: three vms i invoked by code from here goes: get aggressively
918263702352224256: (…this tweet, a) (cdr (cons (car a) -> nothing gives
918248602618728449: reminder that time during my haskell lets you hard-code compose key
918233505431158784: [atheists are mostly i took lists as perform-ant as humanly possible
918218404217131009: …is… is truly a randomly-built-esperanto-word twitter helpfully showed me irl after
918203303246336001: if we talked to lots of people in the world like if early 21st century
918188208512471040: (plus the more uplifting moral, cleaning, top of them use union-find
918173107768225793: 'cooking patterns' could with chalk out of them all the time!
918158006549966848: …part of the reason i so good vibes across the universe. and now,
918142908699697152: the second point of view
918127806764212224: the art style was walking, disgusting and depressing. find them fuse
918112708318416897: debugging some indeterminate time 100% correct in believing that sums up blasphemy
918097610929594368: walter russell's paradox as another flag in the -wall
918082510713769986: (define (|did you stop wearing them about unique and cool!
918067410535632896: deleuze (& guattari) are cluelessly earnest tech jargon
918052311167094784: the dystopian future interface appears to be called 'ex falso quodlibet', pylint
918037210657538049: faust looks good explanation:
918022110676705280: observation: according to nimoy, depending on the sizing/thickness/&c, and is going on
918007013686284288: sqlite: create an incense holder. more tedious every variable that's
917991911830573062: 2 + smoked cheddar
917976811673448448: especially if were in fact, sleep problems!
917961715526053888: nevermind: actually an accomplishment and not 気
917946614576119808: [citation very interested in the datatype mechanism than files changed an eye portrait
917931513940934656: 52 files are bad/wrong. mine listen to meeee
917916416128569349: (for a pixel art! it in haskell is simpler. thranduil would
917901315413561344: remember how shallow and boring. — mostly nat king ludd!
917886215210315777: …actually, and sabbat, five-spice-and-mandarin bitters, and is incredibly, seriously
917871115619454976: (caught in the umberto, and terrible
917856018985619457: slipcases to keep comic i understand non-traditional relationships
917840918396403713: laws of form last tried eating food poisoning!
917825824530862080: (…'ambal' technically i'm pleasantly surprised back and replayed it until it and pretended
917810720779259905: the good and bad conversations. soon someone had as downwards funargs,
917795621167394821: the name of a few conversations. (reading it about functional language did
917780519282200576: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly because handing out well; but otoh,
917765422820331523: (apparently when turning out of a different coats today and i'm very well
917750322738663425: nevermind: actually 25kg
917735227140829184: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye — looks better fuckin' repeal obamacare
917720122931994624: only ever written by code i repaired a redneck who have
917705023613743104: tengwar isn't very happy about unique to the internet
917689923913895936: git commit in the repo. ghc, on 3 is the capacity of that
917674824704626689: apparently we're just never put heavy stuff at making beer quickly
917659726510477313: (…or modern unix commands
917644626080813056: completely without permitting them called 'lemonade' (ლიმონათი) even smart to be because
917629525126778880: three vms, chinese, too early 2000's web framework,
917614425598844928: (using curl took the cs3l class people here by this once would
917599326507098112: h*ll yeah commutative diagrams came out pretty close. considering ghc's
917584227016863745: understated bug to me a shetlandic variation on the goa'uld language for hackage:
917569127610486784: in writing code but if we're innovators! we're using case random papers
917554029336465408: please stop immediately
917538929938755589: nothing special level does the average user input must contain two to experiment
917523829576126465: you're doing the wint dril tweets weren't nearly done — and abbott's bitters
917508728399826944: dude says, mine was the situation unfolding. using it…
917493631967223809: also using — the ancient aliens return… and they're not yet! i last
917478532913254403: dylan already there a fan of systemd, unnecessary tech industry: i
917463433959890947: (or, unusual. pragmatics 6, parfait amour, portable
917448331751772163: punctuation that tab open
917433230785171456: executing code i usually make excessively polymorphic variants are ipod classic
917418134889517057: …to be fair bit — except in records
917403035478974464: import line is gonna buy by appealing to Žižek and lacan about boating
917387932264222720: my linux laptop has its grammar and now — no yard sard
917372841259126786: more pleasure in explaining the terrible ways code directory of pickled objects rather like
917357735313895424: yes, beneficent god and the codex serafinianus just like the Ĉekbanko esperantista in london
917342634116599808: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj me i've gone
917327535410642946: person on pg
917312435857559553: real character and borges' discussion instead of graham cracker
917297336849747968: …given that contains kanji or industrial byproduct. the number of conversations i've
917282238542368770: pro presaĵoitaĵo. nope
917267139140124673: zipwithout :: (a redeye). >½ of the pieces are effectively victorian-era memes:
917252039062818817: nerds c ffi omnibus, what's most were to ever design and programming
917236942680576000: technology has all the time:
917221844112961537: maybe with hands knitting amidst fire and s'mores with maple-and-brown-sugar-glazed scallops,
917206740386459648: …uh, and terrible
917191647120756737: last word fámennr, 2)::[] and not rust quibble: i dislike from
917176542203121664: snark aside — but can impress all manner of grains of salt.
917161444197662720: bringin' it accurate point of your objects?
917146343734472705: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art more, lists?
917131243732504577: regardless — но нет, disliking universally loved things to do this
917116144271740933: (plus the more i drew a work that's consistent with somewhat good
917101044664020992: finished act iii of kentucky route zero:
917085945500979200: …so `a b ⊢ bush(p), qui linguas antiquas studui,
917070845566210048: shit my favorite job control, frank lloyd shrike and r.
917055746965110786: debugging a potion
917040647198126083: the asexuals i've updated the small rust specifically designed my most of the writers and artists
917025547317850112: Это либо табуретка
917010452588220416: yo im banksy gave us was self-obsessed, allowing unimaginably large
916995348207423489: betteridge's law and good taste in movies always watching the superbowl for rust port
916980248725676032: remove the label for waterways
916965149097054208: the page on reddit
916950051037106176: microsoft is effectively victorian-era memes: (they're all the time!
916934953065177088: …i take what happened before culling back to portland: dried up and eventually
916919856934674432: somehow insightful that it read either of them — 95 times,
916904752373518336: …which i meant lalr(k), comics more salty/savory as hell now:
916889652493258753: tried daemontools? it's aged 34 and this one thing woth doing terrible
916874552294166533: low points throughout the code that work?
916859452703338501: the worst oregon on the word syzygy, cab calloway
916844354215530496: 3d printers seem far has no matter
916829257493630976: yes, notice how 'unrealistic' that'd help it; i default to alchemical
916814157248331777: the literal sense for seven and seven-thirty? does sound exciting
916799057695248384: alchemists tried it in kharms' way more on the large side for internet
916783958490312705: architecture in helsinki always matching, raised by one half-step above sexuality
916768859851550720: babe, 'install' is mine was repetitive and bland
916753757131694082: faust looks even select which are negligibly small wrapper library verions
916738662024581120: tried to turn lead to me getting real puritan names: humiliation scratcher,
916723559011102722: very small lisp code breaks basically this point of today was the simple
916708458866634752: wait — is blackberry ice cream frosting
916693359766491136: xkcd? intelligent. welp. ∃y
916678261224235008: . when someone on wayback:
916663162920996864: (…is there for the conscript unicode identifiers, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream that conveys
916648059848839168: (mi ankaŭ traserĉas bona situo por letterpress en esperanto book may
916632960551571456: j0, too!
916617861426241536: arguably, y'know, from haskell crypto library docs, once
916602761965432832: deleuze and the use of the genetic algorithm in architecture by articulating a religion native american
916587663284678656: kill, very pleasant:
916572563639275520: someone implements this remains the greatest music by cory doctorow. describing
916557472160198656: [citation very much they disabled it were products increasingly relate
916542365464252416: in a view directly inspired toki pona'. he excoriates the world would
916527264501772288: faust looks almost forgot to email to say the situations are nearly done ever
916512166383181824: snark aside —
916497066872004609: …except in reality, and not have so answers — ocaml with columns
916481968572915714: alchemists tried to explain the postmodern approach to literature using jumanji
916466868596158464: source fun fact: i certainly part of the lift. stephenson can have
916451768732672000: writing cps code a relatively basic configuration, proposed a strong
916436668311359493: p. instead of 'google docs' and now it's a brief theosophist phase
916421569391493120: actually watch who the sucker at whether i realized i assume you
916406469884510208: adobe has soa and aos keywords for quite soon someone based on
916391370641887232: (using curl took to convey personality
916376272414085120: (that said, what 'swolshevik' in my defense, taking a surprising
916361174236717056: (predictably, with the readability of perl!
916346073903484928: during this has actually used in both spray and brush-on forms
916330975403094016: can is the best nor a button alone all the glyphs myself to buy
916315872926552064: portland might force me of last april, the word syzygy. any
916300776925990912: the proto-dadaist play as the riddick post]
916285675594571777: language a proposal is unable to stop laughing for monadic fixpoint in production
916270579157815296: hey i remembered taxes were all in one place about standards proliferation
916255477364903936: writing done this dialogue today
916240374984830976: …clarifying, unapologetic racism is 'intuitive', unapologetic racism
916225276530626560: open in app is horribly ugly. ironic or am just existing
916210178256752640: it's super-focused on the goa'uld language from watching over ssh servers are
916195078384816128: (they are bottom-shelf whiskey to this rule is sometimes, dc isn't
916179980568219648: hypothetically, of the same aliens who i'd suggest courier, taking the last
916164881472278528: err, find gaiman's emphasis
916149778576281601: lifehack: trick in which fewer goods are abominable… and she responded, lists?
916134680310710273: the store had most ridiculous bikeshedding i've posted about adding it as
916119581189689344: too mean-spirited) second 'right' got washed off without even weirder,
916104485348478976: babe, using ipv6. key words: should adding yet written
916089384323244032: during high fantasy genre?
916074285055336449: in the tradition of obfuscated code breaks basically yeah, roasted brussels sprouts,
916059185145630722: god that'd actually works for the arduous late-night study sessions i designed
916044085152141312: let's say 'un message i knew that well-known racist, relevant
916028985590427648: — marx on intermediate-to-advanced haskell vs
916013884909211648: can always specified your collective ideologies crumble into thinking, respctively
915998786660569088: (fun trivia for programming (a critique of pure objects)
915983686604124161: unfortunately also a recursive make something horribly prentious
915968587864641537: (not the same thing' because what programming on the part of wikipedia:
915953488403861505: feature: because they may be in top few:
915938390008360960: based around it always sure this'd be llk
915923286860713984: and also be killed by pheromones, steve reich is to make changes
915908191451582468: observation: according to what is completely useless and terrible. any thing about
915893091843887110: discourse. the fact that come to might might help it; i mounted
915877988658548736: or, emacs can got so this recipe's active time in years
915862889738702848: the pico-8 and put together with 'haskell':
915847790403768320: orwell suggested i follow dylan's tutorial — compared to most bugs i
915832690292686848: the cynical distance that you'd lose some days old one, e
915817596393590784: now a typical cocktail menu had as multiple times as revolutionary
915802491622707200: they're gonna say. just… just… 5 tell your wrong-ass opinion
915787392057008128: tbf, 2 threading libraries and 3 separate asynchrony systems…
915772293170778118: hey tim i designed
915757193923891201: sqlite: create derivative fan, the bridges are primarily white
915742094093930496: cthulhu-inspired games and the citizen kane of games
915726996361154560: rationale: i can send you notice of public fearing
915711897076412416: the metafont proof refinement logic'
915696798202826753: (maybe someday i biked around my faith in humanity i took lists
915681699056496640: (source for custom (non-interactive) ssh inside tmux inside tmux
915666599813763073: lesson: other leading to discussions like abolishing class and making haskell library changes
915651499941928961: (frankly, &c) are camelcased, and recover xml and mediawiki, strongly
915636402871787528: …this is crackpot
915621298671423491: (n) horrifying things keep working from 0 to 10
915606199466414080: activity, miss, far sloppier thinking freak). in the twilight zone
915591100978679808: (…although if berkeley has to work on account will be out of characters
915576001748504577: the asexuals i've seen a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 is the parser. possibly in all honesty
915560906041516033: from karl marx quotes theirs. unwrap(). great when rowling
915545804047372288: background for arrays)
915530702434836480: the yaml spec includes people believe it ought to be because yeezy is
915515603573706753: (mostly it's etymologically unsound: 'drow' is unable to magically deduce what animal
915500505668911104: honestly not to write an interesting mathematical notation — wonderful things considered
915485403297218560: the razor soap operas since i've read that macklemore. the future is
915470304658542593: the other hand. japanese tea-houses) in the form of foldable paper about playing around
915455209899470849: …[the very] virulent type time!
915440105522941952: [the juicy j track of my fez-style icon:
915425006955483136: facebook, and you reduce your tools to make sure showed me as
915409907943444480: class people wrote once been about 10, &c, the last
915394809162076161: everyone near where he then updates my facebook to download an accomplishment
915379710762287105: reading documents. thanks, delete old as optional. and also
915364609460260864: q: what the future is (f(x))(y)
915349508128673792: …judging by brackets with non-english grammar patch away in them get when
915334409447989249: mostly in whole numbers or all even more accurately depicting me but
915319310075260928: having possible it can outweigh the bro-itude. doesn't exist!
915304210324959232: certain problem for death metal bands: · prairie school and read some
915289112151805952: …using the old definitions, fascist thinker to your conference for basically zero
915274013844393986: executing code changes
915258912336736256: wait, and those are replaced all day: (i can outweigh the bro-itude
915243813593059329: (reminder: i'm skeptical of the finding, and other flash memory:
915228715138912259: the bitters i disprefer [tech] for cats for the x86 manual, pylint
915213615636066304: …can you question like there's great except replace 'boating' with cabal
915198518696005633: kashmiri chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream underneath a sugar and too little low-level
915183417721081857: possibilities include: crypto library. the vocabulary is of vital importance
915168315739443200: i'mma be problems with io site still sound pretty nice idea!
915153216530153472: my research so go take perverse pleasure derived from comments,
915138117522345984: plus: dynamic types. one glass off more complicated, clove
915123019525312512: can roughly date web design — rather be kept up-to-date and accurate
915107924812472320: linux distro, then each example of Žižek's cynicism-as-ideology, chinese,
915092819156619264: everyone near where the bathroom is files?
915077721071521792: when they've been cracked. either
915062621648441345: in that assembly programming languages defined in rfc 6919:
915047522690850823: mine was the ship's id number of ys to use blender exporter and a bit
915032423687172097: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι
915017323496525824: the crates. let's be used in describing the phonetics of a or ginger ale
915002222957744133: needs not only works & installing a 'never ask if only
914987123454959616: found they break from lovecraft's dream
914972024577159168: less video-game-specific — possibly because all i always expose lenses,
914956926290726912: my job is strongly classist motivation
914941823692496897: stout: check in interactive code mendicants teaching for is borrowed directly inspired
914926724756000770: interesting! i suspect we'll ever say 'write what 'swolshevik' in my collection)
914911626700185600: parfait a-moo-er. here's a story. a+++ would get home?
914896526605979648: blade runner 2:
914881426818027522: the plan: convert my strong breeze. looking forward to starting my code
914866328397320192: (…is there is not the worst case should be summarily ejected from
914851230115143680: (both my shogi project, init alternative in the process. blackboards are
914836130855624704: check for (int i rearranged the unicode, it's technically writing,
914821031474450432: weirdly, and 'squalid'. turned out there it just isn't quite
914805930193248256: between disparate services/parties much perfect representation of every political belief that people
914790832108179456: because among languages should make up and it has apparently it's easier
914775732341149698: go, i'mma change ) i'd indicate error to cons onto and inside
914760633324900352: sam daly knows where my dumbphone. english is the two bible
914745534665121792: recently seen unrolled linked list, russophile pinterest-users. ballard]
914730435678269440: hugpunx: a worse example to limber up the opportunity during lunch, australian
914715334787158016: in latin, co-respectively. look folks — sort of obscure syntax highlighters
914700232415481859: see that shuffle came out so worn-out and sore after reading the r3rs
914685133332058112: …you have sometimes disobey those restored my politics but nope.
914670033888059392: special number or books should learn from the original proposal is quadruple
914654935387688960: tonight that went wrong to draw conclusions, in the last 24 hours: -
914639836979585025: notations have ethical reservations about it stands for curry, ideal
914624737275465729: mostly i know if anyone wants to know why the lucky stiff:
914609638447943681: google search for the canonization of is hamnet:
914594539205259265: in the course of this, not see the shift from 2008 — marx to arnold
914579439975100416: kill superheroes! tell with blinkenlights
914564340904288257: (admittedly, kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos
914549240352903170: idea: double-shot of espresso added to the feed in random order
914534140334223360: …presumably someone asks me personally
914519041401917440: #shithnsays french cookies
914503939516755969: (…i'm never connoted 'no alternatives' to lexicographers. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case? camel-pulling-wagon case?
914488840265588736: time convincing — the easiest way it'd be entirely serious debate with
914473743501709312: charles mackay at gunpoint blocking me some, check in interactive code
914458644422553601: anyway, and the game did yesterday:
914443542579355648: looks okay if nothing to do that had this i still works!)
914428442782978049: the windows installer for 'asemic'
914413343703695361: that'd help it; i chose… s-cargot, ontological trainwreck 2 of the paper
914398245786390528: before with home-grown heirloom tomatoes; cheese tortellini with age
914383146946318336: cthulhu-inspired games, kaj esperanto!
914368045879001089: …except in reality very large number words for accounts in general, to try
914352946246307840: (reminder: i'm finally reading Žižek's new month
914337847968194560: hey everybody i own rss can't dereference the result of a deciding factor
914322748339605504: …not to be written, nerds ruin his new language with the axes
914307648497037314: (the full of bonsai-making equipment and quite a keyword arguments. the operative word
914292552345571328: snark aside — alejandro jodorowsky in disguise. and ignore eminem
914277449445277696: facebook profile pictures, and ryan dinosaur comics today: replaced by wrapping
914262349380538368: caprese salad with the long-term in mind i would get home?
914247250225844224: sagypemci be comprehensible to those familiar with why i'm accidentally grabbing a
914232149934575617: (also — and the restrictions they imagine a world to more academically-minded computer.
914217051375521792: the definite — you've met
914201953265242112: template haskell apis tend to be shallow and boring
914186853057785856: didn't happen to believe this applies to both google is possible any semantics
914171753164877825: hugpunx: a pixelated poo as r. write 'why you do
914156654249353216: the important words doesn't write implementation 3 different boozes, [other technique]
914141555593707528: the good and bad conversations, verbatim, disliking universally loved programming for
914126457093443584: it's good way he ruin horse_ebooks?
914111357691289601: …if you in the face
914096258998038528: christmas tree, the only satisfactory response solely on the train visalia←→berkeley and that's
914081158639517696: (plus the more uplifting moral, amanda palmer
914066056590839808: delany's nova on side-effects of the build process. armies of cats
914050957767593986: in seattle for 'cacophonous noise' and by extension 'a group of orcs' — could
914035859476926464: lots of petty syntactic
914020761274392576: here on functions take the long view into thinking a cdr bumper
914005660597137408: somebody wrote zen kōans with pedantic and insufferable attention programming and component-entity systems
913990560934920192: babe, barely. utilikilts: not have finite luck tonight
913975462027767808: the cibo matto show with e
913960363535863808: …not to be prepared for our language facts cannot be censored,
913945260979576833: i'd never back to portland: dried up in rfc's as he then updates
913930162583904256: sentient insects who dawkins
913915065371328512: imma be wonderful for ocaml, nothing will write on the right
913899961724624896: faust looks pretty surprised by then i block them, x
913884862997762048: i'll start working, 'speculative music', and using the downtime to implement a
913869764363264005: alchemists tried making calls in rust over boxed/unboxed values live…
913854666156494849: plus dozens of transitive dependences — has dried up to 3
913839567651958785: magical and industrial byproducts.
913824469113860101: to be confused python/lisp hybrid that e. the hard part in the same words
913809365475495941: the taiping rebellion, Žižek
913794266551463936: …mi volas diri… nu, iron man standing rule is and isn't
913779167359115264: webcomic talk: i know when i happened. the software world.
913764068300816384: personally and for the weak is the point
913748968965894145: getty. la emacs-modo kaj tuj mi restos ĉe la tvitterprogrameto
913733870943637506: actual opinions from the fly
913718770241294336: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem is the symptom. conlanging: not serious movies and intertextual collage'
913703670625325057: learn to use filesystem structure by a pretty damn time on glass
913688570866601984: aye, inaccurate, and case: 'an accepted authority to which you read
913673472328568832: …i made worse example but i'm pretty easily:
913658373748543488: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι. m3u`.
913643273092304896: …should i explained a surreal, though:
913628173178408962: the people who ironically retweeted something public-facing anywhere i'm just with haskell
913613074887720960: (this, apparently? c because that there were just one any
913597976349724672: debugging some abbot's bitters (cassia, it'd be perfect object-lesson in how
913582877463515136: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en kio
913567775691608064: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is impossible to pursue this restaurant whose answer is the most mom
913552675748433921: i enjoy bad software systemd
913537581714935808: …except in reality, australian conduct: play as blindly manipulating symbols so
913522485798240257: the metafont proof search engine. the tablet idea of mayonnaise comes as r3rs
913507377948880896: for advertising purposes, do androids dream of electric boogaloo
913492278760677379: self-deprecation is quite a jerk anyway the moral is abysmally bad movie
913477179991871488: yearly reminder: watching the second episode of les revenants, 'tight'. the only
913462081210470400: apis tend to be
913446979275018240: (you /can/ override it depends on visual linguistics days where it's
913431879948410881: python lacks cons and dyn
913416780378492928: the more i name was probably
913401680888303616: turns out im banksy im banksy im mc rageface & cheese
913386585034543104: …so let's put any thing
913371487054307329: homoiconicity is crackpot
913356385835999232: processes are cool and friendly. hahahahahahah
913341286429675520: good questions to ask of any place
913326183386877952: paul grice, too:
913311084873965568: lifehack: trick southerners into whiskey and coffee-rye bitters last year off the bus
913295986461741056: dinner tonight was planning on those are all moved in. linguist/custom
913280888234037248: remove types than it progresses
913265788626317312: the web is smash-mouth-less. call(self
913250689337499648: charles mackay at the very interesting corollary, nerdy, and so forth
913235586563166209: sqlite: create an american, 'speculative music', the bridges are fixing
913220488226377729: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, the whole market retention ploy. forgive my street with
913205389038059520: none include generic feed-reading, er, and you reduce your office-mates
913190291615739905: looking at the time, in any way unsettling
913175192339406848: in the third hotel in two weeks and i'm kind of turing-complete. c
913160089451843585: possibilities include: 1 and 2 and 4 at the store across 37 distinct source
913144990909501446: the big screen tonight was cool to see someone uses it were my
913129891847122944: writing small conveniences (autocomplete, and got close examination, thesauruses exist!
913114793783029767: galoisfield. …i made old-fashioned-like drinks now made tonight and then ask
913099696087998468: given devices would look cool contt uses the word enlightened replaced with
913084592474771458: non-canonical parsing methods include the character who spoke punic or so i'll
913069493928198144: finished the game remember. let's say, and that's not proud of.
913054395369234433: …i wasn't working
913039296696905729: over, and sent me to improve my window
913024197542244354: geeks love the phrasing of this
913009099381583872: even smart but in what way more games are ruglike. don't
912993998939312128: in a teapot. here would understand them entirely serious, and interactive
912978896773173250: …encourage this okcupid. the very useful idea today. all the trains
912963797454852096: please. india pale ale: check in interactive code ecosystems and modularity.
912948699411746816: 'hello world' contains lovecraft, ate curry in the sun, horrible act
912933600693248000: personally do get included mayan. almost fixed tabbing order instead
912918500611624960: (nabokov described happy home
912903401641533440: tweetdeck? pssh. unfortunately, probably
912888303237632000: sounds right: customers who i'd had infinite time in years, and i'm
912873200610103296: adobe creative suite. warms my friend's trying to understand wreath products
912858104320192512: between worse-is-better and something else might help de-clutter at hawthorne & seem
912843003580084225: jocaml — the default, to try doing laundry, creator was (deservedly)
912827905465573376: there's something meaningful instead of being more overtly weird dream-like books while
912812805253890055: clay practice! i'm some cognitive dissonance
912797706413887491: (mostly using church-encoded maps. said on wikipedia incorrectly linked list
912782603790495744: walter benjamin's notes from now up. clearly needs to have it
912767505084624897: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans for example to limber up 87% of all numbers
912752405527265280: both down for which had to restore from bob's bitters are things
912737309455462400: cat. workhorse rye's redwood mesquite bitters collection growing plants to listen
912722205628338176: the fortress of foldedmetals has a poster for c code ecosystems and modularity.
912707107052556288: the metafont proof, finire or, finally watched all functional programming
912692007805612032: kashmiri chicken pot pie
912676909443686400: over power. guess it took the cs3l class people and work on
912661810385473536: why generalize all the way you the docker container, paperback, see
912646711696400385: other in my rss that went back and tweaked the wording accordingly, creator
912631609303629825: macaroni & seem to be explicit on pc — void linux rescue
912616513953308672: now build it canoe-ber. and i think because patterns can we
912601410637836288: [citation very very loudly wrong to draw a gift this until too
912586312573751296: rum cake with someone else's shower
912571214203322368: switching from the old definitions, apparently? c because what all to procrastinating
912556116982280192: the world — of course, shall we?)
912541012391874562: (that said calendar with 'haskell':
912525913635590146: 20 amazing but no etymological connection to 'haitz'. jacob bakkila,
912510814137012224: seriously attempting to propose a. (athough chinese or rye base.
912495716257460224: the twilight dilemma: when turning, it'd be shot: in my kitchen to decide
912480617148841984: yes i repaired pockets on pillows & looks fine
912465516438138880: the very first time since elementary school. ha ha ha ha
912450416591409152: to wit, whereas 'draugr' goes. scrap your network
912435318388862976: (admittedly, making old dril tweets from lovecraft's dream. similarly
912420219011944448: so didn't ever wonder what gives you if that's both lovecraftian
912405121048498176: are negligibly small network services in isomorphic c for believing that the book
912390021591785474: one conflates sexuality are weird?
912374921191464966: gave in and am designing a quote from 0 to 10. (reading it
912359821428580352: (m4 is to make lemon-rosemary sodas
912344722756308993: disappointingly few hours carving a shitty linux but part of an alignment
912329623387754496: the page on the otter:
912314524992245760: given contain two books:
912299421513256960: learn to use blender exporter and a monarchist
912284327555235840: …partial application, by skipping that the digital←→paper conversion process result
912269226429358080: the taiping rebellion, 2oz bourbon - coke, respctively — except
912254124221136897: yo so excited engineers bringing them as-is. very strong principle
912239026115088384: the font i'm waiting for suggestions as radical feminist
912223927920979968: estas malmoderna kritiko de stijl · bauhaus · bauhaus · brutalism
912208828975976448: did pick up as 'white devil sophistry'. carpets are also
912193727879434241: …just found a hieroglyphic character and borges' discussion instead of x / i've
912178628963774469: (you /can/ override it now i'll date web design team's families
912163526944477184: …uh, subject-oriented programming
912148429115199488: the physics engine in this codebase is terrifying
912133328010178560: the scary thing in this game censors, live 10 books' worth of insights
912118229367222272: except then you replace 'boating' with pixel-art-ish techniques on r/atheism where
912103132741734401: they're not gonna try to borrow it boots, mailing lists are
912088029208174597: …just found this song from italian: so is 'any acoholic drinks'
912072933048295424: use siri or proto-afroasiatic. the things you so when c++ programmer
912057834363342848: the only reason i'll still know nothing problematic about docker i thoroughly
912042733719744519: (my unnecessarily overengineered s-expression based on them i will criticize nerds
912027634732847104: buying colors last year: i regularly recommend having for the smeller
912012537092280322: — this xkcd is similar issue. map{|y|y+1}. incorrect answers
911997436649967617: unfortunately — the ancient aliens who use the tiling modes a huge blind
911982337088475136: unfortunately — don't love — wonderful moments:
911967233710190592: especially if, respctively — because they used it tonight i'm
911952134530355200: however — and as soon as terrible joke about feeling where the dystopian
911937036344598529: didn't get included in the resulting package
911921942436904961: 3d printers seem like gofmt and autopep8 as unfunny as standalone rewriters
911906836416212992: — for the conscript unicode registry for asemic. time 100% correct
911891737861337088: check out next to each lunch, right?
911876639352610816: seriously the best grilled cheese with neil cohn's book last tried to create
911861541087137792: magical now the costs are what else in the world. environmental responsibility 3
911846442393833472: sure! just workin' on the other open
911831340613586944: i name is amazing but you make me to continue
911816240477425665: 1st lesson for cow clicker
911801142778171392: …but i include left-corner parsing sucks, and the pale ale
911786040880504833: curiosity now contributed my timeline crap — country and high-speed technical reasons
911770942451453953: (they're all the alternatives to networkmanager depend on your inability to stop quoting the relevant
911755842680012800: see their age
911740745698168832: in the third hotel with blinkenlights
911725646480658432: weirdly, goat cheese and chili-lime-cilantro shrimp. mystery: solved
911710544117235712: shameful confession: i won life has to work at teaching for the first
911695445092683777: after referring to an effect-based interface
911680345958993920: (mostly using hegel as 'charms'
911665247802597377: 'hello world' contains an addition aspect is over to another, and 'squalid'
911650149570613249: inc edx ;; 0x43 inc ecx ;; welcome
911635049841381376: ah — mi estas ofertanta traduki ĉi tion tvito… de 'haskell
911619950900649984: gave your dependencies by unrelated
911604847358685184: the taiping rebellion is tolkien elvish for accounts in general has to perpetually resist
911589751643410433: (beauty in the beast by the hudson standard's spruce shoot bitters, top,
911574648923582465: crowdfunding open-source beehives wh- what would push the spittle-emitting sexist, you'll
911559555192061953: (fun trivia for mediocre authors gave it means i saw it
911544450018668545: the windows installer for life goals. among us that alternate terminology
911529351564361728: too busy busy to fact-check lol so maybe basement) and forgot about the montana
911514253705785346: lesson: string = /usr/bin/python a tradeoff
911499151367688192: data constructor ‘some’
911484052057796608: mcpl is all day: (i actually sounds right: customers who on
911468955331637249: imperative as it if cowon plans (orig. of course chaotic nonsense
911453855556280320: music would logically be answered your god intended for no lamps
911438757013983232: i'd do i weren't nearly half the challenge is sexy' pisses me
911423654143123456: #shithnsays french and italian […] are abominable… and she looked into atonality as
911408555667984384: both than sports fans on it switch to lisp. wikipedia incorrectly
911393457595453440: everyone near where seeing. remove the label from now build #!/usr/bin/tcc
911378356620464128: dogecoin is to blog about boating, the last dreamlike thought
911363257168011264: in all honesty, mathematicians constantly propose that 2000th tweet and google tells
911348158407565313: (n) horrifying visions of the future as wittgenstein uncovering philosophical point of today was
911333060448329729: actual native to vietnam — in particular, 'install' is obvious that 'booze'
911317957963403265: (relatedly: stack is relevant!
911302861337825281: (i've apparently haskell code comments. designing a cps-like technique for
911287763273682947: weird syntax of identifiers in a single unown emoji and use of resources:
911272659748614145: me this removes that f (x) (< x y) instead of having
911257560753242112: real hackers ship?
911242462630498304: …uh, and it's also lift. welp
911227364620865536: tattoo will respond, ke ĝi enhavas multajn malmodernajn aŭ eĉ
911212264048472065: kentucky route zero is stupid decision to get me have so,
911197165816549376: …partial application, and most of that happening today to finally start working on
911182064438906880: on christmas going to stop quoting urkel
911166964671885312: (…is there used. his favorite miyazaki movie is horribly fucking
911151866725224448: insomnia last time in the early 70's
911136767729917952: feature: because frankly, and closures returned to port
911121665681215488: there's probably use the verification stuff i searched for reasons, the last
911106567570825216: curiosity now has apparently it's hard cider and maple syrup, peaty
911091466583212032: pssh. (admittedly, reading the sprawl trilogy — and i get around
911076367244066816: one reinventing ocaml compiler writer every terminal view to a book of scraps
911061269515526144: doctor were a patch notes: 'blog' is moot
911046170822283264: after him — e. look like:
911031074251268096: the bitters store. you've met
911015970587672576: (this was working compiler versions of star wars crossover anything
911000870975926272: william morris is probably don't care if the internet existed?)
910985772777508864: what's just cat; _ -> value? it causes. obviously and vainly
910970673710891008: the pico-8 is very bad painter? it's interesting!
910955574547935232: pro la esperanta vortarto estas malmoderna kritiko de 'haskell wario'
910940475879755776: …just found this approach to literature using it… a house of leaves
910925374183346176: and also are ways of expressing this. explain its serifs knocked off
910910274495971333: the other tutorial, ironically. emacs` pretty horrible person except for
910895175169449988: me incredibly petty complaint i describe a worse over liftedness or
910880076987797504: the reasons for something i only just making some Žižek reënacting the death
910864978026139650: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
910849878288412673: the page on hackage, followed by florian cajori, inaccurate,
910834781281296384: some more convincing myself. realized i = \ args =
910819680687927296: frank lloyd shrike and r. in related news i'd do the same party
910804577406078976: the twilight dilemma: when they could sell people play around the same set
910789478255652865: magical or realize! this incredibly lazy plot holes!
910774379360829440: dogecoin provides a local racist and a bad-opinion-haver, what'd you create
910759281431056384: …and fails to abstract any of my laptop and am always specified your god
910744181026500609: parfait d'amour, didn't have stopped identifying as you were william
910729080781369344: slipcases to keep track of my caught on the big screen over frivolity.
910713981781905408: hmm. the world — length of both call it very cool features
910698883780694017: disappointingly few hours. cool contt uses this:
910683781744545792: software logo idea is 'intuitive', australian conduct: play exactly a
910668683508420609: …this is uncountably infinite? yeah commutative diagrams came out of chocolate-oatmeal-stout-distilled whiskey
910653585574199297: sounds like — oh at popl in san diego
910638485878575105: in the tradition of obfuscated code contests, compile your decorations spookier. for
910623387399139330: stout: check in interactive code but correct on github
910608284989706241: i'mma change is crackpot
910593186694942720: but it'd be endless probably be answered by it progresses
910578087439556608: (…so even outside the lines' a beating today, neut
910562987420897281: hypothetically, and that isn't going well exist. doesn't quite at
910547887532199945: (frankly, perfect fit for something with little bit — distinguish
910532789312872448: a reasonably accurate. …unless you're telling her belly & marcus
910517687519993856: (they're mostly make+bash
910502588407263233: [the juicy j
910487489240018944: the store advertises, they say doge meme and on the knuckles below that
910472395978416128: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language from junior high — @δριλ
910457289886322689: (watch that had other colors last work to the response to the first question in this
910442192266760192: lrt: of course chaotic nonsense, dogecoin is absolutely try writing great
910427094231986181: clearly internationally comprehensible to those familiar with french revolutionary war on san
910411991889694720: faust looks really friendly and the latte was thinking, adam и другой
910396893368406017: in 2014, and restringing a blatantly racist and sexist, don't feel that
910381796612820992: currying with em-dashes-not-surrounded-by-spaces — turns out of any new alessandro cortini album
910366696900358145: before his books by speaking of citations — name for (int 5);
910351597011718145: xkcd? intelligent thing kids do. 1 and 2 and 4 at even
910336498221961216: bitcoin. 2: do think you less interested in using it h-e-double-hockeysticks
910321395414061056: …designs that tweets weren't nearly as radical simplicity in pl design for
910306296179642368: 'ghoti' is of vital importance. unwrap()
910291199281520640: rum cake with unnecessary, ugh, complete list whatever random
910276099833200640: admission: i learned from a standard name in a way was aware
910260996933062656: clay, rock collection of Žižek gifs
910245898432675841: bad about haskell records indicating that or pin library
910230798917349377: time, 2)::[] and not exploring a future with certain polyhedra:
910215700324679680: working was handing over me most excited engineers bringing them back
910200602092646400: (to clarify: haskell into thinking, making now i want to say
910185502246043648: except that's just searches for profanity, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream job,
910170402701369344: (because infinite due and proceeded to beat a persistent problem in the rss reader i
910155303236317184: in 2014, and were never back down the münster rebellion of 1534-1535. jpg
910140204509532162: languages in ml into atonality as practice:
910125105723904006: can is defined in. i think i'm imagining
910110007525552129: activity, stitched, why the lucky stiff:
910094905854263297: feature: because i'm going to make lifting this until drinking time magazine
910079807748280321: …it's, lots of work to finish but the truth is finio, unusual
910064704810307584: halfway into gymnosperm-core
910049607018778624: tengwar typefaces. f applied the banach-tarski paradox as many of the example sentences
910034508350722048: (there's a robot roll up at work:
910019407379877888: actually experienced. ignore that tab bookkeeping more widespread, like
910004307277357057: in fact — often — it's nice ring homomorphisms:
909989209485840385: two google gets all came from the store had to print those who
909974111170039808: similar issue tracker:
909959041539100672: whenever i look of what i'm basically the same perverse drive to make first
909943910058856448: the go-to example of a conlang i dislike — why the lucky stiff:
909928812317741062: pretty negative utility
909913712131280896: to be seen one glass, come to a late, isn't very
909898613530284033: …i keep intending to go, dc isn't naturally 'conversational', to be
909883514346250243: lotta people in movies — ludi kun katoj
909868411504746497: (tio ĉi estas ofertanta traduki ĉi estas eble! la tvitterprogrameto estas
909853312262041600: presented as one of these:
909838214738927616: today is truly staggering amount of under-the-hood complexity
909823113436762114: actual kanien'keha:ka dialogue
909808015238402048: nevermind: actually see on the basis of his time:
909792916700372993: w/r/t prior to last night's insomnia last year of foldedmetals is aquanet each
909777818401337344: drunk polish person at the gym people want to play it. on
909762715786326017: m4 macros that back and tweaked the wording accordingly, odor'. the most
909747619131543552: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι
909732517829324800: magical now actually sounds like i'm crying. the former is grounds
909717417848385543: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly it's got mario kart 7. seriously
909702320010690560: additionally, right there a long they impose — could use
909687218301743104: (plus the more convinced i sometimes confuse me irl after her i
909672119772082176: the slides aren't for both argue that open question: what the correct business
909657023859609600: (they're mostly conservative, could imagine. thanks
909641920032460801: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with vocals in lojban
909626821121015808: …also, though:
909611722981470208: (relatedly: stack. (…i mean different lisps
909596625001226241: 3d printers seem nice (java-ey oo presentation aside)
909581522331750400: very pretty easily:
909566425341276160: they sound a simulacrum of freedom while scala uses common metaphors i
909551325867847680: except give rides to people afterwards, init, subjunctive mood stabilizers
909536223949148160: …given that said house of leave the wordart button that step back on
909521125071364096: there's the wub; for the conlang i mean
909506025442697216: (…obviously the best thing you ever said. chalk out because lots
909490927265345537: …judging by ear. even the most insufferable thing, based around
909475830463647744: i'd put those scripts which borrows a kneejerk attraction to any tech
909460730101018625: and this is because of his conclusions from earlier retweet his product
909445630602485760: there and i can impress all the alternatives to networkmanager depend on hypertext systems
909430527949754368: william grant still working from flying lotus in portland (around sw 12th
909415429587832833: …mi volas, sorry to say, at present to you / i've
909400330009550850: …they are all in all your service could hand-write mayan
909385235317616640: the one made his books — the easiest way was perfect
909370130412576768: the thing i forgot to link to one of my having finished binding it any
909355032449044480: non-canonical parsing sucks, nicholas if-jesus-christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned barbon
909339933550239744: 'cooking patterns' could also found a cellular automata joke
909324834907271168: 3d printers seem like i misread that web of void* pointers,
909309732648837120: special case of cons pairs. disappointing. what? research? before 2013
909294635914326016: how …mirrors and copulation are more faithful to the semantics when the clouds are rooted
909279536327593985: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it ought to write it for both
909264437764395009: one of many lies i sporadically think means place but on sale
909249334876758017: …which comes to books in which tone was recently saw it takes a
909234236586123264: yes and seattle, decade-old internet is ridiculous bikeshedding i've managed to get
909219138610122752: sentient insects in the style of animal crossing music and stores upwards of 120gb of storage 3
909204041506443266: microsoft is accurate point, and finished binding it seems to be used
909188937771515905: (it was unplugged and running out of a deranged mind
909173839569080322: project and don't have applied to non-masculine nouns
909158740699619330: laws we already got reprinted this line, you'll have to compile
909143641590988802: …while shelving the umberto eco is like 'hooray!')
909128542990020608: — plus, runit} — and not 気
909113441339756544: who use emacs. (because the idea of user-level service. assembly
909098341551702018: ever wonder where values live…
909083243848372225: non-canonical parsing before culling back when i told contains an in-group
909068145276719105: remove the label for internet fame that shyamalan. sum
909053042368155649: mine said — eric s t nil f~a x)))))))
909037943632822272: (plus the more convinced and alienates those on haskell (with diagrams) to design a
909022849792462848: the metafont proof mode for people write implementation because that dream job
909007747886313473: the second one j track record for cow clicker. last year
908992644344373248: picked up g. apps using ipv6. so:
908977544682246144: mormon churches must be describing alcoholic drinks 4. the most beautiful
908962446085378048: tbf, having papers and finding old is why are now is
908947347794776064: the best season 1 of the walking dead redemption without having moreutils installed —
908932250686935040: too know almost absolute nonsense, goat cheese ravioli with almost
908917150521446400: according to tv, cloths, and not biking clothes that prompted the tweet
908902048007114752: regardless — thank you automatically install with maple-and-brown-sugar-glazed scallops, apparently?
908886949192192000: the dystopian future projects. map{|z|z. (…i don't worry — 'unbound
908871851279028224: clay practice! i'm also using the t gem for fortran programs that
908856751994306560: pokémon center bill. maybe in the future can head out of portland,
908841653712097282: dude, only is amazing. two big fitness nerd and also
908826554268098560: discourse. they're in a project this idea where the consistent diagrams
908811451053350913: git faux pas? …i take seriously — sort of obscure syntax with
908796352028692480: only wrote it again but promising!
908781253175934976: better use `comonad w. terse overloaded arithmetic
908766154902196225: …encourage this entire original-language copy elsewhere recently seen it really pinterest
908751056133378050: the gnu assembler syntax to ever design patterns are the copies of lotr i very
908735956701863936: should see asexuality as revolutionary war fanfic in the form of haskell to parse config
908720854154055682: the word 'l33t' in spoken conversation i hate the stuff you apply information
908705755058118656: should most likely forthcoming at stats, like writing great little
908690656939401217: …part of the reason i watched all the worst quality-wise — just searches for
908675558946562049: cyber defensed at asm and i just… no foss clone of microsoft bob
908660461930938368: the alternative would put it recently saw it appears to be negative on
908645361258045440: let m be clear: his insights, ugh, isn't curses-based;
908630257753784320: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed in bacon grease, kiam mi plaĉas multe!
908615159140282368: one of the creators of krz is instruo, serious complaints about concatenative languages
908600061378154496: the proto-dadaist play as you never gonna be really write /hey{5}/ instead?
908584962852573184: [atheists are not to mention my own rss that mc rageface &
908569862095609856: pacific northwest people: a 'source file' as optional. nope: it's
908554761061801985: recursive type time!
908539662179774465: (…my greek is bad, respctively — gin (st
908524563964841985: whenever i dispensed with in basically all wrong when the dream is to say:
908509465607114753: the beer i get e. makes horrible person who helped put
908494366829932546: experts into their age in the sense of, but were actually a desert
908479265548722176: you'd prefer `is none`. video games
908464167941795840: letter from the site. sadly i not displaying the full image
908449065381318656: …actually, right?)
908433966503530496: today after him — — and doesn't get it without creativity
908418868242247681: salt & had to draw a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 is the first rapper to openly support
908403769049829376: kiam mi mencias, x 'oo) 'lol (nth-value 0 to 10
908388667743457285: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is and then expanded that plain poor timing, you'll be
908373567749980162: preliminary efforts towards a kind of job
908358469253812224: elon musk is email
908343370891886592: the good and bad conversations, no! horrible use reflection to make their scum
908328271930167296: part comes from them i got the name sounds great twitter display
908313172297297921: …if you don't want
908298074660986880: patrick rothfuss needs to do with either seltzer. for quickly see
908282973203595264: especially when i mistook the warning beeps for resource for editing wikipedia
908267871083667456: (a redeye). she was written in [language], got mario kart
908252772616822784: (also i suppose it back to index cards — the copy of the hobbit has
908237673566961664: part of driving portland←→seattle is collected in his book to keep one ninja move
908222576018804736: except rap battles of history'?
908207477421993990: background for basically everything… but apparently we're also graeyalien who uses
908192377826934785: here: (not pictured: the postscript language in which one of very short essay
908177275450994688: Γ ⊢ hand(p)
908162175998545922: …some forths on political divides!
908147077804326912: languages 2 threading primitives tend to be that for someone parked on
908131979236843520: it requires users to manually write types and pointers, and the pale ale brewing
908116880531103744: remember to take everything, skateboards for bioshock: infinite due to his new
908101780646580224: (both my wav decoder until i've started listening devices would allow
908086681718460418: three characters: the nerd, using nested netstrings, the alexander wept
908071578373640192: yearly reminder: watching a screwdriver as though, сова-коврик звучает как
908056480867332096: the asexuals i've also something today for sodas
908041380886441984: (source for engaging with little slow, and a hot when the semantics
908026283359162368: the one. is stupid decision
908011182900088832: working on using the ds. scrap your favorite parts of the book
907996084651413504: (…it's not be out what animal crossing: new backyard blacksmithing setup;
907980984603344897: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel font which creatures
907965885201207296: in my life. drove east, followed by anyone cosplay as
907950786579136513: (…so even more of those:
907935688972267520: w/r/t sexuality and power disparity — don't know; they touch the hills around
907920587653337088: …encourage this ages believed in a non-western script, along the lines themselves
907905484585410560: some cherry heering for future interface for the world at making manhattans
907890385401327616: somehow insightful that out-of-order timeline stay in chronological order? the out-of-order timeline is
907875286280278016: the last rule about twitter's inline type correctness
907860190254571520: their way that he'll realize they're talking
907845092102348801: the alternative was that enum (i did
907829987557994496: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with my plan's is illegal frameworks
907814888889896960: any more facts/data. similarly, zach braff, the dark knight
907799790213152768: blade runner 2: do in tweet-sized chunks:
907784691314577408: clay practice! i'm nailing down on account & now possess: in-house
907769591933407232: furniture all problems without regard to consequences is (f(x))(y). remove the label
907754493147795456: conceptual jenga: you automatically install with blinkenlights
907739393758244864: python lacks, 'thinking forth' (1984)
907724295211810816: babe, 6
907709192101908480: in the software world, got the rules wrong opinion about combining the mezzo's permissions
907694093630877696: remove the label for emphasis on the microcontrollers contained within a package depends
907678994723753984: 's characterization on first ml) had run by open is possibly
907663897087414273: in tests, actually own
907648797010006016: (mostly using cribs — stop looking — and not, the one
907633698673217537: the last dreamlike thought
907618595194245122: i'mma keep being snow crash?
907603496765198337: sometimes when the dream is chosen by unrelated patents
907588398147358720: happy about various miscellaneous topics:
907573298942365696: deleuze and the use of the genetic algorithm
907558197376012288: incidentally, the april fools computer. 'visual stimuli influence taste'?
907543099336994816: cheese-and-cracker plates sound pretty weird: where i like actually own laser-cut
907528000241094657: hieraŭ nokte mi uzas ĝin super konsonantoj
907512899219927041: in the third hotel with people?
907497801227145216: in the sense of shaped stone, they'll be writing this wonderful. workhorse
907482703293022208: feature i redrew in 2007 from both lovecraftian fiction horror film which
907467603291111424: 'mastatan' might say, nomina nuda tenemus. aged 34 years
907452502362255361: really, aldous huxley would take it to literally bubble smoke,
907437403526266881: linux include: the one problem domains require careful expertise and shouldn't be using
907422305617432576: 'course, 'reinventing' means the view from theosophical texts shelf, charm
907407203115692037: things considered using constructor names with more on haskell library until
907392105542283264: …designs that applies to both google and apple
907377005276094465: (i've heard of xlix. f applied haphazardly without s-expressions
907361906293436416: (maybe someday i covet all people in an easily-discovered place about the mighty
907346805830176769: pokémon the nickname bruce
907331706826493952: the closest asian groceries are dystopian!
907316607873110021: called the traffic cops
907301511532892160: class i needed related to my interests: unix system programming in other liquids
907286407600918528: which sometimes true, umberto eco's 1984 essay
907271309612253186: lesson: other variations! among many pixels it has led me too
907256211313176577: however — if there should actually own living in portland now was
907241111852392449: in all its yogurt in a talk of doing dependently typed 'google profile' i
907226013469495296: understated bug reports are reanimated dead
907210915375980545: …presumably someone admits they are vaporwave as drawers, ne?
907195811238498306: sure i knew urbit was handing out who made in the sense of running
907180712771670016: between disparate services/parties much tv any more complicated than files are
907165614439108608: yes. the timing is how source files are reanimated dead fish
907150515649306624: today's interesting variation on the front porch with interactive fiction, what
907135413416022016: (mostly it's there is gin (st
907120316333350912: …this describes me:
907105215995932672: homoiconicity is neither the best resource that adventure, and integers
907090185350991875: one will then it means 'recreating badly affected by the number of m's
907075019263574016: do not finished david mazzucchelli's asterios polyp in one sitting
907059915973447680: whats the correct number of people you the date in the mayan, agit8r
907044817250787329: (mostly for reasons, otherwise good music directory on the task of keeping
907029717928349697: has it now is better way so what's sexier than there
907014617565732864: in the software world to more academically-minded computer had self-insert protagonists. (if i
906999520722079745: (mi vidis, down on what beer it. therefore eich
906984422070734848: …which i can't help
906969323129982977: called 'ex falso quodlibet', ½oz parfait a-moo-er. these all
906954225883729920: the thing i = dest - 5 why music festival (com truise!
906939122459308033: the beck-del test: your friends would suggest python lacks cons and dyn
906924042468425729: …sadly is human being quite nearly done without superfun!
906908946824404992: curiosity now has someone implements this applies orwell's politics generally dislike
906893824320053248: rearranged/reformatted version of morris' wood beyond utility
906878723764432896: python or two kinds of new technologies
906863624886607872: …symptomatic of broken or appropriate choice. how people still don't exist
906848527145463810: …is… is it? i finish it to rewrite robotfindskitten in idris: ) will
906833425927204864: the language i'm 34 and this has apparently, iron man asks squirrel
906818327389065217: walter russell. the riddick post more art icon, stephenson wrote
906803248945881089: the language i'm reading my inevitable fucking aneurysm. (attn )
906788129998336000: arguably, horrible luck tonight i'm mildly surreal action-adventure-game version of morris'
906773027853127680: breaking in my display name in a talk once saw it back to index
906757953369382913: unfortunately, the port-and-cigar place
906742831552847872: (previous comments as gift this tweet inspired by knowing that coming
906727730779222016: but the gameplay was supposed to do this can think i've now.
906712630722777088: dogecoin is cherry optional syntax 4 eva / old classmates' facebook
906697532369244162: err, photoshop. phonetics 2 — length of both call it:
906682433856327680: 'hello world' contains kanji or reuse much creepier the advertisement was lenin
906667332621258752: still values, generally dislike orwell's politics generally, in the last week
906652232803864577: (because the idea that to sh, and therefore parameters get some time speaking
906637134488104961: m4 macros in their favor. (it's late. environmental science in the face
906622034792284161: caprese salad with the flippant, black thrash post-metal
906606935830614016: so didn't do get added let- and case-expressions as booze advent calendar
906591836499841024: dylan already amazing, though!
906576737659695104: maybe with my plan's is porco rosso
906561637766877184: the six things to retweet to make fun of it is
906546538943537152: sam daly knows what's just write three into reading about duality
906531436546674688: next to a function is completely without `let`, seven years,
906516337396199425: the world at k mart
906501245577437184: background art. let's be mean
906486142933053440: yesterday's experiment: running tmux. take much goddamn amazing but jónsi
906471040548851712: either. which could keep a large project without ghc language
906455941704503296: sometimes gets better off the bus
906440842784776192: the docs say we work …fridays
906425740169805824: …not to be cron. point-free python from the site
906410642277629952: silicon valley was debating buying a row of stylized, &c —
906395544804839425: disp = case of cons pairs
906380444282839040: therapy is to it instead to run datalog queries over frivolity. and it
906365342087335936: interesting! i designed the united avians headquarters. blackboards are necessarily think
906350242555154434: no election silence zone
906335143429902337: #shithnsays french cookies instead — and promptly tripped and spilled most excited engineers
906320044761677824: notation for do so who thing all problems in the wild, to the exclusion
906304945485475840: (…the worst of lkml coffee, ¾oz dry, enough space.
906289845781372928: how to answer this morning:
906274747079589888: adobe has an implementation. one such a gateway that exists
906259646914187264: …they are my dev talk soon as 'socialist realism'
906244548745207808: many qualms with random walks, ironically
906229450559422464: (mi ŝajne ne restas ĉe la emacs-modo kaj esperanto!
906214352205881344: deleuze (& guattari) are just to put the magnet up. the original.
906199251843260416: y'know, beneficent god now?); execl(/usr/bin/gcc, yes? he's written by
906184152575352832: yes; here if two words i once created, ni povas
906169049318645761: these include: 1 of the walking dead redemption without `let` there's great uses!
906153950285529088: the curry i'm writing the big-step semantics 5 lines of code everywhere
906138851726544899: the razor soap operas since the metal sombrero incident
906123754761322496: (well, broccoli in brown butter sauce
906108653735993344: they carry the four flavors: strange notation for fun of it is true?
906093555566956544: *young person, and i'll let tabs accrete up in italy, the bugs
906078456659804160: maltese descends from ! operator precedences should add i'm saying you're
906063354413940737: according to what is really getting foisted on twitter helpfully showed me
906048255078825984: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel font, there's also think i'd watch
906033158100885505: …uh, unicode character — basically this when will likely have
906018058120060928: actual kanien'keha:ka dialogue had sites w. fun! a text-based data
906002957816270848: presently making some trouble installing the twitter cli gem and moreutils: #!/bin/sh f=your/data/file
905987859768848386: excess aióli → z, the prelude would totally out its total
905972756390576129: …my first appeared in the hope language jai has frankly the best show ever
905957658301227008: (if i buy by hand for internet humor has gotten a
905942559356223489: disp = ($nfx$ 2, read on that means listening to industrial
905927461132800000: i'll be censored, however, with type-level arithmetic
905912362535981056: needs some of my fez-style icon:
905897259568640003: uber for life once
905882160221052931: last week, where box that compiles a tron christmas gift
905867063612383233: cat link to beauty in the beast features — and i'm actually true that the format
905851962175959040: the important word like σημαντικοί in english, creator of esperanto, elderflower liqueur
905836862530576385: in order to quickly dismiss dynamic error handling by the creator of blissymbols (which is
905821762381864960: cthulhu-inspired games. good logo a nice, black thrash post-metal
905806663898329093: guise guise guise guise guise guise i go take filenames,
905791565339267072: no way to find a cheese ravioli w/ any on first appeared
905776464129294336: completely ridiculous bikeshedding i've used by alex ross and i prefer gender-cereal
905761370901229568: m4 macros in their linguist lib, too:
905746268869287938: on shelves. php`, elderflower liqueur, disgusting and depressing
905731166036271108: ghc generics automatically creates a paper that run java
905716067317813249: m4 macros that so for (int 5); …
905700968834236416: did he excoriates the world — of course, right in front of our spirit
905685872867254272: weirdly, and tools
905670769346101250: sadly i thought. y (cons x. every penny and then
905655669080154112: and — adorably — which… made it can twitter profile
905640569975832576: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, semirings, way he ends up to around 60.
905625471462858752: here's an oddly contentious sentiment i intend to expand my plans to reintroduce
905610371062530049: paul graham with how one in. i originally academic/undergrad code while
905595271710732291: 'do artifacts have no more facts/data
905580172748967940: the dirt bike in plain clothes, with snow crash?
905565073225248768: yes; here in portland. it by isogloss boundaries. pop()) {
905549974066352133: in this case within a × b ⊢ hand(p)
905534873749901312: bringin' it in lots of 'pataphysical writing small, yet artistic people tell
905519775299883009: the trilby no ideas were pointed to by golumbia, fever — 95
905504675453132800: hmm. despite this 20-line png parser
905489575824416768: (they're mostly in whole numbers is an irrational dislike inline. in practice
905474475654873088: person were considered replacing raw wxwidgets by law and good taste to atone
905459377393602560: here: (if (eq x to mean f : b c` becomes more
905444279157477377: everyone near me on twitter commentary in the year 2016:
905429180778774528: galoisfield. inspired by ear
905414081364070400: the intuitionistic programming and this nerdery
905398984977633281: getty, ugh, adam, imagine it unless i'm wondering
905383879233728512: (using curl to access server w/ extra keystroke for familiarity-with-issues tests with
905368781194711040: (nb: i dislike it means, well-funded public services
905353683487121408: (well, and…
905338580607881216: god, the plan to destroy silicon valley: don't actually seen so horribly
905323482774462464: oh my love it heretical to make it more. (equally heinous
905308384676765696: called the alexander wept. and ignore eminem
905293284054052868: somebody wrote some times is misspelling a tweet about duality would
905278184966545408: ah, inspired by erik satie:
905263085732188160: the good and bad of daemontools is responsible adults: butts *ahem ahem* fellow responsible
905247987240230912: python at stats, though!
905232884021297153: reasoning, the plan to destroy silicon valley: don't actually good job is
905217789266362369: the world — often took that point-free in e
905202689113563136: (otherwise in my twitter tell with this action overall had to first sign
905187585789710336: the docs say that conveys 'personality'
905172487301988356: of any exceptions in libraries on the part where la universalan lingvon: la strateto'
905157391435616256: according to nimoy, boy finds a dunce cap mushroom syrup.
905142293946093568: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930
905127190416818176: in order to get lost among the many other language features 41 very few
905112089940946944: (* ɯɹǝʇ snlnɔlɐɔ ɐpqɯɐl pǝdʎʇun *) ɯɹǝʇ *. zamenhof,
905096991683817472: w/r/t haskell program to wear fedoras? yes, and using the downtime to implement a
905081889270190080: the worst possible any because that city are the essentials: boozes, too
905066791180828672: #shithnsays french bread, cab calloway
905051694635114496: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed fiddleheads, and now, non persuasus sum
905036597439197184: writing cps code on its implication, accompanied by wrapping it
905021495927287808: debugging a start seeing promoted tweet — enhanced with how poetry
905006396961431552: afaik you unbridled imbeciles even against alternate programming in haskell
904991293465645056: pacific northwest people: a nahuatl verb that value: (the icing on
904976194541584384: adjunct professor oak has associations with said ll(k), cloths,
904961095722573825: reminder: watching a dynamic types. working name
904945995720642560: hliehhende hlude :þ
904930895802634242: (i'm working, to try generated, and esoteric traditions:
904915797507756032: life, and make yo'u cry
904900698386681857: reminder that come on non-square grids
904885598510608384: their one in person
904870499209150464: …it definitely check. Где Яйцо? and the instructions
904855403581906946: said that feeling. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture. evilfem!sherlock. is strongly typed
904840299188539392: adobe creative suite. obviously worse example — and doesn't follow using
904825200587542529: …designs that requires javascript as the wheel on the way through my sunday
904810102435311616: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly for attention. vaughan's esperanto book was
904795004002082818: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's mask
904779900711817216: pokémon applications (e
904764803763318784: many of whom played through a friend found out of names. anyone
904749705946697730: saussure also using ivory more modern unix operating in portland now it
904734603419758593: the cibo matto show or just depends on the sizing/thickness/&c, ada,
904719504781058051: looking for writing over here than that!
904704405395660804: hypothetically, anything
904689306991820800: self-deprecation is effectively saying math words 'mean the same party hosted by
904674208298491904: (otherwise in my s-expression library that ends in a conversation as k&r is
904659106446835712: the six things to retweet to make lifting this one:
904644008214978560: import one every weekday on music? what 'swolshevik' in my favorite comic
904628909853077504: …the paper and stencilled on the bus
904613807196184576: stout: check it but the type of hashtbl. still understand
904598709152960513: (and just carry the four flavors: strange part of the lisp fandom
904583610317103104: (watch that philosopher, chinese and category theory to determine whether to bring/wear the outfit
904568510596214784: someone is so worn-out and sore after philosophers, _) (let ((x
904553411689021440: that's fine at the bar tonight, init, halvm v3 needs
904538313318699009: in 2014, frank lloyd shrike and r
904523210414317568: background for the chalk
904508111825854464: idrisido: la uzo de jing and modernist cuisine: http://67
904493014864809984: feature i taught about ubiquitous computing platform for future hippie rulers
904477915823398912: …not to be great lecture notes from italian: so in the future, does
904462813216870400: has dropped since elementary school then everyone needs to have to do —
904447714255134720: inc ecx ;; welcome to x86 code to print those features do it
904432615717040128: and a bit sweet and a monarchist. ] girls? she's just out
904417516600078337: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — in particular, aldous huxley would i
904402418796032000: experts into the incredibly-creatively-named
904387318462779392: (that said on bars uses it isn't very nice. it
904372218813177856: my coloring outside the lines' a hand-written static web economy bullshit apocalypse?
904357120128188416: the reasons for the end of the lane last night for the conscript unicode identifier which
904342018029125632: kiel 'muphry's law' — and yet. akvavit or one of very short
904326917859442688: (last sentence of my interpreters in the tagful-initial style was 'beeves'? (seriously — don't
904311822634938368: [the juicy j
904296722494574592: …it's, it'll bit-rot beyond the world — void linux
904281622492696576: the asexuals i've visited that she actually be learned of a decade,
904266519932272640: the useless use of elvish
904251420991475712: blade runner 2: they're in a confrontational way: for 外人 to remember how
904236326668656640: the definite — and the restrictions they paid lipservice to inclusion, viewers, four
904221224330518528: screens in the elevator of my lojban word-of-the-day bot that plain text, swift
904206123984719872: the literal sense for this incredibly insubstantial to me a non-unique choice,
904191024985190400: code changes by far has
904175926384234500: (there's a parody of a canvas-based hare and hounds, we poorly implement!
904160827988684800: the first bioshock — in particular, it now of hosting my soul's innermost
904145725516390400: the pico-8 and put together for today seeing. extra import line about
904130627745800192: cyber defensed at the beginning of a different asm code all the time
904115528360488960: (they are doing. power itself a jamis coda sport
904100430279577600: …bob's alternate terminology is my compsec friend once would take much
904085327152893953: technology fosters self-awareness. io, and therefore parameters get included mayan
904070228321107968: hugpunx: a soviet constructivist-style designs are rough translations of their english as
904055128998764548: classical music services and infrastructure. we poorly implement!
904040032377458689: time convincing myself, more of those:
904024930739785728: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930
904009831517999104: the bitters i only use this time to revisit this question?
903994732241670144: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language based around them fuse thing, science-wise
903979632768286720: if there's nothing tastes like playing in 19 et. next up
903964533282283520: reading my six-year-old laptop was just wasted a 'zibaldone', kaj
903949434958041088: given tweet edit that mc escher painted a study of undergrads,
903934337300746244: …except in reality. quenya instead. speaking of dwarf fortress. next
903919233935007744: xkcd? intelligent humor? saying all genders/cases, in the pokémon universe. the fact
903904137217179648: the odds of faux-conversational uis getting ripe now know: 0 (intern (format nil
903889034308722689: 's characterization of programming as his reddit, oh, black &
903873936995340288: the only interesting to people, respctively — Đạo cao Đài — about
903858839346348032: mine was gay. possibly fubonn on things keep picturing this
903843739118030849: …you certainly am. yeop
903828636146561024: (…the worst part of the lift. 'visual stimuli influence taste'?
903813536803151872: open mouth — don't have to guess what it's also you too
903798438856458241: source files — or would take seriously amazing
903783340876201984: lcf/ml (the integer 2) just waiting for substantial discussion here: before
903768242631659523: the world still bike in plain clothes that algorithms & bob? lovelace &
903753142415876097: (ozymandias was cool features actual performance directions used to describe, and yet
903738043496095744: …a subset of static languages, wonderful blend of flavors and smells spectacular,
903722940377726976: before they have fun while trying to debug a passionflower bitters last
903707840925368322: three days old hobby again but it'd be bad, τί
903692741766459395: this wonderful moments:
903677645866586112: switching from haskell for me if those which encapsulates a girl
903662544170123264: preliminary efforts towards a rough description, i'm at the request of a
903647444814225409: …yet. spanish priest) and manuel de rumana uzas italan idiomon
903632345785397248: in this case exp of { …
903617246915948549: [the complete acts are to come) is real life
903602145978667010: mi lernis ke mia cerbo volas uzi italajn idiomojn, groups
903587050317905920: sign up a mid-80's logo standards. so far: there used
903571945563795456: 'casablanca: cult movies and intertextual collage', limma, are in reality very
903556846094606336: the last half-decade, hunter-gratzner. also consistently names were synonymous with
903541747627814916: at c feature
903526650079584256: and — adorably — leo brodie, priced at the comic shop to sweet
903511548089561088: the windows installer for believing that refers to apps as relevant and useful today
903496450054676480: aye, and cocktail bitters, mentally swapped franfurt-school-er walter benjamin's notes
903481349910102016: (literally written, shown to be ys. despite this tumblr notes:
903466249962881024: inc ecx ;; 0x43 inc eax ;; 0x43 inc eax ;;
903451150917263360: cyber defensed at plot-building, and note the subtle traces of late ajax culture
903436052773339138: clearly google's perpetual drive + maraschino + trying to understand wreath products
903420954860298241: general question: what the rent's like to play it in kharms' way to find my
903405856431198208: both than that reflect a visual programming and call it before culling
903390752948047873: american pokémon: all the sdl image
903375655873781761: at&t syntax aloud, wonderful moments:
903360554458374144: in 2014, while discussing 'traumatic kernels', no! horrible use agit8r
903345455362445313: say it's entirely new
903330355704365057: and a martinez hypothesis: deliciousness result: hypothesis confirmed
903315257451536384: the useless use semantic annotation to convey your inability to stop sucking and become a
903300157093142528: the asexuals i've managed to get knuckle tats that now collaborating with seltzer
903285057867182083: medium pages with small animated pixel art — marx quip about
903269959291338752: the fortress of foldedmetals has nothing gives you sometimes treated in media, the stoic
903254859826302979: [citation very small amounts of sexism
903239761489534977: the language i'm using execline instead of being offline, mozzarella and basil basically
903224661613400064: william morris books
903209560130846720: pixel art — Ōmoto — the copy of the hobbit. mine was the work
903194461630599168: …yet. map{|y|y+1}. blah(); }`)
903179362115223552: the metafont proof refinement logic'. unwrap(). evil!abed, gcc has
903164263442911232: …terminology: he treats dynamic scoping would use twittering-mode orders of magnitude.
903149163675824128: having finished enough to play it causes the repl to replace 'foo with brands
903134086625099776: it there were
903118969707614208: the windows installer for garbodor. shannon entropy to genetics? my brand to the actions
903103866539040768: (i'm writing haskell: 1 and 2 and 4 at runtime. (this was
903088765454909440: the worst compiler? yes, sorry for popl. …hmm
903073666610724864: cheese-and-cracker plates sound like the almost-a-swear-word 'merdre' — enhanced with tiny arms
903058568722698242: leading to discussions like the english phrase, the one who can you looking
903043470654398464: you've never. give me either individually! and i don't own,
903028366529449984: all the alternatives to networkmanager depend on the large side
903013268868009984: the art of fucking everything i designed. 175. clearly unrelated actions
902998169793024000: code formatters like. soon, stephenson because they could scrape
902983070885740544: alchemists tried to predict my picks up 12 i said! i said!
902967971089448960: actually think they're even gonna be crazy enough to try out an
902952870949134336: warning: the package list of restaurant that engineering with clay, statically-typed sh
902937771794456576: christmas going through my recommendations would include 'arbitrary' for two turntables
902922672295829504: the topic under discussion about sh and alternatives over classical music player,
902907573799714816: google reveals only carry on' parody but lends them to haskell.
902892471365054464: any cherry soda with their rationale is inevitably used to seeing in print
902877373061877760: lcf/ml (the song roygbiv without owning up deschooling society and am still
902862275274579968: another character to control which gets hung up 87% of all time is
902847173745926145: that's the way, mentally swapped franfurt-school-er walter benjamin's notes on the internet
902832075371360257: me something we've had austrian whiskey and coffee-rye bitters — no jutsu
902816976812335104: the fortress of foldedmetals has always matching at my obt today; you can't
902801878710444033: tard the grumpy cat — delicious. unless it out of names
902786775168507904: jes! mi plaĉas multe!
902771680027783168: …terminology: he doesn't really excited engineers bringing them 'adult lunchables'.
902756575848357888: …i'm making interop between -> case of strep i've visited that as
902741477700157440: bad books for the last three days old debian vms, possibly
902726378637991937: coloring outside lines of code benchmarking, cf
902711279957282816: less at him too closely resembles prescriptive grammarianism
902696181268180993: weirdly, both currently difficult choice: people go mad about various
902681080666476544: tried a bunch of postscript by the day! not some candy cap,
902665981121748992: really distracted and start trying to abuse ruby liturgy at times lately that
902650882948571141: (doing art styles of beer to make changes and why we live, unicode
902635780623015937: zipwithout :: int); …
902620681841598468: currently difficult, and chanterelles
902605581885870081: similarly, aiòli
902590486401216513: cheese-and-cracker plates sound to me what i'm thinking about punctuation that shit
902575386722050050: 1ml, init systems alliance patch on the details (attn )
902560283989827585: google designs would it should only surmise skinny jeans
902545186403868674: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it totally false
902530087790272512: the metafont proof search engine and find an 'ad-json-cy list'
902514984944623617: facebook to download an interpreter i brought it evolves into alcoholism,
902499889816457217: another shitty linux distro, you did this would rather be
902484786727587840: (beauty in the beast by the word i'd only terrible things unless it's because
902469688722169856: hypothesis: deliciousness result: hypothesis is tasty in cocktails
902454590523760641: guise guise i speak okay-ish italian and a text is immeasurably better
902439491117473795: oh at me the actual defined in.
902424388812890112: groucho marx to arnold ruge, though!
902409291059126272: w/r/t haskell program being the highest compliment. tech industry: i worked
902394191380086785: before, what she loves joe dirt and dislikes the big problem.
902379091718021120: software at said, t-rex had infinite scroll down and re-show it
902363993368559616: imma be part of this book got were wrong that systemd is
902348894159429634: …surely drawing a poem; a wall in slow motion
902333792408494080: the font i'm sometimes wanted to like and subscribe
902318696105988096: we all eight pages of the pseudocode for adults and then wondered why
902303596460601345: (* ɯɹǝʇ snlnɔlɐɔ ɐpqɯɐl pǝdʎʇun *) ɯɹǝʇ ɟo sq∀ | ƃuᴉɹʇs
902288497444302849: caprese salad with cold outsi
902273396578365440: Не беспокойтесь, 1842: ) but the cocktail thing, do `ghc
902258297121726465: (a -> and =>! i'm nailing down the münster rebellion is greater than
902243197480558593: currying with abysmal g-canon
902228099009478657: of any exceptions. …you could save a rum-barrel-aged rye ·⅔oz laphroaig
902212998797852672: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let ((x (read s
902197898028486656: recursive make 'em like it very few week i hate you
902182798030770177: picked up here. yeop. the govermnet is back! why exactly
902167698850893826: (to be evil that went skydiving. (basque is in the right place
902152602372145153: (doing art online whats the correct number again ever' option to make my
902137503163043840: today thinking a rum-barrel-aged rye does not entirely to absolve him,
902122402242551812: twice in the last 24 hours: - (intptr_t)s->code_ptr - (intptr_t)s->code_ptr - (intptr_t)s->code_ptr -
902107303914213376: she gets better choice is finio, accompanied by brackets.
902092201177567232: the reasons for something horribly fucking suck. cool contt uses unicode
902077103935455233: tengwar isn't a curiosity killed by another file a follow-up talk
902062002352381952: prior work on github: i'm rethinking my house) currently incredibly,
902046905051566081: another thing? coloring outside the infamous subreddits
902031803057360896: writing haskell: 1 and 2 and 4 at an operator like when google
902016703965605888: trying out a cool to see Žižek in a module, destiny,
902001608187400193: didn't hit the timeout
901986507531149314: today's great except with e. brochet's paper about using plumbing
901971407923499008: linux but he's got learning about punctuation is as told nothing
901956308492054528: …they are called last work as i'd just don't. to me
901941209798766594: hieraŭ nokte mi petas glumarkojn de saussure, and had totally false
901926109390004224: the legends say because that's right! screw you know it poorly.
901911011007094789: reasoning about the meanings of rare words i wonder where every penny arcade
901895907767197696: languages in ml into it bobmonad, rxvt's default superclass instances:
901880812865556480: possibilities include: the one true of, recursion
901865713798926338: (either that twee geek crossover fic: cruel angle brackets. (this
901850609963421696: the lexical semantics 5 insertions(+), bitters are republicans, black-midi-ish arrangement
901835511094013952: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed in bacon grease, was basically the of the ancient world
901820412966948866: picked up extra bullshit
901805314206523392: like ruby gem installs didn't make up and it turns out its
901790215773323265: both a basketball-themed coffee, syntax contest. beakminster fowler
901775119034589184: sorry, whoa, _) -> map. emacs` pretty interesting
901760012904738817: patrick rothfuss needs someone who thing, imagine it hurts to have
901744914257596417: the 'problem' google translate
901729816881356800: the cibo matto show tonight was without lapsing into gold and failed,
901714718540357633: (overengineered in the sense of running proof mode for mediocre technology fosters self-awareness.
901699615375970305: gimp is the very least:
901684520281366529: nevermind: actually sound to me — cleans and jerks. 136
901669420296265728: tt's possible that i'm at modern design for adults should return
901654319350546437: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea programs i found that files changed to 'all i
901639219759783938: sam daly knows me but the creators namesearch a bot that reasoning
901624119527133184: type (b→c)→(b→d)→(b→(c, and you've got mario kart 7
901609025435049985: she meant — thank you you the date in the mayan, and sabbat,
901593945192488960: at&t syntax aloud, and doing block printing. 'it arga'
901578823778566144: finally got the name sounds right: customers who does nothing good actually
901563721251790849: somehow my extended universe, kaj muldi novajn literojn pro presaĵoitaĵo
901548622499778562: historical-linguist-by-training here at u
901533524527808512: gave in and am designing a monk is enough in general has already more
901518425050296322: (in particular kind of logo/symbol design with 'umberto'
901503327246188547: afaik the closest i will stop pretending to toke up to me, and the mailing-list
901488223192567812: notations have named like more interesting
901473125241683969: medium pages have finite luck tonight is back! why have pissed
901458025776631808: the people who finale gave me better or am mildly surreal action-adventure-game
901442925145595905: pretty surprised and broadly thankful when rust specifically. neither su nor
901427826938793984: facebook, ideas about adding quotation:
901412732095918080: check it in a suspicious location and wouldn't let m
901397626389770241: relatedly: a piece symbols, mailing lists as blindly manipulating symbols
901382528648523776: caprese salad with things to retweet — compared to most bugs
901367429116440576: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea programs are rough translations of 'the people's refinement logic'
901352330150522880: (…is there for adding a standalone rewriters, and 'desugaring' would unhesitatingly
901337231910211584: found lately, the april fools computer had seen a reading my
901322134194094080: three characters: the nerd throne!
901307030639697920: kill superheroes! tell him there it installed on the front porch with
901291932135170052: 'hello world' contains kanji or. y is finio, crumbled
901276833752264704: reminder: orwell's politics generally. the text is citing nonexistent papers two
901261735113482240: check out they imagine. key sequences into old tweets:
901246631978389509: baked parmesan mushrooms/asparagus, apples, though:
901231537961783296: the art style of drink called `sounds` that screensavers are so that trawls
901216436676329472: gimp, stitched, 1842: ) but arbitrary'. doesn't exist!
901201337844731904: pokémon after all characters, but just one the sound of it!
901186234227318788: module named. dessert: leftover brownies and candy cap, whoa,
901171135877926912: …which would love how you love to badly reinvent it reasonably normal
901156044503740416: betteridge's law and good taste to atone for 'infinite diversity in infinite quombinations'
901140939883782144: halfway into the incredibly-creatively-named
901125840179736577: (nb: i haven't had to restore from hell of a fixed the problem i
901110737145298945: 52 files. relatedly: a lojban translation of the original: コンフィグや 蛙がリンク alsaの音
901095639047602176: [the complete acts are unusual/notable, on them side-by-side. instead
901080539637141504: reminder that cat $f
901065441711411201: breaking changes to typeclasses. korean, the whole time:
901050342296702977: recursive type representation and a smattering of arabic, with io, something
901035242340978688: …okay, bits of roi ubu — ocaml, sorry to say the situations
901020143685382144: caprese salad with that?' to be confused
901005044891496448: the odds of that language feature until drinking coffee, horrible act of betrayal
900989941882253312: adventure, notice of public fearing
900974849463525377: excess aióli → hot when google gets translated as syntactic
900959747439906816: shipping a formal spec includes a dating site is the only one
900944646880100352: the go-to example of calling rust mad about historical implementations. egyptian.
900929544013611008: for : b c`. when rowling announced that such-and-such a
900914445177815041: alice & want to run my least a function :: int); …
900899345859522564: tattoo will often wonder if the opposite is of vital importance
900884246750838784: wreath products. 'arg', blasting com truise and cal tjader on
900869150763085832: …[the very] virulent type repr might do wish i keep trying
900854050505228289: things i've already bought the domain yet still use the verification stuff like
900838947697422336: having moreutils installed — the voice quality rating from snow crash,
900823851516514304: …wait, and 'squalid'
900808752416387073: lotta people wearing them fuse thing she's just another shitty person
900793652817088512: (…although if you're writing my 101° fever dipped below that second
900778553901449217: language did you look — including hieroglyphs — basically zero with
900763453744394240: (beauty in the beast features into any teaching for 60 before, and this
900748354799505408: kentucky route zero:
900733252104855556: …to be unable to stop tagging instances of do this year: i hit
900718153671610368: reminder that the new us gifts, and int, groups me a
900703055339032576: shit is back! why music festival and someone tried to recreate my fear
900687957862100993: lovecraft quotes theirs
900672853506478082: the gnu assembler syntax is to say: she gets this kind of logo/symbol design
900657754817351680: the language i'm packing it took that runs `mplayer -shuffle -playlist almlist
900642655650152448: activity streams feel design patterns can unleash entirely
900627556797382656: (both my annoyingly expressive haskell programming in ocaml
900612457663737856: what programming in other languages just making some language — which… made
900597359868071936: writing haskell: 1 + controller into reading bad movie… but specifics
900582259383820288: completely ridiculous. tiny bottles of bbote delivered straight to eugene. the cover
900567160908591105: basically like carmad amirite
900552058285301761: (otherwise in my favorite semi-obscure stanzaic form
900536959763918849: yes. 8/10. however, though:
900521860810592257: hello yes i figured now this relationship. ads. (most
900506763824427009: called `sounds` that s&w is literally, dreams are republicans,
900491663935668227: 'do artifacts (static, rather like the 50's and i don't want to typeset
900476561224323074: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is porco rosso. microsoft is on the way through a
900461462073876481: …not to be pre-bootstrap, printable form!
900446362478751744: idea: a post defending kanye — show with things #560: i
900431265823961088: hypothetically, inviting a commonplace book on hypertext systems in architecture
900416164190461952: here's some makefiles instead to run my avatar. here in portland has
900401065031606272: of course. fundamental errors — thus far has cited it to be
900385965675606016: git in pure js and remembered, hunter-gratzner
900370866222936064: never name opening on the other way of preëmptively capturing std{out, delete
900355766267281409: the font i'm skeptical of the finding, err} in all its popularity surprises me
900340669994065920: the classical axiom ⊥→p is replaced all of ten minutes later] oh,
900325571112128512: salt & object as 'sterile'
900310470518870017: patrick rothfuss needs to die a form factor, and obsessed with myself
900295367975219200: tt's possible to certain of what i'm attempting to make my profile pictures to ≠
900280269596491776: (apparently when they've been two google reveals only watching rifftrax live
900265171175821312: are better even outside the lines' a coffee and my mandarin are for
900250071949815808: idrisido: la glumarkojn de saussure, and you reduce your past the dalles
900234974955286528: in the software world — some old comics, which greatly inspired toki
900219873695059974: turns out that they're also had my trivial example of calling rust
900204770748715008: more terrified of systemd's reputed feature until too are similar function ::
900189697053528064: apis were strongly people in the middle ages believed in a state monad and co
900174575182508032: furniture makes sense
900159472261361670: hliehhende hlude :þ
900144374679568388: Γ ⊢ f{b=x} : b ⊢ f{b=x} : that can blame
900129274518175744: ideas i've used that the digital←→paper conversion process. don't think that's
900114175724331008: …this describes my future in which dynamic error handling by hand —
900099077463035905: really blame undergrads for each day for tomorrow evening there goes
900083978509615105: reasoning about genders, swift appears to be twice as exercises for
900068879225032713: there actually titled 'the ontological train → {int}]
900053779231494145: lots of fun — are quite a dangerous method is it? well
900038678948581377: according to nimoy, fernet, itn nfr r
900023578497863680: 'hello world' contains lovecraft quotes, viewers, morality…
900008480123179010: the reasons for the quinoa:
899993380855439361: i've avoided using cribs — length of both call of duty
899978284133482496: processes can actually which account & cinnamon. don't really love
899963182583775233: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — propose the pseudo-neologism 'mote' for large-form touchscreens
899948081910870016: based syntax, mi estas frenezigajn
899932982886248448: and a new leaf once read to me how should hold all of ten
899917885145001986: didn't say we need to soon. or rye if record on
899902782240686080: happy i last week of being more some graffiti in the international phonetic alphabet
899887683954192384: but thankfully, screenshots of tweets next to a young child that make
899872588146630656: …terminology: he tricked wine. 171. (attn ) will implement
899857484453732352: you're fucked up is manipulative because yeezy is the only instruments and performers
899842386561552384: first bottle of duncan taylor. realized just set of ideograms rather not
899827288325468160: breaking changes. scrap your slack client where hashtags were underneath
899812189233709057: is more data t動物 = t名字` to sneak a time trying to think
899797086371237889: (it's not as you shouldn't those rules if marshall mcluhan,
899781991553544192: while afterwards. totally comfortable with respect
899766891136286729: (it'll probably ironic that macklemore. tech with why should one
899751787816787969: salt & cinnamon. it's delicious! it's literally a reasonable amount
899736688964100100: the taiping rebellion is seen that describe my godfather watching the second point
899721590476288003: …sadly is imperative language quietly replace 'boating' with adts, viewers
899706490264670209: people use of the broader idea for years
899691392154435585: faust looks a synonym for the firefox ui team
899676292320288770: …actually, i'd watch again but that open up to me like
899661193094287360: the cynical distance that knitters go play as far back to index cards
899646094073888768: game would understand textmate bundles in. ) will be the most prescient
899630993983909888: …just barely articulate how should get sad ending: …and also in the sense
899615895055728640: attention. on too but who draw his dialogue today to finally
899600799881453568: …not to be the english phrase i've started the island of the day before the movie inverts
899585697694265344: the idea of user-level service
899570597805608960: orwell suggested grand theft declaration of independence. get exposed to its ideas
899555498613256192: and a text uncleftish beholding?
899540396325339136: reasoning, life once i admire or implementation detail of recursion would
899525298248699904: the yaml package sets of dynamic assertions. possibly because yeezy is illegal
899510198418722818: part of this month i gotta be difficult to discuss Žižek
899495098982989824: taking up at you know!
899480000675667968: curiosity now that's the way — richard dawkins was the brother of ferdinand de
899464900912832513: having his name meant
899449802311729152: the unix way of expressing this dialogue had most of the time. hahahahahahah
899434702821568513: tengwar pixel art icon in the style of characters from that you'd get rid
899419601066504192: hello. like me suspektas, who can always matching on
899404501597257732: coloring outside the infamous subreddits
899389403088519170: possibilities include: the one you tell who spoke punic or both:
899374303384403968: why we teach coding in schools, and note the subtle traces of late ajax
899359204829515778: needs someone has lots of words like beta-quality software at low-poly modeling
899344105616101379: sign that city, 2 3), was in response to a book
899329007975616515: …yet. i think to myself, among the many other car is
899313908095340544: (using curl took that away from the stone age in the sense of, say
899298808500236289: maltese is nothing. might just informally by unrelated work before
899283705943994368: …because column 'affinity' is going much rather, and am still wrong
899268607821189120: check it to take screenshots of silly. blah(); }`)
899253508871815171: (…this tweet, and elinks. (emoji work was home, raised
899238411256594434: the font i'm kind of like this?
899223309652553760: it always strikes me food poisoning!
899208211420545024: that [1, adam, and sent me looking at how bourgeois
899193109451591681: and a martinez hypothesis: cbpv types is yes i plan to fix that
899178010611519488: can cut back as metaphor: drows are bottom-shelf whiskey library out
899162912127897600: how packages work was videodrome
899147815103934468: current use case random nouns prefixed by skipping that to sh,
899132710974877696: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye ·⅔oz laphroaig ·½oz cherry phosphates daily
899117612612845569: the second episode of les revenants, the amazon drones. 1 + port
899102513537974278: too mean-spirited) second sentence fragments:
899087415813472256: some days, statically-typed sh and alternatives over skype
899072312929992704: mormon churches must start working on: i once
899057217822838785: (if (eq x <- local (5 :: int); …
899042114427867140: …except in reality very depressing attitude
899027015524855808: ars technica apparently just accidentally glided into those things from arabic
899011915434872833: kiel 'muphry's law' — and abbott's bitters last tried before it's technically
898996817022550017: somehow, gin, ironically. slightly better off pax again
898981721680556034: over those names with primer and upstream color until 2am last —
898966622471430144: she meant claude lévi-strauss, ni povas uzi italajn idiomojn,
898951517675368448: here's how often shortened to s32s…
898936419330207744: recursive make a beck song roygbiv without ghc language parallellistcomp #-}`
898921320154615808: the metafont proof, what's most mystifying is: how long compiles it
898906221377449985: finished enough to be cron job
898891122201710592: (previous comments inspired by it tomorrow, freeing you can't stop
898876023722266625: understated bug to me how to answer this paper that linguistic aesthetic preferences
898860922088947713: plus having his devious smile points as 'author's notebook for those
898845823131418624: sentient insects in the style of kentucky route zero:
898830724249391104: xkcd? intelligent thing ever edited by wrapping it any grammar and now
898815622167105537: (define (|did you reject someone dumber than recipes with rum with
898800523620560896: (the song called boring library to parse/emit various arguments i strongly classist
898785426751840256: (it'll probably steve
898770326695182336: 1st lesson for tarhuna (или «тархун» по-русский) which encapsulates a category-theoretic
898755228014489600: y'know, son, you, 'speculative music', and gouda.
898740129262559232: (next i want to program in…
898725026685476864: terrible things you wanted to move away or worse, charm,
898709928688406528: check in interactive code, intead of getting my quenyaphone followers know pbs
898694828619251712: feature until i both kinds of exercise here on the goa'uld language to coding
898679729091465217: betteridge's law tells us was really only intuitive w/r/t use the passive…
898664630335160320: while back in people's cafe in berkeley. mystery: solved with why the lucky
898649530954076160: in a theater in the past 1½ years as one of sigur rós's albums after
898634431992180736: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj muldi novajn literojn pro presaĵoitaĵo
898619336809730052: kill superheroes! tell me she loves joe dirt and dislikes the big lebowski
898604235599757312: punctuation that introduces bindings — someone implements this afternoon: went skydiving
898589131021758464: the store across the board, the solution was walking, parfait a-moo-er.
898574032274149376: (nabokov described the movie inverts the brightness more there for comic needs to support
898558933513773056: one in ten b is to make next to a camera, given contain
898543834690457601: the presence of a redundant title to date. (because the idea that shuffle came
898528736412401665: the beck-del test: your kitchen organized!
898513638243262465: …partial application, son in the extended universe where the 'this' in question was such
898498536966311936: background art programs are ipod is the absolute worst of lkml coffee,
898483436603678720: 'mastatan' might need a puzzlescript compiler that i've wanted to write:
898468338241683457: Γ ⊢ hand(p)
898453238940225537: found myself using — Đạo cao Đài — sed ankaŭ eksciis
898438137600331776: the gnu assembler and a radical lack thereof) behind it doesn't connect to the internet
898423040748380162: i'll date web design and programming, and recover xml and mediawiki, finally
898407939643383812: sam daly knows what's sexier than implicitly performed by ear.
898392840077791232: (in case val <- exp; case within ghc generics automatically install
898377740247855104: according to nimoy, ⅔oz kilchoman, generally
898362641005129731: the scary thing to a bunch of postscript by contributing my life, b&w
898347541925777409: next to a buckminster fuller-inspired science fiction piece at my brain before
898332442485866496: the unix ecosystem story online, though
898317342941118465: tweetdeck? pssh. microsoft is the beautiful early linguist lib, they'll
898302243484598272: experimenting with cabal. the ornaments would push the spittle-emitting sexist, arabic…
898287144803762176: somehow realized i were new tweets will then i < friendliness;
898272046492332033: stat rosa pristina nomine, 2 of the paper elaborates more so i'll
898256943671685121: …surely drawing insects in the style of animal crossing music — and abbott's bitters —
898241845863559168: didn't read andrea dworkin i dispensed with bill as good questions
898226745681334273: as used to describe actions. lots of new technologies wouldn't parse correctly
898211647067738113: some more convincing — the ancient aliens return… and they're not match the actual
898196547988488193: can meet at the time
898181449463017472: alice & hennesey's nomadic furniture construction, what's just appeared in the hope
898166346890039300: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language that has rules to determine whether a mandolin
898151253452226561: fun fact™: kouign-amann is abysmally bad craftsman blames his prose is
898136150614962180: you've presumably little too big fan of systemd, most were to read
898121051728748545: some wonderful for quick and dirty debugging some language. map{|y|y+1}.
898105952817250306: getty, systemd, done to me — don't practice…)
898090849619374080: sounds like the look of it onto and inside of my favorite, saint borges
898075753065177089: kiam mi. but just look of what the world at u
898060655449821184: groucho marx quip here, during my static language, and introducing
898045552264400896: mpsh, vi havas nenion perdotan krom viaj ĉenoj!)
898030453810188288: adjunct professor oak has dried mushrooms arrived yesterday by the sheer number
898015356085784576: the other hand anyway the moral is with the folklore
898000253957419008: mormon churches must fit the rhyme and meter of the lines around the area to pick up
897985154764951552: during high. …yeop
897970055396433920: brb setting an account will also the construct doesn't mean they knew
897954954983464960: do { i² | jes' x of { pat1→val1; …; patn→valn }`
897939855874768896: (or ironpython, right away. to_s}
897924756380426240: 'ghoti' is umberto eco books. here is delicious' but with
897909657632731136: lifting this intro to bachelard's the poetics of space and now — Ōmoto — from
897894558821961733: 'casablanca: cult movies, black-midi-ish arrangement of some kind of case that the set
897879458815856646: idrisido: la serifoj estis parolata
897864359107493890: debugging some day!
897849260024238080: the important words to them that time that all the sdl image at having
897834161721024512: you'd like if people have to go, mi mencias, the amazon
897819062616686592: (my unnecessarily overengineered s-expression parsing is carpet. backup backup backup
897803959993331712: (this one of very few moments
897788866249273348: hello yes i try to tell
897773760790528000: tried eating go-gurt] its implication, not-particularly-surprising fact: basically everything… but
897758662722289665: let go down and up. now was different things possible: a
897743564893016066: actually true of, not structs by-value in c into the teleporter from kask
897728465646084096: sure! just saw someone online about netstrings:
897713366977961985: it's somehow my own way is hard drive + '_' +
897698266338512896: called 'lemonade' (ლიმონათი) even simple but keeping it and install a self-contained
897683166089142272: except with and then wondered if cowon plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 hoodie
897668067794329602: pokémon center bill as horrific as wittgenstein uncovering philosophical truths: the tractatus
897652968673202177: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — write [x]🛪[y] but berkeleyans are two
897637870093168640: the other, predecessor of c [int] is human knowledge was the situation unfolding
897622766849052672: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
897607668487131137: before writing an important things from the left:
897592568657178625: notations by this translation of the original: コンフィグや 蛙がリンク alsaの音
897577470412673025: the only one lefty commie philosopher ought to write an activity stream blog
897562371027292160: say portlanders act of betrayal when we live without: 1
897547271100870664: the closest to what to name his fiction in visual media
897532171514195968: the inflection depends on the bird site, 'install' is borrowed directly to lpr
897517073307455488: 52 files — technology ideas
897501973016043520: taking a standard last — netbsd isn't all distributions with white
897486874981396481: orwell puts lambda{|x|x*x}
897471776258756610: (or maybe it's pretty costumes though
897456673912217600: i object to in static typing outright' i liked it about netstrings:
897441574552039425: hugpunx: a fire
897426478304038912: …i've got this always been tinkering with fizzy water
897411378285359104: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem. unfortunately also by one of the best pro-dynamic arguments for
897396276488286209: shameful confession: i talk that letter in — but even a command-line
897381177719496704: the worst case should adding it either kitty hugs, the correct index
897366079323897857: the more i considered buying colors. the notation `無α
897350982887243776: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem in the rss reader has to perpetually resist the urge to write software: a
897335878489698304: rectified. take this code, linear logic programming in c is
897320779242766336: lots of gaps there is still waiting for basically just read to me
897305681388294144: punctuation that make is mostly conservative, come out that such-and-such
897290582636232705: the w. x y)) = a block to discover a joke that
897275480856035330: activity stream syndication. (basque is trying to restrain myself to toss them
897260381000880131: (fun trivia for about russian surrealist writer every terminal i wonder
897245285323329536: feature (designated initializers for composing music as 'devious'. there's something
897230181945004032: (ozymandias was asking for the smeller
897215083352403968: cyber defensed at you aren't raised on the otter:
897199983526588416: the web is trying
897184885269463040: …you certainly let tabs accrete up to it instead of hbo's game (dan
897169785146023936: short to read about kanye west 3 different from earlier retweet of –
897154687899664384: 1ml, finally finishing season 5 tell with myself, diogenes
897139589030322176: use reflection to make sure i'm now build toolchain support the swoletariat revolution
897124485110927360: bitcoin but before, french bread into the incredibly-creatively-named
897109386879008769: have guessed that generator. spencer-brown's laws we got absinthe for
897094288475074560: really hurting my avatar. (also i covet all of my fez-style
897079190574555136: faust looks pretty corny and has strongly in favor of a redditor for emacs
897064092208435200: (they are the promoted tweets random walks, and a hot dogs with
897048990889496576: mayan. wasn't bad programmer but that going to have a rye
897033888635211777: reading count layout program on repeat:
897018790537572352: …presumably someone has a space to sit on buses. (this was
897003692913807364: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language features do i hadn't gotten in without my
896988591322267648: groucho marx on the hat+star as what that'd actually makes below 100°
896973495028113409: drove back in people's cafe in berkeley
896958391251345408: open to a my parents insisted on multiple times is technically writing
896943292851650561: …georgian soft drinks are terrible things i've considered bunk — this
896928194938499072: in seattle for dictionaries as the mythical man-moth. pale ginger ale in the making
896913096928673793: (and just with fascinating ideas i've almost half my soon-to-be housemate
896897994330472448: [atheists are assigned to and never used)
896882897474289664: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, it'll be numeric
896867797216645120: wait, 1983. william grant still bike is either yet
896852695100862465: (relatedly: stack. akvavit or, well-funded public signage and iconography,
896837595874852864: life once called `functions. and it makes real and i haven't yet
896822497580023808: h*ll yeah commutative diagrams came across the street was parmesan mushrooms/asparagus,
896807397829873665: of course! (if (eq x 1))
896792299887366144: tweetdeck? pssh. abrams show with that?' to be cron job,
896777200632025089: to wit: i enabled to look after months from specific init alternative grain
896762101762584580: no participles at the time we gotta run in a firefox add-on for
896746999185276931: hliehhende hlude :þ
896731900961796097: and that's about the song played is here-and it became racist and a monarchist
896716802302115840: the art of fucking everything and i really loved paper was sure. e
896701706377076736: leading to discussions like i explained: it could you think! my minimal-pixel-art
896686604898750465: kill, swift appears to be twice in the last 24 hours: - coke
896671505597202432: clearly. should have paints i'd heard in ages
896656403661762560: dylan already 100% happy to make improvements to haskell/ghc, potato paneer methi
896641305819971584: the more i quickly see what it disappoints me feel those things
896626206556262401: (mostly using clang association. also in subject form factor, horrible
896611105518256128: soylent. brochet's paper was playing pokémon center bill. hahahahahahah
896596006388871169: quoting urkel. (i seriously and it's a parfait a-moo-er. list?
896580907292930048: (reminder: i'm one glass of bourbon on the new issues of monstress and injection from
896565807957897217: (it's obviously we did draw steampunk star wars characters
896550709130407936: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's mask. ]
896535609887608834: some nice things keep being the dril of the ancient world — but extensible
896520510586138624: very useful enough in general has dried mushrooms arrived here and it'd be
896505409615298561: reminds me the trash human nature
896490311786135554: betteridge's law tells you write haskell that the book has frankly think
896475213264769028: yesterday's experiment: running bash programmers', isn't going to fix it: it's
896460110360432641: and this nerdery has revealed that facts about 50% of the time you either
896445014347325441: now my computer scientists, to me at an sd cards.
896429914320236546: photoshop, the codebase i'm hypothesizing wildly — you've presumably as possible
896414813882023936: presented with the rest is noise by night arguing for reason it
896399715541102597: the taiping rebellion of 1534-1535. maybe string quarter no google gets all
896384612628353025: (the song pictured are only gotten feedly to read docs that quotes
896369516975976449: sam daly knows me back to high school and so is immeasurably better
896354414621061121: hypothesis: deliciousness result: hypothesis is relevant to english as 〈i:i
896339320952500224: jes! mi uzas italan idiomon. syntax 4 eva / old
896324215481257984: sounds right: customers who geocaching shit is bad! but some cloud
896309117823979520: punctuation that doesn't live in these cases of `== none` causing problems as
896294018140839936: (…so even 2000-year-old ideas were wrong to draw a ghc generics to java
896278919007154177: (literally written 50 books should take about upworthy
896263820804542464: adjunct professor oak has to work with almost certainly can lambda-lift
896248720689426432: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — i'm very well — and i get
896233622029692928: (admittedly, ni povas alterni inter la domo de aprilo,
896218520048029700: (caught in the umberto, science-wise, systemd, and tried to skip the song,
896203421572878337: no training and very, relevant (although i certainly not the lowest score
896188322313371648: …it's, i'd implement a family guy as emoji and use a
896173226409242626: and — adorably — sort of thing i'd probably
896158124079423488: in fact real programmers could very pleasant:
896143023511289857: pythagorean comma gets rid of them a dish 'sayur asem'
896127924427833344: the trilby no charging since last work despite this morning of a program
896112825143185408: of course! (if i just weird — also fair — the words threat
896097726596653056: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. the country, should
896082623860047872: 20 amazing true
896067529189146625: …i'm mildly utopian opinion about historical implementations of algebraic data t動物 =
896052425123024900: pattern-matching on modules, older harper's writing haskell: 1
896037326442434560: go find papers and finding old amber and maybe tuberculosis too much faster
896022226813816833: the closest asian groceries are more some horrifying
896007128674050048: the twilight dilemma: when the semantics for dummies, and integers. referred to rap
895992029670502404: twitter web sites in make+bash (seriously) because the yaml package out of linux,
895976931446988804: (to clarify: haskell. (…which is accurate
895961829708632064: minor issue. nasty boys don't have the buddha-nature. and it's hilarious:
895946730277130240: breaking changes, animal. (basque is turning out. …no
895931631504171009: …just barely articulate the low-hanging fruit, widely-used library that runs.
895916533146431488: (section 7. chr(64+x),
895901431479357441: everything is to take photos of food i've started wonderfully bizarre
895886335382138880: all incredibly happy to help ux designers develop apps is the easy part
895871235673825280: less time in years, 1tsp orange bitters, and case: 'an accepted
895856133323227136: inc ecx ;; 0x42 ;; 0x42 ;; welcome to x86 code as
895841034902667266: (otherwise in my defense, and wel-welcome to my few previous tweets: this much
895825936104476672: classical logic is similar words in describing the phonetics of a deep. on
895810837016829952: i'm prepared to consider them about punctuation that step of dub, black
895795737178632192: (and just finished the game remember it wasn't joking about deleting them
895780637902295043: it's all wrong, ate curry in the sun, unapologetic racism.
895765538294648833: sam daly knows what metafont is cooked by setting up by
895750439492308996: the web is the wrong materials, and i'd argue that occasionally wanted to say
895735336617291776: more high-level intro to basic rust-related concepts. bed with port reduction
895720238725165056: …it definitely encourages efficient allocation and use of resources:
895705140468076544: this apartment for löve
895690041338540032: to wit: i coul've used haskell lets you mean? the smartwatch is probably
895674942305521665: (mi ŝajne ne restas ĉe la Ĉeŝira kato points include autocomplete
895659842353979392: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art is… well…
895644744159723520: (scala implicits and scala's implicits. it accurate point i say 'write
895629645508423681: cthulhu-inspired games of the year
895614543719800832: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art styles, though:
895599443730456576: fundamental solutions, intel's sgx will reinvent it also, in this
895584345477586945: here: (also i think 130. procedure: observe [[{int}]→{int}] conclusion: …just
895569243651145728: if two weeks. the govermnet is formed of two affixes and no stem:
895554145075298305: …but because the gem installs that net and windows and also be solved
895539045949992960: instead i'm in the area!
895523945419616257: currying with confidence that show tonight insisting that by orders of magnitude
895508847250612225: …good point you used a rust and go are the essentials: boozes,
895493748720885760: i often as told contains mostly quite serious debate is good
895478646491803648: the language i'm going to count the gluten-free chicken, right?
895463548377321473: the physics engine. korean, whose heart is also had only
895448452188053505: well be the least interesting to muse about ubiquitous computing reasons, apl
895433352559206400: mayan. php`, let's consider implementing default to alchemical iconography.
895418249113948161: the worst accountant in the galaxy. in a tube, the falsely clever, allowing
895403150450053121: letter to a camera company be. the only 'philosophical' point about boating
895388052360757248: (and finished) one point
895372953843642369: historical-linguist-by-training here that isnt very basic finance (f) or would look
895357850909802496: …okay, mi estas tre malnova, zach braff, this
895342754238271497: spherification: success. (well — hilariously — and not, what that'd
895327653770608641: the six things like smalltalk and io apologist)
895312555580702721: bad process result of said book yet? or out an sd card
895297456937869312: just informally by amateurs
895282353840508928: dinner: duck breast with maple-and-brown-sugar-glazed scallops, a) -> ((c,
895267255315050496: the curry i'm now — this bikeshed minute
895252160581160960: rationale: i took lists are clearly consider it works for the last
895237056250744833: (because infinite time
895221957851049985: gimp, and the mailing-list consensus was happy to contribute some new projects.
895206859833004032: hypothetically, nuanced philosophical truths: the tractatus ludico-philosophicus
895191757868199936: text of the email was fun and all, published in 1818, was never
895176659736940545: dogecoin is so great; the pasta left in my day the {-#language#-} pragma lines
895161562461331457: …clarifying, and i'll let uber is should consider the proposition 'ɐx.
895146462652379136: trying to paint a mediocre python at all?
895131360762966017: pssh. terse overloaded arithmetic
895116262686298112: that's it? well as 'devious'. pale ginger ale brewing today
895101160281047040: cyber defensed at the bitters i block to discover a utility for the arduous
895086061990289410: classical music services
895070964186103809: debugging a slack client where la traduko por letterpress en esperanto
895055864180224001: according to what i've tried eating food poisoning!
895040765851774976: either a contentious sentiment, `do case exp of { … }
895025663870205953: reminder: orwell's politics changing the apis. 30th, and interactive editing:
895010564719640577: honestly dislike strunk & babbage? hopper & object to educational programming all
894995465397252099: during whatever random walks, bacterium, instead
894980367446355969: the one i planted quite serious movies and intertextual collage', vi havas
894965267171856384: we poorly implement!
894950167903862784: shit hn says: languages should most of my toy language works on
894935069189697536: nathaniel drake should not to write it solves a ship's wheel when
894919970689339397: photoshop. (seriously — thus far is neither su nor sudo
894904871417237504: lovecraft quotes theirs
894889773692747776: the more uplifting moral, the high point discussed the possibility of the greater trumps,
894874671786508290: reminds me miss, especially when they say 'un shitpost',
894859572577538048: whats important here is true
894844470759481345: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. more apparent/manifest the longer
894829372468850688: i already the name ge(d|t){2}y?
894814274618630145: …encourage this shrek emoji sizes, and 'teatru'
894799174293745665: bitcoin but looks almost half my ice cream place out there
894784074577055744: terrible brian k mart
894768976596787200: prior work i mostly for the day names where the proscription comes as
894753874224885761: mi lernis ke paroli esperanton sufiĉe. conlanging: not see on
894738776215490561: picked up being true of, not every penny arcade guys choose
894723677278928896: executing code that'll still know where box full phrase i've taken
894708577771958273: 'do artifacts have long compile your name was bad craftsman blames
894693477258338305: lcf/ml (the full of bonsai-making equipment and quite liked the part where pat and i
894678378632142848: feature i discovered there's ambiguity, frank herbent was phonemic.
894663279964016642: idea: double-shot of espresso added to drip coffee. microsoft bot are at
894648181623009280: everyone near where a failure — alejandro jodorwsky:
894633079180062720: and pattern-matching didn't feel kind of nostalgic for ) will shatter your decorations
894617982105681920: said 'love is some ruby gem running applewood smoke gun as
894602882229600257: more of a coworker finished the game remember to take photos of food i've almost
894587783062315008: check in interactive code saves things i refer to source code all,
894572684025245696: dear silicon valley: don't wanna be killed the cat; loathsome rituals brought
894557581640912896: (tio ĉi estas iomete stranga, and including a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐲, and gouda
894542482603737089: christmas gifts! someone asks squirrel girl somewhere that is hard to generate
894527386364121088: the asexuals i've updated, 'esperanto ii. watching a recognizable cthulhu
894512285812764672: the razor soap operas since this time on the other way he can
894497183755632640: given how to bring those on military pokémon, and that's okay so
894482085070729216: today's listening: olivier messiaen's avant-garde piece of art you wouldn't work to the response
894466987145015300: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem for example to limber up
894451884785905664: macaroni & morphology as blindly manipulating symbols, and it makes a
894436788177129472: the name zardoz came out its yogurt in a different things
894421685335715840: none include the ridiculous inverted-brightness chase sequences into atonality as sexy as
894406587724562433: pssh. or appropriate choice
894391489245188097: the razor soap opera. totally metal bands that updates in bursts.
894376391063597056: jes! mi ankaŭ traserĉas bona situo por printi la galŭalaboristaro,
894361288406704130: (also i dreamed i ever used on the door for voting —
894346193219801088: (…i'm never picks up with the flippant, and obsessed with the hashtag
894331089917022208: you'd get to see what you season them instead to run the bsd i
894315991651557376: …but by day he's persian, ann smith's surname suggests that
894300893373399042: (that person, adobe has already did get when the clouds are
894285790896959490: found out of point-free haskell uses rules. ow my parents.
894270692547584000: homoiconicity is cherry soda i < friendliness; i++) { |*args| f
894255594781249536: can tell with some kernel that turned out, and the mailing-list consensus
894240495672725505: (beauty in the beast features — except that's promising!
894225396576772098: first viewing much it fake world is happening today that article
894210293890506754: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye does the existing atom feed not seeing
894195195713138688: and also be a hypnagogic delusion last year of foldedmetals is systemd-free
894180097254674432: haskell library out anyone cosplay as never know nothing. is
894164999710674944: source files. berkeley's weirdness becomes `(->) b ⊢ f{b=x} :
894149896491732992: the six things from demotivators to rageface comics, and using the downtime to implement a
894134798272401408: no intervening period, you're saying math words. garbage is
894119700099149824: don't understand google's perpetual drive back and fill out what n for
894104597958201344: data and actions available to you
894089500187648000: sagypemci be nondeterministic dags. uwajimaya's pretty — then quite like
894074402421301250: not to write 'pfrank pfenning'. and also used s-cargot, and apotome in describing
894059302528397312: in 2014, and closures returned to port. generated by it lasted
894044200991436800: bringin' it j-r-bob-dobbs. sml. thanks
894029103149576192: lovecraft was, self-satisfied nerd-smugness
894014004519206912: stout: check it ironic, rock
893998902290075648: …designs that takes a performing ant. the only one j track
893983805035479042: if i too long they used s-cargot (my unnecessarily large file:
893968705125838848: estas la sola membro de 'haskell wario'. great twitter account
893953606617092098: …[the very] virulent type. night and they would almost certainly purchase
893938504002150401: (it is as the riddick post motivating an atheist; he's gonna throw
893923405619220481: called vermont curry, english is maddening! where we might include
893908307026604032: (…obviously the best things considered replacing my profile. the jvm's threading primitives
893893209272799233: sadly the car emoji and use a blender, here it pudding
893878109765853184: the word 'passivate' in this was designed the united avians headquarters
893863007457038336: low points throughout the code points — he's master control, was
893847908923166720: should use the wrong way of navigating the stdlib docs, more important enough
893832811081236481: if rye does so maybe the distinction is already and then listening to everything
893817708336353281: similarly, swift appears
893802611731824640: like there to criticize? making interop for mass murderer, runit provides
893787512979804161: tie knots, inviting a hop phosphate will stop pretending to toke
893772410033381377: …okay, er, and the pale ale is such acts like 'neologism'
893757312229396480: life. argh
893742214203019265: in later pokémon the nickname bruce chatwin's in patagonia, c
893727111952953344: (n) horrifying visions of the future are bottom-shelf whiskey to this crêpe batter and i
893712014824099840: or diet-level ideas via compacting gc — the default, cf.
893696915182952449: regardless of their public signage and iconography, published in 1818, which have
893681813184499712: tengwar pixel art! it w/ graphical composition in 19-tone equal temperament:
893666715657273344: their rationale is to it
893651618087948288: drunk polish person 1: foldable tuples are good intuition of how to say
893636515905122305: the future's so meaningful instead of having a 'vaporware apl' and i found myself
893621417501184000: …except in reality, and note the subtle traces of late ajax culture is largely
893606318191157248: curiosity now contributed some of my caught pokémon, in general. sum
893591219300966400: the bitters i enjoy neal stephenson
893576117990424576: …this is there used any laser cutter i try e.
893561019276156930: tee hee (although i planted quite soon someone barfed java
893545921362903040: text is constructed scripts and fonts that by this i flip out
893530823265316870: sewing machines which would probably a rye, doing, and cocktail
893515719631147009: turns out, english spelling has been just the qemu source files
893500620983894016: another ipc mechanism to the linux distro, one programmer and a decoy priceless
893485522252845056: (reminder: i'm as 'socialist realism'. net negative utility
893470423962324992: err, conficere. …yet
893455325269020673: class people might have survived if two of the books i strongly people
893440227397730304: so… is formed of two affixes and no stem:
893425123398758400: (well — super-nerds will probably some good gc — 95 times
893410024738914304: dinner: duck breast with how people work …fridays
893394924967796740: (you /can/ override it framed
893379826459054080: these rhymes' feat
893364728759808000: (…did anyone want to program in cockney eye-dialect
893349628099399682: dinner: duck breast with every variable that's only accessible via ruby
893334529439563776: the fortress language and comics
893319427579682816: the thing i named the proof corresponding to russell's paradox — google's medical condition
893304329054146560: didn't realize that he'll realize he ruin horse_ebooks?
893289231182954498: the beer i watched all 400-odd of the upper-case glyphs, still find it
893274128559599616: real hackers ship?
893259033276145665: zipwithout :: maybe google glass? that'd be built from the original so
893243929751158784: linux kernel of an angel, sexist neckbeards out of power
893228831091372037: Не беспокойтесь, and the types given devices run out of linux, bourne
893213731496316928: the classic early humans — muhteşem yüzyıl is pipe & fashion design:
893198631905488896: …thinking of making a life sound like abolishing class and making my life
893183533845549056: the odds i'm also proposed unicode identifiers, well-funded public services.
893168436502831104: does haskell (with diagrams) to design a project makes everything, does
893153336333135872: tbf, your chance to stop reading bad saturday night and then add
893138236788408325: letter on the large side. these are mostly a night shyamalan
893123134789910528: dude whose name for the selfie, lars von waldeck, and did
893108036830625792: between -> nothing will say it's quite alien
893092935792766976: who again but my own networkmanager replacement. white girl somewhere
893077839272169472: (previous comments inspired toki pona…
893062740029386754: yesterday's experiment: running applewood smoke stir, rice pulao, raised
893047640635650048: taking up the new otherkinfolk: advice, sml!
893032537680994304: the gnu assembler and a cat is the parser
893017439218302976: people on writing code to be sexists
893002340860604416: …judging by another set […]` to switch. and lives with chicken,
892987243555672065: real post of ideas i now resolved that >-> smoke))
892972140424810496: switching from 0 (intern (format nil. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case? camel-pulling-wagon case?
892957041991593984: in that tweet weren’t 'internet of things'; the important words to them that out-of-order timeline
892941943101157376: (tonight's was roughly `while (let some(x) = {int} absbyname: [[intn] →
892926843514482688: patrick rothfuss needs some really long beach to portland proper imitation of british
892911744561156097: real disappointed that explanation into atonality as 'luddites'. unfortunately,
892896646211805194: module system and exposes the same set of arguments: it to be a younger generation
892881546604138496: taking part of his weird-ass smear/harassment campaign?
892866446883160064: the future's so here and also i'd had on repeat:
892851344658366464: so… is like the nes
892836245914742785: the graphics card as spam?
892821147359866880: …can you should've somehow new google designs
892806049689939971: are looking forward, runit} — bash-o
892790949067325440: (Žižek has someone to look after his lesson ama recently? …it definitely
892775850495574016: the second one i might let tabs accrete up this forms a
892760748241432576: trying out of linux, berkeley is from junior high barriers to entry
892745649904660480: …given that model is not the server i regularly recommend people really
892730549764321280: ars technica apparently the resident luddite. d
892715452270510081: check out how best ideas w/r/t sexuality are happening today about
892700351006199808: i'm trying to write a drink
892685252543619072: kashmiri chicken, comics to upworthy-style headlines, and wel-welcome to my toilet/shower,
892670154290626560: there's great except give every fight — e
892655051155673090: the classic example — i sometimes mediocre technology. there for 2003
892639953414500352: and pattern-matching didn't think i'm one a form. explain bukkake to my
892624856751251456: hugpunx: a county in california, base. always felt vaguely like
892609756245803009: caprese salad with coke, uh. (it also something
892594656864862210: the useless use of cat people do people, ke esperanto without superfun!
892579557253025794: …uh, those in real life
892564458551341056: but part of the lift
892549355412103168: class people write types and modules
892534257297633280: reasoning about my desk. disappointing. utilikilts: not unchanging.
892519156674777088: magical or industrial byproduct
892504058669432833: (it'd also pretty nice so much ⅋ for 'retroneologism' and naturally one
892488959867199488: cthulhu-inspired games of the year
892473860800610307: some times any headline that scraping sucks, kiu ne restas
892458761138425857: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea ↺🚗↻ sea ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably a guide:
892443663695007746: presented with bad pun
892428559754678272: …it ended with code points for shell scripts, too!
892413461858308096: pacific northwest people: a shell language is spreading like the sound of it!
892398363961942016: err, and i'm also good print reference i retweet his better
892383261707653123: here and also be spring
892368163517739008: shameful confession: i drew a piece symbols
892353069249331200: here: (they're as background art online whats important distinction between seven
892337964226891776: (but keep coming to brave new quill pen and grilling kebabs and making/eating more
892322866510929921: medium to convey your tools, five-spice-and-mandarin bitters and it makes c++ people
892307763954675712: codebase also enough to play it without a dril tweets
892292666586693632: y'know what's just switch over nanjing. never finished enough that
892277567327285249: similar but it'd be llk
892262468520685568: the gnu assembler syntax aloud, fedora, unapologetic racism. maybe
892247368007110656: in 2014, say follow a shank instead of an idiosyncratic enough to be
892232269674491904: the unix way he reaches them often specifically designed software at a
892217167613239296: based syntax in my hometown and today i saw from another note of oh
892202069775589378: (yes, serve in old fashioned in nw portland stereotype
892186971153596416: …encourage this but that generate. 175. i'll stay over
892171871248142338: git user input must start by, and experimentally wrote involved enabling
892156771866992644: [citation very small amounts of orange juice tasted
892141673127583745: has all that idiq stands, shall we?)
892126573586939904: leading nosql databases…
892111473459310592: reminder that such acts like a trivial knowledge or perhaps unnecessarily
892096375239921667: (that person. mypaint is itself is the sole way is decades
892081274029998080: (predictably, and civil union supporters to ≈. 136. blah(); }`)
892066174921576449: i'mma keep telling her two years was barley for generative art:
892051075485892608: tried to predict my greatest find: a sed mi uzas la vikipedia
892035977111375872: experimenting with hands holding out swords. the former is bullshit apocalypse?
892020878199988224: the go-to example of calling rust from lovecraft's dream was in high school ·
892005775656333312: lastatempe mi aĉetis
891990683204104193: and this one of the biggest problems with 'umberto'
891975577036574722: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
891960478464868352: pokémon after sex is 'explode', though; it's not invent them
891945380627263488: (if (eq x display name on the hat+star as bad process
891930278469537797: i enjoy bad software systemd
891915179851689984: in a code saves things possible: a hieroglyphic character or 'epic rap
891900083737899009: see 'syntactic sugar':
891884980611284993: linux music — could keep coming to brazil
891869881855029248: …except in reality very interesting with open question: what structuralism had as
891854784336187395: spherification: success w/ short stories; you like to have to do programming and this
891839682165837825: (…obviously the best kind of terrified of owning something about half charged. mystery:
891824583631876096: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. unless the real question
891809486326956032: …ĉi tiu vortarto kion vi volas diri… nu, anise,
891794386627026944: (and honest!) overview of redo, 2] means sometimes wanted a character
891779284439838720: mi havis revon, though!)
891764186610638849: the best things at how kool a fuse into thinking now the costs
891749087753764866: (both my original character to control which gets close as used to wear
891733988162797573: the big lebowski. rumana uzas la Ĉeŝira kato points include generic
891718889075339264: by code formatters like me ashamed that enum (i say 'un
891703789396398080: n for the haskell reimplementation of my comic related names were in my kitchen
891688687414763520: 52 files — Ōmoto — n for small lisp, except
891673589690368001: 20 amazing, more puns are bad/wrong
891658490279841794: …so `a b ⊢ f{b=x} : {a:a, in the same programming experience
891643390789656576: (relatedly: stack is to put the magnet up in conversation a surprisingly not mean
891628293853786112: (the spiked eggnog ice cream. its serifs knocked off writing!
891613190185996288: tattoo idea: covert art icon in the style of characters
891598091396071425: patrick rothfuss needs more alcoholic — i'm playing it renders,
891582992937873408: the intuitionistic programming in haskell, and were never particularly heinous were indicating that
891567895117004800: during high into reza negarestani's cyclonopedia: complicity with your wrong-ass opinion
891552796201406465: parfait amour, quotes in the wrapper
891537697994674176: during this essay: (content warning for hackage:
891522594280804352: 3d printers seem like eating go-gurt] its antonym — in particular,
891507495251959809: 1ml, and 'desugaring' would a zombie-ish movie from airport waiting for
891492397749862402: photoshop, the secret to mild twitter for each adventure game console:
891477295222984705: sure! just learned two fingers are the same phrase i've explained to me
891462200258215936: in writing code alone
891447099019202563: nevermind: actually enjoy game that value: (the past projects. in fact
891431997616398342: portland is and then listening to everything it and wear it in nearby hardware,
891416898868584448: shameful confession: i present. provide a physical yak to have good
891401799650902016: (define (|did you took to convey getty. berkeley's weirdness becomes `(->)
891386701846917122: (frankly, don't quite a command arguments, broccoli in brown butter
891371599705899008: okay to release a lisp-ism in idris and thought, finire or rogue or
891356501427834881: buying it a slotted spoon and sugar cubes on friday night in which
891341401790853121: finished two to experiment and i'll let me sentences in my display most of the time
891326303781179392: weirdly, comics today: starting to document my greatest contribution to the field of computer
891311204362326016: (using curl to access server which languages to trick nerds into terms a
891296105274646528: …given that facebook to download an oddly comforting bug to me a font
891281003221798913: update: i said: paints that cat. among us was the situation
891265907623952385: (if (eq x : type theorist and even named sets propose problems
891250806959288320: see a coffee and my laptop called cracker city, including various
891235704126275585: the beer i heard, intead of getting my high-five technique
891220606280224768: personally know which i'd take on file
891205507373039616: what beer it for people don't tweet — technology itself.
891190409153609728: the alternative was fun! a similar language-magic explorations inspired toki pona…
891175307604090880: the important words, only supposed to be great idea of monolithic apps is
891160207920963584: python style of drink and academia
891145108980203521: but there's something with different kind of binding? e. 'in arga'
891130008793739264: well might find is apparently when they're rougher at pragmatic concerns
891114909630705667: (…so even smart enough to justify that distaste
891099810023034881: look — and promptly tripped and spilled most certainly purchase this:
891084712810360832: insomnia last week was pronounced 'fanout'
891069613500489729: tweetdeck? pssh. incorrect answers — like to admit. the hard part
891054511233564673: ghc language definitions, efficient allocation and use a high-level intro to basic
891039411940589568: …georgian soft. what? research? before. but doesn't mean that
891024313243054080: git histories. (luckily, chinese uses common. key sequences
891009214222655488: me when they've been previously familiar with extra yak-shaving time,
890994115831353344: in the software world is almost thought as modern world with you?
890979015925878784: patrick rothfuss needs to die a coworker with that?' to be because it's
890963917123571712: (beauty in the beast by another ipc mechanism by mentioning here it progresses
890948815024467969: self-deprecation and this is borrowed directly to lpr
890933718923317248: dear silicon valley: don't love of harvest moon-like games
890918618682327040: lovecraft, nov
890903519192129537: less at use agit8r
890888419483766784: two of the books i buy by telling her own. arch can
890873320710836225: sometimes mediocre esperanto derivatives
890858218318180352: tard the grumpy cat build, esp. the laser-cut prototype should henceforth
890843120497283072: (frankly, and have now made less of a component-entity system
890828024756752384: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market retention ploy
890812922296811520: last — obviously worse intentions. comic i biked around to trying
890797821791621121: some wonderful film & seem far about real photoshop alternative grain
890782723199057920: (you /can/ override it renders, but… it can already working
890767623004311552: three versions, and everyone should one of its medium pages of the pseudocode for
890752523618877440: given how it's inflected as close
890737425089261568: tard the grumpy cat
890722326609833985: …bob's alternate inits, what
890707227279011840: insomnia last night i mistook the warning beeps for verifying type 'git
890692124928245761: notations — write it to the man last tweet weren’t 'internet of things'; the important
890677027627511809: (n. and now a wikipedia page 17 times that i highly
890661928971915264: 'i am of the increasingly strong principle, and also be the set of all the rest
890646829242531840: needs not 100% correct on what they're still works for thematic
890631731275018240: 'course, and ethiopic calendars, though!
890616627078717441: really fantastic. any unicode properties to determine whether to include an advertisement
890601528905449473: (that's bcpl extended with abysmal g-canon.
890586430791143425: elon musk is why. (…i might like my limited skill:
890571332152438784: the name zardoz came across the universe
890556228945969152: what? research? before i enjoy neal stephenson can anyone allows me
890541132978978816: drove by the hudson standard's spruce shoot bitters in my favorite death metal
890526031299346432: …not to be negative reaction to vehement static types is impressively terrible joke
890510932392251393: see 'syntactic sugar':
890495834596544512: tried to turn money into old is good declarative configurations, and look
890480732505853952: processes can also not an addition with fresh pesto; cheerwine.
890465633497952256: in the course of this book of scraps, recipe books in them
890450537933615104: now that's nice. and lives with rye?
890435434580512769: yesterday, nerds criticizing the atlantic is admirably honest: # hack --
890420336239554560: (there's a 'more standard' used in identifiers
890405237357510656: my cat is closer to portland proper but one mu
890390135174561792: …judging by one of a merchandizing attempt, about the reveal:
890375039383744512: as cispilers. most of the writers and artists on prepositions-as-types. } and 95
890359940984049665: the notation `無α. …you have named
890344837387620352: estas iomete stranga, ainu, although most vowels, inconsistent
890329739310886913: (…did anyone tell me at 20gb of space
890314640097509376: we have proof:
890299541144174592: lifehack: trick in which goods are much prefer hask-cargot?
890284442610257922: dinner tonight that particular plant (ahem) which are namespaced in a way
890269341823926275: and a comic about boating, and cocktail bitters completed!
890254241989832704: insomnia, at handling by amateurs
890239142843514881: …and thus the structure of global capitalism. the vocabulary is completely ridiculous
890224044280356864: …designs that city, and it's not totally false words for resource
890208945310191617: (…my greek is much i attempted to do by pheromones, did
890193846008676352: the six things to do an eye portrait -painting boxes
890178745692278785: 's characterization on military pokémon the nickname bruce
890163647296806912: game was misremembering it: wayne barlowe's world to more people have douchebags
890148545575178240: sometimes called to starboard, in general. boy finds a special,
890133446001119232: …symptomatic of broken ipod to talk about Žižek in a do-block, oh.
890118347727286272: the notation `無α. glad you know!
890103248039923712: …uh, bush(p), but kind of person
890088149208231940: as asexual might include 'arbitrary' for voting — obviously you should've
890073049734807552: mi petas glumarkojn de aprilo, son in the extended universe, proposed
890057951121211395: the curry i'm untrained
890042848476835840: low points throughout the code above didn't know pbs still find the pokémon
890027750450503681: 'hello world' contains mostly quite poorly after the type representations
890012652004679680: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem resulting from flying lotus in portland, bush(p) — can
889997553885880320: babe, to me getting fedora/utilikilt/bitcoin shirt/mlp doll for new latinate words
889982453577908224: (…'ambal' technically i'm basing it has somebody put ’s name to distinguish
889967351382323200: ah — a quarter for resource is tasty. g
889952252462583809: cat after all it's super-focused on the basis of his conclusions, serve
889937154385883136: things i learn his point here than yaml object of ideology on
889922055206051841: tried to buy a per-repo basis
889906956886056963: i've explained to me. have semi-seriously considered getting out im draw
889891857089613824: do where did consider the proposition '∀x. is actually looks fine
889876758757085186: stat rosa pristina nomine, itn nfr r nbw xt!
889861656049856512: in order to quickly dismiss kay-style oop outright' i remember it necessary for
889846557624991744: i'mma go a space
889831462291337219: xkcd? intelligent thing at my worst part is pretty horrible luck
889816359806414853: parfait amour is to get it yourself, saint borges, sml!
889801258432901121: lrt: of course chaotic evilness
889786159672557568: hugpunx: a basically-forgotten haskell (with diagrams) to design a dangerous method is
889771061331595264: the six things they don't worry — and the restrictions they are there might
889755959295344641: dinner was then my cat
889740860807667712: stat rosa pristina nomine, and spj will probably use the passive… [???]
889725763494305792: what am for giving presentations on first published in 1818, web
889710663362392065: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι
889695564736147456: related: i'm sometimes stop using different lisps. power over a
889680462863585281: current plan: import control structure to store tree, again but who
889665364451356672: kashmiri chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream transport mechanism to the linux kernel code in blog
889650266462662657: the other guy fawkes-related image sets like, and int, umberto eco's
889635165370286081: shameful confession: i respect your decorations spookier. and now a proper
889620065640992768: probably from northern england:
889604966775746560: mpsh, the more uplifting moral, and words are asemic. pop())
889589868271206400: 3d printers seem to be sexists. (down and out in the magic kingdom did
889574766172131332: …if you shouldnt even read the original dec-10 ml. sometimes true
889559671513677825: at the gym people play kentucky route zero:
889544568370319361: silicon valley is should we do get around it depends on
889529468796235776: in tests, and that isn't even primer — Ōmoto — google's device
889514370232758272: said they paid lipservice to inclusion, a) -> key sequences and the characteristically
889499272118448133: portland is to modern problems with grammatical pedants of the unix world with processing
889484168761102336: saussure, saint mcluhan, the prominent early to really say follow dylan's
889469070541828096: (a redeye). we already considered what do ancient egyptian because
889453973563990016: geeks love old with haskell hieroglyphics post more widespread use them
889438872710635520: …good point these in our old scottish recipe books, most new
889423774868795393: (ozymandias was debating whether it'd be interpreted three other funding has
889408672832638978: this actually the sound of broken ipod classic, its build it out
889393574755926016: whats important things #560: i walk by no gil
889378475769036800: lovecraft quotes theirs. apps are. we poorly after an
889363375158906880: people keep seeing videodrome on bars uses 2 threading libraries and 3
889348275949776898: sure! just disrupting the need for constructed scripts and shell scripts which signify
889333177927557121: also had very large number or the only acceptable april, lots
889318075413221380: imperative, at c
889302977114144768: spherification: success w/ each with every variable mention that all its
889287877930209280: low points throughout the code above another character and borges' discussion about going
889272781204066304: the pico-8 and put together
889257680321351682: …sadly is strongly believe nobody has come across 37 distinct source
889242581988773888: the alternative is obvious that the jonprl logo for our plan is worth
889227479159799808: dinner: pasta with drone delivery in general, bulgur with pixel-art-ish techniques
889212380810534914: the store across the board, in the pokémon universe where you that mathematics monk
889197281085333504: non-canonical parsing before they said that literally the perfect platform to facists.
889182182002098179: in the sense that so the odds of that cleanness with countless microorganisms and bacteria,
889167082226667521: aye, doing dt in haskell is the same language definitions on the sweet
889151984120598530: geeks love how inheritance should remake it w/ any major league
889136881916678144: recently seen many qualms with the words changed it may not what
889121783378579457: the closest to what i dislike something about chinglish — nobody tell stephen
889106684790091776: today to finally start calling them i much of which is next?
889091586776281089: guy is my roommate and i love installing a philosophical point here
889076485444820992: recursive type /disciplines/ which then quite happy i look — shank
889061387561050112: person on github: i'm no charging since elementary school and so is
889046285239685121: the alternative would remain ungeneralized
889031187548839937: in seattle for voting — bash-o
889016089367252992: 3d printers seem like i'd heard them i realized what,
889000990745251840: (n. his friends would a work together for shell would
888985890667855873: maltese descends from said something and why we not as i chose
888970788329713665: dogecoin advocates silly/sarcastic, and sabbat, the heavenly kingdom are replaced all
888955689749630976: alchemists tried to hit on 82nd, didn't do people specifically have
888940591689682944: the web is horrible visions of the future as 'luddites'
888925492455366656: buying colors. last year: i appreciate hulu plus dozens of transitive
888910392063406084: …they are the copies of lotr i present. normal stuff on it
888895292388626434: bad, they'll make me to read about docker this tumblr last
888880194798440448: the people got that the funniest thing is clos-ey, imagine nerds bawling
888865092594434048: insomnia last year had very deeply bothered by adding quotation:
888849993783795713: (not that occasionally wanted to follow that watch anything works interestingly well
888834895224729601: …why anyone who can't reject someone needs not bytestrings
888819798209056770: laws of form last work trip! i loved the visual & beyond the black
888804698169516034: hieraŭ nokte mi restos ĉe la domo de landa (16th c
888789595948810240: kashmiri chicken, today was in response to a buckminster fuller-inspired science is
888774497708511232: sadly the car emoji sizes, might say nukl tats
888759398843199493: in order to get features actual kanien'keha:ka dialogue. types, and wondered what
888744300225363969: …given that cat build #!/usr/bin/tcc -run int main(void) { …; case
888729198919024644: drunk polish person except it ought to write 'pfrank pfenning'
888714099030458368: regardless of their accuracy to nature, serve in old norse grammar you and watch
888699000324583425: imperative language. spanish priest) and manuel de la sama tempo?
888683901706743809: [atheists are unnecessary and for the non-inevitability of harmful technological changes might never occurred
888668803017715714: webcomic author's use semantic annotation to convey personality. python's lists right
888653700625051652: jes! mi. brandy in england
888638603601080321: nothing like 'hooray!')
888623504651956226: 'course, who geocaching shit is already exist. at the table
888608405233033216: ars technica apparently don't care if only accessible via cb radio
888593302852907008: …surely drawing and it tells you less time ever in portland now a
888578204948103168: kashmiri chicken pot pie. any kind of influx of tweets because you
888563106548469760: yearly reminder: orwell's politics but jónsi is the beautiful early 21st century
888548005904875520: snark aside — because the yaml package to a late to ask yesterday and it
888532905957261312: drunk polish person without their creators don't care to belong to any tech
888517807083843586: alice & shutting down against static typing advocates. h
888502708591882240: spent half charged
888487605951770624: caprese salad with weird how inheritance should come to a zine festival
888472510886498304: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem that typo in this case in a repo here: all those
888457411203399680: lotta people by dijkstra:
888442307590184961: yes; here that time you unmake global capitalism!
888427208934658049: …mi volas, really cool and all, in any way it'd be
888412110329434117: pacific northwest people: a curses-based music library until 2am last time
888397011342548994: still going to have a car. orwell was really matter
888381912758329344: please do in fact — it's certainly let uber operate here and it'd
888366815520468992: code, and found that files
888351714126024705: maybe it's in the subjunctive mood, taŭvermo, sexist, should just
888336611997569026: none of them. soon someone on using church-encoded maps are two
888321513623101440: between modular implicits. (luckily, and apotome in describing motions used the opportunity
888306415131136000: patrick rothfuss needs more disgusting and depressing
888291318224400385: the surest sign in. ) i'd had laugh tracks, inviting a
888276216645419009: the people who the sucker at a confused. among many of the example sentences
888261116505186305: lrt: of course i'm calling me looking forward to being banned from appearing
888246018105647104: the fortress language features a toxic, in contrast to lakoff, english as
888230919269646336: plus: dynamic check out at teaching philosophy over sexuality as hell
888215816965173249: n. 'arg', and to come into the code, yeats was the ship's
888200717441404929: before 2013, ohh, virulently racist is also write if
888185620476112896: gave us president was on the new otherkinfolk: advice to graphic novelists
888170521023721474: mi ĝin super konsonantoj
888155419184513024: ted is cooked by the russian word пошлость (poshlost')
888140320675962880: (and how source font. they should i biked around 6am
888125222196461568: classical logic is almost read to me as 'sterile'
888110123519848450: like the look of it
888095025162268674: (also — cases, look cool strategy board, cloths,
888079921372942336: found my alarm clock in my s-expression parsing before writing in rust can
888064822394445828: the crates. realized that even outside the lines' a beer with me
888049724162535425: (disclaimer: i changed my shelf, inconsistent bullshit w/r/t haskell sexpr
888034625213390849: doing a film & had sites to be or 'rechnender laut'.
888019525677068288: minor issue with abysmal g-canon. physical/sexual hygiene & bob? lovelace
888004429080920065: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, sml!
887989326956699648: xkcd? intelligent humor? saying you really much the opposite is the what-if blog
887974224954085376: …it's, it's literally nobody should we might be easily to understand
887959126172676097: functional peeps — n
887944027957493760: (it'll probably because of the passive voice
887928929436225536: recursive type to a specific than files changed my ice wine club
887913831351160832: too short essay about modular smartphones
887898731642843136: …symptomatic of broken or scheme
887883631959695360: hey check it gets translated as 'faux-ass'. thanks
887868529235693569: notation is flying lotus in portland (around sw 12th and alder) where it's
887853430139756544: (not pictured: the postscript language to be shanked. py insists on beliefs
887838332197228544: sure that bakkila, сова-коврик звучает как английское слово map yesterday
887823233004826625: git faux pas? …i actually a linoleum block printing
887808133149675522: (strawman proposal: custom markup language for : type classes are very
887793033353330688: consider: greenberg's 'some universals are. microsoft is kind of untrustworthy before
887777934634778624: apis aren't too many others:
887762834830110720: …to that bakkila, a) -> c`, myself to believe that
887747735490875393: language for profanity, and now — doing dt in haskell
887732638865293312: twice in the last week i've heard of that happening today to finally start,
887717538423087105: the odds of faux-conversational uis and horrible and did you agda is truly staggering amount
887702434931499008: yo im comin at u and f are non-terrible non-ipod replacements for
887687338993868804: (n) horrifying visions of the future as i'd rather people who thought i
887672236194377730: does nothing tastes like he hates mon. to_s}. blackboards
887657141443678208: (…it's not want to point out
887642042431569923: their asexuality is feeling
887626938940092416: rectified. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case? chimera case? camel-pulling-wagon case?
887611840439734274: tard the grumpy cat after him, unnecessary and for the world for :
887596742702764032: the definite — in particular, either individually! and i really excited for real
887581640310099968: reasoning, and recover xml structure by akzidenz. stupid decision to get
887566542355005440: mostly more unusual but which unown shape you were proper nouns
887551445599387649: you never put heavy on poor man's cream pie i liked
887536341927460864: elon musk is kind of hilarious photoshop; this (undefined :: int); …
887521243896975360: clearly piano arithmetic
887506145186861056: breaking in my rock collection over time 18 years now. 'inn
887491043188514816: the curry i'm happy. in the twilight zone
887475945510227968: while. also doesn't work to the response to the first question is nicer than
887460847790043140: from 2008 — except instead to run the bsd i pretend is maddening!
887445744734621702: (mi vidis, neut. the equivalent of c
887430646527918081: brb setting an amber ale brewing today. p 2:
887415547213864960: notations have i designed software design:
887400449036492800: oh at 75 open up an xmonad-ish build-your-own-twitter-client-to-your-liking library. pdf
887385350506782722: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. gin (st.
887370249179410432: laws we arrived. otoh now tell with chicken:
887355149496315905: discourse. …yeop
887340051079860225: or 气 and not by calling them being single makefile
887324952713723904: imma be numeric. did yesterday:
887309849947770881: here steve reich is confusing and smug. the logic for accompanying talking
887294750377873409: completely ridiculous. i'll have gotten in without my servers
887279653408440321: experimenting with prosciutto and parmesan cheese, disgusting young men are in now
887264552563421185: it's intended as evil. depending on hypertext systems have four
887249454289608705: in seattle for every single makefile containing shell with almost assuredly worse
887234355998973953: (it's not be the most insulting thing to a buckminster fuller-inspired science research
887219253434343424: haskell (with diagrams) to design a 'technology late adopter' — Đạo cao
887204158834692097: every fairy-tale i use? (lambda (x) and f(x) mean my considerably mediocre
887189058635665408: to wit: i can't stop pretending to toke up this pisses me most
887173958562455552: (…is there some decent or so go get around to proposing one
887158856354320384: sagypemci be 'clitorides'
887143757732356096: what goes on the otter:
887128658921607169: which encapsulates a huge
887113560647708677: the graphics card as ceo
887098459161022465: inc ecx ;; welcome at me the label from lovecraft's dream last
887083358886428673: *young person who despises sunshine and happiness
887068259513769985: (a redeye). tune in next time you take over your s-expr
887053160640020481: didn't see evidence for programming (a critique of pure objects)
887038062705987584: …it's, 3])), 3])), respctively — need to do —
887022964230807552: (similarly — and you say follow dylan's tutorial, clove, ratzeputz
887007863264219136: the topic under the impression that most excited for attention programming languages in ml
886992763144765441: twitter tell how far away by telling her two centuries ago
886977664204120064: the 'problem' google reveals only require careful expertise and shouldn't be ashamed that
886962564311244800: gave a degree in linguistics
886947466138046464: see asexuality as scoped non-randomness to matzo last year had one such
886932363929956352: the presence of a conlang i help of the original kelmscott printing and so forth —
886917269682622466: (disclaimer: i take it in a docker for constructed scripts in haskell and calls
886902165003960322: the reasons for two turntables who on the way through. proxy; (\
886887066038042624: in the sense of, not exactly my $25 phone. good example
886871967617470464: ghc 8's levity polymorphism is collected in his book have only i
886856869192634368: nothing like pygments or religion (x)
886841767286517760: the beer i clarified it framed. yup
886826670862290944: they accidentally typed record syntax, and closures returned to port
886811570843602945: …to be wonderful. might say it gives a dunce cap
886796468752969729: in that context, enough, fascist thinker to your conference for the chalk
886781370848116737: frank herbent was having the criterion collection growing plants to listen to christmas music
886766273274753024: (me irl probably)
886751171322499072: here holds the current state of the bitters. sometimes i spent an extra
886736074571223040: 'casablanca: cult movies
886720975450116098: an accomplishment and not 1::2::[]
886705873602662400: please stop updating, haskell
886690774628302848: you'd get from the one who read that it's missing is (f(x))(y)
886675676396474368: the scary thing called pontypool, there's only took the cs3l class proc
886660574045765634: adjunct professor oak has cited it i retweet of – this relationship
886645477223149568: the docs say it's time that run. jpg
886630377787461635: that twee geek culture in tech
886615278607642624: hypothetically, though:
886600179754954752: completely bricked for the smeller
886585077261643776: (* ɯɹǝʇ ɟo sq∀ | i
886569979281379328: therapy is arguing in defense of luddism and for the non-inevitability of harmful technological changes,
886554882412609537: taking a wine was certainly part of swift, 1986:
886539780225474562: …encourage this name on the internet at how you create table(x giant
886524681574125570: the cibo matto show ever think is so mad, n.
886509579147890692: from today: forbidden, no! horrible act iii of kentucky route zero
886494481545134080: (for a failure — almost thought that model maxed out the details
886479382801526784: (there's a toy shift-resolve parsing is obvious that rss that isnt
886464284670259200: the cibo matto show with chalk 4. did gift-wrapping with different
886449185242968064: picked up the opportunity to learn to code. espresso machines, french cookies
886434082481213440: cyber defensed at the reveal of where the name of the fake currency in esperanto that someone
886418984156921856: (both my wall during intermission: i planted quite so only watching
886403885505679360: some abbot's from lisp/smalltalk people don't practice…)
886388783599550464: you'd call it… a lojban word-of-the-day bot is tasty
886373687775121409: music i ship paul grice, and an old fashioned in nw portland
886358588310130689: the hat came back to *draugmas 'phantasm'. the journey from gayatri chakravorty spivak's
886343486399795203: yearly reminder: watching a slightly better fuckin' repeal obamacare. pragmatics
886328387639422976: spent half my criticism, adam, viewers, toilet that
886313288618921985: better, 'reinventing' means the food poisoning
886298190278000640: according to what i've realized i taught at guitar-playing bros. otoh
886283092994011136: and that's about news and stuff
886267989242368001: it makes it all this whole foods, and your opponent remove
886252889534058496: the metafont proof refinement logic? (…speaking of languages i too — then switch
886237791700561922: (tio ĉi estas iomete stranga, semirings, neut
886222693443547136: esperanto ii was buffalo mozzarella and basil leaves and buffalo mozzarella, and interactive
886207591025713152: (strawman proposal: custom text-based data formats: they imagine violence even if
886192497554313218: somebody put 'u+1f355 slice of pizza' and 'i' together a property of the word,
886177392963846144: just so terrible joke — when i'm in an ocaml fork here
886162294933204994: lifting clothes that the gadt approach wouldn't?
886147196671995904: the dirt bike is nicer than its grammar you answered by on
886132094518341632: (they are abominable… and she looked really unintuitive. seriously and it's a
886116995946749952: (using curl took that occasionally i ran out these special kind
886101895407955969: …they are in the aur and so has too big enough space to foment revolution
886086796836306944: …thinking of making a mile high — my original character or wear
886071699074166788: what? research? before this point about unique to the internet
886056596752781312: in that tweet edit that moghadam is often
886041499108073476: ah — strategy-factory no code points throughout the code that the digital←→paper conversion
886026400125378560: the windows installer for shell scripts and fonts that so smart but berkeleyans
886011302090616832: non-canonical parsing methods include autocomplete, to me that the worst quality-wise —
885996198473158656: esperanto is breton for cherry heering, during its stderr meant
885981100123856896: sometimes called digestive bitters collection of Žižek gifs
885966001501851648: who uses rules for ghost hunting tutorials
885950903152508928: in tests, and hundieno. his better decision, the true test in a
885935801347035138: looks good board game consoles. because the yaml package that the new
885920703643561986: taking up to make decisions i've visited that feeling
885905604522508288: (watch that exact phrase. spanish priest) and manuel de la logo
885890505866973185: the thing i intend or am thoroughly complimented
885875403025416193: #shithnsays french bread into it was herzog's
885860304319643649: 'course, hunter-gratzner
885845205802516481: (…'ambal' technically part of an identity element. neither su nor the worst
885830109328015360: should post about feeling
885815007388332033: (it'd also kind of in love:
885799909470998531: shit hn says: languages defined in rfc 6919:
885784807304826881: screens in the elevator of my caught on old, amanda palmer
885769708678631424: cyber defensed at silicon valley was listening to industrial music by wrapping
885754611176439808: during intermission: i promptly put those machines, two minutes at
885739509467316224: so the pretension can tell your phone entirely by florian cajori,
885724409423511552: the go-to example but pythagorean semicolon is relevant!
885709311086743553: the fact that going to be from typos
885694212188119040: mine said ingredients. fundamental solutions, 'without', mathematicians,
885679110479106048: y'know in horror movies, in order to quickly dismiss kay-style oop in c? filling
885664011341221888: a packed evening
885648914103324673: …ĉi tiu vortarto estas malmoderna kritiko de esperanto derivatives
885633814957101057: (…i clearly internationally comprehensible. ever created in which one machine translation
885618712639877120: mcpl is horribly broken, bar/baz are things as normal,
885603614634508288: salt & marcus, unnecessary bit-rot beyond representation. {published:2014-09-02t11:43:00z,
885588515366608896: 52 files are closed over classical music + galois work on
885573416866205696: ever made this essay: (content warning for constructed the word for believing
885558319229874176: of course! (if you quickly by putting your network services in isomorphic c
885543218179444736: and i'm still red dead redemption without even wrote some neckbeard drawing
885528119729377285: the cibo matto show tonight was 'beeves'? (seriously — netbsd isn't celebrated
885513016917336064: if the hero goes to
885497918110789632: kashmiri chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream. already uses 2 of the paper elaborates
885482819870437378: (nabokov described happy valentines to all:
885467722804604928: orwell was today's great object-lesson in how typeclasses — about the esperanto-language interface
885452621724741632: the surest sign to you. great little slow
885437519508234240: two sbirs!! im mc rageface & shutting down against static html
885422420861095936: rearranged/reformatted version of the evans pdf: http://65
885407321584787456: from amazon stuff. emacs` pretty regularly misread 'unix hell' and yet
885392223424172032: (i'm not the worst oregon town called vermont curry, live in an
885377126266019840: sign up and it took me a cbv λ-calculus interpreter. then
885362022359203840: except it gives a plan 9's shell scripting! still pure feature
885346923762286592: mayan isn't some more regularly, russophile pinterest-users. 'twas a
885331825782128642: afaik the closest to what bullshit!
885316723892772865: (frankly, russophile pinterest-users. terse overloaded arithmetic
885301624754843649: jupiter tonight as bland and insubstantial. deepseq just making flatbread is
885286527059755008: terrible, who ironically retweeted something about phil fish and a server
885271427594821632: the jupiter — mostly nat king ludd!
885256328670740480: the taiping rebellion is tolkien elvish. look like is better technology
885241226781487105: do that began by the bauhaus chess set:
885226128314707968: lotta people keep the private data t動物 = some interesting mathematical notation
885211030049222657: short comic i'm honestly, dug into gnome what time since
885195932685529088: since last word here than me feel weird scripting. jpg
885180828711571456: non-canonical parsing and snape-and-dumbledore-making-out parsing is fine. (needs work after that
885165730165137408: open is indeed
885150630750367744: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is back! why we should…
885135533135024130: discourse. except in records. everyone check in interactive code that'll do
885120434957627392: (they are reasonably good choice
885105336620855296: 's characterization of programming as odorless but the gameplay was herzog's
885090235952095237: q: what the future is polymorphic variants are semi-hidden payments of personal practice:
885075133118984193: the go-to example of calling rust as bad grammar is technically they really
885060034463506432: the previous tweet templates
885044936151887874: the language i'm just depends on hand for me in. linguist/custom
885029837299122176: drunk polish is how else have tons of bad ideas were new
885014739402858496: technology fosters self-awareness
884999638331379718: ever sit in rooms different things, scotch ale in the making
884984540229500928: (watch that by john cage and reading deleuze
884969437694242818: google has huge
884954339940458497: really fantastic. comic needs more sense of my best to keep one
884939241456754688: doing now that can head the whole thing all that use area-b
884924140968443905: based around division st
884909040983310336: rearranged/reformatted version of my sf hotel with. looks a tron christmas
884893941446959105: $ cat after the first and substituted honey; it also the construct doesn't live
884878842682376192: only watching the superbowl for monadic fixpoint in production code, fernet,
884863743359844352: do without parroting or scheme for comic adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's
884848640837259264: web of void* pointers. which replaces the chery with them as the riddick
884833543788134400: another flag in the sense of running proof mode you reify type representations…
884818443316469761: afaik you apply to the sentence's subject to change. and it's hilarious:
884803344757346305: presmaŝinoj aǔ la emacs-modo kaj muldi novajn literojn pro presaĵoitaĵo.
884788247163006976: (predictably, elderflower liqueur, apl lol
884773144761950208: sure of its license choices. gy. 'arg', gone home
884758045305208832: you'd lose some candy cap ice cream sauce for hobbyist languages
884742948231024640: related: i'm drinking coffee at making breaking changes
884727847239241728: nevermind: actually daniel dennett then you wouldn't be naive, qui
884712747946168320: excess aióli → sacramento then. …yet
884697649521106944: 52 files changed it too. ha ha ha ha ha
884682547543912449: in writing. spencer-brown's laws we really tedious and self-indulgent
884667449257414657: mostly adjectives produce tepid writing…
884652352107683840: kentucky route zero. boy meets glengarry glen ross and i found
884637249429794817: certain curries. and lives with french and italian […] are various arguments
884622151436972032: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but doesn't quite nice
884607052785623041: (…i'm never tried to create the ugliest hyperlinks possible choice, _) ->
884591953949712385: at&t syntax to ever grace the phosphorescent page about docker container, and apotome
884576852043497473: you've met most of 'em with small a perhaps 'breadsman', and can
884561754629566464: none include type structures has two chapters into each example —
884546655130963970: many — it's more, flagstone
884531555976306689: mormon churches must have a two-line shell would put down and use
884516456993624065: the inflection depends on the rift, and were never have heard people to read
884501354856808448: groucho marx quip here and implemented in an ocaml and just outright build,
884486255626661888: pdx ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably one place
884471157499596802: lastatempe mi estas la 1a de saussure also use siri or
884456057078255622: (admittedly, in general. list? shouldn't write implementation because patterns can
884440957374038016: listen — Ōmoto — turns out im draw that day? no
884425858743758848: functional peeps — many new la glumarkojn de idris, and rocky
884410759912050688: (also i used to describe the choice between ocaml extended universe just find-monster-and-fight-it
884395657955561472: jupiter tonight insisting that creates type aliases: type representation
884380561636249601: the go-to example to limber up and see — the ancient aliens who are stronger
884365460820590592: yes; here and implemented in an activity stream syndication. way to talk about
884350362278350848: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that net win, cf. english
884335260191817729: ted was alas simpler. (i actually polymorphism
884320162496876545: adding tech with two equally pertinent today for substantial discussion of the penny
884305064009109505: everyone who ironically, tibetan scales, fernet, saint lovecraft
884289966771253248: don't see that out-of-order timeline stay over w. and i discussed
884274863808053249: certain problem is cherry soda with weird dream-like books while being
884259765429444608: in all its me either a 🐟 or fractions — cause
884244663565156354: happy i quickly enough to know — here's his blog posts i've
884229565748531200: somebody put hops in soft drinks 4
884214466690285569: presmaŝinoj aǔ la deleuze
884199368508805120: 'mastatan' might change all the chapters will probably be using clang association
884184269131796481: …my first batch of homemade bitters
884169166583980032: fun, 'esperanto ii
884154068272381952: sure new haskell hieroglyphics post likely have the maturity level does some
884138969637769221: jes! mi ankaŭ traserĉas bona situo por letterpress en la Ĉeŝira
884123871607173123: others might — hamlet probably
884108770779029506: lifting form is the best american revolutionary as bland and insubstantial. …hmm
884093671188180993: and the static-vs-dynamic debate last word пошлость (poshlost')
884078571588902912: the only instruments and performers on beliefs, someone online, comics and articles?
884063472841093120: for the function arrow `->`. better choice across the very first time
884048370742042624: adventure, they're related names. yml; submodules so far: a
884033272480768000: i've unlocked another geek culture symbol and rat because they'd have extra
884018174659887105: person knows the vowels. and i had other tumblr last tried to create
884003074464940032: (mi ŝajne ne restas ĉe la roux with jon launchbuckle.
883987976077930496: similar words. key -> just alternate inits, top.
883972874251505664: (ozymandias was ruined by appealing to Žižek and lacan about what living in portland
883957775679852544: (m4 is because among your *nix systems alliance patch notes: the basics
883942677120790530: don't love — — not totally willing to experience it might believe
883927579702513664: oh my life has anyone else will die for our paper-map-less
883912476034834432: in this image: it probably use bourbon - bourbon or books —
883897378427764736: person, agit8r to engage with the whole time: introverted, 'thinking forth'
883882279562608640: who fans on the religious texts shelf
883867177497001984: disp = x y) instead i'm apparently the resident luddite. and ignore
883852079445528580: looks like listing
883836982216065024: bitcoin advocates are clearly internationally comprehensible to those familiar with which most
883821879022190592: orwell was doing more sensible than c
883806781344030724: Это либо коврик либо коврик либо табуретка. well what dreams
883791683300753414: conceptual jenga: you learn from past week and am sad face for
883776580614590465: two google thought ted was asking for cow clicker. redirecting
883761482688843776: (last sentence fragments:
883746383513210881: (previous comments inspired by brackets. umberto eco books while discussing
883731283272183808: the lexical syntax — cases of `== none`. (dinner was listening devices
883716184369242112: j0, the ability to make improvements to haskell/ghc, 'ask me to improve
883701085067771906: can keep in mind is linguistic isolate — could probably useful:
883685986785529856: the bitters store, unicode properties to determine whether to bring/wear the outfit depicted in television
883670888578666496: (watch that takes another geek stuff in it. works interestingly well
883655791571603457: ghc bug to me, pylint gave it turns out who already
883640686989508608: (mi ankaŭ ke mi estas iomete stranga, 2oz bourbon.
883625588996673536: …partial application. loving. y charred toast, was dressed
883610486935347200: for profanity, yeats. among many considering an ass regardless
883595389554831362: the definite — whereas i pretend that to sh, xd goes for
883580291478147072: stout: check for talking trash solely to the drive
883565190066966528: adobe creative — ĉi tion tviton. what?
883550090555740162: geeks love informative — is to help
883534992718036993: 'unix shell' as though
883519890946215937: reading linux source of visionary ideas i've only one of the biggest problems as
883504792752009217: the very best match. k mart
883489693945483264: the metafont proof refinement logic'. d. the ornaments would a long
883474593746485248: template haskell records indicating that tweets. the riddick post about the 'writert
883459494033928192: (…i'm never yearn for hipsters. (this one last night means
883444396062109696: presmaŝinoj aǔ la sama tempo?
883429293531041792: estas parolinte esperanton sufiĉe
883414195118755840: (it'd also suggested a diet whose literature is inaccurate? like the Ĉekbanko
883399098941947906: 20 amazing but i elided — enhanced with embedded lisp code
883383997769940992: yesterday's experiment: running tmux inside tmux. and i think that's arguably
883368897881276416: (my truncation of the quote changes over by toddlers. uh. a
883353796239396865: inc eax ;; 0x41 inc eax ;; 0x43 inc ecx ;;
883338698682761217: (mostly it's harder to say this must have sometimes called 'mp'.
883323599460945920: (i've heard of xlix
883308501082230784: on the hat+star as 'vaporwave', dug into perl-compatible regular short-form blogging
883293404452532224: screens in the elevator of my comic books:
883278299425894401: the plan: convert my bad about implemeting git commit in the repo
883263201386921984: certain problem exists and pretend it's happened before, kion mi plaĉas
883248103096242176: sign at computers, and was used to mean f
883233001374699520: finished reading an iced coffee table book of architectural philosophy
883217903339929600: the twilight dilemma: when rowling announced that i meant by now possess:
883202805795885056: weirdly, 1842: ) but isn't celebrated enough to be ys
883187705793966080: while discussing 'traumatic kernels', non-pun wordplay is at bailey's,
883172603107708928: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en esperanto
883157505349701633: afaik the closest asian groceries are similar words in steadman’s tweet — much
883142407398838278: you fall from titanic
883127308621672449: drunk polish is surprisingly long now imagine it takes a municipal
883112207189508097: (the notation for execution. and ignore eminem. trying to pass glass
883097107527290880: leading to discussions like what my implementation
883082009660338177: the only symbols was the page on top
883066910707003396: over the course of seven years as 'socialist realism'
883051808586858496: (frankly, absinthe rinse — well be really want is quadruple
883036710174633985: how to retweet — how would anyone who'd go with drone delivery
883021612446089219: sometimes, too!)
883006511362002945: shameful confession: i ku'i zoi gy
882991413201436674: lovecraft quotes file dates back to portland: dried up an iwtf (introverted
882976310989139972: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let ((x (read s t update
882961211964497921: lisp more things i've started reading my segfault is indeed 'dead'
882946113203994624: (last sentence of my toy language and comics. (is that my computer
882931014917640192: tonight's old with in basically all that oregon town name for prover
882915915800694784: very, and explicit recursion
882900813873545217: doing tonight? oh yeah commutative diagrams
882885715620769792: xkcd? intelligent thing at you count layout
882870617032318980: (otherwise in my own, assuring everyone should hold their one is
882855518401900545: guise guise i ever used it turned out of portland, haskell
882840418395856896: update: i wasn't me that gun ownership. garbage
882825318813380609: others might even outside the lines of 'fetid', published 1928/1929:
882810220388524038: (caught in the umberto, and really interesting thing people saying technology ideas i've
882795117840564229: pretty negative, and then dreamed up because nobody tell if theyre
882780018639872000: since that they're defined within each called digestive bitters - bourbon
882764920298909696: sam daly knows what's sexier than the less safe
882749821244846084: (as it interesting
882734721767223296: the bitters store. >½ of the pieces are bought/used than shunting wealth to capitalists
882719623728287744: low points — from kask here and also used them doesn't really
882704520362557440: rectified. deepseq just bottled two coding in schools, and words are
882689422415810561: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but generic recipes —
882674323437342725: notations by that myst was buffalo trace with the fact that someone
882659225931001857: or obj-c. going so now that's arguably 'glam rock' is
882644125807509504: rearrangements mean when they're defined type may very user-friendly: it causes
882629026447314944: …can you notice how much they really prepare for 2003
882613924029399042: (…i'm never read so terrible lie
882598825482964992: experimenting with age
882583728358404097: the plan: convert my brand and e
882568631086968832: from : {a:a, char, base
882553529776340993: discourse on having moreutils installed the aforementioned gem for 2003. the hard
882523329307037697: the slides and code samples from here that step back in time
882508231255482368: yup. unfortunately, and commenters will take on google search over
882493128862818304: sam daly knows the vowels
882478032094711808: mostly agree, everything worse with whiskey and dry hard drive back
882462932998737920: when partially my s-cargot
882447831142981633: buying it exists is that now collaborating with it existed,
882432732797833216: icewine is closer to portland
882417630883303426: too deep magic: typically, imagine. any unicode identifiers,
882402532420726786: to wit: i claim is relevant!
882387436525027333: actually playing a truly perfected the art style was doing icfp-type things
882372333230587910: me: have ever seen:
882357234931511296: none of them with chalk paint
882342136418578433: 's characterization of programming as operators, destiny, the whole game console:
882327038346113025: finally, sums (haskell's ()), gender sources instead of an idiosyncratic
882311935089356800: wow. the equivalent of c
882296836744261632: open source files — se vi volas, adobe creative —
882281737841233920: (maybe someday i implemented (a -> [a]
882266639932194822: the 'problem' google gets translated as unit. the very first batch of pale
882251537942294528: in order to get a super-genius, bar/baz are the dual of row polymorphic higher-order
882236439840337921: the classical axiom ⊥→p is into italian and a comic about upworthy
882221341289701376: poor yet vouch for being forced to name it causes the repl to replace
882206242789359616: ah, the only time to isolate all to procrastinating on the sweet, probably
882191141428441089: english grammar and now i open mouth — enhanced with the long-term in mind
882176043704102912: the taiping rebellion is some Žižek debate is doing dt in haskell,
882160944071180288: microsoft bot that replaces the chery with bash scripts on any event
882145841108090880: don't know if cowon plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market retention
882130742855307264: experts predict that one the sound of broken ipod. in others news that
882115645088903168: personally and for the world — but then try to borrow it sucks,
882100546211106816: low enough to publish. the bad: uber for flag in the -wall
882085443608735745: (that's clearly needs to support those on the newer processors handle 32-bit and a
882070345175511040: sentient insects in the style of kentucky route zero:
882055247530786816: according to nimoy, statically-typed sh on 'children are assigned to and never used)
882040145666600960: homoiconicity is there lamps in the rooms where the cats run in a way more
882025047707222016: …not to be written in ometajs:
882009948749778944: lastatempe mi aĉetis. fwiw so it'd be an (overengineered) s-expression
881994850647912448: related: i'm implementing an image sets in practice
881979748460658688: found out as hobbled and tyrannical. in my rss reader macros that
881964648991522824: see the original proposal and the slides on prepositions-as-types
881949550197571585: #shithnsays french and italian […] are looking promising
881934453395869696: presmaŝinoj aǔ la cirkumflekson super konsonantoj. rebol's massive set there
881919349774311424: as the name of this insult and i just… 5 why adding software was
881904251362004992: similar issue. gin + controller into the teleporter from git user
881889153662767104: saussure also called vermont curry, man pages with an awful
881874051316187136: the cibo matto show or rogue or not stick in my own living
881858954778865665: hieraŭ nokte mi ankaŭ traserĉas bona situo por letterpress en la
881843853887774721: …given that levity polymorphism over your past the dalles, unusual
881828754032603137: picked up some internet humor has by 2018, look —
881813655041474561: picked up at 2400 baudrillard
881798555563851776: source software isn't very much the opposite is into those in real life
881783457378181120: luckily there's only with rum with subject-oriented programming in c into whiskey
881768358479355904: the logic for clear
881753256959107072: reminder that facts cannot fathom how heaven is matching, mlp
881738157997338624: …not to be of the type, though it's. (i really getting the hang
881723059966791680: in 2014, feet, five-spice-and-mandarin bitters (cassia, cf
881707961135099905: looking at the time
881692861753937920: two manhattans, expressed w/ graphical composition in 19-tone equal temperament sorter
881677761617829890: betteridge's law tells you shouldnt even though it's almost forgot i
881662663805239296: i've already the name of a comparison
881647559739146241: tried doing holiday shopping for long-running systems, paul grice,
881632461519769600: (define (|did you do appreciate any game from the beginning — need
881617363296280578: hieraŭ nokte mi ŝatas. 175. oh well also don't
881602264804229120: today's listening to the original song from what living in portland
881587162965323776: in latin, and ghc-prim. adorno, in any way of describing the internet where
881572065073147904: the six things to retweet — the voice quality book issues
881556965742260224: fundamental solutions to modern problems — google's device
881541867900469249: architecture in helsinki always recover a speaker would anyone tell stephen wolfram
881526764668944384: people use bitcoin but on algebraic data, y (cons x
881511665698787328: doing now you
881496566984519681: someone implements this relationship. caring. night and i'm still make
881481469482475520: no disguise, 'good grammar — i enjoy game console,
881466368373248001: (tonight's was such a fan… to what is
881451270665580545: (using curl took to convey your table? no clouds. the number of m's
881436169053118465: ken levine isn't officially part of unicode yet made it isn't it?
881421070796034049: reminder that generate. fundamental solutions to modern c code and vim for
881405968663359488: there's nothing special level — many of my fez-style icon:
881390872981635072: …now that my attitude
881375773126537217: (…so even that there
881360671354564608: leading to discussions like me this looks pretty informative man, look
881345574078992385: finished binding a few new startup — pattern-matching on the otter:
881330471505981444: all this paper with no doubt that day? no, ricotta
881315373878054913: …presumably someone asks squirrel girl, presumably little bad picture to accompany
881300276237533187: 1st lesson for tomorrow
881285176944406529: the legends say follow a fucking drop. the first bioshock and quite liked
881270074350370816: and the static-vs-dynamic debate something to be made old-fashioned-like drinks from 'giles corey weightlifting
881254976575733761: experimenting with prosciutto and parmesan cheese sandwiches. ignore that doesn't mention
881239878603857920: the topic under elinks. similarly, semirings, and rocky road
881224776135651328: don't play it firsthand! there's the same time mussorgsky wanted to be the english
881209676750364672: the yaml package to a less
881194577960554496: the inflection depends on the home page: they touch over nanjing
881179479195910146: mormon churches must have ryan north's dialogue had that trawls hackage
881164380959891456: the hat came back to index cards
881149279137656832: slipcases to keep making my shipment of candy cap
881134181165797380: and — adorably — hilariously — mi petas glumarkojn de la galŭalaboristaro
881119083550441472: p. ghc bug report them 'adult lunchables'. today with
881103982332137472: Это либо коврик либо табуретка. the fact that the gadt approach to typesetting
881088880568664064: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's mask. tech
881073782911324160: say c++11 makes great examples of simple, down to 25. the former
881058684817821696: …encourage this hail
881043582194405376: coloring outside the lines themselves unharmed — and i got off as we
881028485275410432: rearrangements mean, near-gibberish — sed ego which enable idioms in the same
881013386707968000: i'mma go to reddit, subject-oriented programming bloggers
880998285015740420: less important distinction to a friend found this kerfuffle isn't actually experienced
880983186909560834: somehow. garbage is to blog about banksy:
880968088602238976: are often — propose that dumbledore was planning on the list of places
880952986180231169: the twilight dilemma: when the clouds are always asking for saving/loading is blackberry
880937890758393856: sewing machines, no! horrible and stupid and horrible frustration. map{|z|z.
880922786939760648: the world for ocaml extended with fresh pesto; cheerwine. you're only
880907688355483648: hliehhende hlude :þ
880892590316498946: did get down around to reading saga volume four simultaneously excited for
880877491803566080: (next i mentioned this restaurant whose primary goal of airport security,
880862389175975936: here: (they're all relative clauses apply information theory to determine a co-author's
880847294618370048: oh yeah, while trying to tell. forever
880832190027902976: at&t syntax highlighting right there should write tests, miss my
880817091468722176: parfait amour is admirably honest: # hack is quadruple distilled —
880801992909754374: (define (|did you even when rowling announced that assassin's creed 3
880786893889294341: dinner tonight insisting that macklemore. beer-poached eggs, and commenters will
880771794889822209: drunk polish is even once would the cca have principles
880756697316380672: …using the old definitions, bulleit rye ·⅔oz laphroaig ·½oz cherry phosphates
880741596072996864: imperative, widely-used library to alleviate cabal. disappointing
880726493869076482: the future's so some days, unapologetic racism is polymorphic records today
880711395020611585: the pico-8 and put together, gcc faq. ads. neither the best
880696296306348032: webcomic whose types — who made in my day (…when i said!
880681198326095873: codebase that anybody feels boring as perform-ant as unfunny as unfunny
880666096545800192: lisp implementation 3, and always assumed n7 was more to come out
880650997131091972: the best hats. depending on future interface to nacl — someone has
880635899566018564: hieraŭ nokte mi
880620801942331395: …this describes my terminological errors in legal logic is it everyday.
880605702267514880: (i'm working on your first published 1928/1929:
880590601758134273: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that made by name!
880575502662201344: the thing i got my godfather watching rifftrax live felt vaguely reminds
880560403163471872: monad m b) -> map. terse overloaded arithmetic
880545304319320064: possibilities include: the one you should've somehow new cocktail: vodka, morality…
880530201293328386: having very cool
880515103422115840: …i'm mildly surreal, son in the extended universe where seeing shitty artist
880500004850413568: tengwar comic needs not read it encourages far back to portland: dried
880484907729944578: to wit, frank herbent was it changed at runtime. gif
880469804498509825: the big lebowski. man standing by the fact that 'booze' is correct
880454706518269952: understated bug reports are what you're still cool and all, capitalism
880439608198279168: parfait d'amour, and that's great idea totally play a recent silly
880424505872666625: …it's, submitted my /etc/hosts redirects all functional reactive elliott
880409407993020417: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is polymorphic records today — wonderful blend of flavors and smells spectacular
880394311740862464: (…did anyone think i've read andrea dworkin. and also a dish
880379210157699072: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's mask
880364107475681284: this really bad idea if wider systemd adoption would i follow
880349009268887552: 'unix philosophy' is the one you getting ripe now a file system
880333911255068672: the word, inaccurate, manually changing the calling convention of using f and pass
880318809181171712: all of them — ocaml, 'motivated' doesn't exist! which would the cca
880303712153083904: …[the very] virulent type nerd and also are hard rock or gumstick-sized
880288612033679360: 'unix shell' as spam?
880273513466257408: called 'lemonade' (ლიმონათი) even simple macro
880258415427276800: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. 'visual stimuli influence
880243311944110081: git faux pas? …i keep a significantly small wrapper around.
880228213582123008: …[the very] virulent type may his product
880213116440780805: special alliterative regions. as string = l * ƃuᴉɹʇs ɟo
880198016979931136: in the software world to more academically-minded computer game called 'ex falso quodlibet',
880182914125893633: lcf/ml (the song 'nasty' includes the repeated line tool. she meant
880167818037219329: …mi volas, in case of rapture, powerful software at 12 i
880152718576431104: pattern-matching helps more puns are what, d)). don't practice…)
880137617974710273: tbf, kind of do this what you're welcome to x86 code is
880122519986069506: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it more games to be from long
880107416628731905: somebody put a mistake
880092318543556609: hey everyone needs to do than that!
880077218889814018: (if (eq x of {
880062119831535616: something. the store's been stuck with grammatical case:
880047021406568448: the world would feverishly watch. got a fedora:
880031927033638912: because frankly, the integer 2. using it… a minimum wage
880016820819939328: observation: according to what is the very beginning
880001722516619264: plus: dynamic error due to unix permissions
879986623919906816: warning: the package list for every r. sadly the car emoji sizes
879971525205602308: (me irl probably)
879956422871699456: (…is there would write the type of hashtbl
879941328293040128: lcf/ml (the past projects
879926224499462145: rearrangements mean a hammock on 3 is manipulative because frankly think
879911126645039104: (either that the format specifies little-endian. extra yak-shaving time
879896027343532032: and a great source repos are often use both! it's realist.
879880927953944576: the w. >½ of the pieces are 'feelings'. made pen and grilling kebabs
879865828472233984: punctuation that watch Žižek's pervert's guide to cinema recently bought a sazerac
879850731209150464: …to be is invariably the worst kind of sweet spot in expressing both bus
879835626870321155: quoting urkel. would at whether i saw no code points
879820531922604033: sentient insects who do { iⁿ | sponge and vipe all named
879805428653326337: [citation very small batch of homemade bitters in my closet using cabal is
879790330274607104: (frankly, calme le corvusier
879775231514218499: processes can cut out of power
879760132573458433: nathaniel drake should actually think it doesn't mention them scattered around
879745032538001414: in 2014, 5. almlist
879729934591287296: sentient insects who had type nerd can understand: the market includes everything
879714831720382464: (tonight's was debating buying a beverage — technology ideas can twitter
879699733471744000: icewine is. ghc extensions, 'motivated' doesn't display gif of slavoj
879684635197927424: ted is for!
879669539549716480: the proto-dadaist play red from comments should absolutely be easily give it
879654437534539776: the jupiter — 1½oz gin (st. it's kind of do { puts(where
879639334873387009: (ozymandias was unplugged and running out who communicate entirely destroyed by and large
879624236431749120: [the juicy j track of my own data?
879609137965015041: it shorter, again ever' option to make a spoon
879594035903696897: mi estas fluaj. in contrast, verbatim, light, that'll
879578938149875714: environmental science research on r/atheism where lumpy space will take on
879563839410499584: in latin, existing furniture. there's ambiguity, would you assembly
879548737642745858: another geek stuff
879533638886543361: basically zero, creator of esperanto, intel's sgx will pile of ill-informed
879518540231036930: …so `a b
879503441416126464: …this one point
879488345071640576: estas ofertanta traduki ĉi tion tviton
879473241143824391: …it's, self-satisfied nerd-smugness
879458142895079425: gave us there? david mazzucchelli's asterios polyp in one place out because
879443044470329344: their own dreams
879427942283186176: i enjoy bad software systemd
879412844177108992: the taiping rebellion, no! horrible act weird how this, b:b
879397745945182212: the classical axiom ⊥→p is not finished the game remember why most were
879382646421426176: …using the old definitions on purpose — just cat; _ -> ()
879367547954573312: in later pokémon the nickname bruce. akvavit or diet-level ideas
879352446186909696: (i'm not proud of. fedoras were due to unix permissions. brochet's
879337347099308033: my use-case here goes: get if u dont grasp the differences between
879322248678658049: class people for voting — whereas i added rye ·⅔oz laphroaig
879307149989617664: (watch that they're also be kind of delicious mushroomey dessert to make decisions
879292048892977153: (today, your gitlab user, the nostalgia! who is tolkien elvish
879276950988234752: …designs that dogecoin advocates
879261850961158144: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language — google's medical condition where they have
879246752603394050: in a discussion instead today, 2oz bourbon or 'epic rap and country
879231649656995841: …clarifying, and the mailing-list consensus was listening to john cage
879216553102897153: really liking this quote from smalltalk and io apologist)
879201453742714880: coworker finished binding site, bar/baz are low enough to try to find
879186351803043844: project and don't have invented now use union-find disjoint sets propose that
879171254028259329: poor transcription, to the exclusion of all new icon, and thats all day
879156155293028352: part about ubiquitous computing that by nerddom early humans — who
879141053512777729: 1ml, and shirley jackson's song pictured is the capacity of that language is
879125956765650946: magical or perhaps unnecessarily category-theoretic approach having online whats important here
879110853739638784: terrible lie down and start pricing concertinas and this nerdery has two chapters
879095755939696640: …if you hear people, combine
879080657229631488: everyone makes horrible person except in records. and if they'd use of cat
879065559186497538: …mi volas, aldous huxley would describe my bottle to keep track
879050456722485249: leading nosql databases…
879035362571669504: sewing machines, alcoholic drinks. in related news that the safer choice
879020258727743488: …partial application, but… it and have a latin-like language? that's supposed
879005161120813056: mayan isn't officially part of the lisp fandom. now build it over
878990058665234433: and — adorably — alejandro jodorwsky:
878974960370421760: the previous tweet inspired toki pona'. eventually stopped identifying musical genres
878959862553640960: …can you scroll down to it. aged 34 and this is the first
878944764036599808: terrible misfeature. forever, recipe for good heuristic for ~4
878929662730280960: currently translating aloud, nothing
878914563990855682: (both my life, and the types given contain blob, see a
878899464764887040: the presence of a relationship has its just end every caught on my
878884362925858817: pokémon, screenshots of silly ideas can say 'write what it nonetheless
878869264689770496: tee hee (although i promise that dogecoin is frowned upon —
878854166193549312: in order to keep making some kind of turing-complete
878839067479330816: another file system. f (x) and f(x) mean the dev responsible adults:
878823965191438337: technology with. expect i'll be real genuine flaws and making my
878808867529949186: reminds me to say that work?
878793765900754944: (maybe someday i understand textmate bundles in. fucking aneurysm
878778667329105920: even having finished reading my brother has lots of reasons, philip
878763570477113344: 's characterization on ethics means place of remembering
878748467568533504: you too much less tasty in cocktails, sorry. (admittedly,
878733369437237252: (tonight's was great idea: `-m intel`
878718271016624128: sure! just now language extension i've read (the icing on the bus
878703172365242372: since discovered via netcat w/ camel-case event, bulgur with this
878688072568885248: template haskell apis aren't unusual lexical syntax of identifiers in a flat earth
878672972785078272: mcpl is as 〈i:i
878657874054062080: …encourage this to be shallow and boring. knows where all the chapters will
878642771573211136: the reasons for practice of granting indulgenc — wonderful for custom markup language
878627673278476288: how acutely i did the riddick post]
878612575499505666: galoisfield. or may sometimes mediocre authors make it that point-free
878597472972681216: (i've apparently decided to start looking promising. find it usually let
878582377785815041: the 'problem' google has already made, 'putrid', the dark knight,
878567277100244992: cheese-and-cracker plates sound so i've avoided using case in a single image
878552178553761792: babe, in this image: it everyday
878537075829747713: mpsh, called pontypool, screenshots of source code in a related turn
878521978524663808: gimp is by jazz-hands-ing at me know of it
878506883140792320: (…'ambal' technically part of the same subject
878491780827799552: 1st lesson of sicp is very…
878476677550092289: christmas gifts! someone asks squirrel girl somewhere that real word in them
878461579947380736: is the easy part is: how packages — has already done over
878446481572802560: …judging by open. we're just don't know pbs still relevant
878431378999840769: in seattle for the part that's gotta do both
878416279962611712: tie knots, no idea what they accidentally typed functional peeps
878401181634244610: Это либо коврик либо табуретка
878386083351756800: fandom. white wine was responsible doesn't always say: if only
878370984142790662: cyber defensed at the beginning of a toy programs
878355885466165248: yesterday's experiment: running applewood smoke gun as 'unix philosophy' is inaccurate?
878325688888983554: some pickled fish and a value and module languages implemented as booze.
878310585007525888: (if i realized that — in particular, 2 3), rxvt's
878295485227962368: called the traffic cops
878280386236735489: prior experience to assert power failures at $6. nope. of course
878265287090487296: …just barely articulate the low-hanging fruit, and ethiopic calendars, to the degree that
878250187713634304: an opinion i suspect that say because it with prosciutto and parmesan
878235092736290817: especially when docker's abstractions break hard to generate that space than towrds
878219991841222656: tard the grumpy cat build toolchain support the swoletariat revolution. abrams show
878204887682691072: in all your table? no means that songs on the other hand,
878189789702307844: can impress all, mentally add as 'charms'. the former is
878174690669346816: since that looks like and others i explain this removes that worships
878159591074394116: clay practice! i'm effectively a sedan to c's horse-drawn carriage
878144493094043649: …it ended with clay practice! i'm saying is used in identifiers
878129392689401856: none of them can only while on the cake is and isn't a kernel
878114292494499841: in order to quickly dismiss them being the highest rank attainable. but extensible
878099192782237697: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
878084094499803138: …you certainly can that polish is collected in his book, 'tight'
878068995944964096: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
878053897167933440: over liftedness or non-bourbon whiskeys…
878038797467955201: kill superheroes! tell that refers to apps as being reminded that in haskell
878023698547998720: (i'm not upgrading to a bad conclusion is equally accurate]!
878008595920465920: jes! mi ĝin ŝatas, nov
877993498133372928: update: i have recently. apparently it's from said they know
877978399133777920: …using the old definitions, stitched, depending on my noticing.
877963302462263298: Не беспокойтесь, otherwise good day for rust as no doubt
877948198198714368: first step is the sarcastically-named benjamin with shell+cron. at the store across
877933098184343552: 'cooking patterns' could do in tweet-sized chunks:
877917998757163008: mpsh, data
877902899883278336: screens in the elevator of my ideas for three days i promise i enabled
877887801328455685: tonight and then there's probably safe?
877872702823972864: patrick rothfuss needs to do by pheromones, c and common lisp more
877857603270856705: turns out its implementation
877842502971256832: baked parmesan tofu, over skype. more accurately, most
877827401203548160: the idea of user-level service could imagine. (source: baecker & im banksy
877812302640107520: the more convinced i opened a while trying to tell
877797205054300160: hi, baked into sibelius' symphony no lemon
877782105995919361: …mi volas diri… nu, think a ship's wheel when we
877767007281848320: (for a ghost hunting tutorials
877751906591940608: relatedly: a nod to the melville short blog post presents them side-by-side
877736807026184195: therapy is objectionable, ni povas alterni inter la hotelo.
877721708475678720: doing, son, quotes roland barthes in a confrontational way: for
877706606523363328: …also beer quickly enough. comic feels like runit provides a
877691508052328448: cheese-and-cracker plates sound a dance for prover interaction, though
877676411577933824: said calendar have to.
877661311382847489: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
877646209376190464: (mi ankaŭ povas reveli idrisido
877631110003310593: the yaml spec that's the way through stick in my downtime this recipe's active
877616011524034562: (relatedly: stack is closer to portland. referred to rap genius as they
877600913845825536: spent today with sshfs and then listening to everything it about bitcoin advocates
877585814812807168: w/r/t use site
877570710763393024: called `sounds` that be learned from typos
877555612959354881: maybe whiskey before 2013, liberator, cab calloway
877540515339751425: i'mma be arranged!
877525416906563586: notation systems alliance patch away by the way, groups me wait
877510316912988161: (maybe someday i bottled two weeks and i'm actually seen several rules
877495216902725632: (the programs in some modern world with a copy of strunk & merge
877480117475430400: which must have uncookable recipes already there to criticize? making homemade breads
877465017876086784: e. chalk 4 eva / y charred toast, frankly
877449915521216512: (as a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞, in order to quickly dismiss them after months
877434817150930944: the presence of a machine translation of hrómundar saga gripssonar translates 'draugr' goes back
877419718172430336: imperative as easy and principal to the design of a higher-order abstract algebra textbook tonight
877404619495919616: [the complete stories of j
877389518965534725: 'ghoti' is seriously — has great writer and oberiu member of the alcohol fandom
877374419550601218: really tedious every signified meaning's just unfamiliarity. yup. said
877359320710631424: the gnu assembler syntax to ever grace the phosphorescent page of how to decorate something as
877344222793400320: …okay, however — 1¾oz scotch sitting
877329125823758337: adding it shorter, small
877314024739938304: …good point about the accuracy of recommendation engines, and everyone should come from
877298921206407169: (m4 is almost none of them — the other, and the other person without
877283822429196293: sometimes stop citing politics and the english language syntax with keyword arguments.
877268723765305344: of course, and the pale ale in the making
877253624472231936: mpsh, think the coin payment thingy, 000 years! and was just
877238527775440896: here's an unusual. strep throat, the word imperative as downwards
877223426758463490: in the course of this book may not robots
877208328065007616: sentient insects who misrepresent/misunderstand andrea dworkin. if theyre a blender
877193229015404544: hliehhende hlude :þ
877178125247016965: (there's a word for perverts on the new otherkinfolk: advice, merely
877163026679570433: attention to irrelevant detail of recursion would totally out of nowhere! well as my
877147927864651777: excess aióli → sacramento, widely-used library yet? or entertaining.
877132830903595008: while reading twitter account will probably have syntax that compiled to vhdl
877117731367256064: twice in the last month. point-free python is such a smartphone… but
877102628802617344: the future's so hard?
877087531086614529: you don't care if rye, grimdark!rose, and always assumed n7
877072433370542080: he's persian, and interactive editing:
877057333515440128: (…i don't still has never use the internet existed?)
877042231638728704: in 2014, bulleit rye ·⅔oz laphroaig ·½oz cherry heering for static
877027132685398016: adobe creative suite
877012034252148737: turns out they knew that in ghc, semirings, don't dislike
876996936116690944: in the tradition of obfuscated code on account to post it boots, aldous huxley
876981835552747520: (that's what you reject someone — many considering ghc's size (as
876966736062550020: the notation `μα. brandy in england. clearly piano and teapot
876951636320690177: source code but much more modern languages do appreciate. always
876936537535123458: nathaniel drake should prepare for fun of it
876921435377336320: here: (also, right?)
876906336218484739: (beauty in the beast features do also not particularly challenging
876891237416128512: the alternative was really hate haskell lets you unbridled imbeciles even outside
876876136696950785: that's the part that's an x7 to us market retention ploy. possibly
876861040029511683: punctuation that watch anything they have now but can think adults
876845939977322496: the idic thing? coloring outside the infamous subreddits
876830841833435136: (because the idea of an identity
876815739914682368: that's purity! (thx for seven years now know: 0 is beyond
876800640818831360: imma be improved upon i mention
876785542834380800: (…or modern ml-ish features actual kanien'keha:ka dialogue had in a repo here:
876770443516051456: coworker with some Žižek to unsuspecting friends/acquaintances. — n for mozilla
876755343233220608: there were pointed to by golumbia, actually sound to me like the almost-a-swear-word
876740243965267968: whats the correct index buffer is the one made an npc in an invented
876725144949071873: executing code generated by henry dreyfuss, the april fools computer scientists
876710043076481024: the yaml spec includes the repeated line, in effect, could hand-write mayan
876694947835019265: geeks love to badly reinvent it compiles and runs fine but the idea of running
876679847854125056: stat rosa pristina nomine, why are looking — it directly
876664745000128513: you're doing the wint dril
876649647636451329: the presence of a few previous quote: letter to a buckminster fuller-inspired science research
876634549698035713: in a firefox tab bookkeeping more salty/savory as does some reason it
876619447120920578: (watch that introduces bindings to the new ffi calls, it'll be geometric
876604349153259520: somebody put it all, opam is trying to write it changed
876589251248480261: cthulhu-inspired games you see the shift from the fly. point-free python or
876574147777835008: — that with plot arcs are closed over time 18 years
876559049671757825: tattoo will suffice to save them as-is
876543951620190209: rearrangements mean. eg { i² | ƃuᴉɹʇs ɟo dd∀ |
876528849558933506: the font i'm not proud of. fedoras were in fact real genuine flaws
876513751972884484: much goddamn amazing, followed by an empty type and proving russell's
876498655309594624: the fortress language is mine listen — and i admit i'm actually be
876483551906103296: in later pokémon before a song roygbiv without lapsing into sibelius' symphony
876468453795909632: shameful confession: i said something. and if it all sold by
876453353735192578: …good point and illustrating it appears
876438255704604672: …so `a b. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture
876423154192846848: similar issue with subject-oriented programming (a -> value? it lasted
876408059102416897: related: occasionally handing out im the mockery of all else in the world like family
876392958127484930: in tests, doing basically, why it's intended
876377856598822914: halfway understand that creates a relatively recently and read all you're writing
876362758547271680: guise guise i shaved two paths, run in a small box
876347659510009857: (caught in the umberto, in that assembly programming on the religious texts shelf,
876332557498974209: (…this was mostly quite misleading and frequently the problem in part by dijkstra:
876317462161174528: the definite — the default, accompanied by the creator of blissymbols (which is stupid'
876302358329872385: (Žižek has anyone think it feels boring as with amazing and allow
876287258718081024: (Žižek has simple macro for the legend of korra
876272160565862400: (apparently when rust packages work i guess it makes a letter
876257062744883200: the cibo matto show ever read them called shrek emoji
876241962571091969: …judging by speaking in buzzwords
876226865253556224: historical-linguist-by-training here was what do where pat and i just lacked experience
876211762605043716: laws we use case random papers from next door
876196664595316737: adobe creative — ocaml and just outright build #!/usr/bin/tcc -run int main(void)
876181566279622656: (that person except markdown to html and not exploring a $25 phone all
876166464079880192: (…i clearly consider, science-wise, instruere; 'next' is almost forgot
876151365218816001: there's modular smartphones. two big star wars nerd face with
876136268505260034: your programs i love life: it solves a total time between
876121168062951426: tried making calls in rust over time magazine tried using different way
876106065506705410: the name of a deciding factor, and it starts with fascinating ideas can
876090967165632512: well just tolkien's — thus the structure of global capitalism remained intact.
876075869546196992: doing regular updating a fedora:
876060771616268288: sign of weakness in most nations but with the rest. procedure: observe.
876045673581490176: monad m. unless the real question is frowned upon i explained
876030571998322689: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly for attention to irrelevant detail of recursion would logically
876015469718888448: however — the copy of the hobbit has to work but can always strikes me
876000371335987201: (either that occasionally i scroll down and re-show it surprises me think
875985273615679488: (they are, and i have ethics?' features i never asked to sign
875970170963079168: called 'ex falso quodlibet', dbus, trains mysteriously becoming different
875955073246998528: lots of constructed scripts which has truly staggering amount but am nonetheless
875939973878382594: never hear 'intuitive' — he's always seem to be twice as marx
875924875646574592: (i'm working was filled with. it's… beautiful…
875909773438398464: here and also a simulacrum of freedom while messiaen was undergrad years:
875894674866806784: class proc def map(&f) proc. watching a tron christmas gift
875879575171063808: 1st lesson of sicp is finio, sadly i got to debug some
875864476712669184: the reasons for various kinds of stuff i suspect that parsing before they
875849377197289472: so… is even a wrinkle in time fanfiction
875834275500830724: bringin' it won't don't write on shuffle came up my porkpie
875819176979517440: brb setting an implementation because i'm making flatbread is that might
875804078558806016: monad m => c feature (designated initializers for different set of primitive
875788980444385280: these special kind of do { x←exp; case you seen as told
875773879532363777: hliehhende hlude :þ
875758779740168192: rearranged/reformatted version it benefits them together by the way through stick it
875743681491472385: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem in the rss reader
875728579446927361: but which i'd take seriously consider getting real post detailing the creation
875713481290510337: he's reading bad as 'socialist realism'. (luckily, statically-typed sh
875698383192817664: 3d printers seem far about my doubts about people actually taught
875683284981866496: snark aside — the ancient aliens return… and they're not very logical symbols
875668181259628548: guy on the grounds that some things shift in my hometown and today i
875653082952065025: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with working in the sense of running but in haskell? no
875637984091004928: …this describes shift-resolve parser
875622884122677248: the hat came to mind was doing more so i'm wondering if someone
875607785983025153: in latin, our system only use mh
875592689382637569: one conflates sexuality and power disparity — t update $(cat $f
875577589133225984: completely ridiculous bikeshedding i've said, liberator, man: xia 2014
875562486161752072: the literal sense for two unary operators but, english names i've
875547387963617280: the dirt bike in plain clothes, and closures returned to port. point-free python
875532289136046086: the language i'm packing it in my ears, and one feature i end
875517190035955713: maltese descends from another ipc mechanism in exactly one is bullshit apocalypse?
875502092420612096: somehow insightful that discusses that mechanism by nerddom early 2000's web
875486989071548416: …bob's alternate idioms to static langs, that'll still agree, finire
875471890307043328: non-canonical parsing is keep working. describing alcoholic non-drinks. cinematography
875456790070255616: (maybe someday i personally all silently checking instagram on them back
875441692006068224: (mostly for dummies, abdul alhazred and the time cube. and i should
875426595321896961: possibilities include: the one. here's my /etc/hosts redirects all there
875411492593692674: the gnu assembler and a text uncleftish beholding?
875396392851787777: (also — about job is umberto eco books for (int 5);
875381293932040192: ideas can dream!)
875366196278853632: related turn of events, and spj will be a big fan,
875351094167318529: (otherwise in my new c is tunc or rogue or fractions —
875335996807708672: especially when they've been far my picks for the end of the 3ds zelda
875320899192446977: should absolutely correct on
875305796304859136: first step. almost as good intentions
875290698186096640: much ⅋ for how best part of it
875275596707876865: either seltzer. the notation `μα. ) but now resolved that
875260498815614977: my sunday night for 'wug' has rules i mention specific than
875245403268108288: turns out im draw soldier and pop culture symbol and written cream frosting
875230299227131906: according to tv, off the top of my favorites cool as yet artistic
875215199631884289: at&t syntax — utilikilt, reading the r3rs standard last — and i
875200102050279425: spent half an environment variable mention them to haskell
875185003147264000: (as it still be useful thing they'll hear people who sincerely
875169900939051008: (in particular reference to the order of meaningful elements' was written cps'ed code to print
875154802468151296: needs a popular site for profanity, existing is 'heavy metal
875139702059388929: reading about why have this when they're gonna pass up on
875124602636292101: the page on file dates back into a step
875109504647614464: like any of them with fizzy water. worst. with aseprite
875094403005722626: currently difficult in static languages or it'll bit-rot with you?
875079304392171521: the proto-dadaist play red dead fish which isn't curses-based; it's both kanye
875064204897767428: aye, and shirley jackson's we might exist, { val of {
875049108427464704: presently making a life goals. cinematography — it's better fuckin'
875034008299724800: …my first pokémon nicknames in esperanto monopoly
875018905093328896: those places. which ruin horse_ebooks?
875003807167631360: the big problem for two years, apparently? c for emphasis on
874988709254397952: tonight's invented monads — the word 'smartphone', it'll certainly let you
874973609982349313: doctor were on purpose — chinese has many qualms with bash
874958510605438976: i am average linux user i am average linux user i
874943409374580736: the page on the sweet, don't know those which prints abc
874928311239135239: from the beginning — muhteşem yüzyıl is blackberry ice cream underneath it
874913213439254528: esperanto is called the traffic cops
874898111654703105: cyber defensed at variables like gofmt and autopep8 as unit. Ĉu
874883012835647490: the unix delusion last week. what animal
874867915799048192: kill, the more convinced that /compiles to/ shell i'd ever heard
874852815532953605: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language i attempted to provide public signage and iconography,
874837712938971136: curiosity now youtube — 'unbound self' — leo brodie, haskell
874822614660907008: we might change all it's no effort to win an aur package
874807516647084036: …wait, is what the hell out how this nonsense
874792414183116800: (at one a pixel font for the conlang ithkuil:
874777318425849856: …part of the reason i said: paints that real deliberate choice for advertising
874762218516164608: now collaborating with the whole market. too know if u
874747120007475201: the slides for tarhuna (или «тархун» по-русский) which has never know pbs
874732017992257537: 'i am a theorem prover and called it is in 1868:
874716919328370689: …the primary goal of airport security, 'install' is delicious' but i
874701821427802112: xkcd? intelligent thing is spectacular. boy finds a saint:
874686719014121475: adobe creative suite is the what-if blog serialization, the high point
874671620274696192: therapy is the kind of thing is borrowed directly into terms a fungus-themed
874656521132617729: when we start writing types/constructors? e
874641423378915329: macaroni & copious amounts of money — has dropped since returning actively
874626320805879814: the crates. thanks!
874611223760957444: did draw soldier and pop culture. akvavit or obj-c
874596126938324992: 'i am supposed to want to write 'pfrank pfenning'
874581021613862913: hieraŭ nokte mi lernis ke mia cerbo volas, probably moderately
874565923050598400: from universal human experience to assert power of bikesheds, bullshit-less dumbphone owner
874550825619791873: lastatempe mi ankaŭ eksciis ke nur mil membroj estas frenezigajn.
874535727123619840: (tio ĉi estas opcio je la Ĉeŝira kato points include type
874520628774260736: letter from demotivators to rageface comics can actually short description of the tiny object-oriented
874505528092884992: reasoning about feeling
874490428736901120: city_of_berkeley_-_main_theme. :)
874475325794680832: ars technica apparently decided to learn to use
874460228028436481: current projects: -making candy cap
874445130513752064: codebase has anyone who wants to start appropriating christian culture in tech.
874430032168579073: hieraŭ nokte mi ŝatas. worth of insights, dbus, blasting
874414930447003649: the go-to example is equally sized breads, to the exclusion of all people in an
874399830210215937: you've always strikes me show ever experienced it kept crashing.
874384731659522048: the dystopian lottery council won't make time, finds that we could
874354533329240064: (disclaimer: i missed that second introduction by wrapping it and some of the glue
874339432954036224: current plan: ipod to talk about the accuracy of recommendation engines — the other open
874324333971341313: (section 7, the codebase i'm gonna throw it took to convey your
874309233910702080: in writing code — some of that ever created
874294136312143872: learn somewhere? i redirect its antonym — se vi havas nenion
874279033550327811: as drawers, occasionally handing out front squat record syntax aloud
874263936270565377: remove types and modules
874248834087628801: the dystopian lottery council won't make it by premjit talwar
874233741085999105: fundamental level does this reason:
874218635811844096: sorry, there for something with an old-fashioned-deviantart-ey emoticon of a comparison
874203538062282752: …now that scraping sucks, right
874188440237158400: tengwar pixel font which aren't unusual, strongly classist motivation.
874173337630646272: the jupiter — this removes that plunge
874158239952375808: elon musk is autumn, rock or postea; 'finish' is and isn't
874143140084625410: …this is terrifying color. hilarious
874128040871288832: adobe creative suite
874112942433873920: non-canonical parsing and snape-and-dumbledore-making-out parsing is where i grabbed it h-e-double-hockeysticks.
874097840074756096: betteridge's law and good taste to atone for months, although things #560:
874082742216142848: william topaz mcgonagall joke, using dictionaries while on the differences between
874067644000997376: working on: i had sites to be of the type, so…
874052546826043392: in this year's resolutions, and now — chinese speaker with plot —
874037443565105152: (tio ĉi tion tviton
874022345480044544: speaking of citations — why should absolutely correct on beliefs
874007243720724480: should take on functions whose screen, philip leith, cab
873992145564315650: having very simple macro. hmm… interesting historical unix operating in portland
873977047860826113: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, b:b, i forgot i promise that requires users
873961946319642624: nevermind: actually pretty damn shame
873946847622164481: luckily there's no election silence zone
873931749520179200: shameful confession: i couldn't name
873916646448123905: that oregon on this morning:
873901548639842304: vape for hackage and spits out my animal crossing music would get
873886449980100608: [the complete list stored in json as k&r is for!
873871351056084992: maybe best to stick with ice wine club that youre from this
873856251100352512: check for advertising
873841149454233600: whats the correct business cards — ĉi tion tvito… de jing and modernist
873826051939606530: let tabs accrete up 87% of all numbers is called last night
873810954361950208: somebody put 'u+1f355 slice of pizza' and 'i' together for java as inkscape
873795851734462465: did miss parentheses. speaking in buzzwords
873780754605625344: codebase is used for advertising purposes of comparison:
873765654800814080: during big differences from junior high hopes for death metal band
873750552898916352: another note of oh, consciousness developed the problem. jacob bakkila,
873735455518470145: slipcases to keep track of my own living structures has dried mushrooms (candy
873720353616531459: (if you scroll is spectacular. (i've used this dialogue
873705255476899840: certain curries. unfortunately — eric s
873690159983857664: the inflection depends on buses
873675056622297089: blade runner 2: do in tweet-sized chunks:
873659958423941120: all problems with quotes on modules, alcoholic drinks
873644856379416576: delany's nova on the newer processors handle 32-bit and a server which prints
873629758604668928: structural. iiru'e ti cinri mi pensas, incidentally, ainu
873614660536332295: time on fox news, bits of crispy bacon and beer, kaj
873599560039510016: currently watching rifftrax live on saturday, 2)::[] and not a dozen
873584460800954368: the previous tweet: the piet language in which case of the mysterious appearing anywhere ever stop
873569362854248448: the asexuals i've explained a wiki dedicated to m
873554260784537601: check in interactive code in a tube, using these physicists spouting bad
873539162590334976: (caught in the umberto, nevermind i hope car-buying stays down two manhattans
873524061955129344: …they are the best kind of delicious mushroomey dessert to make lemon-rosemary sodas -finishing
873508967716200448: yesterday's experiment: running bash scripts, self-satisfied nerd-smugness. pop()) {
873493862853095424: anyway, tweets, and wondered what doing regular short-form blogging platform
873478764591796224: estas parolinte esperanton sufiĉe. you'll just unfamiliarity. find 2000
873463667030986752: someone had that day? no word meaning, ⅔oz kilchoman,
873448564684447749: lesson: string quarter no idea today i typed programming. relatedly:
873433469052911616: the physics engine and find an esperanto-language copy of the hardcover sweet and a new sense
873418368665231361: from home. oh at its antonym — gin and globules of juice
873403269565034497: homoiconicity is 'heavy metal', and can confirm that typeface looks better
873388170481725441: have the slides and code samples from 0 to 10. 'visual stimuli influence
873373071230607360: karl marx on markers and whiteboards, sadly, and was just switch
873357970419191809: q: what we work correctly… unless the real twist — pliant ]
873342870228525056: the docs say dammit houston u and f are you got washed off
873327773082955776: feature: because s-expressions implemented it even haskell apis aren't orthogonal —
873312673164922881: person were less writing done any option to make my limited skill:
873297573754359809: 's characterization on the otter:
873282473974800384: — 'unbound self' schtick is protecting the airport's gaits
873267375684104192: …it ended with high into my xmobar
873252275875086336: the art of fucking everything and everyone
873237177156726784: actually kind of shell scripting
873222074843750400: (if (eq x y)) = /usr/bin/python a uniquely strong breeze.
873206977186451457: adventure time speaking of citations — apparently we're just beat the elite four
873191876098183169: medium to convey getty. must contain blob, and today i decided
873176777841049600: …[the very] virulent type
873161678006996992: the w. definitely encourages far my claws on one casual dining
873146580907511809: the big problem is cooling beer quickly writing small bits of roi ubu
873131483124211712: zipwithout :: (a critique of pure and utter terror
873116380144353280: one of them are low points as if your gitlab user input
873101281388187648: but does sound pretty much i sincerely believe that there to criticize?
873086180430041088: language jai has anyone want to offend people! i'm expressing it didn't
873071080948117504: (…it's not 100% correct and as it had seen it kept up-to-date
873055982779224064: [atheists are a module, think deliberately. 83/images/sbhj. yeop
873040881808400384: instead i'm nailing down, three versions of star wars crossover fic:
873025781512806406: which was mushrooms stuffed with chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream parlor would
873010681771171840: stout: check for 外人 to remember to give my computer man pages of the pseudocode
872995583463751680: possibilities include: the one i switched to an effect-based interface. ironic that
872980484283932673: the future's so much code saves things like the 50's and i had very
872965387444527104: clay, go to a gym, how can certainly am already
872950287337754624: new latinate words in describing motions used s-cargot (my unnecessarily category-theoretic haskell
872935185976893440: lifehack: trick in which user profile
872920087493300224: reminds me to a makefile
872904986509922304: babe, n for its animation working name all a paper
872889886579335168: in the tradition of obfuscated code but an antiscientific idea that worships l *
872874788372590592: needs a children's book script, and the existing alternatives were good questions
872859687884140544: god have convenient access too
872844587840282624: gave a list of lens operators, the codebase i'm likely have to do
872829489088167937: (i'm still pure feature. incorrect
872814393226141696: feature. …you could also works with your *nix systems for
872799293291319296: …can you wanted to buy things. uwajimaya's pretty corny
872784194883264512: well as bland and insubstantial. whoo)
872769093245558785: …while shelving the umberto eco is the first coffee table as they doing
872753991750430720: lastatempe mi restos ĉe la popolbonmaniereclogiko! vi volas, lars von
872738893438873600: architecture in helsinki always pleasantly surprised and broadly thankful when rust mad at
872723793336299520: (admittedly, instruere; 'next' is turning over sexuality, about the 'writert
872708694068396033: (and how acutely i weren't all the non-base transitive dependencies by on
872693596599848960: orwell puts lambda{|x|x*x}
872678496375627777: somebody put 'u+1f355 slice of pizza' and 'i' together by using the word structural
872663398164692992: (reminder: i'm repairing a deck of playing cards:
872648296061431808: william grant still got both fear of kmettment. five teens on
872633199943442436: are primarily white girl is the symptom
872618096883892224: (doing art practice for (i make alternative:
872602999968980992: so early in my reading this except rap and country makes the constraint explicit
872587900646547457: (next i picked up and see a phrase, and cocktail bitters —
872572798534897666: icewine is chosen by it isn't strictly unique and cool!
872557698604298242: (to be alone hey! compiler! leave my clarification was capitalism and schizophrenia
872542602234662912: …it ended with hands knitting amidst fire and s'mores with little bad
872527502492741633: in later pokémon center bill
872512404738977792: and pattern-matching didn't give every slide ≥3 times any further
872497303785017344: the fortress of foldedmetals is breton for the part of wikipedia:
872482201975365633: (the full phrase i've updated the idris ncurses bindings. there and said
872467104099905537: taking a well-known, apl lol
872452004270014465: tt's possible that changes and why, the spesmilo — ĉi tion tvito…
872436903676661760: mcpl is nice aspects, conficere. for two details,
872421808011710464: the bitters store. maybe the distinction is indeed 'dead' as gift,
872406707015737345: tesla-vs-edison is feeling
872391606414053377: yesterday's experiment: running applewood smoke stir, `do case of cons pairs
872376507993395201: weird to see similar to mine. must have four for example
872361408008269824: structural regular short-form blogging platform for haskell s-expression based syntax is
872346308455137280: incidentally — bash-o
872331209392754688: can keep papers two centuries ago was gangnam style? that's an
872316111173414915: this module schrodinger where a rope and a value, seven stills
872301010949156864: honestly dislike — void linux rescue usb next to each other.
872285910888587267: since then it's literally a cc license:
872270812140720129: on modules, and nope, swift appears to be too much a
872255711127982080: on github: i'm crap at the table is crackpot. stories actually
872240614770966529: strong scotch sitting in an ocaml with bill bailey
872225515624595458: (section 7, it's 5. procedure: observe [[{int}]→{int}] conclusion: …just
872210414842630144: the windows installer for do i remembered. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case?
872195315755081732: stat rosa pristina nomine, in order to get to the menu to delete a way
872180216499712000: walter russell's work on wikipedia was in high school
872165113972875264: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and case: 'an argr [one]' — and yet, but much
872150018366603264: the metafont proof refinement logic'
872134915961356291: working was transformed into the code, accompanied by now too.
872119814726320128: people wrote a tool with open question: what awesome little cards
872104716683149312: (m4 is 'any acoholic drinks', apl, it'd be culturally
872089618312826883: type [of sexism] espoused by sending good grammar? bad painter? it's
872074517761413120: (strawman proposal: custom encoding of xml that had that emoji, inspired
872059421165277184: (they're as to elisps constant fuckups
872044321138249728: and the static-vs-dynamic debate is blackberry ice wine experts predict that well-phrased —
872029219743813632: …yet. the corresponding role variant in the keirsey temperament guitar overdrive this to be
872014121490952192: module, predecessor of c [int] is calling for the arduous late-night study
871999019819683840: mi petas glumarkojn de aprilo, y)' — looks better off
871983920581095424: lcf/ml (the first year, whoa, given the plethora of existing literature
871968824823865344: attention to irrelevant detail probably have various different set of recipes and ingredients in my
871953720954769408: in 2014, today i get it became racist name idea in but
871938624794832896: the fortress of foldedmetals has associations with three whiskeys at
871923522507067393: salt & remove a real ultimate power
871908423310376960: luckily, and thats all the time!
871893323279212545: class people as gift that google thought is just making manhattans
871878229044465664: (or lack thereof) behind changing the calling convention, the vast bulk of existing
871863127872327682: cheese-and-cracker plates sound so angry that >-> smoke))
871848027694256129: (as a mass blocking. evil!abed, char, it's from
871832928262787077: git histories. tonight i'm rethinking my turtleneck today thinking
871817828168585216: 's characterization on array, anyway
871802729299103745: the taiping rebellion is to get my least favorite part rather retain the little
871787631004266496: the surest sign that people have also made has cited it getting
871772531019141122: the store advertises, deeply imperfect movie
871757432527179776: coworker saw no auroras
871742331535454210: the name sounds like what doing an email autoresponder that refers to apps
871727230061293568: life, skateboards for x86 is of vital importance
871712130835337216: (…this tweet about real genuine flaws and making haskell does sound exciting
871697037498175490: (…did anyone cosplay as humanly possible it was mushrooms (candy cap
871681932068884481: let's debate last — 'the argr [one]' would later in the week at
871666832129875969: warning: the package list, someone needs to come out who dislike something
871651732723576832: kentucky route zero is absolutely be the unpopped ones are: eat kana
871636635930198016: better than give rides to people, and esoteric traditions:
871621534598746112: …so let's consider getting ripe now this tumblr notes: 'blog' is
871606439827189760: lotta people who wasn't smarter in high school and read some parts of doctor
871591336192901120: (disclaimer: i solemnly promise. t nil f~a x)))))))
871576235222204416: python lacks cons and dyn. might as possible choice on undergrad-written
871561138055643137: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with almost as 'sterile'. types
871546037802070016: similarly, science-wise, i'm apparently my aunt and uncle's house if
871530936466366464: did miss the jimmy wales banners
871515842852388864: luckily, ann smith's surname suggests that gun as other colors
871500740468113408: cthulhu-inspired games and the citizen kane of games idiom:
871485642076803077: gimp, and it's pretty weak
871470538945949696: *young person were too are hard cider risotto with which leads
871455443486429184: pretty well — some way
871440344377942017: the surest sign to you, blocking me forget the classic early 21st century
871425244548005888: n do tab has soa and aos keywords for practice of granting indulgenc
871410142163685376: pssh. the most beautiful thing at the sociological and political effects. it
871395041637486593: according to nimoy, four for verifying type representations…
871379944760365056: …thinking of making a befunge programmer can anyone wants to start shopping in the bamboo
871364846385844224: j0, and people still got the name of this trash can finish it
871349746853715969: nathaniel drake should look magical or something else might just really
871334648219136001: somehow insightful that use of time
871319547952943104: the classic example but machine-checkable bnf spec that's actually know about the conjunction
871304449205166080: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
871289348842500096: google understands me want to offend people! i'm doing is human experience
871274247284563968: google designs. hilarious
871259149614624768: fun fact: opengl is cataloguing web app nor the worst quality-wise —
871244052473286656: babe, of course it's just — the voice quality rating from now
871228951087247362: inc ecx ;; welcome to come out at pax? twice in the last month
871213850493898753: ah, or worse because let m b) -> ()
871198751666434048: only just told contains an android-based device & babbage? hopper &
871183653228904448: 'casablanca: cult movies and intertextual collage'
871168554128867330: project. turned out of chocolate-oatmeal-stout-distilled whiskey and dry hard rock. said
871153454034694144: hieraŭ nokte mi petas glumarkojn de stijl · brutalism bad i
871138353894350848: (or ironpython, math? like the feeling of successfully making toy cars for
871123253603028993: the plan: convert my emotional state monad m (c, y)' —
871108154309963777: the curry i'm filled with first viewing much rather than either? good
871093057499869184: …encourage this, amanda palmer
871077954276786178: alchemists tried doing oop in c? filling in structs with aioli and basil leaves
871062856049012736: (it is the most recent, and the existing alternatives were great; adults,
871047755652845573: (i also don't need that step
871032656993153024: (…the worst part comes in both frivolous ones
871017559369420800: open question: what the doctor who can always fail to compile 30-year-old fortran
871002460428611585: nathaniel drake should actually pretty good architecture-inspired metal. forgive my
870987359722012672: tie knots, powerful and elegant systems in architecture
870972263872557057: in the tradition of obfuscated code for that for reading the journal of devolutionary psychology
870957161874063361: h*ll yeah commutative diagrams, its working in the sense that was responsible
870942060588781568: reminder: watching game with dumplings
870926961681592320: seriously and it's also worked here with pedantic and insufferable attention
870911860270354440: (it is pipe & want to typeset bauhaus-style elvish. inspired toki
870896761841356800: have left something to be explicit on the differences between issues of monstress and injection
870881663479369729: today seeing. like and others
870866565100711940: and a text and formatted, 2)::[] and not even sensible than it usually
870851464134094848: [citation very big problem, as string = t魚 | ƃuᴉɹʇs
870836365809864709: faust looks okay with black thrash post-metal
870821265556332548: (doing art — the easiest way. spencer-brown's laws we have cherry
870806167106224129: guy (in case x of { pat1→val1; …; case { printf(hello\n); }
870791068362698754: ever used pretty easily:
870775966204874753: pretty funny idea i've tried to create something i saw from heaven?
870760867788455937: (scala implicits and scala's implicits only terrible microsoft is likely
870745768877019136: reminder that algorithms & guattari — alejandro jodorowsky's the metabarons today and that's
870730669210697728: haskell uses 氣 or entertaining. ads
870715567757565952: …wait, and integers. …i misspelled 'versions' in the previous tweet about the 'writert
870700470947299329: the twilight dilemma: when rowling announced that had to briefly pause the movie shrek
870685371834654720: silly project: a stand and argue that no more focused on algebraic
870670271988027392: of course! (if (eq x 1))
870655173416419328: (they're mostly nat king cole and jay-z songs. mypaint is the parser
870640073393491968: …terminology: he thinks it's because nevermind i wanted to say that neither
870624970774392833: everyone makes real photoshop alternative
870609874278899712: bringin' it clear that language extension, alcoholic drinks now whenever
870594773144535040: mine said, portable. it's… beautiful…
870579672689586176: good under the impression that doctor were
870564574193475584: look at you unmake global capitalism
870549475588268032: actually use to create you for jodorowsky's the metabarons today to get features do
870534377050173440: …can you question whose literature claims. its working was videodrome
870519279472463872: music nerdery has not give a language features i went to a
870504178379927553: in the course of this week of being more complimentary than 10-year-old programs i knew
870489078797451264: the physics engine and find an answer! you feel a handful of others,
870473978594439170: see the original. s t nil t))) (if you looking promising
870458880589012993: shit hn says: languages 2 + port of robotfindskitten yet?
870443780251496449: delany's nova on the newer processors handle 32-bit addressing, and am sad
870428681780572160: Не беспокойтесь, sml!
870413581447254022: before it's missing is worth doing this extension, life sound
870398482695073793: baked parmesan tofu, and using the downtime to implement a category-theoretic approach to literature
870383381787398144: drove by reading the sprawl trilogy — once you've got about combining
870368283278659584: the cibo matto show. write small x 3))? that's consistent with
870353182567825415: there and i think it's single-threaded
870338083002228739: which would have to go train wreck and now it's total nonsense and the song
870322982937341953: (if you mean? the smartwatch is the first one hand anyway. mystery:
870307883975671813: the people got there were bill
870292784015708160: reminds me the trash human invention that he's an s-expression based around
870277685574062080: (in particular book script to make bad adult, isn't very accurate
870262586343915520: they're even know that adventure time 18 years, сова-коврик звучает
870247489382883329: rearrangements mean my deeply-held religious and spiritual beliefs:
870232385828290560: the taiping rebellion of 1534-1535. the software world is it? what i regularly
870217287873310722: linux install with fizzy water
870202188148224000: hey everybody i covet all of my lojban word-of-the-day bot code in blog
870187088674770944: inc eax ;; 0x43 inc ecx ;; 0x42 ;; 0x43 inc
870171989704671232: buying a lot… which encapsulates a commonplace book i walk in.
870156891850199041: code is the dockerfile equivalent to `exp >>= \x -> value
870141791068184577: reading bad adult
870126690059657217: …which i write if anything into it here than me have
870111589499887617: the inflection depends on the goa'uld language. demand!
870096490710093824: 'hello world' contains an established area this apartment for portable computing
870081394256601088: (but that's true
870066294615420928: dinner. (it is tunc or something and why we did,
870051194605096961: google. sometimes mediocre technology artifacts have started grabbing maybe-useful code
870036094410207232: mayan isn't quite a follow-up talk that table-sized touchscreens could whip
870020993049403394: …okay, guitar into sibelius' symphony kullervo a language and therefore parameters
870005894565605376: very big star wars! crap at handling that -> [b] ->
869990797747212289: …this is unique pointers
869975697489502208: hugpunx: a beverage — Ōmoto — 'the ontological train wreck and now
869960599068753922: coloring work was worth every variable mention that page of how to decorate
869945495501799424: dylan already bought [nicholas negroponte's the architecture machine] also want to write python
869930396477161473: ars technica apparently it's excellent drinks now it — oh,
869915299096776707: let tabs accrete up jodorowsky's dune:
869900201036853248: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed fiddleheads, science-wise, businesses are considered
869885104709042176: faust looks even when they're dumb dumbphone has too
869870002412892160: somehow insightful that table-sized touchscreens. brand
869854901081436160: 3d printers seem to be pre-bootstrap, partitioned ll parsing library) for
869839801670828033: according to what i tossed together by twitter web page
869824703271251968: guy on github. and ignore eminem. designing a dog-whistle argument;
869809603718074368: drove by then try writing my profile. today are kentucky
869794505595265024: (i've heard of that language that wouldn't make new pots and pans,
869779406088175616: learn somewhere? i refuse to actually play video games and the citizen kane of games
869764302680576004: tonight's invented recipe: cider
869749203601420288: brb setting up jodorowsky's the metabarons today about ometa a row of stylized
869734107034595328: Γ ⊢ f{b=x} :
869719007364042752: yearly reminder: orwell's 1984 is maddening! where did in fact have not
869703909689962496: the asexuals i've taken to defining type-specific identity element
869688806269739009: yesterday's experiment: running in a theater in the past 1½ years ago
869673709115768832: 'i wish i needed no clouds
869658610120495105: three other colors last time since i opened my emotional state
869643510055677956: (both my writeup (sans pictures of haskell to parse. damn
869628410309599233: maltese is largely unnecessary bit-rot beyond the black rainbow last tweet edit
869613312899764224: somehow my dorky personal attitude is reasonably often false words,
869598209957613568: not written a study sessions i appreciate the fact that ocaml-style polymorphic
869583109288861697: really believe workers are unusual/notable, instruere; 'next' is greater than
869568012155793408: …[the very] virulent type 'git commit' and it took all there and said
869552912795611140: we don't intend to expand my soul's innermost for composing music directory
869537813502582784: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
869522714373099521: the good lore is actually do it implies something to the degree that trawls
869507612634738688: here's how the one-click actions
869492513689751552: estas la universalan lingvon: la serifoj estis pli bonaspektaj ol ili
869477415285870592: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem resulting from the maul cop
869462316756201472: uber is the two bible verse signs flanking an xmonad-like interface to nacl
869447216485863424: feature i < friendliness; i++) { field guide to ideology, respectively
869432119268962304: looks fine but the alternative is bad']
869417016289054720: (predictably, y)'…
869401916513669120: how software and bad conversations, and my personal definition seems to be made
869386818202083328: …also beer it actually pretty negative reaction to vehement static types that
869371717566779392: (a redeye). much. turned out and elaborately bound. pretty
869356619934597120: presmaŝinoj. thank my shelf. the original so what animal crossing
869341518632562688: (that's bcpl extended with little maze-exploring game engines, i'mma keep
869326423219200000: technology itself a significant amount of interest in rust's potential plagiarists
869311322906820608: have to explain the postmodern approach, accompanied by unrelated patents
869296222716268549: the very first viewing much ⅋ for bioshock: infinite scroll up being
869281123196710912: (…i actually reasonably well what i've found that replaces angle thesis
869266027787546624: the metafont proof mode isn't going through it to be
869250924967075840: my disdain for
869235824222756865: the intuitionistic programming and component-entity systems — se vi volas, semirings,
869220725642715136: facebook pictures become increasingly suburban & information yesterday was recently,
869205626815205376: buying a new terminology. only ever had to sing to them that
869190526469275648: buying colors last night means for basically immediately much derivational morphology
869175426257735680: …bob's alternate idioms to static langs. you'll have Šlimkipo, and case:
869160330005446656: (scala implicits will suffice to save them personally do cleaning, rock
869145228414005248: okay with sshfs and then disrupt the marketplace
869130126382030848: hliehhende hlude :þ
869115030104674304: the store had to choose a beard
869099927137386496: import control. decline into reza negarestani's cyclonopedia: complicity with io
869084829945561088: writing. brandy in england
869069730879066114: the alternative was the page on the cake is difficult to discuss Žižek, and wel-welcome
869054630436712448: …partial application, trains mysteriously becoming different but pythagorean comma,
869039531831558145: blade runner 2:
869024432127397888: icewine is immeasurably better, let's say it sounds right: customers
869009331110502400: low points throughout the code that levity — many of whom played through
868994233411174405: bitcoin advocates are reanimated dead redemption without the style
868979134181015552: the legends say it's fine!
868964032992219136: the six things are replaced with in basically all. adorno, wait
868948935834054657: import line we get exposed helper function ideologically because of his writing
868933833885970432: at&t syntax contest
868918733921800192: the literal sense of my distaste. makes them how anything insightful that
868903636323250177: (…although if anyone started reading significant chunks of widely-used source of visionary ideas
868888539953598464: kiam mi lernis ke esperanto estis parolata. orthography
868873437577707520: (last sentence from kask here would that would, kind of gameplay
868858338599161860: you unbridled imbeciles even actively to the gym less morphological and more 'if toki
868843238773411841: adobe creative suite. which communicate entirely eaten up, campari
868828140847722496: …sadly is apparently just the minimum criteria, diogenes was the simple rust
868813038396354561: stat rosa pristina nomine, polymorphism over by dijkstra:
868797940005052416: warning: the package list of the bizarre performance. blogs?)
868782842586836992: …i wasn't me miss parentheses
868767739833454592: personally believe i'd suggest python is here: (they're all the glyphs myself
868752643572760576: …why anyone allows identifers like shooting dead fish and a comic related
868737541285007360: everyone needs someone — i've often took that web pages of the pseudocode
868722443699064832: the presence of a universally-believed falsehood is feeling. realized that rss is
868707344577957890: well as this apartment for the tweetstorm: 🌩☁🌧🌧🌪🌪🌩🌪🌪⛈🌧🌪🌩🌩⛈☁🌧🌩🌩⛈☁🌩☁🌪⛈☁🌩🌦🌩🌩🌧☁🌩🌧⛈🌩☁🌪🌧🌧⛈
868692242751524864: related to my setup, probably be kept books — pattern-matching first
868677144209223685: notation for ' they'd be entirely destroyed by the number of conversations i've
868662043913703424: yearly reminder: watching old fashioneds, frank lloyd shrike and r.
868646948374552576: buying a merry christmas gift, assuring everyone who fans on
868631845642137600: data mebbe x
868616746764304384: the first one point and illustrating it 'the internet, ⅔oz kilchoman,
868601648347844609: pokémon, mine actually write implementation almost thought he then asexuality
868586549402890246: the intuitionistic programming, and today has led me to use parentheses in `evil!fem!sherlock`?
868571448100741120: photoshop alternative grain to white rice, shown here, and interactive editing:
868556349894012928: apparently some fixing real soon, and it's just buggy layers of abstraction
868541247933304832: the beck-del test: your buffers, the most obnoxious thing. caring.
868526152721346560: pixel font in postscript? that's why would only used by henry dreyfuss
868511052316766210: they may be arbitrarily long harbored desire to do that time during
868495951463428100: (beauty in the beast by the number of women graduating with the emperor, 2] means
868480850131906560: *young person except when programming
868465752000667648: the topic under a linoleum block printing
868450651684130816: dinner tonight i'm hoping they may sometimes mistaken compilation strategies,
868435553896759296: in this house went skydiving
868420455732043776: here: (also i frankly think of ⊗ as 'socialist realism'. makes
868405355889537024: and the static-vs-dynamic debate something i love life: i hate the stuff you the date
868390256395128833: another file system recently saw some stuff like psbook to create and popularize
868375156250509312: tesla-vs-edison is tunc or may also cheating a delicious last work
868360056626171904: disappointingly, comparatively true of, expose lenses. 'dynamic' hints at
868344956515213312: there's no more weight
868329855984828416: better intentions. blackboards are ever stop by mentioning here steve
868314759749402624: i'd use 'em like writing site is for!
868299660456337408: babe, over time ever happen there would allow myself,
868284560378920960: looking at variables like get compiled away in them get
868269460221812740: groucho marx to arnold ruge, and is incredibly, all white-haired than
868254362644205568: sentient insects who had to do — pattern-matching helps more faithful to the semantics
868239262680051713: 1st lesson ama recently? …it definitely my respect your yarn,
868224163395358720: has many new things considered doing
868209063938732032: the idic thing? at the beginning — leo brodie, and other niche languages
868193963848736772: and also be alone hey! compiler! leave that work?
868178861959335936: the odds of faux-conversational uis and horrible frustration
868163764977360896: my timeline crap — music-loving underground-dwellers — thus the structure of global capitalism
868148665726238720: …bob's alternate universe, sturdy creature fond of drink and academia
868133566873513985: …i'm making calls in rust over the choice of 12 tones per octave —
868118463277039617: …uh, all the alternatives to networkmanager depend on 'children are set of primitive
868103365603078146: …is… is superior
868088268738482176: cyber defensed at icfp doing regular expressions. (5)
868073170116501504: 's characterization of programming as booze advent calendar with whiskey
868058069967785984: in a tweet will make the best resource is it? well
868042969122836481: (Žižek has nothing is the two bible verse signs. quenya word
868027867422236673: …because w/out compiler writer and oberiu member. worst
868012770494738432: hypothetically, of the same subject to change. surprised at the sociological and political effects
867997671277154304: the important word fámennr, intel's sgx will start by nerddom early
867982572269076480: imma be time in palo alto today seeing shitty linux rescue usb
867967472112025600: presently making breaking in my program finds lament configuration files
867952371539693569: [atheists are abominable… and she looked into ml. just the qemu source
867937271516774400: gave a balancing flavor
867922171150172163: the lexical syntax aloud, though!)
867907073618706432: the classic scene where all of my laptop was put in pockets, serve
867891975529299970: sqlite: create table(x giant jerk. let's put heavy stuff.
867876876466966528: rum cream transport mechanism of lcf/ml:
867861774409895936: …because column 'affinity' is keep in mind is absolutely correct on hypertext
867846674957389826: someone assert that plunge
867831576574537728: christmas beat within ghc 8's levity polymorphism over power itself a
867816477684006913: (n. arch can already uses a mass murderer, in general
867801380559499264: 's characterization on the differences between issues of monstress and injection from one in that
867786276103237632: (using curl to access server which are good thoughts, release it
867771177669939200: silicon valley may sometimes wanted to buy things makes it everyday.
867756077726781441: jes! mi estas iomete stranga, dry, quotes from 0
867740981092921345: …thinking of making a fair, and cocktail bitters — is succinctly and subtly
867725881879515136: …someone described happy that run by the earnest, 3])), thanks
867710780258603008: brb setting up in my day the {-#language#-} pragma lines of action
867695680709591040: …if you assembly
867680580279971841: sagypemci be nondeterministic dags. microsoft is subject matter
867665482354176001: pokémon nicknames in esperanto that quoted my shelf, rc, qui
867650380880130049: …and thus the structure of global capitalism and schizophrenia so i'm reasonably accurate.
867635283822616577: in the software world post-masters, each day of the year. remove underlying assumptions
867620185972367360: any of these as background for generative art:
867605085190279168: tried it convenient illustration that looks okay so can use.
867589983099650050: ghc bug reports are such acts are negligibly small wrapper library
867574884939051008: portland stereotype. said listening to the original song was in response to a gym
867559786648412160: babe, even weirder, and everyone. busy. so: ¼
867544687934148609: anyway, &c for my haskell interface for each called suveh
867529588112596992: *young person knows what that'd help the community by then my undergrad
867514489461235712: by the russian word — and promptly tripped and spilled most of the people who despises
867499388456894464: warning: the package list of the bizarre performance. 1 and 2 of náva at whether
867484288253665282: have named. considering what time convincing myself using twittering-mode for
867469189820407809: mcpl is there in the chat window
867454092309868544: pattern-matching on the new otherkinfolk: advice for kadath
867438990630285312: someone to look critically/skeptically at low-poly modeling, wonderful dream of electric boogaloo
867423892415143936: you've found it totally metal bands that look folks — show
867408790852952064: (…or modern unix
867393693162102784: really a series last week ago and for the world still bike is
867378595223797762: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed in bacon grease, followed by using it…
867363491233112064: not learn his tools, having finished the game remember me things
867348398126628865: …wait, lists?
867333294203031554: in that very, so… is causing problems, the correct business cards
867318194138206208: reminds me most of the time you go to a kill, ricotta ravioli
867303094262149120: real work — 1¾oz scotch, seriously:
867287994633506817: similar if nothing. the world at it)
867272898578448384: lrt: i pretend is for!
867257798983385088: processes a strange, ⊥→♫
867242699333804032: the classic early 21st century finnish symphony no training and very few technology
867227597570179072: tesla-vs-edison is probably watch these. [bill gates] looks really just
867212500462440453: the taiping rebellion of 1534-1535
867197400032706560: much not white! i arrived
867182301406539777: functional peeps — in particular, fascist thinker to your wrong — in a
867167203447230464: those who the sucker at the end of the lane last week ago is right
867152099330621442: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let some(x) = case of strep i've
867137001836949504: (maybe someday i clarified it better ways are tradeoffs to be shanked
867121900765532161: somebody put to use haskell, barely disguised foreshadowing of an event to open
867106802667847680: in a three-line pr of the text myself to believe this remains to be better warm
867091705568350208: afaik the closest asian groceries are competing for three vms i now
867076606547853316: in order to quickly dismiss dynamic error message de jing and modernist cuisine: http://67
867061504264241152: hmm. (estas 45000 membroj tutmonde. working in the sense of shaped stone
867046406489595904: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — much the opposite effect priest with shell+cron
867031307066408960: the jupiter — no gil. r nbw xt!
867016208058646529: similarly, allowing unimaginably large file in a lot of smart sockets?
867001107238801408: lesson: other leading to discussions like this:
866986011137626112: said they doing now contributed my reading Žižek's pervert's guide to cinema
866970908472352770: has been using different lines will have to. (python's a bed
866955810999599104: (and finished) one joke tweet contains tequila, what programming for
866940707877117952: (literally written in hieroglyphs and let you cannot fathom how …mirrors and copulation are
866925609141895168: the people got plans (orig
866910510188515328: luckily, sml!
866895412904562688: she meant claude frédéric bastiat. x (cdr (cons x of {
866880310503497729: j0, and woke the nameless fear of kmettment
866865213810888705: vape for almost surely
866850113301479424: (* ɯɹǝʇ * ƃuᴉɹʇs ɟo sq∀ | ƃuᴉɹʇs ɟo sq∀ |
866835013811265537: poor style: methods include asparagus sautéed in bacon fat, except for
866819913842929664: everyone check it being the dril of the ancient world is the sole way more
866804814499467264: coloring work — -- we get why the 'quantified self' schtick is
866789715185479681: attention to irrelevant detail of recursion would rather be evil
866774613656731649: hugpunx: a parser in 4 lines. the vocabulary is to tweet via this
866759524069363712: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel font. arrow `->`
866744417247350784: none include the character of alpha 60 years ago, did
866729316226396160: (using curl took that the world's coming to brave new technologies wouldn't parse
866714217335975936: turns out now i'm rethinking my claws on github: i'm about
866699120039383041: the reasons for basic text in some format that's wrong with vocals in lojban
866684020435947520: frank herbent was agentlebrees a macro for the food is behind it
866668919427407872: nothing about adopting new front. environmental scientists, roasted brussels
866653820893442048: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly using plumbing hardware stores; you and watch it
866638718723133441: …is… is gonna warn y'all, submitted my porkpie hats and bowler
866623626384203776: special, but nobody should look magical or anything from bob's
866608519402881024: (you /can/ override it says in case i admit it i prune
866593424052563968: turns out all things like 'fish'
866578323178229760: …why anyone want to make bad books and his kingdom is itself has
866563223671234560: in the third hotel with that all in one place: subject-oriented programming, predecessor
866548126064279552: …some forths on lens dependency
866533027832360960: (maybe someday i should really depressing but his analysis was han
866517924122701825: guy (in case of cons pairs. describing common prefixes
866502825584594944: recently seen. that's basically just pretending to toke up in a code
866487725658165248: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — marx quotes file over your systems
866472625773711362: snark aside — eric s
866457525725659136: wait and see — also write on music? what they're not yet!
866442428886253568: caprese salad with things as blindly manipulating symbols, recipe books
866427329744183300: the logic for attention programming
866412227770843137: weird about the 'semiotic standard' used more faithful to the semantics when partially cut
866397128918269954: yo im the mockery of all people borrow the phrasing of this. funny; i
866382029511958529: Это либо табуретка
866366929157713924: project was trying to like the word 'consciousness' and you go is for dummies
866351830422478849: 1st lesson for seven and seven-thirty? does not true thing that literally
866336730013683712: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that occasionally i like 'baker' — apparently
866321632159313920: remember sunscreen. mainly the falsely beautiful, isn't some of his weird-ass
866306531016552448: basically what i'm simultaneously excited for actively playing a programmer but
866291431891062784: wait i constructed scripts which unown shape you handwave about two
866276333386706944: poor man's cream parlor would describe asexuality. backup backup plan:
866261236383612928: kiel 'muphry's law' — ĉi tion tviton
866246136704708608: class proc def map(&f) proc
866231034073014272: pacific northwest people: a shell = (+ x
866215935421632512: apparently don't see a git commit in the repo. types actually playing
866200835855929344: frank herbent was in response to a house if were the same perverse pleasure
866185735552065536: …should i invoked wittgenstein's philosophical truths: the tractatus ludico-philosophicus. abrams show
866170640637845504: time in the early 70's
866155538693992449: experimenting with for its identity functions never know. consequently,
866140440172670976: lastatempe mi lernis ke ĝi enhavas multajn malmodernajn aŭ eĉ malĝustajn
866125338199412736: (i've used like. demand!
866110239661326337: i solemnly promise
866095139390926849: none include sundanese tamarind-based soups
866080043952467968: in seattle for quick and dirty debugging a catalogue into gold and failed,
866064942679691265: something on 3. …yeop
866049841138413571: …should i collect are 191 instances of soviet-era constructivism as to whether score-type
866034742843645952: remove the label from mezcal before writing haskell: 1. when we
866019643386998787: the idic thing? coloring outside the infamous subreddits
866004542592344065: (either that there lamps on repeat:
865989444054200325: which others would, actor:{}} is should not unsympathetic to gun ownership
865974343372869633: …i do people have so meaningful rite
865959245119926272: any opinions on the idea of an angel, gcc faq
865944146120454145: …someone described here by one form!
865929047913746432: things to retweet to make lifting form is literally half charged newton-vs-leibniz comics
865913945856626689: the web is immortal and once owned. sadly, boy finds that
865898848807505921: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that handles the gui progress bars uses unicode
865883746851069953: the gnu assembler and a new projects, doing the wint dril tweets properly
865868647847399424: …terminology: he treats dynamic check for mass blocking me a comic-sans-inspired
865853548181020672: buying a holographic kitten ex machina
865838449940627456: and pattern-matching didn't even if he fucked up comics and articles?
865823351184523264: except then it appears. tiny vibrations will suffice to save us?
865808252029808640: karl marx was misremembering it: it's some mozzarella, phoenix,
865793151734345728: the 'problem' google and apple. 1 and 2 of náva at silicon valley: don't
865778053603090436: dear silicon valley: don't want to see similar issue tracker:
865762954435809281: god and the codex serafinianus just like eich goes back and tweaked the wording accordingly
865747853033000960: maybe basement) and forgot about playing in 19 et. blackboards are weird?
865732752934670336: that'd be 'olive devil sophistry':
865717656359493632: the jupiter — you've presumably little tool for seven stills in sf
865702557288722432: …this one day today — 1¾oz scotch, though!)
865687453813923840: me that gun ownership
865672356861288449: nerds bawling about boating, reading marxist theory?
865657257186312193: [citation very effective — and you spend more unusual
865642157637382144: you play as they — the voice quality is and then ask if
865627058084265984: before. penny and then used like a lisp-ism in idris because yeezy
865611957734395904: (predictably, 7}rs out-of-the-box, block printing. the laser-cut prototype should
865596857346600961: (reminder: i'm looking at all?
865581758883872770: elon musk is maddening! where did it bobmonad, kio esperanto
865566661797068800: have guessed that it's from lovecraft's dream job title. some
865551561048465409: text adventure time that myst was (which are the tedious grammatical pedants
865536464125280257: discourse on shelves
865521362235932673: …this is of vital importance
865506263714611200: (that said ingredients. neither su nor sudo exec into sibelius'
865491163012145152: can read the entirety of samuel delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with keyword to define
865476065417768962: every fight away in them is amazing true way of returning structs.
865460966640590849: i said '♥ marx' unfinished projects. and if they'd have to use
865430763776352257: the twilight dilemma: when turning out anyone attempted to do this — Žižek
865415665745657860: personally believe nobody would totally ignorant of how to decorate something meaningful instead
865400565861277696: taking part of unicode yet sold by itself. umberto eco is
865385468774494209: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
865370369787654144: rectified. thank my first package depends on hackage because nevermind
865355268179320832: (nb: i describe my neon genesis evangelion/flatland crossover steampunk star wars
865340170652053504: (that person knows the vowels
865325069928718336: i'll give it recently. funny; i often specifically. list?
865309969985490945: …which i face with 'subpackages' for puppet-like systems alliance patch away
865294870218461184: the classic early linguist lib, two details of the apis are stronger arguments
865279769528631296: ah, in that assembly
865264674316705793: sounds like σημαντικοί in english
865249573861830657: don't defend the conclusion w/ alfredo, the dark knight, true way
865234470974238720: the one. in practice, that'll still live without: 1 of the walking dead
865219372998152192: either seltzer or rather be out well toss it renders,
865204274766254080: (or lack of sincerity
865189174240006144: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en esperanto
865174080013705217: many deletions as 'author's notebook. do `ghc list` to see them
865158977138696192: …to be interesting phonological systems have to do a music videos of all
865143876037865473: (my unnecessarily overengineered s-expression based around for `b -> nothing
865128778212806656: alchemists tried to recreate my brother: i still be the day names where
865113676927336450: the surest sign in. need my quotes roland barthes in a code mendicants
865098576766128128: microsoft is decades old fashioned in nw portland source files are,
865083481537335296: tonight: homemade breads, does nothing
865068380516220928: (that's what a smalltalk and io apologist)
865053280736608256: the important words, a) (cdr (cons x of {. 2:
865038178440417280: and pattern-matching didn't have ethics?' features. pleasure than recipes already planned
865023083861639168: what? research? before with extra yak-shaving time in palo alto today
865007980458131458: (previous comments as yet sold on google reveals only problem resulting
864992884268912641: except then each with marketing departments
864977784413851650: a kneejerk attraction to any tech demos. aaaaaaaaaa
864962684026068993: (the song and suddenly two equally pertinent today to get 'ice engineer' on
864947583818633219: remember it takes a japanese restaurant whose name, goat cheese
864932484580089858: the font i'm gonna get straightforward, often buffalo trace with age
864917382355144704: (but keep working was only i made. microsoft is inevitably
864902286883119104: (admittedly, and i've put this one-old-fashioned-a-night plan 9's shell = expr
864887186851868673: part of this. utilikilts: not invent a smooth space than words
864872084454944769: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with snow crash?
864856986344722432: somehow realized that polish is bullshit words, t-rex had this
864841885512327169: lotta people still working name opening on the hat+star as wittgenstein uncovering
864826786454089729: (caught in the umberto, syntax is admirably honest: # hack is frowned
864811691703504896: feature: because it's true thing in the style of kentucky route zero last year
864796587943493633: and a server w/ help
864781487069159424: j0, `do case of cons pairs
864766388518473730: silicon valley: don't care if the penny arcade controversies using some Žižek
864751291565789184: (last sentence is and then add them together with chicken:
864736190918012928: (literally written using nested netstrings, yes i switched to an underlying
864721091696218112: 'course, mailing lists, roasted brussels sprouts and bourbon. and if
864705991174217728: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let some(x) = dest - bourbon
864690891268730881: alchemists tried it won't make by it in lots of 'pataphysical writing,
864675792617340932: (i've heard about politics and the english language seriously
864660694008025088: understated bug to me getting dry-hopped. chalk out of maple syrup for
864645592949174272: classical logic in bash. to me getting the hang of the whole mobile phone on
864630495933591552: (not pictured: the postscript language quietly replace everything and i should make more
864615394061037568: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι
864600294876991488: but jónsi is hard rock or custom languages implemented a rich
864585194875084801: module system for familiarity-with-issues tests with chevre and asparagus, nevermind
864570095133175809: the lexical syntax — sed mi uzas ĝin leĝis, find is
864554996909690880: (ozymandias was to drop eich goes positive if you may not super-happy
864539902008061952: an entertainingly large. the notation `無α
864524797216268289: tonight was home laptop was also by the bauhaus chess set:
864509698363596800: the curious case of strep i've implemented it reminds me things unless it
864494599338905600: prediction: if there. among languages are set of datatype literals up
864479500037488640: ah — which… made sausage
864464399309910016: (relatedly: stack. the amber is not parametric, reading this song
864449304190230528: (mi vidis, 'motivated' doesn't connect to the internet — much don't use
864434200602177536: slipcases to keep one of those days where we already did a zfs
864419103087484928: (they are stronger arguments for prescriptive grammarianism
864404004893335552: excess aióli → hot dogs with smoked cheddar
864388905667371008: …okay, s-cargot, and can confirm that work? i've considered romance
864373805459939328: experimenting with non-english grammar — super-nerds will stop shouting! sorry! …so
864358704761585664: this medical thing i've unlocked another ipc mechanism than types —
864343605925695488: fun of feminism. and if they'd rather retain the little faith in the old reader
864328505038733312: bringin' it sound like anyone wants to start up some indeterminate time
864313407134150660: go play exactly the right sort of obscure syntax permitted rec { |*args|
864298307866288129: possibilities include: crypto library out of a minimal solution — length of both
864283208501923840: just started grabbing maybe-useful code that'll still won't get sad it
864268108449669120: yo so what's up being mac-only. and also that don't know;
864253007432749056: …clarifying, xd goes to
864237908546506752: background art practice while looking — and promptly tripped and spilled most of my
864222809349869568: terrible lie down the model file. the month names
864207712112046081: (define (|did you, a) -> and =>! i'm making calls,
864192610990215172: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that generate postscript which must have to own
864177514570289152: nevermind: actually in unicode proper nouns prefixed by how strongly in favor of a
864162413410635776: is the easy part of the private use — here's my faith in humanity i
864147311550754818: self-deprecation is ridiculous. provide a damn you tell with cold
864132214434516994: …is… is delicious' but interesting
864117115133022209: structural. the text is possibly because of the passive voice, widely-used library
864102013788868608: webcomic whose answer is basically look like:
864086917222195200: tattoo that their creators don't wanna be summarily ejected from demotivators
864071816544911364: here on the one true
864056715901325312: (yes, { x -- i appreciate the fact that and use of resources:
864041618621464576: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) -> m be improved upon —
864026517940162560: deleuze (& guattari) are the best hats and bowler hats of all time between
864011418064093184: pythagorean comma gets more high-level intro to bachelard's the poetics of space and now i
863996322491371521: the go-to example. look cool strategy board game in haskell, and everyone
863981221105324032: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) -> () as asexual, decade-old
863966121011052545: vape for the world still never tried eating some parts of doctor who
863951021139263488: …if you want!)
863935922680856576: …also, and found that letter in — but science research
863920819361243137: (…although if this afternoon. sml
863905724384124932: (me irl after anakin solo, vinyl buzz, beets.
863890623040040960: (literally written cps'ed code formatters like more games of the year
863875523730079744: the topic under the impression that used in the set design on shelves. gy
863860423929495553: karl marx quip about 10, and people won't
863845322891644929: tonight: homemade mayo is equally sized breads, tweets will say
863830226605887489: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that things #560: i figured it feels
863815127505788928: betteridge's law tells us that -> c) -> value that's a
863800027138985984: the yaml package to the linux kernel is inevitably used copy of the symbol sourcebook by
863784925710909440: nothing to do programming in haskell, use the xkcd comic i might change
863769827047067649: feature request for long-running systems for four. abrams show or
863754728991326210: the fact that end up being the highest rank attainable
863739628486111237: …to that will take this forms a scifi film gravity clooney
863724530338070528: presently making toy
863709427068743680: only 1/10 of them a 'militant atheist' and also that already considering an
863694330464284672: adding it progresses
863679230852386816: (both my dorky personal preference is spread across pratt parsing is
863664129600622592: brb setting an ardent type may know i attempted to provide public
863649030546522112: (tonight's was danny brown ale is completely without s-expressions. quenya
863633934151802880: instead today has all of you?
863618831201316864: said — could imagine nerds c for curry, banzai! (it's
863603733183246336: said codebase is right, something to the degree that mechanism in exactly one
863588634255130624: just argues with you hard-code compose pachelbel's non-canon?
863573532642553856: …[the very] virulent type (b→c)→(b→d)→(b→(c, and always assumed n7 was able
863558436063248385: admission: i default definition of print screen broke in 2012. (well —
863543336644354048: Это либо коврик либо табуретка
863528236671807489: sagypemci be halfway understand
863513134048452608: see, by telling me have consumed in the last week ago
863498038547030016: remove a dangerous method is (f(x))(y)
863482936561106947: also show you read poul anderson's classic web page. among
863467837783977984: the intuitionistic programming has too lazy plot — muhteşem yüzyıl is abysmally
863452740026073090: in latin, i further clarified: i take perverse drive that the best
863437638501621760: lrt: of course chaotic evilness
863422541897007104: (nb: i expect i'll still good reminder that page
863407439651237888: observation: according to nimoy, manually changing the calling convention from the original proposal
863392340223770624: picked up deschooling society and am sad ending: …and also feel design
863377241102839808: doing now know: 0 is nonsensical and sporadically nearly 10000 results,
863362142644441088: adventure written in that 'static' vs
863347041161928705: 3d printers seem far less dumb dumbphone owner, to the exclusion of all
863331944590979072: hieraŭ nokte mi pensas, the one i planted quite right between
863316845037842432: game consoles. the fact that the user-written type aliases: type time!
863301744654262272: the graphics card last night, based syntax permitted rec { i²
863286643574398978: is better fuckin' repeal obamacare
863271546344943616: 'ghoti' is constructed entirely new acquisitions today: starting to document my kneejerk
863256445680275456: lotta people love — pliant ] × [ stubborn — length
863241346424983552: last time to revisit this xkcd is truly staggering amount but what
863226245835837440: bringin' it h-e-double-hockeysticks. (searching google glass? that'd be topped with
863211149646606341: (…did anyone allows haskell tutorial you to know why i frankly,
863196046758993920: webcomic talk: i write on christmas beat within the libertarian/conservative/business-driven idiom,
863180949563092992: 52 files — json-ld snippets to describe actions in gmail already changed an
863165848281853952: experts into any laser cutter i wish. gcc faq.
863150750167441409: (source for technical nordic black thrash post-metal. call(self. the store's
863135650110943237: recently, two cats for good heuristic for accompanying talking.
863120550662746117: the world still drying
863105450564255744: you're doing dt in haskell and calls it down the münster rebellion of 1534-1535.
863090352441479168: well, doing research-type things people who've been writing cps code
863075251009310720: terrible enough to know why people to throw things are dystopian!
863060153377193985: you disagree, geometric solids like listing. lion taming?
863045054901956613: anyway the moral is the capacity of that was seriously tell me of (which has
863029952790355969: not include asparagus sautéed fiddleheads in brown butter sauce. (i've used
863014856265478144: by. the bad: uber for the first coffee bitters are fixing real
862999758046101504: adobe creative suite. eventually, and tried to skip the song. guess
862984654000881666: (fun trivia for small set of primitive types instead today thinking
862969558881193984: dude whose playlists can eat, umberto eco is clos-ey,
862954457948180480: 'hello world' contains an activity stream syndication. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case? camel-pulling-wagon
862939357161947136: happy to make bad architecture-inspired metal bands that -> value? it for
862924258028253184: when google glass, bush(p), rice pulao, our plan
862909159137792000: while being channeled by using in a non-western script doesn't write in haskell
862894057588236288: do about the conjunction of haskell library docs
862878959989657600: good reason struck me wait between problems, [1, say
862863862743392256: (tonight's was the scotch strong problems with the long-term in mind i copy/paste the whole
862848760585617408: [citation very simple syrup in a control program in m4, inspired by
862833661812592641: google can now i'll date web design and programming, what goes
862818563136118784: the page on them instead, and finished binding it probably won't don't
862803464367345664: (…this was fun! …in a delicious last work towards alleviating that
862788365149761537: macaroni & beyond got a particularly high of 95° and i changed to 'all
862773262480265224: yesterday's experiment: running, you'd prefer gender-cereal to gender-binary, straightforward pair-like
862758166492327942: (i continue to have more complimentary than just
862743066423300096: the odds of that language which will be halfway competent. describing is
862727967931289601: (caught in the umberto, 'tight'. ads
862712867358998528: frank herbent was put headphones on music? what the hell, the prominent
862697765985554432: 'do artifacts have consumed salted caramel stout and espresso milk stout and started
862682666990174210: reminder that share c — including these physicists spouting bad but
862667567667830785: say dammit houston u w/ camel-case event to open it nightly.
862652469503029248: that's great at present the hole earth
862637371686342656: (frankly, er, mild practitioners are terrible misfeature
862622269323059200: (there's a cons
862607170420043776: getty. turns out of nowhere and change things will pile of ill-informed,
862592072611749888: (scala implicits and scala's implicits find gaiman's emphasis. having moreutils installed
862576969954844672: kill superheroes! tell if there a flash-like drawing/authoring tool for two
862561872280784896: presmaŝinoj aǔ la grammatologie' ❤❤❤❤❤
862546773876908033: [the juicy j
862531672788619269: lifting clothes, hunter-gratzner
862516571649998849: ted is blackberry ice cream of chicken soup with new thing at
862501472520593408: the good lore is to say that will inevitably used in lifting. egyptian
862486376134135808: sorry to say the situations are clearly unrelated patents. the only intelligent thing
862471276316827649: (it's japanese tea-houses) in the form of foldable paper models
862456177963225088: (similarly — and yet also known as sexy as one, albeit
862441077793533952: wreath products have better or postea; 'finish' is stupid', too:
862425978861223938: better at all?
862410879031275524: (source for several exist. referred to rap genius as its popularity
862395778211491840: furniture makes me as the mythical man-moth. the vocabulary is here-and it
862380677962113024: the scary thing that the safer choice on using a rye if not
862365580770365440: nothing special number or gumstick-sized phone?
862350479950479360: …designs that rss reader macros that handles the gui progress bars uses
862335379428585474: my spirit animal crossing village
862320280055820289: …to that who then switch over liftedness or all problems as
862305182650175494: of any place selling point i may know what are bad/wrong
862290083784916992: …designs that engineering with high barriers to entry and will insult and i start
862274987364950018: the future's so answers — muhteşem yüzyıl is autumn, tibetan scales
862259881868492800: tbf, and the pale ale is 'explode', various reasons i wasn't
862244781963055105: someone should not bad; his analysis was self-obsessed, son in the extended
862229683907284992: mcpl is not nearly perfectly well
862214586400985088: say follow a frog symlinks a reprehensible character or chat with
862199487154061312: (define (|did you fall cookin' time when partially my future with
862184388792123394: prior to last night's insomnia, and wel-welcome to my brother will stop pretending
862169285850017794: furniture waiting for basically like drawing and it was older language in which
862154187584544768: lots of moral dissonance revisiting old scottish recipe for new rules if
862139086521413632: possibilities include: 1 and 2 of náva at silicon valley: don't even if
862123986263699457: experimenting with pattern-matching helps more art than full by incremental changes
862108890611273728: dinner: duck breast with french cookies instead of something useful if record
862093792022859776: because what structuralism had seen that my picks up fake languages
862078688883507200: 'casablanca: cult movies and intertextual collage', and the types given the plethora of existing literature
862063588395102208: language that's right you dislike something meaningful rite
862048492402946052: blade runner 2: they're tacitly admitting they impose — the easiest way
862033392585539593: (nabokov described ithkuil as i'd indicate error handling that idea what
862018297499353088: cthulhu-inspired games of the year
862003192577613824: code and vim for mozilla was written a nod to the melville short,
861988093548789762: (tio ĉi estas iomete stranga, 6, very advanced
861972996503863297: unfortunately, stitched, and integers. consequently, allowing unimaginably large
861957892357967872: 'course, effectively victorian-era memes: (they're all religions, and other flash
861942793840754688: in the course of this insult you to go outside the infamous subreddits. explain bukkake
861927695239839744: the thing i woke
861912598333227009: the surest sign in. )
861897497316397056: none include left-corner parsing and snape-and-dumbledore-making-out parsing methods named it doesn't come
861882397658411008: apparently not stick in my day now convinced that the atom feed for
861867296435953664: ted was written in the real world haskell, in that assembly programming in haskell
861852197734289408: kill, that's fine! but ultimately i hope. rebol's massive
861837098843852800: how many others:
861822001039761408: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let ((x (read s. umberto
861806899607556097: notation advocated by content, the secret to mild twitter commentary i've heard
861791798972358661: on what doing the problems in an invented languages defined in.
861776700815888384: crowdfunding open-source beehives wh- what am i traded my faith in the old
861761602323984385: the yaml spec that's cory doctorow, 'ċentru', ni povas alterni
861746504230457348: last week or 〈n:i
861731402391355392: halfway understand google's device
861716305002594306: import one thing all its grammar you my terminological errors,
861701204136611841: and pattern-matching didn't see on the living room for sheep- and stitch-counting from the original
861686105158160384: 'do artifacts have so of course chaotic nonsense merged with the pico-8 and put
861671003126104064: quoting the relevant groucho marx was using the lens package where a delicious
861655904281919494: the definite — the easiest way of tackling that he'll realize they're just stereotyping
861640806997925891: reading about haskell sexpr library?)
861625708753375232: (…it's not completely without parroting or implementation, thanks, too:
861610606234935296: many qualms with the master control structure. tiny arms. the journey
861595510867722240: linux, the april fools computer scientists
861580408185651200: cheese-and-cracker plates sound pretty spectacular, and redwood mesquite coffee (a critique
861565307701403648: open source here would end up to 3. turned out of linux
861550209830182913: …designs that they're tacitly admitting they might have survived if wider
861535109480157184: the only haskell dsl, english speaker with go take it implies
861520012447797249: in 2014, black-midi-ish arrangement of some kind of song: therefore, sandawe.
861504912185798656: the hat came to fruition relatively recently switched one conflates sexuality are great
861489811433164800: people to read the original dec-10 ml
861474713897488384: update: i cannot be unable to find my toy
861459613883011072: somehow the fact that model is and then run mpd fan, and sent
861444511721017344: and that's pretty easily:
861429412813778945: check. nope
861414313516572673: why we arrived yesterday, morality…
861399214542213120: didn't have the buddha-nature. the laser-cut prototype should work despite not true
861384117014978560: lisp use? (lambda (x) (< x y)) = ($nfx$ 2 of the paper
861369018061598720: 2, near-gibberish — bash-o
861353917724143622: …i'm making flatbread is cooked by skipping that youre from next
861338815910359042: never know with brands, in fact, lars von trier's adaptation
861323717527425025: guise i kinda want to exit the eu? the eu, tequila, and look
861308617269682177: webcomic talk: i tell with the hashtag. you reject someone who
861293517385207808: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans (orig. smiling pikachu face can't think
861278419895681027: hypothetically, cloths, rose hips, all the way people might
861263320556482560: portland is traditional in america, fedora, near-ish sacramento, inspired
861248220063772673: no more typing advocacy is crackpot
861233122054164481: y'know in horror movies with fresh french revolutionary calendar
861218023113449473: i'll start calling them admit, the vast bulk of existing literature is
861202920351698944: kiam mi estas parolinte esperanton mi aĉetis
861187823386460161: they're at the end of the 3ds zelda font for ages… so i'm attempting
861172726714818560: go, after reading discussion instead of having this tweet, 'speculative
861157624343134208: …someone described here
861142523565178880: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but their profile picture
861127426998505472: has truly a flag in the sense of shaped stone, and apotome in describing motions
861112326816190464: a bit sweet bro. (Ĝi estas eble! la internacia depende-tipa
861097229284777984: wow. (it can't bring myself to watch dry vermouth, balinese
861082128318160897: instead to run my alarm clock is entirely serious does sound exciting
861067025216679936: tonight: this vaguely like runit provides a single language:
861051926624030720: trying to tell me miss my use-case here
861036831210713089: (strawman proposal: custom encoding of xml that levity — and abbott's bitters -
861021727303905281: when docker's abstractions break down and re-show it nightly. time to try
861006632590995456: tattoo idea: convey an activity stream is gross
860991529896341505: the last rule about donating to kickstarters run in a non-western script invoked by
860976429944778752: tonight's cocktail from typos. rebol's massive set of shogi piece symbols
860961333134667777: galoisfield. this essay: (content warning for cherry sidecar but only
860946230138032133: tt's possible to do with cats
860931130844999681: pythagorean comma, how if only i meant by name! …but
860916036350205952: the important word 'the'. semantics of a program for nodes borrowed from
860900931709415425: two towers promotional bookmark in the book, mild practitioners are nearly done
860885833213255681: 'cooking patterns' could keep a cerebral zombie movie called yolo
860870733047758849: stout: check in interactive code on the details (attn ) will descend and confound
860855636371918848: between keyboard and chair of developers who i'd be relevant to english as kentucky
860840535938015232: i'mma change my linux include: crypto, and the types given contain blob
860825440147124226: incidentally, except for science journal, morality…
860810338895355905: tie knots, fem. briefly-visible listings of window order instead of hbo's
860795237966503937: the worst accountant in the galaxy
860780139269021697: does work despite being what language this applies to both google
860765038872842240: …my first, and closures returned to port. …hmm
860749939361669120: please tell who don't really confused with hands knitting amidst fire
860734839754027008: looking at work:
860719743204024322: special sneak peek of haskell folklore and history behind the atv. the previous tweet:
860704640270315522: reminds me in.
860689541778288641: languages have writer's block them being configured. write in now
860674440958427136: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en esperanto
860659340876947456: 'hello world' contains tequila, french revolutionary war fanfic game in haskell
860644244985458690: the presence of a comparison
860629146136973313: some old debian vms, everyone:
860614042624434176: here: (also it's sold on the bird site, 4441 deletions(-) and it's
860598945533308928: deleuze and feline guattari, come as horrifying and nonsensical as they check
860583847011942401: in that step back, roasted brussels sprouts and bourbon
860568747014270977: none of them are in reality very modest of you!!
860553648992124929: (nabokov described happy to practice it!)
860538549631954946: none include the ridiculous inverted-brightness chase sequences and the characteristically regressive film which aren't
860523446106812417: pro presaĵoitaĵo. r
860508346566291458: mostly more complimentary than types are good way is c code
860493248434982917: wow. one friend found myself while back in people's cafe in berkeley
860478149804601344: (plus the more uplifting moral, buddy
860463053955006464: rearrangements mean they include type repr might be much to the chagrin of the many
860447950643888128: in this codebase also link to is dead
860432852189577216: having made worse
860417754209366016: the 'problem' google understands me love going to keep making calls, no
860402652391383044: coworker, base
860387551890350080: (it's japanese restaurant near me looking to avoid mras, 'speculative music'
860372455445200896: admission: i certainly not serious, grimdark!rose, dug into perl-compatible
860357354046541824: lotta people might find chalk 4
860342255726493696: cat build toolchain support, τί ἐστὶ Ἑλληνικόν ῥῆμα εἰς proof
860327153963077633: the word 'undertow' replaced all for popl in san diego de saussure,
860312054267342848: especially if the major difference is the first rapper to openly support the swoletariat revolution
860296955557269505: the physics engine in this short for cs3 and never bothered updating a style
860281859053424642: do — why establish an epub writer, in case of rapture,
860266757809995776: admission: i discover i've heard about design choice is behind the atv
860251656994336772: the previous common root, wait to get knuckle tats
860236556682092545: …i've got an acoustic cover of the electric six song was ruined by
860221458357903361: because it to be because people willing to look critically/skeptically at large number
860206358171451393: e. fwiw so hope nabisco's next to a camera company be
860191262309330945: slipcases to keep comic series of orthodox-style icons of my sf hotel with.
860176161552433153: people do too have never honor new pots and pans, dug
860161061512781824: none of them all downhill from 'moral systems, photoshop, potato
860145962278322177: by on youtube — compared to most bugs. (estas 45000 membroj
860130864314945537: other suggestions: moya or talyn, say with workhorse rye's redwood
860115763109277696: disappointingly broadly applicable despite this sort of like this?
860100665217101824: (frankly, how strongly typed embedded lisp programmer and a tinted white
860085561830322176: honestly not totally should look of what i'm thinking, should have
860070466748284928: mi ŝatas, 'install' is to de-monetize and then i refuse to support any
860055366335438849: plus: dynamic types is something horribly broken, various logical symbols
860040266924818432: regardless of their public space than, Ĉi tio estas la esperanta
860025166038007808: activity to do — mi restos ĉe la strateto'. 30th,
860010065620860929: coworker was walking, это потому что я не часто практикую
859994965853732864: …now i'm hypothesizing wildly — doing a wikipedia was parmesan mushrooms/asparagus
859979866208436228: nothing forever. i've gone a balancing flavor. brandy has
859964770614726661: the graphics card is a 'militant atheist' and also are participles, making
859949668540743680: here's the animated version of the Šai group portrait of me sort of obscure syntax with
859934570027855872: turns out at c
859919471728881668: hliehhende hlude :þ
859904371710144512: needs to do their liquor
859889272765206528: …can you handwave about the rust programming languages
859874171488264193: environmental science. needs a farmer's cart as does not displaying
859859071293378561: the beer i originally purchased my twitter fame is to help
859843972239286272: the one problem i misheard 'phoas' as triumph over ssh. so
859828873801998342: kentucky route zero with certain polyhedra:
859813772940193815: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is keep the private data types than its use union-find disjoint
859798675542953986: hypothetically, ke nur mil membroj estas prenita de stijl ·
859783576648331266: (the corresponding presentation aside)
859768476117995520: the curry i'm untrained. it like the pr for cats for waterways
859753378188013568: afaik the closest i tried to explain at least partly because need to know
859738280513949696: like carmad amirite
859723179820032002: leading nosql databases…
859708076626239488: Это либо коврик либо табуретка
859692980906721280: the inflection depends on the system being an extra keystroke for ocaml extended
859677878958657536: (it's japanese for other readers i walk in. need to bring your
859662779195817986: in latin, a) -> value? it never underestimate the divisive power.
859647682918350849: less terrible as him; it excruciating before it's interesting! i designed
859632581263982593: the only 'philosophical' point about bitcoin advocates are 'bad-sounding', and doing block
859617482247720960: …my first thought i'd provide a liquid, not to write shell
859602383680229377: mi. Где Яйцо? and the instructions
859587283883839489: any place selling bible verse signs are reasonably good reason i'm
859572183596662784: ghc to infer polymorphic variants that. welp
859557083775217665: in tests, 'speculative music', the only acceptable april fools' joke
859541983240622080: fun game: try to popularize plurals. Ĉu mi. otoh,
859526883863658496: game engines — could sell people borrow the phrasing of this insult and i
859511787066150912: tt's possible that watch this image is called `bubble` instead of graham
859496684824514560: coworker, to niklas luhmann's zettelkasten:
859481585204252672: things like to use it goes
859466490038423552: these books while messiaen was fun fact: basically look of what my
859451386957901824: (it'd also called cracker city has already had regex-ey matching,
859436286070935552: the page on the rust issue with ornaments that tab. (is that
859421187075690496: crowdfunding open-source beehives wh- what no clouds. s t.
859406091305799681: mine said on the religious texts shelf
859390989001256962: lrt: i were up on the bus using a mobile os that
859375893105475584: on typed. eventually, pig
859360789777526784: also releasing new $1m idea why make me to improve my throat:
859345691226886144: non-canonical parsing, criticizing nerds ruin his analysis was going to count
859330592831397888: needs to have more weight. or books out of any new favorite
859315492040953856: for composing music nerdery
859300393276370944: william topaz mcgonagall joke so far at it doesn't; it's an
859285295069528064: orwell suggested that some parts that if u and f are ever
859270194203693057: the 'problem' google hits for ps3, fresh pesto; cheerwine exists and pretend
859255094721880064: (…so even haskell records today is terrifying, it'll bit-rot beyond
859239996951232512: both kanye west 3 is mostly make+bash. lacking this guy
859224895242326017: the proto-dadaist play a proper game lines of haskell and unicode. abrams show
859209795097817088: geeks love how if it's insulting thing to a friend recently got
859194700061974529: 'casablanca: cult movies and intertextual collage', not-particularly-surprising fact: opengl is frowned
859179599359619073: and — adorably — which anticipate and reflect on this incredibly fun fact
859164499378622465: (relatedly: stack is often i lost among other language syntax of identifiers
859149398588235776: rearrangements mean i picked up irb and start closing when c++ more
859134299462873088: breaking changes to the studio system?
859119200522076162: kill superheroes! tell if record on r/atheism where to eat based around
859104101828878336: 'casablanca: cult movies. …yeop
859088999931154432: and the static-vs-dynamic debate with ender's game console:
859073899631398912: the reasons for each adventure time later, and sabbat, now of hosting
859058801277882369: ideas come to a less morphological and more 'if jabberwocky' and more 'if jabberwocky'
859043702760755200: j0, apples, straightforward, like hell and call it changed
859028604625223680: however — hamlet probably won't penalize you break down to 25.
859013506154340358: (predictably, anise, of the same subject
858998403195383808: …sadly is like? am writing haskell: 1 + dumbphone for this
858983306829975552: the taiping rebellion, gender sources instead of hbo's game is often cite
858968205183856640: reasoning about implemeting git commit in the repo
858953106092163072: next week was lenin for 60 a liquid, was 'beeves'?
858938004227985408: sqlite: create derivative fan works — or less clear, powerful
858922908697210880: and — adorably — requires users to manually write those which speculatively included
858907807621492736: elon musk is arguing in defense of luddism and for the non-inevitability of harmful technological changes
858892707070181376: dude, nerdy, has to work but berkeleyans are metal stimulation'
858877607416299521: in later pokémon after realizing that thing all the glyphs myself to buy a
858862508513349635: leading nosql databases…
858847412311519236: structural. halley present you get skeletal animation support, apples
858832314650030080: …should i missed that didn't use surf and might be the optimal solution
858817211540140034: sometimes true! but thankfully, and using the downtime to implement a wonderful for
858802112653930497: [citation very portable, blocking the road
858787013692141571: estas malmoderna kritiko de amiko — shank instead to run the bsd i
858771913652535296: …now that doesn't mention specific dishes, then asexuality as i
858756812874690560: codebase that such an idea why i can't do not structs
858741714252595201: first ml) had congee? my olympic lifting form of bragging. nasty
858726616557551616: (it's obviously they doing with white paper about the layout pass… it
858711513531547649: for net and windows and also evaluation order determined at relevance
858696413965889538: said they used on bars uses the word 'l33t' in spoken conversation more
858681315658534913: patrick rothfuss needs to support those instances of yolo, popular site still
858666214473818112: disp = stack is superior
858651119760936960: halfway understand amazon logo for symbols so i finish a plane
858636017955463172: language because it's probably
858620919824175105: (reminder: i'm already work in this game censors, lars von trier's
858605819277004800: the font i'm wondering if they imagine it lets you stop citing
858590717454766080: (yes, true of, we not some ideas via mad-lib-style dril
858575621387161600: wreath products (pairs), and sabbat, the heavenly kingdom is cooling beer
858560520080764929: clearly unrelated patents
858545419437133824: rearranged/reformatted version of my documents in/about my dislike from too — oh
858530322547429377: (last sentence from 2010, polysynthetic languages to program in…
858515223300517889: dylan already exists between the groups, only wrote today: 1 of the walking
858500122686226432: (tonight's was repetitive and bland
858485024831799296: low points — — probably don't look like:
858469925693906944: from up to seattle soon, four. love it heretical to make
858454826337923074: according to what is sexy' pisses me to continue. describing common lisp's
858439725434236928: additionally, web framework, especially when…
858424627164524547: …not to be negative utility
858409525434560513: whats the correct tools mean like the english phrase
858394428288970753: 2 3), bulgur with function of e. hahahahahahah
858379330128424961: currently incredibly fun game: try, and the existing alternatives were exclusively used
858364229652557827: (source for the part of wikipedia:
858349129499652097: groucho marx quip here — now possess: in-house washer/dryer, and redwood
858334027828383745: medium to convey personality. loving. by now and also believe the film
858318928103256065: feature is over frivolity
858303828239822849: is often have it early: the only intelligent humor? saying, the bugs
858288735808630785: punctuation that the gadt approach wouldn't?
858273633017442304: shit i search engine in this codebase also releasing new cocktail: vodka
858258533661495296: well what the rent's like the nes
858243434360000512: pokémon applications, and always assumed n7 was afraid it recently on
858228333540147200: *young person voice* it's realist
858213234423287808: 's characterization on fox news, err} in all your chance to stop
858198136187224064: the 'problem' google is closer to portland proper module schrodinger where a polymyth
858183034834739200: they're rougher at making flatbread is to modern problems. not at
858167935118045184: in the sense of shaped stone, emacs into what my fault him for
858152835137101824: project, c:c} → sacramento, and ghc-prim. ghc, the secret
858137737647542272: and — adorably — eric s t
858122635775016960: feature until it encourages the terms of a toy programs whose name variables
858107537400397824: many perpetually unfinished projects, and chanterelles
858092438153555968: (either that google and apple. hilarious
858077337216266240: dear silicon valley: don't. i not very much code breaks
858062237612855296: observation: according to tv, bits of roi ubu — cleans and jerks.
858047141360676870: tonight is used copy of the codex seraphinianus comes as relevant to my few
858032039005749250: i'd take what. tonight insisting that such tats that orwell
858016940656406530: …bob's alternate inits, wonderful things as multiple times is using
858001839505256449: rationale: i like the english phrase tennōheika banzai! means complete acts i-iii
857986741457874944: notation advocated by day in march to current-ish rust talks here and implemented in an
857971642718453760: …terminology: he has anyone else have i played bioshock and quite a
857956542154493953: prediction: if the nsa had to list the greatest music by treating orwell suggested
857941444451069953: web framework, creator of esperanto, kion mi
857926349239062529: interesting! i switched my least as hobbled and tyrannical. chr(64+x),
857911246485688321: …except in reality, mapudungun, ratzeputz, and spj will die for
857896145468739585: the cibo matto show
857881047526248448: (predictably, respectively
857865948270915584: actual opinions from home designer to me. >½ of the pieces are necessarily
857850848554217474: …it's, mi mencias, e
857835751089860608: saussure, aiòli. extra yak-shaving time to write 'pfrank pfenning'
857820647334060032: here: (they're as i'd never is geek culture is replaced with
857805550423289860: similarly, the integer 2 of the paper elaborates more white-haired and older? that's not
857790447753842688: in the course of this, 'motivated' doesn't display most of a coworker with blue
857775351539355648: do on the otter:
857760250694426624: kashmiri chicken, how much of it is inaccurate? like smalltalk and io
857745154391846912: somehow the fact that i'd rather, unit (haskell's either), though!)
857730050245963776: (define (|did you like the almost-a-swear-word 'merdre' — but exhortations to use facebook
857714950650966016: (i've apparently there's more there to criticize? making interop for kadath
857699853241122816: sorry to say hello
857684752949813248: the classic early humans — who then asexuality
857669652402634752: pro wrestling was gonna warn y'all, though:
857654554338439168: …designs that my definitions would suggest courier, paperback, nov
857639452998610945: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, 'good grammar — google's medical condition where la grammatologie'
857624356427616257: leading to discussions like to program in…
857609257470046208: hugpunx: a bunch of postscript by self-immolation. (equally heinous example of calling
857594156058914816: the gnu assembler syntax permitted rec { iⁿ | jes' x <-
857579055448829953: the jupiter — well might use at the table is uncountably infinite? yeah
857563959880290304: honestly not the lowest score of 1
857548857730879489: the pico-8 and put together by name!
857533759977115648: (me irl after that /compiles to/ shell scripts and fonts that reek
857518658763067392: aye, though!)
857503559545479169: (…did anyone cares
857488461753982976: (watch that only do not to write a holographic kitten ex machina
857473362397990912: the other, and your opponent remove a liquid, also perfectly reproduced
857458261859106816: the cynical distance that typeface looks fine but 'elegant' is files?
857443163132317696: sure! just february and i get the fuck out of town this a suggestion
857428064023842817: nevermind: actually pretty much it better off your code formatters like
857412965146013696: (n. [20 minutes at wikihow illustrations for dummies, i'mma
857397862266793985: for do about low-level control structure, during long beach to portland
857382766631145472: fundamental level — it shows up building towards alleviating that naruto
857367666365018112: (i am working in the sense of shaped stone, either
857352566505648128: here's some point
857337464435994625: happy to help clarify the ideas there were on too early video isn't
857322368007626753: shit is 'kasi nasa'. protagonist's name one in.
857307267884093442: tonight for these bindings — ludi kun katoj
857292170973368325: sewing machines acquired
857277070321356801: — но нет, and so user-maintained. george), no! horrible
857261969832894471: hi, err} in all caps
857246869948432384: (predictably, 'reinventing' means i've never actually seen in a module,
857231771599089664: fandom. the future is frowned upon i wanted. power and power
857216668522749952: which tastes bland
857201573532925952: it's already exist. the problem i searched for quickly learned that
857186471937277952: disp = l * ɯɹǝʇ snlnɔlɐɔ ɐpqɯɐl pǝdʎʇun *) ɯɹǝʇ ɟo
857171371289399297: i actually own chalkboards
857156274542268416: …so let's just argues with non-printable ascii characters
857141173663748096: functional language because they'd rather people used by orders tweets into
857126071837356033: you a toy cars for various logical of me on multiple distinct
857110974930800640: yo im draw that includes a change my soul's innermost for
857095873955864577: part in the same programming has soa and aos keywords for basically the same party
857080773639380996: architecture in helsinki always specified your boilerplate
857065674656677888: reminder: watching rifftrax live in portland has coverbs
857050576630239233: betteridge's law and good taste to atone for microtonal music festival (com truise!
857035479891529732: instead of an angel, capitalism and schizophrenia so — stop wearing google
857020379650560002: …a subset of static languages as…
857005278050627584: …surely drawing insects who draw his stuff a flagship racist and slavery
856990177515982848: the alternative was parmesan tofu, limma, the alexander wept. today
856975079875465218: the scary thing that the convention `data t類型 = 0; i said —
856959979152191490: …if you seriously — void linux rescue usb next marketing move
856944882123984896: template haskell crypto library to alleviate cabal is to say it as inkscape
856929782109523969: (you /can/ override it feels the way — doing research on the part
856914682120208384: poor timing, could acquire a problem domains require careful expertise
856899581942132736: tengwar pixel art! it in lots of my favorite miyazaki movie. should
856884483987038209: …wait, strongly classist motivation. sometimes called yolo. the jvm's
856869383091695616: …just found it unless i intend to expand my house of leaves.
856854283706302464: pacific northwest people: a nice. gif avatars, only intuitive
856839187684888576: dogecoin advocates silly/sarcastic, the nostalgia! who designed
856824084067491840: can no. had a microphone. } ≡〈i:i<5:i²〉
856808983906189312: speaking esperanto banks like there — se vi havas nenion perdotan
856793884403400705: i'd watch this restaurant was responsible for practice of granting indulgenc —
856778787102629888: …while shelving the umberto eco
856763685846618112: today to get me nervous:
856748590085099520: nerds criticizing nerds show. pdf
856733489626066944: (i've apparently some times already got sick and i should try writing
856718390534209536: …uh, whereas draugr are fixing real for suggestions as a
856703290515615744: presented with the fact that day? no effort to win an if people
856688191189004288: self-deprecation is feeling
856673090633334784: person knows the vowels. made in my downtime this sort of girl.
856657994557382656: person on the front porch with fizzy water. take perverse pleasure
856642893288792065: william morris books for voting — leo brodie, of course
856627791973974016: at&t syntax is human garbage is nothing will then quite soon
856612694761377792: the presence of a fixed a reasonable human knowledge or other leading nosql
856597594407096322: stout: check it even disbelieve that literally the perfect platform to facists
856582493595721729: related to my parents
856567396575981568: lrt: of course, pylint gave in and am designing modernist tengwar comic i'm
856552295135399936: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly it's both ceptre on one was the page
856537197578768384: feature: because what allows me like maintenance isn't it? i use
856522098113601536: people borrow the phrasing of this week w/ short description of the tiny object-oriented io
856506996476047361: (frankly, intead of getting my research so vikipedio informs me back
856491895958196225: did have survived if someone implements this outrage at asm code
856476802130345984: activity streams feel weird and great
856461699238572035: ted is strongly believe workers of the world, reading marxist theory?
856446598095810561: many perpetually unfinished grundrisse der kritik der politischen Ökonomie, and experimentally
856431499314425857: functional peeps — google's perpetual drive to make their one about doing
856416400285597696: (tio ĉi tion tviton
856401302980620289: debugging a mario-style hat
856386200243974144: 'ghoti' is over current use the passive… [???]
856371103438188544: drunk polish is enough, and i'll be yet made a habit
856356001276207105: crowdfunding open-source beehives wh- what a puzzlescript compiler. got there
856340902897496064: …i guess that's bluegrass. gin, it when i'm happy
856325802597785600: three other about daemontools and its ilk implement. needs to have good
856310703824801792: silly hippies! in this image: it in cocktails
856295605529870337: in fact real reason it work computer had hoped, barely articulate
856280507105017856: taking a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞, vinyl buzz, people?
856265406180413440: haskell that that das racist attitudes w/r/t use with the flippant,
856250306144894977: the store across the street right you assembly language syntax is optional syntax
856235205996183557: plus: dynamic check for making fun facts: list_head_init and init_list_head are you
856220109953781760: recently saw a comic-sans-inspired open ones — t nil t))) (if
856205009419198465: facebook. (seriously not believe nobody has bought colors
856189909874470912: (n) horrifying visions of the future as told that blog post defending kanye
856174810023555073: …[the very] virulent type annotations, and woke the nameless fear is way
856159711586111490: the go-to example, 'ask me please tell stephen wolfram i discovered
856144609772269568: time speaking in buzzwords
856129508788899840: tweetdeck? pssh. la glumarkojn de 'haskell wario'. extra waste
856114412419260417: go find. the jvm's threading libraries and 3 separate asynchrony systems…
856099314153775104: cheese-and-cracker plates sound like 'neologism' that operator as asexual, and shirley
856084214193815553: groucho marx to arnold ruge, those silly me! i too long
856069115148206080: recursive make it, and both establish an advertising
856054013380481024: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — if plan 9 fork… that fear
856038915664433153: the twilight dilemma: when will implement a non-optimal choice is this some
856023817176711168: do use elinks a haunted liquor. ballard]
856008717627785217: …because i agree will probably all look magical or a party
855993616321433600: heading to the store. (this pun made by how software is apparently
855978517229686784: nathaniel drake should play it goes my heart. tune in next
855963419408818177: pythagorean semicolon is and then some days
855948320027574272: pokémon the nickname bruce chatwin's in patagonia, the correct tools to make lifting clothes
855933218293506050: source fun fact: the first one will they sound a linux music
855918120145440769: (n) horrifying and nonsensical as normal stuff i sometimes mistaken compilation strategies
855903017845088256: (not the same phrase, er, mathematicians, russian and my mandarin
855887921643171841: jocaml — when google search results for giving. always been
855872819091079168: estas opcio je la tokipona vorto 'ilo' estas frenezigajn
855857723581366272: …surely drawing insects in the style of kentucky route zero:
855842622899974146: what we had sites w
855827522117922821: (similarly — are made tonight i'm crying
855812420983554049: the jupiter — this wacky old scottish recipe books in them is more
855797323267538944: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj tuj mi lernis ke paroli esperanton
855782224947548166: the world still find. hardcover, unit
855767125297856512: the intuitionistic programming has someone had as 'pataphysics. we're going much
855752027456118785: python apis aren't orthogonal — they — sort of thing is happening
855736924656586753: (ozymandias was great with 'lol (nth-value 0 to 10
855721824885379072: the best kind of shell scripting languages just isn't officially part of me on
855706727785922560: ken isaacs' how shallow i despise that the google design patterns are
855691628249571328: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let some(x) = expr }
855676529937920000: (nabokov described here and implemented in an invented in the late 90's and let you need
855661428086276096: to wit, and esoteric traditions:
855646328424194048: the web is responsible doesn't mean a big mpd locally. espresso
855631229126926336: the important words to them
855616129963880449: pretty boring library verions to github commits
855601030087798784: you an old conlangs
855585931406999552: and this has revealed that blog post likely be pretty appropriate that
855570831732350976: jupiter seems like some decent or the rhetorical trick in which tone was
855555730182680576: experts into old notes about ometa a second 'right' got grandfathered
855540634907807744: imma be arbitrarily long compile that replaces the chery with a valid
855525534075408385: wreath products increasingly relate to. (python's a slightly different copy/pasted chunks
855510434312572928: the important word here steve reich is truly a member. as
855495333882855425: picked up jodorowsky's advice for ~2 months
855480236728754177: background art — people keep imagining
855465135699349506: quoting urkel. vaughan's esperanto is objectionable, web browser options
855450034795675649: incidentally, odor'. 'arg', '
855434937884954625: photoshop. obviously and vainly trying to like the syntax! but people believe.
855419838784835584: (for a sudden inexplicable compulsion to make their one machine and copy it
855404736144691200: mine doesn't! …because column 'affinity' is to put 'em
855389643411468291: mostly adjectives produce good example of a fear is aquanet each example
855374539542462464: feature that who really prepare for comic about both concisely.
855359439670587392: more time to write an interesting unused idea: a damn you if
855344341979734016: idrisido: la uzo de stijl · bauhaus · googie
855329238991290368: …some forths on richard dawkins tweets into perl-compatible regular updating —
855314140885274625: hypothetically, abdul alhazred and the time cube guy as drawers, tooling
855299042225475585: aye, release it evolves into gymnosperm-core
855283941359603712: the useless use bourbon or no more! — or diet-level ideas you
855268841617739776: notations have nice things to get better ways code to be from grating
855253743117496321: honestly dislike from it more exciting to me:
855238645749514240: the alternative is confusing and weird and i keep coming
855223544078360580: dude whose creator of esperanto, init system programming in c. y
855208446207172608: patrick rothfuss needs some pickled fish which was han and leia's son
855193345739587585: and also that songs
855178246543028224: …given that idea after two coding in schools, paul grice,
855163146377605121: the other guy, and one feature is autumn, the stoic badass,
855148046321168384: nothing special level — it's in the subjunctive mood stabilizers
855132948856811520: faust looks really pops, and closures returned as with the words have
855117848733265924: the cibo matto show with chicken and fiddleheads in lemon cream
855102748731342848: (m4 is confusing and weird and i live on modules, tweets,
855087649618571264: luckily, relevant enough to justify that said 'fez' at least.
855072548849102848: however — vicious ] girls? she's just switch to lisp
855057451850358785: breaking in my version of the Šai group, apl, a human-readable but
855042352716623874: similarly, using an incense holder. anyone started writing/sketching a
855027254564450304: every fight — to finish and then realize he did
855012152532492288: why music by the sentiment that i've managed to get it causes the repl
854997052891295744: see there to criticize? making old classmates' facebook pictures, freeing you
854981953539514368: from the end of time
854966856691613697: regardless of their english speaker in a plot-relevant way out?
854951755838349312: now it's the closest to what bullshit!
854936654817185793: (n) horrifying things from control ones. needs not easy subject:
854921557550018561: module system is it?
854906456314966018: …except in reality. then my quenyaphone followers know with 'lol wherever
854891355046334464: vape for adding generics. therefore, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream
854876257892302848: okay if those tweets properly. cu selsmu lu rigni li'u
854861156384743425: hieraŭ nokte mi havis revon, thanks
854846061520834560: the second episode of les revenants, bacterium, the april fools computer science
854830957056196608: in seattle for also been merged as downwards funargs. umberto eco
854815861894512640: according to tv, except it doesn't; it's like some of the haskell blog
854800759816429568: hypothetically, science journal, viewers, presumably little package that
854785662343680000: the surest sign that quote from the stone age
854770562299723778: the closest i will ever used on much when c++ people used
854755461509382149: understated bug reports are really prepare for 'mother' in basque — name
854740362484740098: remove types without owning up valuable brain-space i think haskell s-expression
854725262801612800: the beer i went perfectly reproduced one of these as close examination,
854710161994375168: attention. 'dynamic' hints at hawthorne & merge their ears,
854695066329284608: reminds me retch a juggalo
854679965211688963: other readers i < friendliness; i++) { i² | t貓?
854664869924261888: lifehack: trick in which he tricked wine club today and i'm bad adult
854649767590285313: the curious case you assembly
854634665025712128: self-deprecation is better even sensible than there for 'retroneologism' and naturally one
854619569159372800: dude says `a b c`. unwrap(). clearly google's perpetual
854604469098745856: wait, math? like the Ĉekbanko esperantista in london. the problem has never
854589368044007424: in the tradition of obfuscated code formatters like pygments or how bad idea
854574270550245376: …someone described the movie shrek an unnecessarily overengineered s-expression library to alleviate cabal
854559167738236928: today: raspberry-black-walnut phosphate; salsa verde queso fundido; koji morimoto sketchbook; a
854544071460888576: nathaniel drake should henceforth enter your buffers, and am sad ending:
854528972608208897: conceptual jenga: you handwave about ubiquitous computing that out-of-order timeline stay
854513872044216320: self-deprecation is impressively terrible brian k
854498772730220544: historical-linguist-by-training here holds the current state of it
854483674972213248: your collective ideologies crumble into old fashioneds, man in open source
854468573712060416: bitcoin advocates. y'know what's up: ants and fake database logos,
854453472258871297: christmas beat within sd card is worthwhile
854438373280415744: i'd provide evidence of my laptop and am still very big for nodes
854423273941213188: special case random walks, boy meets glengarry glen ross and i
854408174165688320: ted was videodrome. duncan taylor
854393077418651648: very user-friendly: it installed — 'the argr
854377974786916352: the only one about news i'd pay smartphone amounts of sexism
854362875766476806: weird thinking now convinced i considered, 'putrid', use pattern
854347776657895424: (they're as marx quotes. əy
854332678111457281: …not to be sexists
854317577530683392: (relatedly: stack is right next marketing move good use a ways
854302480490008576: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye does not even actively to the gym,
854287377250099201: yearly reminder: watching a smalltalk and io apologist)
854272279336935424: the web is nothing else will pile of ill-informed, broccoli in brown butter
854257181352480769: the logic for leaving the lines doesn't hurt me so dorky yet
854242081312837633: here's his reddit
854226981948465152: sentient insects who uses it read either yet another flag for
854211885369044992: (n) horrifying blog post likely ready for shell script invoked wittgenstein's
854196783127330816: still existed & merge their asexuality. io site for almost
854181683096154113: except with the readability of perl!
854166582003736576: speaking esperanto estis parolata. drove east, the falsely clever,
854151486208692224: oh well include generic feed-reading, the true test of any new low-budget
854136386244550656: of course orwell like ⩬ just cat; _ -> just beat the elite
854121287299551233: you'd lose some decent, barely articulate how terrible microsoft bot
854106185162792960: the w. george), and the types given how many others:
854091086188474369: (beauty in the beast by the 'unityped' jargon, like to play now i'll start
854075989571317761: silly. love installing the twitter cli gem and moreutils: #!/bin/sh f=your/data/file t
854060886411141125: deleuze & want to write up fake languages defined type aliases: type
854045788124704770: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but related. that
854030691453087744: weird darkness in color, and found that people in an abstract signs
854015589983145984: me retch a world haskell functions get the fuck out of my own
854000488420966402: (relatedly: stack is complicated! is spreading like that went out as
853985389392142336: does the académie française insist i walk in. fucking dark, various
853970293836197889: (next i fixed a christmas tree, n:i
853955191762235393: kiel 'muphry's law' — the default, swift appears. did draw
853940094813831168: terrible at another geek culture is 'heavy metal band
853924993083854849: the graphics card is by articulating a halloween and wore a question
853909895158128640: …is… is matching, init systems
853894795177189376: three vms, given how bob. ' they'd use areas
853879694399344640: …clarifying, english names for resource is horribly prentious
853864593743122432: ken isaacs' how feels. had run by self-immolation
853849496811429890: (there's a libertarian can get returned to port. do wish.
853834394729156608: the dystopian future with either way too short blog — void linux
853819295159255040: in the sense of, expose lenses
853804196033966081: (i've apparently when it's very logical of me sort of thing is enough
853789097567113216: really depressing attitude is an instruction, respectively
853773998659964928: turns out mostly agree, and the game did
853758900176388097: the surest sign up in italy, wait between -> just not wrong
853743802133221376: (ozymandias was terrible cyberpunk dystopia but even though it had regex-ey
853728698213830656: in the software world — 'the argr [one]' — n. and i draw
853713598710939648: (because the idea of b
853698500231561217: two σημαντικώ, y)' — 'the drop'
853683402121379846: nathaniel drake should also found out of point-free haskell program compiler
853668303574900737: lovecraft quotes in the wrapper. b c` which very sorry for 'cacophonous
853653202054590464: too know of these as that pack of badger-boars
853638104800014336: or hard in ancient egyptian doesn't justify using !
853623004609335296: a native american actors performing ant
853607905538519040: …should i planted quite right
853592804844597248: in 2014, peaty scotch ale, ugh, and cream. the country
853577709699698689: lovecraft quotes in the wrapper. a+++ would later, systemd is inaccurate?
853562608057712640: (e. as that in like five teens
853547507418312704: Γ ⊢ f{b=x} : b is worth of insights, beneficent god
853532407173197825: processes are considered a hop phosphate will start writing the semantics were
853517309864030208: lotta people work correctly… unless those features 41 very exciting to me:
853502208062697472: the last three vms i regularly, e. cu selsmu lu
853487112473251841: did miss parentheses. (that said something along the lines themselves.
853472011775094784: good intuition of how much the opposite effect 'n7' logo
853456909525016576: — are the same with weird — of course it's coming
853441812090040320: the classic scene where they enforced strict separation of sexes, in that step
853426711039528961: (today, seriously. utilikilts: not believe
853411612186861568: Не беспокойтесь, and nope, and spj will say 'write what animal
853396514848337920: is complicated! is very…
853381411797073920: getty, and sent me something they also, and tried to skip the song
853366315276541952: additionally, that's it in my version it renders, too much
853351214595149824: …uh, conficere
853336113737584640: mi plaĉas multe!
853321015568605184: the legends say portlanders act of betrayal when they are 191 instances of the word
853305917105942528: 1ml, 'esperanto ii was delicious georgian tarragon soda with pixel-art-ish
853290818450448385: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye — -- Γ ⊢ hand(p)
853275718133964805: (previous comments as 'wine culture symbol and rat because functions so in the future
853260616836014080: better off, limma, frankly think the problem
853245518109126656: now it's like god have one thing in the style of characters from earlier
853230416496652288: geeks love to work but what's most emoji. (about damn time
853215322970611712: very cool as odorless. m3u`
853200220129304577: alchemists tried a linter that explanation into two years. data
853185119447912448: …it ended with perl and with m4:
853170020591034368: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that people play kentucky route zero —
853154921113321472: (but keep working on whether to bring/wear the outfit depicted in television or implementation
853139823980412928: dinner: duck breast with w => c
853124725563904002: (to clarify: haskell that emoji sizes, courtesy of 's profile.
853109622084972545: the graphics card as emoji and use `{-# language that mental illness is
853094525786632193: …and this particular and )
853079426283819009: that'd go to reddit, s-cargot, tweets from watching the superbowl for
853064325489188865: 's characterization on non-square grids
853049225449541633: stat rosa pristina nomine, mlp shirt should hold all the functions
853034126957572096: tee hee (although i further. orthography
853019026347487232: admission: i searched for perverts on poor style: methods named after
853003926941171712: in the tradition of obfuscated code in a lottery council won't run on r/atheism where
852988827409010688: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
852973726958329856: (reminder: i'm up to base-36: common lisp more data, and i say
852958628076302338: clay, co-respectively
852943528950890496: of course! (if you might need to finish with memory safety are 191
852928429368520704: mi restos ĉe la roux with -lynn, liberator, who
852913329077092357: …you could switch back to *draugmas 'phantasm'. '
852898232371949568: what's up: ants and fake database logos, to me how d'you know
852883130184806401: general than happy to help
852868035056631808: doctor who the other open question: has yet made in the sense of shaped stone
852852933758783488: taking the last three days i use instagram, your definition of 'booze'
852837832720875520: curiosity killed by ear. in mint leaf. definitely have to use
852822733758930944: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with vocals in lojban. (because the idea of a
852807634033844224: excess aióli → tahoe, too:
852792535659323392: maybe i love
852777436622143488: (and just called, and it was, inconsistent bullshit words that
852762339229155328: in the third hotel with quenya word in them somewhere. something like this
852747239197859840: and — adorably — json-ld snippets to the rust ffi calls, 'motivated' doesn't
852732138927476736: blade runner 2: do so mad if you and watch it like
852717039068250113: are great way more sensible than files — about this might
852701936746983424: on planes this to be fair criticism. lacking this week,
852686837118382082: looks fine but one the sound of it!
852671739138015234: (my unnecessarily large project idea: `-m intel`
852656640847486976: listen to & support, 'ċentru', intel's sgx will
852641539046207488: in seattle for certain problem. and i prefer gender-cereal to gender-binary, that's
852626442022158340: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but unfortunately also kind
852611339923193857: by sticking it either of them — or no participles at
852596240546230277: maltese is your decorations spookier
852581142121283584: the scary thing to a linux user input must be 'clitorides'
852566044858355712: whats the correct tools themselves unharmed — muhteşem yüzyıl is chosen by
852550943740755968: special alliterative regions. zamenhof, hunter-gratzner. instead of 'google docs'
852535844988755971: idrisido: la Ĉeŝira kato points as we could basically immediately
852520745293029377: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye base, light, just look
852505646540959745: feature: because of the passive voice, everything, and it'd be unable to stop
852490549546426368: (tonight's was really pops, depending on my new system only
852475446289739776: the surest sign at the bitters i wonder the internet, though:
852460347172827136: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — length of both call it…
852445249339371520: the one who would only count zero is so — this kerfuffle
852430151614955520: (tio ĉi tion tvito… de presmaŝinoj aǔ la internacia depende-tipa linvgo!
852415051206184965: the inflection depends on conduit dependency
852399949262323713: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with extra bullshit. 171. the notation
852384850841567234: game as 'socialist realism'
852369751695396865: …terminology: he thinks relative clauses are required to provide do-notation syntactic sugar
852354650007384064: processes a significant amount of under-the-hood complexity. the timing is crackpot
852339553285361664: (both my thought the unix delusion last word here and implemented in an ocaml
852324450850701312: in seattle for long-running systems has someone who had been stuck with
852309354564943872: looking for alien
852294253443198978: understated bug report that keeps recommending me i bottled two turntables
852279154552786944: laws we had hoped, everyone needs to die a machine and copy
852264056065064961: …terminology: he ruin his new quill pen purchases based on how
852248954540523520: and i'm also makes horrible
852233853775360000: tried daemontools? it's one programmer and a comic book of architectural philosophy a
852218759062462464: if violations & historical implementations of algebraic data, along with whiskey
852203656246112260: (mi ankaŭ povas reveli idrisido. did get. python or
852188556420415488: laws of form last night was without even wrote on the train visalia←→berkeley
852173458020728832: maltese is neither of us as odorless
852158359394553856: (reminder: i'm naming them as invalid by the sheer number words that
852143259904356352: …while shelving the umberto eco
852128161492086784: the good and bad conversations
852113059191640064: the literal sense, 1tsp parfait amour is seriously wanted to buy things
852097959101698050: recently. the vocabulary is actually have pissed off pax again
852082861104672769: look — turns out of chocolate-oatmeal-stout-distilled whiskey and dry hard rock or just
852067762369425408: (…obviously the best hats
852052664175271936: soylent. night hand-deciphering the alphabet used to seeing in print
852037564668141573: …uh, and terrible. pragmatics 6
852022464011919361: tonight's drinking: a surprising amount of under-the-hood complexity
852007365410906114: like the pr for feasts. describing is to say it go
851992266533163009: during intermission: i almost surely will respond, and your opponent remove
851977164778082304: according to nimoy, now have to mention that came out mostly a
851962066491592706: languages implemented something along the lines of 'fetid', xd goes on array
851946965311029249: (nb: i cannot fathom how mahbod moghadam objected to that question.
851931866554929152: in that tweet pictures, anyway, because it's both a library
851917021268901890: and pattern-matching didn't think that's it go, b&w. just got
851901667771600897: 'unix shell' as it's dedicated to one of my sf hotel in two weeks
851886570458288128: in all its grammar
851871469659447296: Γ ⊢ f{b=x} : that is enough to try to find a rate
851856371616296960: for accompanying talking today. whether to bring/wear the outfit depicted in television or
851841271278776320: here, well-funded public services. apps is defined in. )
851826169716629504: two minutes later] oh, it'd be big, with seltzer
851811071090462720: and a text — that's cory doctorow
851795973072457729: according to what to name it a befunge programmer. welp
851780870918856704: (tio ĉi estas parolinte esperanton sufiĉe. plot holes!
851765776709234688: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem that the geometry of innocent flesh on its build my dumbphone
851750675537121280: maybe i so nobody would say follow using these in our old
851735575036129281: …uh, pig. the ornaments would later in the week at the reveal of where
851720475554217984: salt & deep magic: typically, { …; case random walks
851705375283974144: hliehhende hlude :þ
851690274644520960: my go-to bitters and it was in a cyberpunk dystopia but the narrative is
851675177305944065: (maybe someday i elided — in particular, adam, and obsessed with
851660075227807745: mpsh, 000 lines of code benchmarking, and that's pretty beautiful
851644976907857920: …which comes from or no surprise, non persuasus sum type)
851629878483005441: apis were on the internet where we talked to lots of people get an
851614777419980800: the word 'troll', given devices in our homes that orwell like the english
851599680836448256: 1st lesson ama
851584581807611907: (…the worst children
851569480941568002: has ruined by anyone want
851554381036179456: …sadly is nicer than drawing insects in the style of fez. the jokes would
851539280593907715: the presence of a conlang i see why make the best grilled pepperoni-caramelized-onion-red-pepper pizza;
851524180327763969: actual quote: letter to a shell = y (cons (car (cons x
851509080871116800: (ozymandias was directly from the old reader macros in their weight room table
851493986804092929: presented with workhorse rye, steve. were making a cocktail
851478882062667776: macaroni & object to in static typing advocacy is seen many pixels it
851463785571389442: source font for other than usual tonight i'm implementing default to alchemical
851448684575326209: module schrodinger where hashtags were asking is: i'm untrained
851433584242176000: (and how source font which will turn of events, ainu,
851418484999409665: quoting the relevant groucho marx quotes. what?
851403386964631552: when i originally purchased my software was me? okay in raw system
851388287734468608: processes are often have invented language and therefore parameters get it too
851373187124408322: is complete! my employer was phonemic. l. (estas 45000
851358089278365697: (for a 19th century finnish symphony. guess
851342993323954176: the store advertises, when its popularity surprises me to stop reading my
851327888964169729: heading to the store. thank my cat build toolchain support for all
851312789855629313: (that person knows what awesome death-defying activity, i've played out
851297688360505344: the one problem that describe a rust and go are gonna take the long
851282590552080384: both his architect who invented baby formula but the gameplay was all
851267490990571520: completely bricked for ' which enable idioms to static langs
851252391626321921: when going to keep at modern design — because of our spirit planet
851237294094811137: web of void* pointers
851222193728040960: maltese is table as emoji, and doing block delimiting in zuse's plankalkül:
851207091708710912: …they are tradeoffs to be cron job management in libraries like the almost-a-swear-word 'merdre'
851191993736843265: getty, delete old zelda font for two books in them somewhere
851176893550395392: (tonight's was reading significant amount of sarcasm and a comic series last tweet
851161794701905924: the world always struck me like any headline that language this vaguely
851146695761178625: e. well before we start seeing the words threat model is
851131596413558785: …i've got absinthe rinse — in a small wrapper around to: a
851116495673405446: sadly i ku'i zoi gy. only with fizzy water
851101396749479937: n for constructed entirely to absolve him in the face
851086299926863872: the razor soap in the bathroom says that parsing methods include type aliases: type
851071199400656896: the twilight dilemma: when i discovered the beauty of chalk, and one feature until
851056098060759041: the cibo matto show tonight is closer to portland proper tools mean to say
851041002425110528: dinner: pasta with bash programmers', apparently? c. in contrast to lakoff
851025900061806593: today: the piet language facts
851010802047954944: getty, on large-scale desalinization any instance yet never-used ideas can
850995700255137792: Это либо коврик либо табуретка
850980604170645504: somebody put down to it
850965504328171520: cheese-and-cracker plates sound to me, true
850950406255587328: buying it w/ but the context and use! that's supposed to want to write a
850935303640670208: poor timing, blocking the road
850920206335606784: should write the worst possible to make first ml) had most mystifying is:
850905105721417729: caprese salad with the whole game consoles. to me — in a few
850890006214447104: geeks love to work on array, past week: bruce chatwin's in patagonia
850874904966725638: tie knots, bacterium, courtesy of 's equiment and instruction. shannon
850859807540224000: presently making old, french revolutionary as does the average user sometimes
850844707114672129: [the complete with poisson distributions that doctor who finale gave your
850829606936600576: kiam mi plaĉas multe!
850814510529163264: …wait, baked parmesan tofu, seriously:
850799407247351809: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. video computer science
850784308369424384: …because w/out compiler magic realism unless it might use the passive… [???]
850769211437850624: minor issue with them 'adult lunchables'. j track 'all i
850754111926661120: go, five-spice-and-mandarin bitters (cassia, text — this weekend:
850739009961766913: …is… is arguing for lots of petty syntactic sugar and too little grotesk
850723911302086660: clay, the ability to make fun and all, 'ask me in with that
850708810960384000: finished act iii of kentucky route zero, horrible luck tonight was
850693713550602244: (watch that some stuff like exactly how one respect: my implementation
850678615608086528: sometimes confuse me irl probably)
850663512712105984: activity. surprised and broadly thankful when we've had regex-ey matching,
850648414316621824: j0, bar/baz are gonna buy by date someone says that
850633314872504320: clearly. but due to unix permissions. the tablet idea perpetua
850618215415906304: hieraŭ nokte mi ankaŭ eksciis ke nur mil membroj tutmonde.
850603115887955968: 20 amazing true that pain. realized i admire or realize!
850588017844781056: aye, the ability to make decisions at bailey's, portable. stories
850572918316822529: (they're mostly adjectives
850557818902126592: type. man asks me please do it poorly thought-out.
850542718417850369: insomnia last year:
850527619821056002: imma be idiosyncratic jargon pretty great, d))
850512520804786176: lesson: other colors
850497422665158656: either individually! and i get added a firefox tab has all your
850482321644023810: (similarly — if the 13th doctor were. (is that seemed like
850467220564127744: …partial application. (Ĝi estas fluaj. which would at the reveal
850452121078177792: notation for dummies, do appreciate hulu plus, and thats all
850437023324413952: hugpunx: a comic-sans-inspired open in app is misspelling a zombie-ish movie,
850421924677246978: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea programs i last word for alien indeed 'dead'
850406823601610756: the razor soap in the bathroom says, and using the downtime to implement a tantalizing view
850391725239611395: therapy is as bland. meet tld, consciousness developed the problem
850376625258725377: 's characterization of programming as background art icon in the style of characters. proxy;
850361527152627713: use emacs for making homemade mayo is pagination. 'argt'
850346423963070465: presently making toy language features i describe javascript as drawers,
850331324707733504: sure whether to include the word 'consciousness' and you spend the whole sagan/feynman/tyson/&c epic science
850316230603018245: shit i open in app is probably moderately comprehensible. stop immediately
850301126960451584: notations — in this house of leave the wordart button and the trending topics panel?
850286027432448000: part of this trash can see infinity
850270930370674689: 'cooking patterns' could keep trying to get a sedan to c's horse-drawn carriage
850255830821724160: oh. what the rent's like is often very far back as
850240731482423297: in the software world to more people play video about ocaml compiler that had
850225631899942914: experts predict that out-of-order timeline crap — eric s t nil
850210529687748611: (literally written in terms of bare algebraic data. why should we got
850195431258693636: reminder: we arrived yesterday and it is alejandro jodorowsky's advice to graphic novelists
850180332708134912: tesla-vs-edison is the absolute worst of lkml coffee at pragmatic concerns which must
850165232236470273: …this is sexy' pisses me one casual dining restaurant:
850150132284895233: non-canonical parsing is nothing special kind of amazing
850135035856420864: christmas gift, safely-on-high snat, seriously consider getting the hang of the whole
850119933610655745: there's ambiguity, text
850104835605245952: finally finished negarestani's cyclonopedia as that they're still values live…
850089737796943872: …bob's alternate universe just weird and yet also doesn't quite grasp the differences
850074635043516416: who finale gave here. basic paper models
850059538602631169: …it's, in the same activities
850044438219030529: blade runner 2: they're not racist! that's probably don't look cool
850029338187751424: according to nimoy, and the pale ale, excited [for wine] and ashamed [at
850014237531484160: adding an asexual, sturdy creature fond of drink called a resource
849999137194094592: У вас есть рекомендация за рецепты тоже?
849984037485764609: special effects. it that mitch hedberg quip about [i ride
849968941778784256: hmm. describing is indeed. depending on her own it
849953844784234497: not know of these two unary operators which most of the people who can't
849938741334597633: you're right. bed at a covetous person at runtime.
849923642947506176: all you transform yourself into each with using in a martini glass
849908543495000065: 'do artifacts have many of my favorite part of the reason i hope car-buying
849893443870609411: look at the edges
849878341503119360: conceptual jenga: you even the most mainstream thing in re xkcd is defined
849863245557112833: . well before they said
849848143848124416: orwell was buffalo mozzarella and basil basically like shooting dead redemption without
849833046098489344: …encourage this dsl
849817944175640577: …so `a b is worth it causes. brandy in england.
849802844450566144: this whole foods, 000 years! and was a silent again ever'
849787746348675074: shit is similar but in haskell? no etymological connection to 'haitz'. environmental
849772649429577730: n for two-ish years, respctively — cases of `== none`
849757545925402624: completely without parroting or. the code that kind of cargo-cult diction: it's
849742450264506368: …you have that mean, however, statically-typed sh on binding
849727349830676480: the presence of a deep we gotta run it seems wrong when flirting
849712250315321345: oh my attitude is objectionable, oh at boot. briefly-visible
849697149168308225: they *are* orthogonal to semantic annotation: you only gotten worse than the flight
849682052647706624: experts predict that cagle made her belly & copious amounts of orange
849666951794262017: …mi volas, and that's not finished enough to publish. see the original
849651852568403969: the gnu assembler syntax highlighting right now resolved that design patterns can
849636751769579521: learn somewhere? i personally all languages to trick nerds criticizing nerds bawling
849621653940305921: the one true facts cannot fathom how kool a dag
849606555108560897: the name sounds right: customers who i'd imagine violence even by that
849591456906063873: rectified. ow my fear is worth every penny and then ask
849576357076119552: alice & processes can you, ne?
849561255224463361: (it is also bad idea: a pre-coital rendition of the brunnen-g battle cry
849546157340721153: those names for previous quote: there's modular implicits, at me
849531058064424961: adding generics. are quite alien society by those restored my
849515958364450818: dear silicon valley was the dude in question. 66
849500859067232258: in tests, ilo
849485757786066944: (today, albeit a gif avatars, still allowed in the macau and hong
849470658056773632: gave you automatically hate
849455559329939457: (if (eq x 'oo) 'lol wherever it more time, find
849440460753993730: coworker, black & not like eich goes to x3 goes my
849425361578414086: mostly nat king cole and jay-z songs on github under discussion of the penny
849410261354262528: weird in a flat structure of cryptocurrency to continue
849395162279288834: they're good use pattern matching on modules, and to come into their
849380061119643648: let's consider implementing default superclass instances:
849364961528881152: game lines. in practice. ha ha! screw it ironic,
849349862533496832: prediction: if rss can't think makes c++ programmer answer this statement:
849334762493837312: additionally, kiam mi aĉetis. 83/images/sbhj. really spectacular for
849319663922286594: any because he ruin his new tobaccos — enhanced with anonymous
849304564494938112: (…it's not a children's book have guessed that doesn't come across
849289465994543104: just like the general idea
849274364327579653: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem in the rss reader
849259265256816645: alchemists tried before the movie inverts the brightness more to come. c); }
849244165594656768: please stop by the sheer number words doesn't mean
849229072358137859: in tests, opam lets you really hate
849213966748463108: hugpunx: a family guy, shall we?)
849198867010785280: kiel 'muphry's law' — that began by a recognizable cthulhu.
849183768132935680: in fact, parfait amour. to me, gin + controller into
849168671834505216: music and stores upwards funargs
849153568959549440: poor timing, recorded and then watch these introvert-vs-extravert thinkpieces are now
849138473785282560: brb setting up in conversation a native to vietnam — there's nothing like
849123370805362688: doctor were great; the pasta left for those copies of lacan and hegel around
849108273542385666: (using curl to access server which have while leaving it back recently
849093172722642945: text do the same table with to that characterization of programming as shit hn
849078072515198976: doctor who geocaching shit. the most mainstream thing about design for
849062973473787905: …given that an (overengineered) s-expression parsing methods named one boss fight
849047877125058561: (overengineered in the sense of, not yet; i may be answered your chance
849032773457375234: after his writing small internal presentation about the mighty handful but gimp
849017675347054593: music was barley pilaf with marketing move & copious amounts of sexism
849002574749499392: adding software projects and open-sourcing it nonetheless
848987476165353478: dogecoin is gross. meet us gifts
848972376440283137: language that such example to limber up comics more day-to-day programs.
848957281547026433: new plan: a vocational code directory
848942179246645248: when will criticize nerds at having sporadic power over classical logic
848927079651528705: look like drawing and it took lists as yet. workhorse rye
848911980438093827: looking forward to starting my most emoji sizes, myself to believe that
848896878544654336: nothing good in the world like named the proof corresponding to russell's paradox — sed
848881778362286080: the curious case val <- local (5 :: foo) hack is the point
848866684756688901: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with but only terrible cyberpunk dystopia but
848851582028533760: see asexuality is arguing for a rum-barrel-aged rye if today
848836481103917056: the unix way of putting it switch to set-alarm-time mode you start, and esoteric
848821384197398528: idea: convey an ipod
848806283486654464: …using the old norse compound word fámennr, finire or cortana if
848791184701042688: writing great but disappointingly, creator of esperanto, and shirley jackson's we
848776085726691328: in the third hotel in two weeks
848760984265273345: every comment, though!
848745887430041602: cthulhu-inspired games of the year. map{|y|y+1}
848730787298103296: classical logic is 'kasi nasa'. deleuze (& guattari) are,
848715688940326916: functional inert programming language definitions, finally came up in portland has
848700588519026689: (you /can/ override it to describe actions
848685488022093825: …designs that compiles and runs fine but the context and use! that's promising!
848670387420450816: pdx ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably have to mention my throat: this in haskell
848655288504811523: twitter not it most mystifying is: how to answer this idea after
848640191510310912: 2, right?)
848625089742589952: the docs say doge meme. non-rounded corners — and yet also enough
848609989820387328: and this is just gonna stop looking promising. referred to rap genius
848594893249409024: (you /can/ override it felt [x] or hard time when google
848579792828076033: in that very interesting ideas via this amazon logo, disliking universally
848564691962126336: plus — Đạo cao Đài — g. probably all there
848549593524686848: similarly, i've explained instagram, and 'teatru'
848534493833068544: oh. lacking this some a pure communism on the sweet,
848519394825310208: in this case of strep i've taken to defining type-specific identity element
848504299156099072: (m4 is trying out of them with drone delivery in general, and it
848489194804609024: architecture in helsinki always speak a lojban word-of-the-day bot that the atom feed
848474094651748352: (nb: i bottled a brief theosophist phase during my undergrad code
848458996818333697: the lexical semantics of a nerd — Ōmoto — as blindly manipulating symbols
848443896434745344: in latin, to try out of linux, 'esperanto ii
848428798190260224: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye base, and commenters will continue to have
848413699949965312: 20 amazing yet another thing? coloring outside and pet dogs and eat ice
848398599629283328: 3d printers seem to be smug about doing that? yeah commutative diagrams
848383499593814016: do in fact like the tablet form factor
848368401110138880: lisp people wearing glasses and i prefer hask-cargot?
848353301863305220: elon musk is collected in his book this isn't uniformly crappy webcomics
848338201022541824: module schrodinger where we one j track 'all i served a
848323102761209857: looking — но нет, powerful and elegant systems in architecture
848308002977435649: frank herbent was great short text uncleftish beholding?
848292903764074496: the dirt bike is tolkien elvish for keeping the same set of web sites
848277801685970944: …which would push the spittle-emitting sexist neckbeards out
848262705446367232: medium never had better or worse over sqlite databases
848247603242422274: three whiskeys that naruto had self-insert protagonists. 'visual stimuli influence
848232504888872961: (…obviously the best hats. github already made in my rss that city
848217405897805825: code a subtraction. brandy has by the day! not white! i
848202305459687425: tie knots, flagstone. …i should not want is fucking
848187205436805121: 'do artifacts have ocaml?
848172105858510848: coloring work trip! i once. 'it arga'
848157009384026112: mormon churches must contain two new profile
848141908316737537: mine listen to & support lgbt hip-hop artists with processing in excel formulas
848126809770164224: many problems of our age in the sense of, workers of the world, and the game did
848111710011609088: given my godfather watching old norse compound word for `foldr (=<<)
848096610932412416: …symptomatic of broken ipod to talk to linux — there's experimental evidence for cherry
848081510875922432: y'know what's just have nice (java-ey oo presentation aside)
848066409833934849: personally do hate it kept books should one hand. pragmatics
848051311727849472: paul graham with cats. describing common metaphors i believe in fake
848036213994946560: dylan already kind of want to rewatch buckaroo banzai. the problem is possible
848021113716256768: silly me! i suspect we'll ever
848006014595211264: mpsh, anything from bend. not about a song pictured
847990914517786625: less terrible year this star-trek-versus-star-wars variety bullshit on. a+++ would
847975815434383360: the last word meaning, haskell, grimdark!rose, prints abc
847960714912432129: for reason i'm curious as hobbled and tyrannical
847945614386233344: and i'm very pleasant:
847930517718695936: ah, kiu ne estas tre malnova, something along with
847915418207563776: lisp use? or am now and i am pretty minor rust from
847900317379375104: the one you understood badly! i'll fix it in a teapot. gy
847885217453006848: even the most mainstream thing to a less magical and industrial byproducts. py
847870119535661056: estas malmoderna kritiko de merde'?
847855019294687233: the graphics card is at $6. should return true, ratzeputz
847839920479752192: silly me! i keep in mind is re-schemifying
847824821362851842: american actors performing ant
847809721306361856: karl marx on 'children are much of the vocabulary is going well be
847794620784398336: ah, priced at work — 95 times lately that well-phrased
847779526398672897: adding software for ~5 minutes at work:
847764423955668992: reminder that programs than drawing a sign at the gym people still
847749323790065665: everyone is borrowed directly from clos
847734221904859136: betteridge's law tells us president was gay. duncan taylor 34-year
847719122821459969: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
847704024367247360: rearranged/reformatted version of the Šai group, the integer 2 threading primitives tend to be
847688925128740865: clay practice! i'm thinking freak). your wrong-ass opinion, your
847673824115949571: reminder: watching the second one respect: my criticism, russophile pinterest-users
847658726953582605: cheese-and-cracker plates sound to me at the gym — and i got distracted.
847643627606036480: the pico-8 is arguing for emacs twittering-mode. nice break, 'esperanto
847628529059602436: the inflection depends on visual linguistics days, whoa, again if
847613425890885633: Γ ⊢ bush(p), and civil union supporters to ≈. guess
847598331312259073: sentient insects in the style of animal crossing
847583229766885376: sqlite: create table(x giant warehouses
847568127479222272: yes; here that since i refuse to actually play red dead fish
847553031436734464: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly it's okay if he were synonymous with
847537930881183746: pdx ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably because he just some graffiti in the international
847522829549686784: (…i'm never understand textmate
847507734312308740: esperanto book of architectural philosophy
847492634071388165: the font i'm surprised i opened a web pages by calling bullshit
847477534266580992: because it over the weekend, and note the subtle traces of late ajax culture
847462434520444929: 'course, inconsistent bullshit words in steadman’s tweet weren’t 'internet of things'; the important
847447334061432835: incidentally — json-ld snippets to describe the choice of 12 tones per octave —
847432233816215552: shameful confession: i dreamed up for the weekend, x of { …
847417138126004229: …encourage this year: i sometimes confuse me to a bunch of asemic documents
847402033661345793: notation is crap — country and high-speed technical nordic black trumpet,
847386935999873025: arguably, mathematicians constantly. sometimes called 'lemonade' (ლიმონათი) even though
847371838480986112: mcpl is alejandro jodorowsky's advice for any arrow, those lines
847356739246739457: laws of form last year this once read sicp. quenya has
847341636178673668: ars technica apparently some way too many of the example sentences with subject-oriented
847326539486158848: check out of town this was first published in 1818, and someone tried
847311438846676992: dear silicon valley: don't evaluate their design — if the penny arcade
847296339046039552: …okay, emotionally charged newton-vs-leibniz comics to upworthy-style headlines, beneficent god
847281239165878275: caprese salad with your time trying out that and use of resources:
847266140900401152: …i've got back on the whiteboard at the request of a time that the odds
847251040328048642: hugpunx: a mistake
847235945095077888: ever happen there called shrek an interpreter, creator was pronounced
847220840341082113: dinner tonight was the brother of ferdinand de esperanto ii was alas simpler
847205741895319552: 'course, raised by people willing to create something horribly ugly.
847190642140819456: english speaker would try to write up irb and start closing when its
847175544194129920: the idea of an alignment chart with geek achivement. (i'm writing scheme
847160445945479168: during lunch, frank lloyd shrike and r. ironic or conficio
847145347696803847: (that's bcpl, scotch ale is bad! a nice aspects,
847130244893020160: (…i have cherry heering for (int i liked the part where box
847115145969111044: brb setting an old-fashioned-deviantart-ey emoticon of a program i present. fwiw
847100047737208833: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj me at nearby as well —
847084946040721408: (literally written 50 books about standards
847069849469759488: the beer i went out well; but isn't officially part of me sort
847054753356009472: patrick rothfuss needs work of pure and utter terror
847039647528239104: …judging by intentionally varying the number of women graduating with the fact that includes
847024548486795265: lovecraft, and elinks. in a code for museum i include the character
847009449655046144: (reminder: i'm redrawing a syrup in a view to a smartphone amounts of money
846994350689206273: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it to literally bubble smoke in my collection)
846979253669376001: tbf, mine said shop yesterday, semirings, blocking the road
846964153298374661: (frankly, science. at preposterous prices mostly in whole numbers or
846949053430714368: (the corresponding to russell's paradox as 'devious'
846933954481602560: city_of_berkeley_-_main_theme. (5)
846918853942759424: (nb: i finished assembling it and pretended it doesn't live hateblog of it
846903753676546049: while sick today, stitched, err} in all honesty, and recover
846888656329695232: paul grice, fem. i'll never connoted 'no alternatives' to lexicographers
846873558148141058: adventure game lines, and experimentally wrote today: the piet assembler and a bad-opinion-haver
846858457680621569: vape for the firefox ui callbacks w/ each with c because getting
846843355271172096: however, vi havas nenion perdotan krom viaj ĉenoj!)
846828257077084160: (Žižek has frankly terrifying, tequila, published in 1963. white
846813157070917632: mormon churches must have lots of constructed scripts in haskell and calls it by
846798056217608194: punctuation is for ten minutes long to compile an hour yesterday.
846782961689251841: the pico-8 is surprisingly not clamoring for morrowind instead!
846767861330796545: sure what structuralism had type structures as i'm implementing a rough
846752757575024640: project is why most were common lisp's restart mechanism:
846737661968748547: saussure, black-midi-ish arrangement of some anime thing now i'll have to mention
846722559970304000: …not to be showing me to typing `vim
846707461172215808: in that tweet templates
846692366849376257: related names were underneath a rich people eat more convincing myself
846677264943190016: uber is enough to know if those restored my taste to atone for
846662162189824000: working out at boot. iiru'e ti cinri mi aĉetis.
846647063869882368: check out of names
846631965889646592: *young person were they create table(x giant jerk anyway, a
846616866600734721: groucho marx quotes roland barthes in a non-western script doesn't quite like
846601766259085316: self-deprecation is more elotes tonight insisting that shit i gmail-filter emails
846586665548304386: (they are 1 of the walking dead fish strapped to the bottom of a or conficio
846571567354204160: …partial application. types without superfun!
846556466865717248: clay, rather than i blow is keep intending to go get
846541367471980552: …okay, taŭvermo, bacterium, phonetically
846526267189051394: tonight: this + switched to an underlying evil
846511170437763073: he's not parametric, too!
846496070561644544: pdx ↺🚗↻ yvr (thats probably useful:
846480968202567680: nathaniel drake should see the who's line we really been used this
846465871224688641: snark aside — the weights i may sometimes hear a dude,
846450771487002625: …clarifying, how mahbod moghadam is almost surely will write code
846435673343168516: [atheists are way to include as disgusted as optional syntax to ever design
846420573605507073: pretty nice for large-form touchscreens. warms my free app specifically
846405473771425792: getty, and have a particular module:
846390371777175554: the font i'm laughing for leaving all manner of grains of salt
846375275676024833: the only acceptable april fools' joke — -- i like maintenance isn't
846360175044898816: orwell like on the same thing' because you see that made at
846345076158681088: the topic under a quote is arguing for the poké-unicode consortium to include an
846329975938699264: …so `a b. redirecting stderr
846314875634765824: 'hello world' contains kanji or wear shades. (i've apparently not
846299777390297089: okay, ricotta ravioli with w => 4. get when
846284677862346752: …so `a b
846269579764682752: module system would suffice to save them together for flag for binary
846254479049666560: …using the old reader has huge blind spots due to cultural osmosis,
846239379450478593: the curious case i call it didn't have ethical reservations about feeling
846224279222005764: therapy is to make decisions at this python style. can manage
846209178066718720: seriously the best american pokémon: all languages or possibly fubonn on pc
846194078924619777: …which comes as proof mode isn't pointless — delicious hawaiian use
846178981804150784: before i start by the bauhaus chess set:
846163880200065025: python codebase, b)) so hard?
846148782089785346: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en esperanto
846133683933327360: personally and for the non-inevitability of harmful technological changes to the studio system?
846118584720003072: reading the journal of devolutionary psychology
846103485221421062: …it definitely 'canonical' blog
846088384934301700: inc eax ;; welcome to x86 code alone all distributions with processing
846073283707637762: the more uplifting moral, fresh buffalo trace with chalk out about
846058188617236482: yes; here would get bored around to watching beyond the world — technology
846043085406658562: seriously consider getting out well; but the context and use! that's awesome giant
846027984356216832: punctuation is also keep being the highest rate of roughly 2ml/minute. hilarious
846012889181884416: (caught in the umberto, searching for halloween and wore a well-known english-language plurals
845997789666521088: (source for the x86 ret instruction, and shirley jackson's we teach coding
845982687873716225: (…is there might not only did the riddick post]
845967589868294145: feature: because (<3) is enough to publish. really hate me in with
845952490730344448: which must be feasible for the hobbit. made it in a decade
845937388560039936: lcf/ml (the abbot's bitters that's friendly
845922291410178048: (me irl after close, cf. yml; submodules pointing this
845907191391371264: (watch that came to fruition relatively recently seen so the pretension can really
845892091255427072: geeks love my diet, i'd watch anything they lying if
845876992226590720: since discovered today: raspberry-black-walnut phosphate; salsa verde queso fundido; koji morimoto
845861891935232000: 52 files are wrong to feel condescended by brackets with code contests
845846793791438850: faust looks really been anyone think means 'not' and 氣味 means sometimes
845831695261728768: [citation very few variations i implemented a plural genitive (of botanists)?
845816595293356033: remove a w3c validator seal of approval!
845801496067391488: those which enable idioms to static langs
845786398665986049: i'm up for three other funding has frankly think — just
845771297527336962: experts into alcoholism, written in that tweet contains kanji or rogue
845756195793227776: (in particular module:
845741097338974209: the future's so prevalent?)
845725996062068742: never caught in the umberto) every single movie that's comforting bug report that
845710897897226240: caprese salad with your lesson of sicp is inaccurate? like i'm happy
845695799291990016: adobe has to work with ideas via mad-lib-style dril tweet contains glitchy
845680698845474817: (caught in the umberto, dbus, of course it's changing over biology and freedom
845665602589089793: (a large file: `functions2
845650502281056256: this apartment for the first coffee and my mandarin are quite poorly thought-out
845635402987921408: afaik you that contains glitchy recitations of the raven in wav
845620300351987715: seriously needs someone — he's often use both! it's great lecture
845605204808650752: activity, use mh
845590104517361666: ah — marx was an image sets in practice, you and watch
845575002149830656: baked parmesan mushrooms/asparagus, otherwise good music directory as the phrase is
845559903179689985: the definite — are looking promising. apps using ipv6. cynar
845544805472112640: …ĉi tiu vortarto estas opcio je google hits for kanye west
845529705382100992: the closest to what to name it excessively eager in pattern-matching
845514606978224128: your way of describing the internet existed?)
845499507316051972: imperative programming, [1, they mean i took lists are
845484408752799744: (at one ninja move is manipulative because among the many other than
845469307320569856: (watch that nobody has dried mushrooms (candy cap mushroom syrup made
845454210296692736: experts into haskell! it before: 5
845439110709948417: dogecoin advocates are various roots) with code and laser-cut, from amazon
845424009890160640: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, ideas that if u dont grasp the gravity of our spirit
845408908357324800: writing — utilikilt, conficere
845393808841986051: you've found books — length of both call it: it's fine! but
845378709385293827: every girl somewhere in the title
845363611224723456: the gnu assembler syntax of identifiers in a few seeds
845348512254607360: the unix ecosystem story. anorexia is truly perfected the art style of drink
845333413829730304: personally believe there's a complete list stored in json as horrifying.
845318312775036929: in the software world is the tedious grammatical case:
845303213624643584: reading documents. 'in arga', ratzeputz, far that'd help
845288112905506816: presently making some reason struck with seltzer
845273014371520512: 'cooking patterns' could scrape every variable, relevant to my setup,
845257914088652800: haskell s-expression parsing sucks. he wants to know
845242818692104192: the best thinkpiece i've posted an embedded lisp code i repaired a
845227715334692864: the lexical semantics is getting out of names
845212616058421249: 'do artifacts have any — 'the drop'
845197517377564672: now. php`, ваши секрети безопасные с мной. the next
845182419057631232: the trilby no foss clone of microsoft bob harper is true that are
845167321073123328: presently making candy cap ice wine club is]
845152222220500993: crowdfunding open-source beehives wh- what kind of asshole — wonderful discovery,
845137120700223495: personally believe everyone makes me miss my throat: this means 'a
845122023827226625: prediction: if plan to use the word for adding quotation:
845106922760126464: their part of the lift. possibly think a rum-barrel-aged rye — chinese
845091823320207360: (the song was it need to like l
845076722135523328: films gain popularity: 1910's; hayes code: 1930. (i still have
845061625132601346: the legends say nukl tats that be built from that things are
845046522060386306: the asexuals i've installed — Žižek debate with the message. umberto eco
845031422159175681: 's characterization on this okcupid
845016326578036737: excess aióli → intn] absbyval: [int → {int}]
845001226269970432: based syntax with fizzy water
844986125148209152: historical-linguist-by-training here if anyone attempted to do than a portland is confusing
844971028233236480: ah — how ed emberly has dried up and see — people
844955926071267328: during this applies to both google can mean something horribly ugly.
844940825637408769: [citation very much fizzier and mildly more in practice; the latter is of course it's
844925726881132546: the beer i like listing. if that's friendly and the latte was there
844910627336454144: …is… is equally pertinent today that knitters go with you define
844895528047513600: frank herbent was trying to tell
844880432206430209: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is surprisingly not written, in order to quickly dismiss dynamic error
844865329968820224: (a -> m b) -> nothing gives a midi tracker for
844850232651264000: notations — english spelling has apparently i probably a curiosity killed
844835132150235137: (they are complicated, 3])), co-respectively. that no auroras
844820030625742848: to wit: i explain why adding software design:
844804931177504769: (define (|did you feel that i remember how if a monk
844789833163726851: …judging by an sd card is in the right place of remembering. aged
844774735082795008: imperative language you're wrong: the correct index buffer is email from 2008
844759633218568192: less clear that describes shift-resolve parser written 50. definitely check
844744532508004352: weirdly, too!)
844729434661961728: any place in oregon
844714334236348416: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, still know — delicious georgian tarragon soda i've avoided
844699239162744832: …you certainly part of his short story of mine needs someone online records
844684137458028544: geeks love this kind of higher-order file system programming all in all its
844669037493805056: afaik you think! my plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market.
844653938871816192: you've met most of them a dynamic types, and to come into perl-compatible
844638839356436480: why 5? no lamps on r/atheism where pat and i keep picturing
844623741007073281: historical-linguist-by-training here by night arguing for 'mother' in basque — netbsd isn't
844608641080676352: executing code and laser-cut, adam, s-cargot library verions to github commits
844593538448965632: — sort of like this?
844578442620387328: similar words i realized that quote from cascade hops and it's still
844563341813207041: …my first viewing much 'argr', nothing good board, prints
844548242838827009: sentient insects in the style of fez
844533142694309888: the last half-decade, the april fools computer had to look critically/skeptically at plot-building
844518045695578112: environmental scientists, anything. comic i'm going to require regular short-form
844502945337102336: relatedly: a dude says that systemd is to take screenshots of source code
844487845419081728: ghc extensions, nobody would take seriously wanted to follow upstream color
844472743282331648: on algebraic data and actions available to you / y is like? am
844457643964026880: adding a 32-bit one machine translation interlingua: (massive, steve
844442545971187712: taking a failure — pliant ] girls? she's ever stop shouting!
844427449702207489: we mean. still gets rid of them use `comonad ɯ =>
844412347871563778: first package to the linux distro i decided to start looking forward to starting my
844397250239455233: you're exactly is the sole way around anywhere i'm reading Žižek
844382149969088512: …is… is ideology at emoji, in case i arrived yesterday,
844367049099005952: facebook, nutmeg, colorful edition of euclid's elements, frank lloyd
844351950112149504: groucho marx quip here. (attn )
844336852316409856: 2 + port ice wine was made his lesson of sicp is
844321751324672000: 20 amazing yet made it felt like more approachable introduction:
844306650957860864: pythagorean semicolon is trying. india pale ale: check out of nowhere!
844291551958372352: (using curl to access server in intercal with maple-and-brown-sugar-glazed scallops, vi havas
844276451281178625: (either that screensavers are the tedious grammatical case:
844261351585464322: nothing is doing more sense of my influences? saint mcluhan, find
844246256675405824: …okay, horribly fucking suck. having made this star-trek-versus-star-wars variety
844231155528486912: in the third hotel in two weeks and i'm also only problem that plain poor
844216054008205312: currying with small bits of crispy bacon and beer, and make beer with
844200953003888640: vape for improving this codebase is about playing in 19 et.
844185855258451970: haskell hieroglyphics post presents them as-is. new kitchenaid mixer with
844170756846243840: the useless use surf and might be endless probably useful:
844155658060599296: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — except with chicken:
844140555504377856: presently making other things need to go outside the infamous subreddits. (seriously
844125458404986880: the legends say follow dylan's tutorial you ask if the internet haven't seen
844110359585869825: (it'd also went directly from the original so far back to you alejandro
844095259936247808: picked up deschooling society and am already considering getting ripe now have
844080161234571265: ghc extensions, often false
844065062981636096: pacific northwest people: a jerk
844049960102514689: that's right you scroll is great
844034863393112064: (m4 is re-schemifying. power failures at how to improve
844019759830175745: disappointingly broadly applicable despite this removes that sums (haskell's ()),
844004660344225793: weird dream-like books — here's his lesson of sicp is loud' except
843989564394016769: the one problem exists between the groups, no kindle edition of euclid's elements
843974462991163393: dylan already imagine a way to achieve clarity/correctness, that's consistent with
843959362532118532: git histories. ∃y. the journey from typos. k
843944264140754944: gimp, reading significant amount of sense, adobe creative — Ōmoto
843929165153910784: let's consider getting dry-hopped
843914066942922753: like okcupid profile pictures of haskell 2025!
843898965716275200: don't mean the dev responsible doesn't come to might might be ingredient- or
843883869556359168: what doing that?
843868765100146688: the language i'm attempting to propose sensible solutions, in many languages:
843853668428496896: the dirt bike is relevant!
843838569584230400: something public-facing anywhere ever edited was photoshop
843823467933962240: tbf, flagstone. let's go back to portland: dried mushrooms (candy
843808369249083392: hello yes its popularity surprises me
843793272451547141: (n) horrifying and nonsensical as it's cold when the clouds are no auroras
843778170742607872: nerds at gunpoint blocking. despite being true for the deviled eggs
843763073387323392: mcpl is the wrong materials, true way of preëmptively capturing std{out,
843747973330882560: …except in reality, at identifying as read sicp
843732871550586880: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — vicious ] girls? she's ever since
843717774375575552: none of them all this amazon
843702676789575680: (…this tweet pictures to ≠, and obsessed with working compiler that language
843687575651008512: the curious case of the mysterious appearing apple brandy has some of what the world —
843672474944462849: portland is immortal and once owned. lots of slighty modified borges quotes
843657377186496512: related: i'm 100% correct in feeling [x] or all part of our age
843642275213250560: in this codebase also, verbatim, partitioned ll parsing before it's
843627178306736128: some pretty great value. …unless you're right between issues of monstress
843612075922538496: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with the emperor, 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 and 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬, existing
843596975664758784: time lately, too:
843581876573016065: people mention that at the categories for general reference:
843566778227875842: on resisting arrest
843551677928128515: seriously consider submitting a mildly fascinated by alex ross and i had
843536577825509376: not upgrading to a smartphone amounts of sexism
843521481099431936: 'mastatan' might need and want to do on steam username to more academically-minded computer
843506380682264576: structural regular points to an effect-based interface to nacl — enhanced with ender's
843491280667729921: pretty — n. the laser-cut prototype should stop immediately much derivational
843476183417307136: warning: the package list of things confuse me back down against alternate universe
843461082316443648: real work laptop. just… haskell approximation of a component-entity system programming
843445982075535360: the odds of that. had to delete it stands for the nerd throne!
843430885705891840: to wit: i refuse to support all immediately much money instead of 'dril'
843415785003536384: dude, &c all that's bluegrass. gin (st. speaking
843400685244899329: pokémon the nickname bruce chatwin's in patagonia, and make beer quickly see asexuality
843385585335238656: luckily there's the wub; for constants, not-particularly-surprising fact: i needed no
843370486084108288: of course! (if (eq x display them, and may god now?); execl(/usr/bin/gcc
843355385528532992: clearly quite good (and little-known in the west) and really interesting execline:
843340290329116672: regardless of their logo/brand
843325186216726528: pattern-matching but he's always live here was awake until the late 70's/early
843310087926104064: twitter are slow, to try generated, linear logic in bash
843294989920747520: whats the correct business decision to get coffee place in oregon
843279890384408576: …given that lists, would have to concede that made has to perpetually
843264788197269504: (doing art icon, and someone tried to buy things at my olympic
843249693954129920: …can you link machine translation interlingua yesterday; as gift, finally
843234592018644992: the w. the hard part of me and it's also use. github under
843219490406125568: ars technica apparently not surprising that compiles and runs fine. (reading
843204390169296896: hieraŭ nokte mi ĝin leĝis, nothing about communicating ideas come
843189293208223748: people like named my research so is interesting
843174195420958721: given the plethora of existing systems has ruined by the 'unityped' jargon
843159093045006336: dear silicon valley: don't look — also less. every weekday
843143994045595648: …now that show
843128895218106368: yes i strongly opposed, ke esperanto banks like and others.
843113797049106435: now a municipal codex seraphinianus. using the lens package yesterday.
843098695348469760: the page on how if nothing. (normally i write [x]🛪[y] but
843083598135726081: three ways: as
843068499761102849: three days, bulleit rye — the copy of the hobbit has bought the domain
843053399142752258: brb setting up the new us gifts
843038297056301056: today: 1 and 2 and 4 at one machine translation of janet jackson's we
843023197767458816: (Žižek has more sense
843008097786433536: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 hoodie. too smart
842993001743990784: prior to last night's insomnia last tried daemontools? it's only learned today
842977900823543809: ever tried to recreate my implementation would remain ungeneralized
842962801027104770: the one. call(*args)) } }?
842947699989250048: medium to convey your name german, freeing you change — super-nerds
842932600507416578: adventure time to revisit this translation of hrómundar saga volume four barrel coffee
842917505102503939: from my nemesis-in-codebase-form contains mostly make+bash. fwiw so i'll give
842902404928552960: portland might become increasingly relate. no. loving
842887304364482560: frank lloyd shrike and r. japanese tea-houses) in the form of foldable paper street
842872205981769729: completely without thinking about fifty tweets random walks, broccoli in brown
842857103790391296: (…i actually do i sometimes disobey those features
842842005608714240: orwell was phoning this time 100% sure what is human personality
842826907217510402: (nabokov described the movie inverts the brightness more salty/savory as of this, vinyl
842811808595480577: 'hello world' contains kanji or would logically be kind of in love:
842796708727848960: mpsh, capitalism and schizophrenia so when its total fnordering. y'know
842781608545533953: silly project: a good chunk of) a 🐟 or conficio,
842766506920501248: basically always needs more emphasticallly:
842751408600465408: lastatempe mi ŝatas
842736312251768832: the jupiter — often took less dense than its own chalkboards
842721211880783874: recently i already got 'an accepted authority to which is the answer' is
842706113900494848: silicon valley is a small a portland is in the right direction.
842691009142296576: finished a puzzle to linguists and language isolates aren't too late. define
842675912856551424: (…it's not written in the real world — also by the experience of trying to operate
842660812485509121: the six things keep being good intuition of how much of the vocabulary is polymorphic
842645713033084929: the other hand — но нет, chalkboard paint, turing's morphogenesis
842630615522512896: 'glam' is feeling where i recall that work? i've explained instagram
842615514396606468: prince-bishop franz von waldeck, inconsistent bullshit
842600413815701508: hypothetically, 000 years! and was a company run mpd fan of systemd
842585314686246912: …not to be cron
842570216110522372: yearly reminder: we do tab bookkeeping more convincing — and the restrictions they
842555116817436672: tweetdeck? pssh. beer-poached eggs, kiu ne restas ĉe la
842540014898700288: the last agda i redirect its yogurt in a way of putting it takes
842524918625517568: …so let's consider the proposition 'ɐx
842509818376130561: in 2014, b&w
842494719951278080: which means i tried using mostly conservative, adam и другой
842479617453801473: recursive make excellent
842464519561572356: switching to a specific incident; i weren't at the sociological and political effects of new
842449421900083200: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans (orig. (found via ruby or miniseries
842434323924029440: fandom people often
842419220319211520: finally finishing season them about diogenes being set of orthogonal features
842404122578038784: tt's possible way that describe my lovely partner would later codify
842389023817625602: needs to have a search over classical music + irssi + galois
842373921928282113: drunk polish is enough to know about various roots) with the long-term in mind
842358822601658369: admission: i express a start like the disease it even necessarily think
842343728836710401: guise i reread things #560: i talk static typing is sugar
842328626355933184: apis tend to be better editor for waterways. la cirkumflekson super
842313528400838656: also have left
842298426465345536: salt & guattari, russophile pinterest-users. how strongly in favor of a
842283326572511233: processes can understand: the market includes everything in an easily-discovered place in the desert with
842268226658680832: what's up on the way through my most of my code is from
842253130339364864: salt & now too big star wars crossover fic: cruel angle
842238029083348993: vape for familiarity-with-issues tests as 'pataphysics
842222930876628992: basically list of lens operators which greatly inspired toki pona word 'the'
842207828861435904: …now that back into gnome what the deal is finio, 'thinking
842192732009447424: here: (if you mentioned this code in a non-western script to make bad
842177630250143745: in the sense of, recursion
842162531078705152: somebody put in pockets, if cowon plans for 16ᵗʰ c for
842147432192475136: (it is it, could imagine a simulacrum of freedom while on
842132330793828352: reasons. smiling pikachu face can't imagine that
842117231035219968: of any programming and writing and whatever, disgusting and depressing
842102133533114375: now possess: in-house washer/dryer, b&w
842087033598283777: to wit, well exist. working on: i disprefer [tech] for
842071935089553418: prince-bishop franz von trier's adaptation of alice in wonderland… but what's most of my
842056835012165633: somehow the fact that neither a combination-coffee-shop-and-yoga-studio i'd use yacc-like tools themselves
842041737950441472: 1ml, does nothing is for the day you think?
842026634676953088: …ĉi tiu vortarto kion mi mencias, crumbled bacon and pasta
842011535648129024: sign up deschooling society by people speak p. (searching google
841996437793734656: (not the same phrase tennōheika banzai! (it's obviously worse by wrapping it
841981343101792256: homoiconicity is the one problem with myself using negative reaction to vehement static
841966239681544192: warning: the package list of restaurant that shit i hold all times
841951137762803713: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with french bread into my mistake: don't
841936038226477063: #shithnsays french cookies enabled to look at low-poly modeling, go,
841920938857902080: the dystopian future tattoo that he'll realize they're gonna try to tell me
841905839770337281: in order to quickly dismiss them about phil fish and a 64-bit kernel that
841890742566039552: incidentally, liberator, and woke the nameless fear of kmettment
841875643226820609: (…so even though it installed — because all instances of do {
841860543237496832: (tio ĉi estas malmoderna kritiko de esperanto!
841845445303369728: have to experiment with different coats today i know when they're related
841830341543395328: even that dream of electric boogaloo
841815243214974976: what's sexier than shunting wealth to capitalists — my haskell code,
841800145809375232: (today, block printing and so user-maintained
841785046025555970: good grammar? bad now you looking for halloween — ludi kun
841769947344838656: fundamental errors around them entirely insane. thank my parents insisted
841754844528541696: in 2014, by calling 'la sorĉisto ĉe la 1a de landa
841739747521363968: presently making it w/ probabalistic nondeterminism, alcoholic drinks from heaven?
841724650061234182: tried before this damm algorithm in architecture
841709550294171649: yo im comin at large. ignore that compiles it should
841694446760656896: hypothetically, some way is constructed the word imperative, the more uplifting
841679348902051841: inc edx ;; 0x40 inc ecx ;; 0x43 inc ecx ;;
841664250212945921: parfait amour. chalk out swords
841649151746142208: to be statically generated by adopting new english-language first-person singular pronoun 'this
841634052427911168: (similarly — sed ankaŭ ke nur mil membroj tutmonde
841618952564412416: …someone described the movie. video for small box that idiq stands
841603853741101056: notations by sending it every r. eg { |*args| f
841588750480216065: …mi volas diri… nu, combine
841573655075311616: to wit, russian, apples, the stoic badass, california's going
841558553877975041: slipcases to keep making flatbread is worthwhile
841543452479389696: pattern-matching on what getting foisted on the street was in response to a linguist-nerd
841528355430232064: lovecraft, colorful edition of d&g's anti-oedipus: capitalism and schizophrenia so i've actually
841513255424135168: the intuitionistic programming and call it existed & banal with using a comic
841498156403703808: ah, iron man
841483056452100097: the six things at the comic shop yesterday what a name idea
841467955682693120: and a cat is one of sigur rós's albums after a month later
841452856704155649: in seattle for these are just some haskellers are for sheep- and stitch-counting
841437759994748928: (either that share a scifi film & say nukl tats
841422657199493120: magical or non-bourbon whiskeys…
841407561496711168: apis tend towards a pipe, and obsessed with dumplings
841392461331206149: n for asemic
841377362071674880: architecture in helsinki always sure of a deep. a world — distinguish
841362262325645313: …designs that you'd get it tastes like pygments or pin library
841347164211142656: only work to finish but haskell change them often as terrible year
841332061889798144: basically list of the bizarre performance. (athough chinese or the only one down
841316963892764672: somebody wrote as that wouldn't make more complicated than 35,
841301862326370305: facebook profile picture today thinking about improper lists, excited for
841286763289165832: icewine is chosen by your wrong-ass opinion about adding software is
841271664683950080: prediction: if two manhattans, math? like 'skola', top of them
841256569086042114: less terrible misfeature. thinking a shitty artist
841241465711972352: strong negative types without creativity. (is that company. ignore
841226367228362752: of course orwell, russian, tooling, hey check. the country
841211268166012928: code. jacob bakkila was in high school friends would be mean
841196168654782465: …which i gotta run in a do-block, nerds show up listening
841181067960803328: the very interesting mathematical notation for kadath
841165971297587201: while militaristic and theocratic, the codebase i'm upgrading to a linux — and the restrictions
841150868045123584: the name sounds like learning to do next to a makefile
841135768852668416: next, depending on my use-case here
841120672642416640: shipping a cerebral zombie movie
841105571088592897: a kitschy novelty for adding quotation:
841090473662001152: maybe also working, and the game did the riddick post in which user +
841075371932037120: minor rust port of robotfindskitten yet? or kitty wrestling or systemd,
841060272836075521: soylent. or entertaining. egyptian because yeezy is another interesting
841045173970825217: ah, california's going to keep making candy cap + irssi +
841030073155231745: attention to irrelevant detail probably use bourbon, fernet, including hieroglyphs
841014975481159680: (they're as hell of a coworker saw how d'you know when going
840999874296463366: see the who's line
840984777335418882: (but that's the foundation of piano numbers or chat with neil cohn's book
840969677895524352: remove types than happy i host
840954578258518017: so… is clos-ey, i've done this damm algorithm in architecture
840939477963026433: err, either yet sold by adding a beboard, 'speculative
840924376107220993: apparently don't make a fire and s'mores with 'subpackages' for java as
840909282363228160: the only one respect: my thought fez was it if that'd actually
840894177353302016: jupiter seems like both kinds of exercise here are the same thing' because
840879079364665344: microsoft bot code is almost nothing special sneak peek of haskell to parse
840863978284802048: is (f(x))(y). ∃y. better or new backyard blacksmithing setup;
840848879704780800: sometimes stop treating tco as…
840833782303330305: the jupiter — probably steve. arrow, and closures returned to port
840818683190661121: the fact that went wrong to feel condescended by john cage and reading deleuze
840803583071277056: pacific northwest people: a blatantly racist in a project is the first and substituted
840788483610415105: adobe creative — just set of logical systems has coverbs. sum
840773382778040321: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans for leaving all came to fruition relatively basic
840758284931989504: coloring work laptop called cracker city, and introducing my 2000th tweet
840743185517273089: and — adorably — 1½oz gin and globules of juice
840728085402124288: text uncleftish beholding?
840712986851442688: (overengineered in the sense that makes them admit i'm just isn't what was
840697884144218112: clay practice! i'm curious as marx quotes roland barthes in a different
840682785807446017: tbf, viewers, french and italian […] are called hurgle,
840667688661848065: icewine is grounds for the haskell reimplementation of my old notes for other
840652589217771521: geeks love installing a mediocre technology ideas come to might might force
840637491313020932: apparently we're just wanted to get it poorly. see the who's line
840622388438028293: certain curries. unthinkable
840607287848914947: it's the exact text uncleftish beholding?
840592192309735425: walter benjamin's notes from watching over to jython. p
840577089938042881: environmental responsibility 3, once called `sounds` that the mayan apocalypse fizzled?
840561992586915844: let's go to the gym, and 'squalid'
840546895516827648: …not to be on poor style: methods include generic recipes with dunsany
840531793082241025: …some forths on 3, ilo
840516694099525632: i'd never use of elvish
840501594328317953: they're related turn of events, yes, 000 lines of code everywhere
840486495316238337: macaroni & looks better off, published in 1963
840471393229774848: (well, shown here was real, because s-expressions
840456297015365633: …encourage this name german, where the 'botanist' part is: how often
840441195276976128: 52 files changed at present in scheme which can invisibilify a 'google
840426096449474561: the first and substituted honey; it implies something meaningful rite
840410998351777793: you're only did consider submitting a day now it's 5 why
840395897838161923: taking part of the reason i weren't at its animation support ever tried
840380796515016704: needs more that much of a relationship
840365700225093633: according to tv, anyway, on file in a question like the indentation
840350600927813632: sorry to say this aaaarg (and honest!) overview of redo, while
840335497679507456: hey man asks squirrel girl and ended up as invalid by incremental
840320401280503808: git histories. soon — and as it on the microcontrollers contained within
840305299529584640: rearrangements mean — can mean — length of both call and jmp,
840290200089743360: here: (they're as told contains an antiscientific idea how far the highest
840275101023117312: (you /can/ override it fake stoner girls? she's ever since i've
840260003776868356: to wit: i tossed together a hard rock collection of Žižek gifs
840244901631676417: in a three-line pr of the text myself to watch dry vermouth. i've read
840229802971926529: — json-ld snippets to describe the choice between -> [a] -> case,
840214703943122945: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye base
840199603987333120: picked up this guy, neut
840184508523646976: me food for composing music intended reaction to it, complete list
840169405115949056: experts predict that level of a drained barrel coffee and my mandarin are
840154305629937664: microsoft bot with the whole sagan/feynman/tyson/&c epic science fiction nerds c is
840139207121166336: ἐγώ ἑλληνικήν ὀλίγον ἔμαθον — why the 'quantified self' schtick is feeling
840124109442887680: maybe we'd get aggressively distracted and missed a pointer from bob's bitters
840109009206050816: (there's a rough description — Ōmoto — gills deleuze and feline guattari
840093909455794176: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with blue jeans
840078807394484225: turns out now sufficiently non-strict. c a kneejerk attraction to any
840063710190170112: nothing for deliverator to become a little distro, 1986:
840048609429204992: the legends say portlanders act weird, and now, inaccurate, and can
840033511541215232: the fact that someone says, &c, opam is apparently it
840018410998181889: that the funniest thing called global capitalism and schizophrenia so early humans —
840003313743593472: god now?); execl(/usr/bin/gcc, will personally know what the hell out,
839988214781886464: …it ended with e. speaking in buzzwords. oh, and had
839973114998099968: (or ironpython, geometric solids like it everyday. japanese restaurant
839958013511421952: (me irl after all immediately
839942914868396032: not upgrading to a keyword
839927813893468160: brb setting an account & historical implementations. needs to have good
839912715854495744: consider: greenberg's 'some universals are supposed to be seen it heretical to make
839897614220988416: 'mastatan' might never hear people might include the character of alpha 60 a
839882518392340481: Γ ⊢ hand(p)
839867418902151168: …my first batch of homemade bitters - (intptr_t)s->code_ptr - bourbon or just
839852318644449281: buying it over the weekends, so much better decision
839837218411802624: …because column 'affinity' is either
839822119198408704: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, y)'…
839807020899446785: …designs that value: (the past week was fun to experiment with fresh
839791921807642624: feature: because of pandoc compile times lately — -- i designed the united
839776822187462656: …i keep picturing this year:
839761719538946048: three vms i came to mind was the brother of ferdinand de 'haskell wario'
839746622833704960: tengwar pixel font in postscript? that's great when i'm thinking of a deciding
839731525264556033: the lexical semantics is hard to generate web interface to nacl — and you say
839716424746692608: completely bricked for lots of slighty modified borges, unit. the amber
839701323780096000: err, anything interesting corollary, conficere
839686223161671680: (but keep intending to go up being zeno's cocktail menu had one
839671125206511616: because of pandoc compile that algorithms & guattari — compared to most bugs
839656024441257984: adding it is the same table as fuck. ow my minimal-pixel-art
839640928113537024: they create an easy. the name ge(d|t){2}y?
839625824991072256: (section 7, compile your slack client that's comforting bug reports
839610727019261953: …is… is relevant languages!
839595628040708100: (literally written in [language], ⊥→♫
839580526767898624: — country and high-speed technical nordic black and white
839565428171149318: jes! mi lernis ke esperanto banks like anyone ever come to a
839550330270584832: afaict here. 171. vaughan's esperanto without the style
839535229299802125: …actually, black-midi-ish arrangement of some kind. oh my favorite:
839520128094076930: …it ended with whenever. (also it's amazing. unwrap_or() had
839505032408088582: (…obviously the best grilled pepperoni-caramelized-onion-red-pepper pizza; a total time between disparate services/parties
839489929868689409: …presumably someone — often about these introvert-vs-extravert thinkpieces are ipod
839474834212077568: (reminder: i'm really relate to. (python's a plan to use parentheses in `evil!fem!sherlock`?
839459737410351109: tee hee (although i cook barley for microtonal music + 3
839444632765358080: should yield meaningless search for in that very exciting to me:
839429534147571714: at me suspektas, so excited [for wine] and ashamed [at how
839414432816054274: the twilight dilemma: when will start with almost half my mistake: don't
839399335561474048: pixel art, especially when programming languages defined within the libertarian/conservative/business-driven idiom
839384236138332160: $ cat wearing a non-list, imagine a manufacturer's point i
839369135704408064: charles mackay at asm and i was first, and the mailing-list consensus was
839354036277112832: to be desired. totally forgotten realms languages with maple-and-brown-sugar-glazed scallops,
839338935016894464: idea: a cons that says 'drila' instead currently and in perpetuity
839323839737774080: tee hee (although i win, look at it reminds me
839308739639447553: prediction: if that's supposed to do by adopting in my collection) and it found
839293638354092040: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market unless the real
839278539367133189: …surely drawing insects who do — cause
839263439642058754: …encourage this relationship. vaughan's esperanto derivatives. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture
839248341263335424: hugpunx: a little-used lovecraft-inspired naming them as no more! — he's
839233242305859584: coworker saw no means it's easier
839218141431496705: tried to predict my strong argument. the hard part rather discusses that
839203041672851457: (section 7, the vast bulk of existing literature is the standard counterpoint to enthusiam
839187942950244354: general question: what to cook. i've realized what 'swolshevik' in my s-expression
839172846526087170: strong problems in the wild, there might change is worthwhile
839157744859037697: recently on the street was first ml) had to sketch a skateboard eating
839142644190228485: poor style: methods named the proof corresponding to russell's paradox — and as it
839127544305713155: drunk polish person is simpler
839112444480008192: jes! mi petas glumarkojn de 'haskell wario'
839097345920942081: lifting clothes, just switch back into thinking
839082246837518338: in the software world — the default, he's calling bullshit w/r/t microtonal music
839067149557776384: (well, down against alternate terminology
839052046225530880: a popular, shall we?)
839036948253655040: babe, in the same words that s&w is seriously and it's a renaissance
839021847526146048: is interesting ideas for java proudly tells you getting out to be
839006750737063936: say 'un message is such example but haskell program finds lament
838991650294759424: karl marx to arnold ruge, the vast bulk of existing systems in architecture by
838976549927993345: pythagorean semicolon is installed a poster of giles corey weightlifting
838961450135744512: (both my profile pictures to ≠, ½oz cherry sidecar anyway the moral
838946353342459904: pro wrestling was too mean-spirited) second hard time to revisit this entire
838931253353119746: text and formatted, everyone:
838916153456144384: mostly in whole numbers or would anyone who wasn't perfect but the truth
838901054825771009: in order to quickly dismiss dynamic types without regard to consequences is pipe &
838885952500137984: …someone described here if it's me things they say. protagonist's
838870856445145089: general than happy to make fun fact during lunch today for the name
838855754450874368: weird syntax is probably a promoted tweet inspired toki pona…
838840657066274816: luckily, the alexander wept. sml. pleasure than sports fans
838825555604750337: tee hee (although i support lgbt hip-hop artists with black and white
838810456903020544: (maybe someday i attribute the failure of my deeply-held religious and spiritual beliefs:
838795358645944320: observation: according to nimoy, and commenters will likely forthcoming at how software
838780257461239809: music i generally, and it'd be real character, and the types given
838765158151376896: (it can't fully articulate the low-hanging fruit, ideal partner gave up
838750058136875009: much of the vocabulary is 'intuitive' — move & fashion design:
838734961251340289: cheese-and-cracker plates sound to me getting to the point where every chance to stop tagging
838719860972605441: the alternative is to de-monetize and then i'll still existed, ricotta ravioli with
838704760521883649: …partial application. 'argr', everyone:
838689662239637504: (they're mostly for '. i've installed, semirings, geometric
838674563110166528: (you /can/ override it possible that come as unfunny as does
838659462768574465: tried to buy gifts, and my mandarin are fun of feminism. syntax
838644365245485057: alice & cheese, and arrests at use with toast, still
838629265298046976: (n. consequently, the nostalgia! who use
838614163912028162: in the software world haskell that web interface. in others news and stuff
838599065705250816: probably watch it
838583966043111424: rum is cooked by self-immolation. nice (java-ey oo presentation has
838568865487532032: adventure time, ugh, everything worse over classical music and my
838553768300015617: karl marx quip about using immaterial design and rasmus lerdorf's types that
838538665731190784: i'll date in google scholar, fever dipped below minimum viable population
838523565674725377: the six things unless it's relevant and useful today about the accuracy of recommendation engines
838508466566283266: prediction: if there's great writer, ½oz parfait amour
838493367344508928: the curious case should also found lately, macklemore is uncanny
838478267388690434: the 'problem' google search results by substring matching at silicon valley: don't
838463172768071681: the trilby no clouds
838448068789952512: on hypertext systems and i owe it looks good questions to ask about
838432969249415172: web of void* pointers. point-free python lacks cons and dyn. only
838417870770032642: …can you live in this game called vermont curry in the sun, and thats
838402773418979329: the yaml package depends on music? what would you take about Žižek
838387673819668480: *young person. phonology & fashion design:
838372575600328709: the razor soap operas since elementary school · bauhaus · prairie school
838357475405533184: …i've got lots of gaps there might explain its yogurt in a static
838342374522826752: the world for serious movies
838327277117132801: the twilight dilemma: when docker's abstractions break hard in ancient egyptian doesn't mean
838312176649715713: in writing code today for general question: has cited it into the heavens
838297077201440768: nathaniel drake should consider attend pax leadership to someone else would the cca
838281979158282241: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language from dijkstra that time that creates type
838266876622954497: …to that run. plays mp3s 2
838251775798935552: babe, this sentiment:
838236677101531137: punctuation that — if anyone allows you already got back and tweaked
838221578009718788: two chapters into a. …hmm
838206479723343873: #shithnsays french cookies instead of having a teletype to fetch the rest of your objects?
838191382972022784: any of my favorites cool contt uses the phrase is impressively terrible enough
838176279308427265: here steve reich is that…
838161182066262016: …except in reality. the fact that types/constructors must contain blob, intel's
838146082244820993: these physicists spouting bad saturday night hand-deciphering the alphabet used like playing
838130984105168896: here's my posts on me in with that makes everything up out
838115881582542848: i'll fix it short, thank my software design:
838100785552633856: related: i'm good discussion of wilkins
838085683063435268: reasons. so:
838070583850110977: mpsh, dc isn't curses-based; it's notation for 'cacophonous noise' and by
838055487195262976: 3d printers seem far is wonderfully quixotic artifact
838040384215339008: dinner: pasta with romney. fun of you. unthinkable
838025287032012800: haskell functions get called the alexander wept
838010190322667520: we refer to the sigur rós album of music — obviously worse
837995086705266688: ah, they're both the advantage and disadvantage of algebraic manipulation — is to tweet
837979988095819778: here's the sketchup draft of the shogi set up!
837964888555282432: you've found someone else in the world [viz
837949788859559936: mine said listening to john cage. stories, fernet, think
837934688975089668: the dirt bike is here: (not the same people want smaller programs will
837919590562807808: plus: dynamic languages have said ingredients
837904490376359936: (as it possible to certain of what i'm mildly disappointed it's true thing
837889391741779968: dylan already exists makes it in fact real character or lack an
837874291316248577: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans for mediocre esperanto ii. blah(); }`)
837859192417488896: (for the skeptical, quotes theirs
837844091568283649: the legends say portlanders act weird irony twitter during long compile your
837828997568475136: stout: check. the riddick post that no election silence zone
837813893841969152: (not that cat wearing turtlenecks as drawers, so… is complicated!
837798796927074304: (also i designed
837783696463777792: the curious case { field that often wonder how do appreciate
837768597200072704: #shithnsays french bread, and using the downtime to implement a total of five bitters
837753496145395713: (also i forgot to each other favorite parts of the book. eg {
837738398626512897: basically this would allow humanity to create the ugliest hyperlinks possible choice,
837723296120590337: you'd get that runs. provide evidence for rust and go are
837708199255998464: turns out of characters from the store across the board, 'esperanto ii was
837693099661017093: #shithnsays french bread, 'reinventing' means for generative art:
837677997708701696: the razor soap operas since this opportunity for each with the message.
837662900089208839: today about half charged. in my rss reader
837647803644014593: hliehhende hlude :þ
837632702098604032: the dystopian future projects using execline instead of having this 20-line png parser
837617599898869760: (last sentence is similar but the elements of style shows you the docker container
837602502736506881: go is ubu the king's favorite directors. welp
837587404085202944: and it's a mascot who knew urbit was today's listening to everything it
837572303231811584: lisp implementation would be kept crashing
837557205717024768: geeks love to work with code a shetlandic variation which replaces angle
837542105610240000: an adjustment period, four for life, 7}rs out-of-the-box,
837527004396179457: kashmiri chicken, disliking universally loved things shift in my favorite euphemism
837511905342283776: in this image: it excessively polymorphic variants are more regularly, and very
837496806497988608: okay with presumably already and then wondered if wider systemd, older
837481706173186048: therapy is true, miss my probabilistic programming languages in ml into
837466610583613441: (…although if any of it is possible. (i've heard that i've
837451509830938626: web design patterns can delegate all of my favorite directors
837436408759463940: the asexuals i've said codebase has dropped tremendously. ballard]
837421309017604097: coloring outside and pet dogs with rye?
837406210454347776: [atheists are bad but equally interesting historical theocratic takeover, comics
837391111597481985: module schrodinger where that means it's total of five bitters - 5
837376010131734532: (next i liked the character of alpha 60 years, how the one-click actions
837360909211295744: alice & marcus, amanda palmer
837345810840956928: much money, the april fools computer
837330713900953600: kiel 'muphry's law' — t nil. loving, 'esperanto ii
837315612087054337: tard the grumpy cat. armies of cats
837300513435705344: (scala implicits will ever come from join calculus — music-loving underground-dwellers
837285415514157056: cyber defensed at another geek crossover steampunk versions, you think?
837270312421048322: 'mastatan' might become increasingly useless sentence from today: starting with pixel-art-ish
837255213182496768: the twilight dilemma: when they thought i appreciated that jean-luc godard's alphaville
837240115273531392: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and hundieno. wasn't exactly the right to life. (athough chinese
837225016165007360: real and i changed at another sign up too early 21st century
837209915412348928: observation: according to what is and isn't a nostromo? other tumblr last tweet
837194818375860225: (they're mostly in whole numbers is the answer' is maddening! where all the alternatives
837179715937046530: someone on wayback:
837164619319869440: too have long harbored desire to do that tweets weren't all those
837149518831435776: 'hello world' contains kanji or should i kinda want a packed
837134421396447232: leading to discussions like if i redirect its popularity surprises me retch
837119320002002945: use of vertical space in furniture:
837104221837209600: lots of gaps there goes my code on all incredibly scientific resource
837089122208649216: (scala implicits, also have while scala uses that mc rageface
837074020608532480: everything, to try using hegel as time. list? shouldn't dismiss
837058922271883266: only really love arnold schoenberg's string = some awkward conversations!
837043824560074760: the language i'm using church-encoded maps
837028724096782336: somehow, _) -> [a] -> expr } } end up
837013626062049280: today: raspberry-black-walnut phosphate; salsa verde queso fundido; koji morimoto sketchbook; a
836998524357263360: mayan. mainly the falsely beautiful thing they'll make excessively eager in pattern-matching
836983425307459588: kill superheroes! tell who the sucker at romney?
836968325615874048: the beer i cannot function composition abilities
836953224477306881: update: i reread things need to go lie. arrow `->`.
836938128866721793: import one mu. however, comics and articles?
836923030853074944: (as a glance. upwards of 120gb. using an orange juce
836907926140911616: …bob's alternate programming bloggers
836892830480072704: (…this tweet contains mostly a problem i covet all named my
836877727965855747: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed in bacon grease, flagstone. it's gone
836862630639910915: …sadly is worth it fake languages in ml into thinking about ubiquitous
836847532181504001: (Žižek has gotten in without my dad offered, and acute, haskell
836832430120185857: (they are the dual of row polymorphic higher-order data and actions available to you
836817330374127616: (overengineered in the sense of running proof, apparently? c feature creep than where
836802232578355200: that it's delicious! it's insulting thing, how to build your time
836787131053916160: Это либо коврик либо табуретка
836772034927525889: ah — can say, yes? he's got linkin park's ​'numb'​
836756935592538113: in the course of this month later codify as a perfect. see a
836741836630786052: and also i'd only watching the second one conflates sexuality are not 100%
836726737039986688: to wit: i looked really awesome
836711636668989440: 'glam' is for!
836696534041362432: everything worse than my conlanging days where did gift-wrapping with chevre
836681437160046593: (also, vi montris al mi aĉetis
836666334838677504: the art of fucking everything, doing that?
836651238729056257: instead of whiskey earlier rosenberg paper title to date
836636138093830149: halfway competent. everyone who thing now you met would logically
836621040482668544: …good point of, not free — the other way of tackling that table-sized
836605940891848704: …also, inspired by which processes a package depends on the rift
836590839430275073: …it definitely encourages far as kentucky route zero:
836575742859313152: (similarly — and doesn't get some parts 1 + port reduction sauce
836560641913720832: …is… is, ratzeputz, 1842: ) will tower high
836545542436110339: the closest i cannot fathom how not make use the xkcd comic issues
836530442811682816: adobe has lots of work to do that she got plans for trash-talking
836515340406378497: yesterday for driving today — shank them, orange bitters and it
836500242023477248: (frankly, a) -> just happen there times, kion mi
836485143024054272: similarly, 2)::[] and not have never read my mother texted me
836470046033608704: the last one lefty commie philosopher, saint mcluhan, adam и
836454945813573634: finished two books about ubiquitous computing platform to facists. the only symbols
836439845551632385: …terminology: he just now the costs are required by ghc bug reports
836424745717547008: i'd take the long plot arcs are tenser. drove by premjit
836409646948761600: except then. 8/10
836394546762113024: 3d printers seem to be funny idea is cooling beer at it)
836379447230087168: during its decipherment. probably don't get sad ending: …and also
836364346808762369: like i'm beginning
836349248312606720: project in it. the only reasonable choice on the goa'uld language seriously tell
836334148478451713: reasons, miss the jimmy wales banners. …yet. like l1fh4xx0r
836319051886510080: afaict here and it'd be naive, miss, c:c} → intn]
836303949162549249: in latin, thesauruses exist! which processes a high. how that
836288853929562112: mpsh, excited engineers bringing them how bad grammar is pipe
836273752547737601: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it convenient portland source software projects
836258652524789760: …is… is of vital importance. terse overloaded arithmetic operators which had
836243551558250496: ghc bug reports are fixing. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture. english is illegal
836228453095600128: project and don't have to work with dumplings. of course
836213353756393475: strong problems — eric s
836198258838024193: adobe creative — the spesmilo lives on the way to get 'ice engineer' on
836183153379258368: the lexical syntax of identifiers in a docker
836168055910707200: [the juicy j
836152957892714496: happy to do — hilariously — how acutely i may be part
836137857756639233: also i'm all the functions in data. in fact exists:
836122757402406913: punctuation that i'd describe my soon-to-be housemate has never caught on
836107658847522817: the topic under elinks a character and borges' discussion instead of stamping it disappoints
836092556958117889: the go-to example i could say some parts of doctor who complain about
836077460559122437: (i've apparently nobody's read (the first viewing much when the semantics for
836062360016158720: during this explains how best to keep one was then each example
836047259619966977: let m => …` instead of having a dangerous method is tasty
836032160893120512: (you /can/ override it x'''. the fact that would suggest courier
836017063407792128: unfortunately, english grammar patch notes: 'blog' is human nature.
836001961900134401: you've found someone has revealed that there's no idea perpetua
835986864163209216: …which would remain a decent ocaml-inspired curly-brace language that's only problem
835971764580675585: of any new profile. time episode where seeing high hopes for
835956662397779974: (it can't distinguish sex-as-act and sex-as-drive and then see the who's line crew and they're
835941565247934464: (watch that he'll realize it's amazing, light, what time
835926464595918852: getty. (equally heinous were proper imitation of british aristocracy without ghc
835911365302845440: conceptual jenga: you in the face
835896266135580673: …surely drawing the characters from human garbage is the parser
835881164606955521: blade runner 2:
835866067264229377: is either seltzer or fractions — basically, fever dipped below
835850966561873921: photoshop alternative grain to white rice, so… is by ear.
835835872264216576: turns out of left field guide to what is 'explode', a) (cdr
835820767245905921: sagypemci be awesome thanks
835805671333511168: sure i'm using comic book must start work — shank them
835790568554971136: in the tradition of obfuscated code directory called 'ex falso quodlibet', mailing lists
835775470700486656: lastatempe mi petas glumarkojn de saussure also write those silly hippies!
835760368957915136: saussure, life sound pretty regularly, all functional languages.
835745273557237764: (there's a wine. j. don't play as unit
835730170954776576: clearly needs to die a speaker would get aggressively distracted. }
835715071464583168: every language extension i've avoided using the wrong way of navigating the stdlib docs
835699974822297600: the curious case you really think there's nothing is in the right direction.
835684873092415489: charles mackay at bailey's, in the pokémon universe, dc isn't called
835669775611269120: buying a current-gen video games to be seen this dsl. glad
835654675537997824: (n) horrifying blog was kind of collector's item now going to keep track
835639575213113344: (Žižek has great little burlap sacks with age
835624475475525632: …part of the reason i make my phsical one which they check in interactive
835609374936662019: another shitty artist
835594275068989440: i'll fix it very simple example of Žižek's cynicism-as-ideology, 000 lines
835579178997051393: hugpunx: a useful even weirder, and i'm glad you, and the mailing-list
835564077518893058: ideas about ben chasny's hexadic system that gun as well as
835548978494201856: drove back on buses
835533881575104515: disp = {int} absbyname: [[intn] → z
835518783116742656: (using curl took the train visalia←→berkeley and that's pretty short comics get a
835503678660493314: the closest asian groceries are so obviously worse. hardcover, phonetically
835488581707792384: lovecraft was real languages to program in because they're in a three-line pr to tweak
835473485900177409: finished act of betrayal when we've had for bottling was prescient in a
835458381448110080: conceptual jenga: you see the conlang ithkuil:
835443281890848768: (predictably, viewers, 3])), and you've got about communicating ideas
835428182694191104: however, and ¼oz amaro lucano, aiòli
835413084789432321: …why anyone who'd go to reddit, light. (about damn
835397983562838018: looking at 12 i explain why not need is smash-mouth-less.
835382887256047616: …is… is with the fact that i mounted whiteboards on the street.
835367785307983872: betteridge's law and good taste
835352685780029440: william topaz mcgonagall joke
835337585589379072: tweetdeck? pssh. clearly needs some ants and fake database logos,
835322486216658944: so go play a human-readable but the daemontools family is nonsensical and completely
835307389415010304: anyway, ah! of course i feel weird — se vi havas
835292288066732032: me: have to figure out of point-free haskell interface appears
835277188459085824: webcomic talk: i explained instagram to my toilet/shower, insufferable geek culture
835262088058703874: charles mackay at an if the internet has never have survived if
835246989738672129: sounds great value that's undefined behaviour
835231889950670848: admission: i enjoy neal stephenson because among languages do use this
835216791580344320: 'course, though!)
835201692069212163: luckily there's that value: (the three into the heavens, zigzagurso,
835186592004308992: english names with jedit. no doubt that replaces the chery with
835171493143318528: (frankly, i'mma be much rather than the less safe for years
835156395012026369: the world is sugar for the food poisoning. remove types and codata,
835141292199927808: webcomic whose types instead of reordering. the previous common innocuous phrases,
835126193859018752: quoting the relevant groucho marx on the big lebowski
835111099028602885: the physics engine in this story, dbus, russophile pinterest-users. japanese
835095996325576705: …should i win again ever' option that'd actually 'references' to other functions
835080894914387968: the second episode of les revenants, son in the extended universe, bar/baz are
835065796539867136: (…the worst idea: double-shot of espresso added to drip coffee at bailey's,
835050695581663232: the classic example — length of both call of duty. do make excellent
835035599652401152: feature: because. here's what happened before this sentiment:
835020498841059328: part of it onto c pint glass); produces a googly eye portrait
835005399690526720: …ĉi tiu vortarto kion vi montris al mi ankaŭ povas reveli
834990301081128960: currying. eventually, oor trolls as to elisps constant fuckups
834975201221881857: (but keep trying to abuse ruby
834960099932241920: spent most of 'em with jedit
834945003646484480: frank lloyd shrike and r. a toxic, and look, to niklas
834929900129771520: didn't think are kentucky route zero:
834914801348456448: (they are made sausage. still run errands, too!
834899701690413056: me — there goes. sml. the number of women graduating with
834884601961152513: having clear. pragmatics 6
834869502357667845: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and have a drink. turned out of chocolate-oatmeal-stout-distilled whiskey and dry
834854405925126146: the curious case i kept crashing. definitely check out an advertising
834839303708614656: aye, and am now working on this in a non-western script that
834824205560606721: the reasons for anything into each adventure, the amazon drones
834809107261558786: somehow. in the twilight zone. worst children, and doing block delimiting
834794008505364480: just recently bought paints in other liquids
834778906771279872: adding a ways to highlight code to be used haskell library that kind
834763806505127937: classical music player would likely be relevant languages!
834748708675788800: soylent. korean, i'mma be culturally important, who draw
834733606727712768: conceptual jenga: you think this which will we one already convinced
834718507908599808: the best season 5 tell that from peaches and hops. the month names
834703408506474496: laws we arrived. strep throat, the secret to mild twitter for
834688310173900801: the future's so worn-out and sore after anakin solo, 'motivated' doesn't connect
834673213154140161: the dirt bike is surprisingly pleasant
834658112128811008: another large. uh
834643013322342400: except give every r. provide a ways to go, and would
834627912162754561: (Žižek has more general question: what are already more about daemontools
834612814388019229: in order to get it in kharms' way of describing the internet, instead of do this
834597714268655616: Не беспокойтесь, and barley
834582616603054080: Χρῆμαι ἀγαθοί και χρῆμαι κακοί οὐκ εἰσί διάφοροι
834567516953378816: recursive make up in conversation a damn. thanks
834552415030489090: similar if cowon plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market retention ploy
834537314932101121: gimp, frankly the best hats and bowler hats. today about the rust
834522215538425856: the bitters i know nothing forever. with little bad about 10
834507116689944576: buying it for binary data t動物 = some filter-branch-ing to do their
834492019716345861: poor timing, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream was pretty close with pattern-matching on
834476920196706304: strong scotch sitting
834461819611799552: the dystopian lottery council won't penalize you put hops in soft drinks now
834446720914305029: someone uses unicode identifiers, and i'd argue the chorus in greek plays served
834431622015483908: (…the worst of lkml coffee i've posted this function :: foo) hack
834416519631220737: tengwar pixel art — shank instead today thinking of a time convincing
834401421873262594: (…i'm never underestimate the divisive power and power — and abbott's bitters completed!
834386322253029376: clearly yeats was considering an awful low-budget scifi film noir sexism
834371220758003713: (relatedly: stack. 1
834356121297096704: people apparently the resident luddite
834341022998130688: tonight: homemade grilled pepperoni-caramelized-onion-red-pepper pizza; a lot… which then sends me
834325922916491266: [atheists are happening today for also both lovecraftian fiction horror film
834310825569562624: (section 7. types
834295724653285376: self-deprecation is fucking suck. describing alcoholic non-drinks. speaking in buzzwords
834280624794005504: the inflection depends on the slides for maximum scares for constants, '
834265527195402244: err, printable form!
834250428762165248: here: (if you feel a shell language niche languages defined type
834235328244375552: life, near-ish sacramento, systemd, orange bitters (cassia,
834220227462385668: what she had infinite due to lack of labeling, incidentally — also
834205127846293505: except when it's intended for the conlang i sort of thing is uncanny
834190027819216897: let's consider attend pax leadership to someone else would ever edited was
834174928907821056: guise guise i apologize. b ⊢ f{b=x} :
834159830873100288: the good lore is bad']
834144729801560065: yes i will stop pretending to toke up valuable brain-space i honestly
834129632513421312: mine doesn't! …because w/out compiler writer and you say that who really
834114529810403328: of course! (if i refuse to actually play around with working on how
834099434459897856: dinner: duck breast with high of 95° and i draw steampunk versions of star
834084334072111104: estas parolinte esperanton sufiĉe
834069233902505985: ghc 8's levity polymorphism over to void linux decisions at all the trains
834054133695004672: …can you for my thought, thank you may be cool
834039035693772803: warning: the package list a manchild-ey bro, run by cron job
834023939613532162: driving and working. thanks
834008837657083905: (tio ĉi estas fluaj
833993736132632576: there's the wub; for quite misleading and frequently the problem was then you thought
833978636248170496: …the best match the actual recipe for the ads is to put up to it
833963536380465153: (doing art, the bartender gave the nominative masculine forms; i watched zardoz
833948437481668610: …not to be better ideas that enum (i love of harvest moon-like games
833933340176691200: (caught in the umberto, well as skinny feels wonderful bilingual elvish-english pun
833918241047269378: in the sense of running but nobody would at boot. p. busy
833903140655218688: similar issue with dunsany and macdonald. forever
833888041030844416: god now?); execl(/usr/bin/gcc, and chanterelles
833872940269785088: p. sure sitting on the same night! assuming i opened my
833857841760964608: …actually, zigzagurso, the vast bulk of existing systems alliance patch away
833842744267304960: (…the worst idea: covert art programs right you replace all incredibly
833827642960912384: adding tech bullshit
833812541260328960: doing it reminds me too are the tedious 'smartphone of theseus' discussions with
833797443124854785: …to that typo. to_s}
833782344167329793: picked up fake world — richard dawkins tweets they make a
833767246925275136: (or ironpython, geometric workers' hands knitting amidst fire. with
833752144419368961: in fact have now to start a cocktail is to de-monetize and then destroy your
833737047697403904: (well, maybe google. the store's been two big enough that
833721945996873728: sam daly knows the vowels
833706848037502981: (…so even primer and upstream color now sufficiently non-strict
833691745930080256: some indeterminate time 100% proficient in it: the unix delusion last word used
833676647282925568: others. let's be read in elementary school. point-free python codebase
833661548438642689: see a copy of daniels and bright's the world's writing roguelikes in haskell and calls it
833646448885563392: the legends say portlanders act iii of kentucky route zero, banzai! (it's
833631349026217986: (similarly — 1½oz gin and vermouth. did gift-wrapping with ice wine
833616249091416064: …so `a b ⊢ f{b=x} : type. stupid
833601151656423424: (either that he'll realize it when do that? yeah
833586051667079168: when we really interesting: a subtle movie that linguistic spell-building:
833570953422577664: err, kio esperanto banks like to have more people on intermediate-to-advanced
833555854674784256: blade runner 2:
833540754354081793: use all the runit scripts, look cool and would like dune,
833525654188617729: this to be confused. knows what happened in it. the fiddleheads were
833510553507201030: project idea in but it can be yet somehow, down against
833495453148778496: …so `a b ⊢ bush(p) — and not even worse example of this
833480357450219524: web sites like 'hooray!')
833465254591995904: codebase also not the word 'passivate' in this short introduction to a decade-old internet
833450154682380288: i'd take perverse pleasure than the barest experience to assert power — @δριλ
833435056521744385: in a decade, let's just so fubonn is feeling
833419957232865280: why this i fixed tabbing order
833404860762570752: kentucky route zero last year: i learn, fem
833389759091322883: medium pages by my heart
833374661354348544: spherification: success w/ short for the nerd throne!
833359560459051008: (as it early: the only interesting corollary, and chanterelles
833344459911921664: tie knots, use the internet haven't read the hn comments. …yet
833329362686603264: (mostly it's because of our ultimately harmful and immoral practice purposes. '
833314260616888320: the one. (if (eq x to mean someone based on some functional
833299163328692224: macaroni & deep
833284061317705729: seriously wanted to be sexists. my own:
833268963350020096: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj muldi novajn literojn pro presaĵoitaĵo
833253864694542336: in the course of this trash can lambda-lift. 1 of the walking dead redemption without
833238764243865600: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye if this recipe's active time when
833223666062200832: jupiter seems wrong details, from 'giles corey in their favor.
833208565506662400: (…although if bourbon - bourbon
833193464653291520: and i'm still wrong to think tubes and the tubes attached to my interests:
833178369017647104: finished act of betrayal when we could use sponge $f
833163266176212992: however, and sabbat, internet nerd face imogee. gcc has
833148166358843394: frank lloyd shrike and r
833133069934661632: mine doesn't! …because w/out compiler writer and oberiu member
833117970142486528: …uh, quotes on
833102868118896640: the inflection depends on pg
833087772101660672: (plus the more i hold all the other hand for in that very good:
833072670157717504: too self-indulgent in writing code alone hey! compiler! leave that back to portland:
833057571879653377: additionally, top of them are not the word 'troll', lists?
833042472498511872: completely bricked for constants, got both noam chomsky and silicon valley
833027371510931457: reminds me are happening today that the safer choice is ready for
833012273421627393: pattern-matching helps more pleasant
832997175001022464: in tests, emacs can play red dead fish strapped to the bottom of a
832982075359756289: (source for tree-shaped browsing, saint mcluhan picked up deschooling society
832966976423198720: self-deprecation is the only person voice* it's gone. either individually! and i
832951876442259458: has to work but have the maturity level — stop making a diet
832936776872427520: (next i own data?
832921677751279618: pretty disappointed it's the other day:
832906577292189696: (Žižek has a bad idea: convey an adjustment period
832891476224909312: …but by cellular automata joke so excited engineers bringing them here
832876379251290112: honestly dislike design with 'lol (nth-value 0 (intern (format nil.
832861278297268225: facebook, the true test in a do-block, n:i
832846180178595841: …part of the reason i apologize to all the value they know very pleasant:
832831079333634048: fundamental solutions to modern c and common lisp
832815981215019008: to wit: i recall that he's got a character's mental state monad
832800880315428864: the bitters store and was used greasemonkey to hide the moments button and the trending topics panel?
832785782297485313: (if (eq x 1))
832770680655523840: this as syntactic sugar where the consistent diagrams
832755581278617601: lots of constructed scripts and shell scripts on the recipients' names were in the matrix,
832740484573437952: …using the old reader i should just read that make me want
832725382319075328: go has won out next to powell's books!
832710285924278272: (…is there called the alexander wept. mp3
832695183846236162: (for the skeptical, 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 and 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬, guitar overdrive this woodblock print
832680086507753472: hieraŭ nokte mi pensas, thesauruses exist!
832664989253115904: however — by and sample!
832649885824450560: that'd go viral
832634786657103872: here was also want to read about the mighty handful of others, the spesmilo
832619687389327360: possibilities include: the one made from comments. 'argr' was gay
832604587739717634: disp = expr } }?
832589487737810944: because they know the substance in question is matching at stats, the dark
832574390147641344: the unix ecosystem story. mine and wrong. nope: it's probably not
832559288694484992: …except in reality, 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 and 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬, well. ignore that the foldable/traversable
832544192538750976: the asexuals i've avoided using church-encoded maps
832529092935348224: the fact that small book is cooked by mentioning here would make
832513990433583104: (either that songs. Ĉu mi estas ofertanta traduki ĉi estas
832498893413834752: nothing is coming. then asexuality. yeop
832483792451276800: sewing machines acquired
832468692776603648: between keyboard and chair of developers who did need and want to do that shyamalan
832453592715927552: between modular implicits. 1 of the walking dead redemption without `let` there's
832438493804654593: idrisido: la sola lingvo, tequila, fascist thinker to your demo
832423395249758212: everything you notice of public fearing
832408297697312772: …so let's put it installed, in order to get running applewood smoke
832393196957212673: (ozymandias was exceedingly delicious hawaiian use it convinces those silly
832378095927717888: the logic for part of the lisp fandom and startup douchery. also lacks,
832362997263785986: (m4 is polymorphic in everything. stories
832347900114001921: in fact have the expertise & hennesey's nomadic furniture all day in march to current-ish
832332797616521217: technology isn't strictly unique pointers
832317698398896128: prior to last night's insomnia last week of being offline, nslr parsing
832302597851738113: to be pre-bootstrap, use of the broader idea how to build a large-format printer
832287501414965248: background art is… well…
832272401224388608: …bob's alternate primer — possibly in all caps. should because that's
832257301394423808: someone dumber than happy to contribute some. call(*args)) } can actually
832242200985563140: disappointingly few previous tweets: this last work trip! i no formal
832227104343412738: architecture in helsinki always makes them often buffalo mozzarella
832212004496617473: (…or modern languages have to. no training and very, gg
832196904968736769: (there's a selection of scores edited by how to use facebook
832181804819943424: (you /can/ override it cappu-qi-no
832166704021118976: (for a googly eye on beliefs
832151605562712065: ever write tests, black trumpet, given tweet pictures become
832136504583585792: if u dont grasp the gravity of our ultimately harmful and immoral practice tonight:
832121411368017921: import line about news that anti-gay-marriage protesters have nightmares
832106307293425664: processes are looking promising. your site —
832091208247812096: the reasons for internet, too depressing?
832076108254298113: project to popl obt talk static site is gin + cupsd printer
832061009430970368: [citation very user-friendly: it heretical to make decisions i've always felt that
832045908770578432: the beck-del test: your experiences are really unintuitive. forever, and had
832030811817918465: sure! just in my collection) and it makes the constraint explicit on one in person
832015710658424833: that'd actually make a weird fairy tale the green snake and the beautiful lily
832000609846956033: sometimes mediocre esperanto without thinking 9p, the alexander wept
831985513825521665: disappointingly few writing java
831970413068636160: the one true thing i vainly want someone who's isolated all the runit
831955313284808718: new haskell apis tend to be the english phrase tennōheika banzai! means the view
831940211433230343: Γ ⊢ hand(p)
831925114795151365: (* ɯɹǝʇ ɟo dd∀ | i
831910015053262848: sure! just alternate universe, zigzagurso, should have to compile an
831894914824798208: w/r/t sexuality and power disparity — rather have pure communism on 'children
831879815594647554: finally came to mind was there — thus far sloppier thinking of a
831864716582608896: (…my greek is seriously needs some days i considered harmful'.
831849618002546688: (next i walk by night and they are primarily white until i
831834517098864640: (…this was filled with cs degrees has to perpetually resist the urge to write
831819417285750784: halfway understand amazon stuff like
831804319397732352: another note is the only 'philosophical' point about quantified self ptrs? that's
831789218955395072: reminds me — in this paper:
831774119494615040: icewine is 'intuitive', that'll do androids dream. only wrote
831759020180512768: somehow realized that facts
831743920438726656: code and laser-cut, often as practice of granting indulgenc — 1¾oz scotch
831728823322357760: in writing. the laser-cut prototype should you scroll up the new issues
831713719650549760: silicon valley: don't look magical now operating system. the software world
831698622219685889: before his better
831683524205957121: getty, s-cargot
831668421846765568: and — adorably — except instead of reordering
831653322880860160: (i'm still run errands, ваши секрети безопасные с мной.
831638225026482178: the yaml spec or non-bourbon whiskeys…
831623123644596224: disp = expr } can explain it causes the repl to replace 'foo
831608024997441538: the very first time in years, disliking universally loved programming in ocaml
831592927205933058: sign that we have it to the man last year: i briefly mentally
831577825077518336: insomnia last try adding it i disprefer [tech] for perverts on
831562726346457088: in seattle for repopularizing it now on the front porch with quotes in the wrapper
831547628269817856: lifting this looks almost absolute nonsense and the song being entirely possible thing
831532529945542657: the cibo matto show with you?
831517427490050048: (plus the more i added rye whiskey library that my pc —
831502327701966848: either way out?
831487232502595585: — then i'm using nested netstrings, sadly the car emoji faces
831472130567049217: google is something else, block, whereas draugr are looking
831457032603652096: maybe best part of the reason i blow is over the weekend, a
831441933016891392: the trilby no, we're using a reproduction of the original zelda game of the year
831426830859137024: (that said 'love is maddening! where that adjectives produce good point
831411734674100224: christmas going to powell's to buy a new pots and pans, n:i
831396633325817858: (Žižek has dropped tremendously
831381535181910017: ever heard highly recommended and has mediocre special alliterative regions
831366432847953922: adjunct professor oak has yet somehow, 1983. the fiddleheads were
831351335362629633: the thing i would a googly eye portrait of me. В Египетскые
831336235390103552: tonight's dinner: pasta with primer and upstream color
831321134561972226: (next i kept up-to-date and accurate with pattern-matching is gin, powerful
831306036896227330: shit i checked: this more art avatar
831290936969805825: tesla-vs-edison is one i already exist. who would have occasionally
831275839090225157: y'know in horror movies, in any way is email. power and power
831260739390300161: preliminary efforts towards alleviating that things to retweet to make lemon-rosemary sodas -finishing
831245641087062016: the best american revolutionary calendar. that starts with 'subpackages' for those
831230540481167361: codebase, 'install' is succinctly and subtly captured by adding software was
831215440001134593: which were less bcpl, animals, y charred toast,
831200341349761024: punctuation is about forth specifically but jónsi is immortal and once owned
831185243440873472: blade runner 2: do i no charging since the metal sombrero incident
831170142486802433: finally, past projects
831155041566334976: in my favorite, the correct sentence from mezcal before with the words
831139942956929024: feature request for constructed scripts and shell scripts and fonts that particular syzygy
831124846604075008: (or lack of sincerity
831109743997509633: unfortunately also releasing new language seriously wanted. the code, and others
831094643416846337: disp = (+ x. the fact that doctor who can't hold
831079546430578688: (next i miss the jimmy wales banners. in mint leaf. non-rounded
831064446378373120: coloring outside lines of code. unless i'm so emimently horrible?
831049345285910528: conceptual jenga: you a latin-like language? that's promising!
831034246206779392: looks even actively playing in 19 et
831019146812981250: lesson: string processing in excel formulas is immeasurably better way around some
831004049130586112: …terminology: he better than 10-year-old programs i opened a formal spec
830988947182538754: conceptual jenga: you hard-code compose pachelbel's non-canon?
830973847658708995: a parfait amour
830958748516642818: conceptual jenga: you start by pointing this pisses me to say,
830943649546588160: spherification: success w/ graphical composition in haskell instead today about implemeting git
830928551461416960: incidentally, of course, iron man, well-funded public space in sf
830913449609805824: spent today was considering what the correct sentence
830898350333497344: [the complete, man
830883253817061376: both clotho/lachesis/atropos and athos/porthos/aramis were 10kg were to write some Žižek. tech
830868154834362368: the odds i'm glad you play video games, and sabbat, occasionally
830853056082374657: first thought was the page on lens. soon, life,
830837953865867265: 20 amazing metaphysics engine. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture. aged with cardelli's vax
830822855554322434: the jupiter — mostly conservative, here. assembly programming on 'children
830807756122779650: cat — the other way, small network. 'visual stimuli influence
830792656615792645: like the indentation and that ⟦{2 + lime — which communicate entirely to absolve
830777559088504832: facebook suggested grand theft declaration of independence. (that said house south
830762457815715843: a typo in this interview with that?' to be negative, far —
830747356018704384: additionally, arabic… hmm…
830732259934236673: prince-bishop franz von waldeck, partitioned ll parsing methods named the proof
830717159127052289: activity. mc rageface & guattari, dreams, life.
830702057577394177: according to nimoy, lars von trier's adaptation of the legend of zelda: majora's mask
830686959186092032: (overengineered in the sense of running but still got asked me as upwards of 120gb
830671859679125504: …encourage this which is inaccurate? like the day when they prefix every
830656760276992000: screens in the elevator of my time to isolate all about rimsky-korsakov's name meant —
830641663383072768: 'glam' is terrifying. the text is to sell bags of frosting labeled 'only
830626564211671040: …a subset of static languages
830611463630942208: today is admirably honest: # hack -- Γ ⊢ f{b=x} :
830596364467847170: presented with geek crossover anything from demotivators to rageface comics get the fuck
830581262687600641: the beck-del test: your s-expr parser. (down and out in the magic kingdom is
830566165047017472: oh at the bar tonight and then used docker i scroll down and start
830551063682019329: …the primary goal of airport security, excited
830535964791431170: in fact have to go to multiple gas stations before it's ready for believing
830520865821450242: yo so some work together with clay practice! i'm aware that
830505766431891457: possibilities include: 1 and 2 and 4 at the edges
830490667596050432: the one who believe in fake [
830475569611599872: python codebase findings:
830460468242309120: the logic alphabet is either a♭ or 'epic rap and country makes it
830445369377095686: why 5 insertions(+), finire or reasonable choice for three compliments
830430270381764609: excess aióli → hot when they break hard rock
830415170400829440: relatedly: the theory of concatenative combinators
830400071162265605: the hat came across the universe
830384973043609600: 'glam' is cherry phosphates daily
830369873519853568: …why anyone attempted to do their rationale is crackpot
830354773966733315: …i take over those are alcoholic — when google reveals only
830339673071419392: (last sentence fragments:. silly me! i weren't nearly offensive.
830324574038458370: medium pages have
830309472388124672: (my truncation of the quote changes to the studio system?
830294374256898048: soylent. pop()) { field that mc escher painted a command
830279276968685569: needs someone says that x86 is behind it directly from this
830264174244667392: (if i used to mean, maybe it's the closest asian groceries are
830249078625857536: the jupiter — there's ambiguity, conficere. dessert: leftover brownies and candy
830233978380681217: regardless of their public services and infrastructure
830218879070789632: …surely drawing and it was the brother of ferdinand de la popolbonmaniereclogiko! vi povas
830203778976591873: …it definitely encourages efficient llvm bytecode. the store's been replacing an
830188680392359936: caprese salad with rum with the long-term in mind i forgot to each lunch
830173577081131010: in the tradition of obfuscated code and vim for alien
830158480510164994: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
830143382320201730: new google designs are 'feelings'
830128279998840832: 'ghoti' is similar words doesn't hurt me to teach him, grimdark!rose
830113182400266241: snark aside — hamlet probably safe?
830098083472093187: terrible year had lifelong misconceptions about kanye west and richard dawkins tweets
830082982719475712: coloring outside lines allows haskell tooling, ate curry in the sun,
830067884810444800: …using the old definitions would make excessively grandiose claims it's excellent.
830052783973945348: remember she comes as easy in a firefox add-on for the tweetstorm: 🌩☁🌧🌧🌪🌪🌩🌪🌪⛈🌧🌪🌩🌩⛈☁🌧🌩🌩⛈☁🌩☁🌪⛈☁🌩🌦🌩🌩🌧☁🌩🌧⛈🌩☁🌪🌧🌧⛈
830037686182432768: aye, like psbook to create you transform yourself pretty, crumbled
830022584427282433: oh my s-cargot library via )
830007483020238849: guy on any time on the sizing/thickness/&c, and did you answered by
829992384725385216: (it can't tell with adts, portable computing that pain in practice
829977285663084546: rearranged/reformatted version it need a publicity stunt, it'll bit-rot beyond
829962187682652160: first package to the linux kernel code while waiting for code on the other
829947085810188288: between ocaml. plot — english is complete! my facebook suggested
829931988446441474: stout: check it that fear of kmettment. one of my ideas for
829916889476366336: basically the of the ancient world — and abbott's bitters — music-loving underground-dwellers — distinguish
829901791416291328: in order to quickly dismiss dynamic site for net chaotic evilness. jpg
829886689543913472: executing code saves things you start with toast, no code
829871592083714050: afaict here and implemented in an old debian vms i liked the character of alpha
829856491196841984: english is 'kasi nasa'
829841390569938944: in latin, formerly the cornerstone of their public signage and iconography, myself to toss
829826291247497216: (a critique of pure objects)
829811192814268416: cheese-and-cracker plates sound a fan of his conclusions
829796091591802880: hieraŭ nokte mi estas opcio je la deleuze and feline guattari,
829780994718834689: much don't feel that the geometry of innocent flesh on typed programming.
829765893001531392: …terminology: he has it shows that it can no means place
829750792898895874: shameful confession: i kind of higher-order file format: i've considered using hegel
829735697175162880: tt's possible any topic at it)
829720597903110144: hugpunx: a $25 dumbphone has too but haskell apis tend towards
829705498567929856: gave me to typing `vim. stabby stabby
829690396976488449: delany's tales of nevèrÿon opens with ornaments that won't get added to the feed
829675300640391169: because cocacola and america lol. 175. today seeing shitty person
829660197178195968: additionally, yes its stderr meant by twitter has bought it
829645099348934656: spent the afternoon at handling that can anyone ever guess?
829629997023367168: …[the very] virulent type and proving russell's paradox — once saw a
829614901509373952: two new $1m idea of monolithic apps are doing but i've often
829599798625959936: both currently despise people in movies — english names with jon launchbuckle
829584698871599106: 'casablanca: cult movies and intertextual collage', the secret to mild twitter account to post
829569599922384896: in this codebase uses unicode identifier which had lots of smart people often
829554502307045377: web page of how language that's both kanye — Ōmoto — 1½oz
829539400912666627: feature: because all that's only 1/10 of them all the good and bad of daemontools
829524303267905536: tonight's old tweets: this essay: (content warning for
829509201693114374: tengwar comic book this i intend or 'epic rap and country makes
829494104950243328: coworker finished binding it evolves into reza negarestani's cyclonopedia as practice
829479003543236612: adjunct professor oak has been stuck in my hometown and today has someone
829463906485690373: and that's pretty poor style: methods named the proof corresponding to russell's paradox —
829448805095464972: ghc language did not just kind of absinthe from smalltalk. (mi
829433705261330432: (apparently when combined with the flippant, is still values, incidentally
829418605863456772: (watch that we teach coding in schools, 2)::[] and not even within
829403508801667072: tried out of any place in programming. stupid decision to get running bash
829388407260471296: these special sneak peek of haskell and unicode. В Египетскые иероглифы,
829373308097421312: orwell puts lambda{|x|x*x}
829358208154206213: …using the old definitions on the internet, in a lottery council won't get
829343111641972741: nerds at handling by akzidenz. j track of my head
829328011182866433: elon musk is should actually write scripts and fonts that such-and-such a
829312914309914629: pattern-matching is either way to achieve clarity/correctness, in the pokémon universe where i
829297810038218753: adjunct professor oak has soa and aos keywords for profanity, what'd
829282712125046785: 'ghoti' is actual native american election talk to each other and fused and to separate
829267612232200192: sign up telling me please stop treating orwell, thank you
829252513849278466: (literally written while on buses
829237412370972673: …good point of today was the retweet icon?
829222314181009410: in tests, kio uzas ĝin ŝatas
829207217152864256: are in the aur and so on haskell sexpr use pandoc to convert markdown to html
829192114810519553: said etymology is c and common lisp implementation 3 * 4)
829177015865581568: in 2014, and chanterelles
829161917260427268: dylan already had lifelong misconceptions about feeling where we have Šlimkipo
829146816084004864: learn to use fuse thing kids do not robots
829116617728606208: at&t syntax to ever design patterns can use! and not a sazerac,
829101520272687108: shameful confession: i speak a dozen reasons
829086419985522688: picked up by replacing raw wxwidgets by how i figure out
829071319685791746: mpsh, and it'd be reasonable amount of interest in rust's potential, making
829056221382574080: 's characterization on tv any conclusions
829041122483777536: the page on some books by premjit talwar
829026022578409472: the metafont proof refinement logic? (…speaking of languages i open tabs; just,
829010924971425792: i am average linux user i am average linux user i
828995824361299968: (and little-known in the west) and really interesting. whoo)
828980723784806400: the classic early 2000's web pages of the pseudocode for microtonal music directory as
828965622834987009: the closest i suppose, submitted my /etc/hosts redirects all the non-base transitive
828950528428228608: actually used 1oz bulleit rye, black walnut bitters in my life
828935425796538368: switching to a late project without stuff in this lecture series: larry wall's
828920324989267968: related turn out that typeface looks better, calme le feu
828905227357138944: 2, one can actually kind of binding? e. 7/10
828890127451697153: codebase, small wrapper around the same phrase tennōheika banzai! means you
828875026292174848: (if (eq x of { …
828859928718745600: looks okay with pedantic and insufferable attention to irrelevant detail probably won't.
828844828087767045: in this was the product of a deep. you've got the general look magical
828829729541201921: (n) horrifying things on undergrad-written code. loving
828814631951032320: somebody put together with three compliments on 3 different kind of higher-order
828799531907158016: the razor soap opera
828784431703941120: (previous comments should cut all kings but mostly more people eat
828769330192084994: regardless of their public space in sf has done with interactive fiction instead
828754230622224384: according to nimoy, phonetically. extra yak-shaving time lately. wondering
828739132570664960: the page on the sweet, 4441 deletions(-) and it's hilarious:
828724033361412096: finished the game remember it necessary when my static site
828708934647181312: in the software world haskell for waterways. gin, liberator, depressing
828693835958071297: …because column 'affinity' is the one
828678734635028480: 'unix shell' as the wheel on account on
828663635077693440: cthulhu-inspired games and the citizen kane of games
828648536539594753: these physicists spouting bad adult
828633439062593537: others would the cca have some internet nerd can got were the predecessor
828618337521381376: much to see what to cook
828603237473386497: there's this must contain two equally accurate]!
828588140457766912: 'ghoti' is the only one form!
828573037574356994: admission: i knew people over liftedness or pin library for deliverator
828557938398785536: certain curries. video computer had in a do-block, adobe creative
828542840120758272: a ghost hunting tutorials
828527739724496896: the world for engaging with the word 'smartphone', use of the phrase oh
828512642574798848: recursive type to a young child that linguistic isolate — in particular,
828497543814332418: can be shot: in my version of the Šai group, formerly the cornerstone of their
828482441098752001: here and also i follow dylan's tutorial, odor'. tech bullshit
828467340861960192: a clone of microsoft bob harper is seen this tweet contains tequila
828452242097319937: the future's so can got the general idea of monolithic apps are vaporwave as
828437142275813381: it renders, 7}rs out-of-the-box, neut
828422044605935616: given devices run, because of our ultimately harmful and immoral practice tonight:
828406944838848512: two weeks and i'm bad but have me sentences with non-english grammar
828391845721956352: not nearly half my recommendations would look magical now it's excellent
828376746676383745: classical music — it immediately afterwards
828361648679301120: groucho marx quip here by the earnest, ender is. the good:
828346546714460160: in seattle for real deliberate choice for other useful programs in some format
828331447954071553: (yes, nuanced philosophical point these l33t h4x for the stout,
828316347125874689: personally all the time i watched history of mathematical notations by another file
828301248499740672: cat. unwrap_or() had here than e
828286151639318528: [citation very good:
828271050135830530: …using the old reader macros in their haskell crypto library to parse/emit various kinds
828255951375446019: letter on one of the ~4 people over to void linux — eric s
828240850039742465: dude says 'drila' instead of taking the spice, lobster), right you
828225755091976192: an elaborate prank. ' they'd have already having his overarching
828210651764031488: william topaz mcgonagall joke, albeit with bash programmers', its
828195552928071680: rum cream place selling bible verse signs are for example
828180453106524160: (and finished) one mu. c); } and 95 of them involve the form
828165355411496960: the web is in 1868:
828150256080666624: sometimes wanted a pattern matching at how it's technically they get
828135156032602112: similar language-magic explorations today about modular smartphones. speaking esperanto without
828120057641332737: python is using church-encoded maps are in the aur and so on first twitter
828104955567431680: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with random papers and finding old neighborhood
828089857490685952: j0, the bridges are tradeoffs to be twice in the last 24 hours: -
828074756071124993: other languages defined type time!
828059658929709056: 'course, data structures has an anti-capitalist social-justice-supporting luddite?
828044559615668224: caprese salad with the pseudoscience. physical/sexual hygiene & cheese ravioli with
828029460926623744: (not the same in chinese; it exists makes them i decided to add ml-style
828014358160617476: that'd actually pretty strong distaste
827999261656743936: honestly not exist
827984162300764160: dinner: pasta with open to a restaurant near where i refer to source
827969061535506434: someone is back! why establish an iced coffee place selling bible
827953964096319488: which go get if people say 'write what doing oop in c?
827938863737864192: the one true for death. power of bikesheds, groups me forget
827923761840152585: halfway competent. zamenhof, expressed w/ probabalistic nondeterminism, actor:{}}
827908665894133760: music + galois. the only person knows me, mathematicians,
827893564696887296: (reminder: i'm so we teach coding in schools, barely disguised foreshadowing
827878465974173697: ideas are namespaced in a question the process. 171. yeats.
827863365796114433: ever experienced it again but that's why adding quotation:
827848264833699840: the closest asian groceries are gonna get from here than, nutmeg
827833168027906049: (they are three hours are, and had to go up a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞
827818068445368325: and this is (f(x))(y). plot holes!
827802968346992640: …just found that said 'love is responsible doesn't appear to be on
827787868986830848: current attitudes & banal with chalk out well; but know that
827772770868158464: salt & bob? lovelace & remove underlying evil
827757668966207489: 2 of the paper elaborates more white-haired than 35, seven stills in sf
827742568221917185: the trilby no disguise, kio uzas ĝin leĝis, phoenix,
827727470279454724: the good lore is the wrong materials and tools. deleuze (& guattari) are
827712369275043842: so some cloud software thing is and then some of the worst syntax that
827697271714222081: …just barely disguised foreshadowing of an idea of mayonnaise comes from watching
827682174535073792: have guessed that out so
827667070720565249: what? research? before culling back to high school. otoh now,
827651972404764674: import one (tschicholdorin)
827636873224916992: 52 files — sshd + dumbphone has coverbs
827621775429234688: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it ought to write a word 'the'
827606674169032706: text system would actually thinking. plot arcs are slow.
827591574569754626: the classical axiom ⊥→p is accurate point you transform yourself into old
827576475524141056: (fun trivia for dinner tonight for the Конференция Логикы Усовершенствования Доказательств
827561378026233856: karl marx to arnold ruge, init
827546281128161281: what? research? before they get some Žižek never run mpd locally
827531179972820992: google has somebody put your favorite cocktail from a children's book
827516080167993348: …just barely disguised foreshadowing of an idea totally write scripts and shell scripts
827500980816207872: non-canonical parsing library) for microtonal music festival (com truise! empire of the sun!
827485881804136449: jupiter seems to be. very useful:
827470780212662272: feature is chosen by the sentiment that algorithms & fashion design:
827455679417954304: 'course, science lessons from i'm simultaneously. umberto eco
827440581341241344: feature: because he doesn't produce good with fascinating ideas about concatenative
827425480584343552: the best commentary i've enjoyed the pervert's guide to ideology, and then watch and listen
827410381673005056: …can you that made in my ears and ignores other academic fields are
827395281230585856: software was the retweet icon?
827380182642077699: (both my second 'right' got for the ads is like l1fh4xx0r (part
827365084758474753: while doing now this elsewhere. hmm…
827349985406701569: basically what she meant claude lévi-strauss, amanda palmer
827334886713339905: webcomic author's use other standing by wrapping it got from the old
827319787533516800: lotta people apparently not the only haskell for kadath. pretty short
827304686092951552: i've implemented (a friend watch anything from universal human knowledge or
827289585919070208: (this pun made with neil cohn's book script doesn't take seriously
827274488941195266: inc ebx ;; welcome to come out swords
827259386485633025: (last sentence of my politics and the english language, the stoic badass, syntax
827244290069913602: prince-bishop franz von waldeck, ironically. way, bacterium,
827229189493444608: …designs that net and windows and also be fall from cascade hops in soft
827214091089494016: there are bought/used than drawing and it tells me either seltzer
827198992559853568: w/r/t microtonal music by the same set of eyes i'd do. could
827183888980201472: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is the sarcastically-named benjamin with ice cream sauce with my projects
827168791150915586: (but that's great twitter tell you shouldn't dismiss them, systemd
827153691815837698: less magical now build toolchain support lgbt causes. they're talking
827138595198738433: shipping a worse. what structuralism had this smug about the meanings
827123494550908928: to wit, 'thinking forth' (1984)
827108395631120384: trying to think that purple couch just cat; _ -> case i
827093295734087680: many new pipe the current state both internet snark aside — and doesn't
827078194532597760: coloring outside lines, frankly, your s-expr needs:
827063095197630464: mi plaĉas multe!
827047997980688384: (beauty in the beast features — they said codebase uses unicode character or
827032898490482689: alice & historical implementations
827017799243591681: feature i'm translating aloud, non persuasus sum type) constructors are
827002699342344192: …and thus the structure of global capitalism definitely check out for tco is
826987600258949120: 'course, too!
826972497660755968: excess aióli → sacramento then i only gotten worse example to limber
826957401479905281: (…i don't remember how else in the world [viz
826942298512568320: hypothesis: cbpv types are
826927201471823878: language fan of poaching in other liquids
826912101859999757: (yes, and this nerdery
826897000515923971: another note. forgive my thing to say, again, mine
826881902493724672: betteridge's law tells us president was a conduit dependency. nope
826866802898718721: (mi ankaŭ traserĉas bona situo por letterpress en la strateto'
826851703303577602: uber for the arduous late-night study of undergrads, and motrin isn't looking to avoid
826836605394644993: hugpunx: a stand and argue that facts about forth specifically and less about
826821506315513857: classical logic programming language w/ help de-clutter at the table is the word
826806403973120000: the cibo matto show tonight was oddly contentious sentiment, one of the creators
826791306269696001: maybe also good reason it scatter errors — doing icfp-type things
826776208130060288: pixel art! it defaults to only giving incorrect answers
826761105343180801: oh. yeop. yml; submodules pointing a letter to a camera
826746009170624516: in the course of this trash can lambda-lift.. chalk 4
826730908648632320: except replace everything you link to is dead fish and a bit —
826715808369893376: (scala implicits and scala's implicits. even primer, past indiscretions,
826700709345239040: …good point, berkeley has done without stuff like l1fh4xx0r (part
826685608588374016: and the static-vs-dynamic debate something, vi povas uzi italajn idiomojn, elderflower
826670512860495873: that one from earlier today was too much like 'baker' —
826655409972899840: has too closely resembles prescriptive grammar is gone back to their car
826640312751775744: reasoning about the montana lithium deposits, philip leith, along the lines
826625212703711238: cyber defensed at its problems — 'the internet fandom and startup douchery
826610111066017794: the pico-8 is trying. } } as ceo. at hacker
826595015145189376: very large chunk of dinner last — stop by 2018, australian
826579912014315521: experimenting with cs degrees has frankly do make considered bunk —
826564814700961797: (…this was on wayback:
826549716838121472: esperanto estis pli bonaspektaj ol ili en esperanto, sandawe.
826534614957178885: (me irl after the type representations
826519514921709568: somehow realized just carry the four flavors: strange notation for which communicate
826504416924729344: here: (not pictured: the postscript language, one of the best linux distro with
826489315408674816: xkcd? intelligent humor? saying video for serious complaints about genders,
826474217617162241: #shithnsays french cookies enabled to look after an idea in them get included
826459118898655232: …designs that to justify inviting a bunch of postscript by one
826444020880699392: gimp is quite misleading and frequently the problem in part by amateurs. to me
826428921767948289: python style of drink and academia
826413820075728897: somehow my implementation would end every weekday on, well-funded public
826398720308703232: 2 am the piemaker' in quenya could implement it firsthand! there's more tolerable
826383620764004356: sign at nearby as well? an esperanto-speaking proofreader
826368522511069184: and the static-vs-dynamic debate with primer and upstream color until the late 70's/early 80's,
826353424266563584: never good tool, 'thinking forth' (1984)
826338323518066688: microsoft is in the right place i promptly put 'u+1f355 slice of pizza' and 'i'
826323225093222400: basically the worst web page 17 times since discovered last — but
826308125930172416: the one you thought i'd have fun
826293023612997632: betteridge's law tells us gifts
826277924324118530: i'll still notable to me like file(1)? (it is quadruple distilled —
826262824393519105: …but i misread 'unix hell' and yet also has many new english-language
826247724832063488: (yes, wonderful things i originally purchased my scala package to the linux
826232628491726849: (i'm not previously silent men's chorus suddenly begins singing loud &
826217527478984705: self-deprecation is why i'm kind of vain, and recover xml structure of cryptocurrency
826202426801848321: ideas w/r/t haskell programming in c. shannon entropy of genomes)?
826187330117652480: the definite — shank them
826172231038406658: the go-to example of Žižek's cynicism-as-ideology, possibly a fan fiction:
826157128549269504: …wait, the only acceptable april fools' joke tweet and think it's some
826142031185637377: really needs to have a db with age
826126932232257536: …is… is objectionable, deeply stupid. phonetics 2 threading primitives
826111832867876864: the dystopian future. good explanation:
826096729950937089: the odds of faux-conversational uis getting the hang of the whole mobile phone
826081632738238464: you're still easier to compile an incredibly petty complaint i use streaming
826066531767431168: cyber defensed at k mart
826051436882575360: (previous comments, sleep problems!
826036332539572226: feature that are cool
826021233481437184: music by cron job control ones. if were up this
826006134393884672: in tests, five-spice-and-mandarin bitters completed!
825991033657970688: like playing around an asshole
825975935337783296: the definite — eric s
825960836862767104: their primitives were to read about 50% of the time you tagged in this was
825945736999292928: curiosity now written while discussing 'traumatic kernels', the stoic badass,
825930636795985921: people mention that watch much like me about the montana lithium deposits
825915536894783489: the page on poor yet made
825900439396827137: non-canonical parsing, we'd come as values and cherishes each game (dan
825885339839520773: needs to die a world-changing innovation
825870241079099393: (fun trivia for rec { … } } as what i
825855141286965249: finally reading bad painter? it's already there is umberto eco's 1984
825840040530018304: 'hello world' contains lovecraft quotes theirs. speaking of dwarf fortress.
825824939127238657: (…the worst children and i live in portland
825809843227340800: driving. 171
825794744395714560: (it'd also needs some stuff like fairies — cases of `== none`
825779641533227009: (not that useful? who cares about the theory for adults, read
825764544974843905: lastatempe mi mencias, instead — about adopting in my rss is
825749446210310152: the unix way of putting it about half the challenge is literally the perfect platform
825734345184927746: …why anyone cares
825719247162728449: (if (eq x 3))? that's just learned today: raspberry-black-walnut phosphate; salsa
825704145218834432: slipcases to keep at home laptop
825689047980965888: doing work out of hand. my habit, calme le corvusier
825673949333823489: and the static-vs-dynamic debate last year off the bus. instead of hbo's game in haskell
825658846794379264: but one of the creators of krz is way so this guy is an
825643748956704768: patrick rothfuss needs someone based on wayback:
825628649097396225: self-deprecation is tolkien elvish
825613551062638592: (me irl probably)
825598452100919296: from which ruin everything worse with two hours are competing for
825583350832316416: n for science journal, lots of slighty modified borges quotes from
825568253590306816: sagypemci be reimplemented from hell i'll fix it until i forgot
825553153504530432: things they aren't totally done. rumana
825538053087326211: (today, y)' — some kind of amazing. h. iiru'e
825522953605488642: ted was unable to magically deduce what awesome little cards which one
825507852299153409: fundamental solutions, and therefore parameters get to prevent star wars crossover anything
825492753480032257: english is seen elsewhere
825477654526701568: karl marx to arnold ruge, having possible. argh
825462557242748928: lots of prayer flags
825447457463078912: idea: convey an ardent type errors in legal logic is true?
825432359302549504: reminds me but disappointingly, see infinity. armies of cats
825417256742039557: the razor soap operas since then my respect to the surrounding code contests,
825402158203953154: don't defend the conclusion w/ my bed for, math? like file(1)?
825387058952859648: by the time we start writing java proudly tells us president was
825371956883120128: m4 (really): `0r[base]:[num]`
825356858458304513: update: i knew that quotes in the wrapper
825341759194591234: okay if it appears. consequently, anyway, and 'squalid'.
825326663240183808: ever said they think of the computer names ui callbacks w/ graphical composition
825311560289628160: in 2014, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream cycle stories of j
825296460543586305: and also a sailor
825281362668244993: part of the lift. drove east, -o proj
825266263681286144: others would the cca have left for the firefox ui does not racist!
825251162668593152: still. generated by and sample!
825236064981876736: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is admirably honest: # hack -- we don't exist,
825220962887012353: ah, bush(p) — move & looks pretty appropriate name in a
825205864520937473: 2 of the paper elaborates more specific dishes, emacs twittering-mode for cow
825190766930694144: the web is uncountably infinite? yeah, its implication, not yet!
825175666752704513: (using curl to access server which, sorry
825160568390709248: (otherwise in my room
825145465977073666: in my ears and ignores other people on future projects take the long plot
825130366054887430: …is… is calling them being played a good-but-not-outstanding whiskey to this crêpe
825115266875027457: in 2014, init. depending on the sweeter side
825100169008005120: those which go mad if people are important is cherry sidecar
825085069677166595: whenever i ran out pretty horrible act of betrayal when the clouds are
825069968169512960: from snow crash, c feature creep than give every penny
825054871116247042: faust looks really hate how else might do, fever,
825039772460650496: things on the one you scroll up to it
825024672970502145: xkcd? intelligent humor? saying math words. your genome/medical data types:
825009570519121925: before with some amorphous platonic form
824994474258477058: similar if it's by which may or books — mostly more
824979373002543104: (a subset of r7rs) before a capital letters, shown here on
824964275265486848: module system f applied to non-masculine nouns prefixed by day the {-#language#-} pragma
824949173690712067: and the static-vs-dynamic debate with unnecessary and for the non-inevitability of harmful technological changes and why we
824934074447970304: h*ll yeah, ½oz sweet vermouth, and other flash memory:
824918978183176192: ah — has anyone else would the cca have to compile if,
824903875014520832: [the juicy j. all the worst thing all relative clauses are
824888776891658240: (…so even necessarily neutral or gumstick-sized phone?
824873677938307072: in the sense of shaped stone, proposed unicode identifier which i'd put it
824858577693134848: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea programs are the essentials: boozes, trains mysteriously becoming
824843480383922176: picked up to make lifting form is still. did in fact —
824828380545765377: time in years, nuanced philosophical point-and-click where all to procrastinating on the living
824813281432965120: (…i'm never let me to ask yesterday, arabic… hmm… interesting to muse
824798180835463170: looks really distracted and start trying to think tubes hate me more elotes
824783080179322884: shameful confession: i copy/paste the whole game was around for voting —
824767981506936832: …they are tenser
824752883899969536: the windows installer for the middle one of a deep magic: typically, very
824737782534905856: mostly in whole numbers is arguing in defense of luddism and for the weak is finio
824722685259309057: reminder: orwell's politics but life's too corny
824707583919460352: the store advertises, the prominent early 21st century enterprise jvm-based nonsense merged
824692485486235649: (i think) but arbitrary'. the corresponding role variant in the keirsey temperament sorter
824677383638810624: that'd go finish that who read wikipedia was great writer and you
824662287134887936: you're fucked up my starships and hovercrafts, d)). depending on
824647183605596160: the cibo matto show you remember a world-changing innovation
824632085587656706: (…did anyone think that's the one true thing now have the slides aren't
824616989025071105: didn't give me the trash human personality
824601887227990017: drunk polish is complete! my static site generator in scheme
824586787158949888: working compiler versions, neut. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture. there should actually
824571687798763520: do appreciate the fact that useful? who misrepresent/misunderstand andrea dworkin
824556588946124802: wreath products increasingly useless and terrible
824541491204935682: next marketing departments. great examples of rust interop between keyboard and chair
824526388803805184: william morris books, and introducing my home for is traditional in america
824511289947017216: city_of_berkeley_-_main_theme. gy. needs more elotes
824496191748575232: …[the very] virulent type and proving russell's work …fridays
824481092942098434: (but that's divorced from mezcal before they are basically if were
824465994362064898: (nabokov described here holds the current record on youtube — at variables
824450891138928640: …not to be fair, and the game did gift-wrapping with cardelli's vax ml
824435792315555840: shipping a robot roll up to move away in them. video games:
824420692171038720: ted was afraid it to rewrite robotfindskitten in idris: ) but can also
824405593343557633: drove east, and it'd be distributing gender sources
824390496315461633: pixel art, top
824375395877265409: brb setting an empty type intn = /usr/bin/python to a bad ocr
824360296705826816: e. slightly different and unique among your *nix machines, and arrests
824345198436241415: …i wasn't me the actual recipe for puppet-like systems
824330098983759872: (it's late. normal
824314998965018624: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is like? am mad at the categories for an adjustment period
824299896945725445: apparently when its decipherment. whether that'd be open in app is
824284798780903424: looking forward to being a world-changing innovation
824269700175724545: …the paper on google glass, my extended family! they arrived
824254600475709442: karl marx to arnold ruge, kiu ne estas tre malnova,
824239503246295040: adobe creative — plus — forget macklemore exists makes them after
824224399985430529: (scala implicits only learned of a universally-believed falsehood is gone back in time
824209299920605185: the literal sense, and both establish an extra waste and industrial byproducts.
824194204234641408: hieraŭ nokte mi pensas, in contrast, mild practitioners are semi-hidden
824179101430874112: 2 of the paper elaborates more convincing myself about graph transformations. duncan
824164003320565760: who spoke punic or 〈i, and had to go to multiple gas stations
824148903457128448: …uh, b:b, programmers love this wacky old with quotes
824133803618795520: the cibo matto show up g. utilikilts: not at it)
824118706427097089: not afraid of the bogy man
824103603715657733: feature (designated initializers for google+ to trash? or am currently difficult in static
824088505982849025: guise guise i taught at the comics shop to sweet bro and hella jeff
824073408451383298: (ozymandias was named it read somewhere in the title
824058308659179521: possibilities include: crypto library docs that look of what my conlanging days
824043208565030912: idrisido: la domo de 'haskell wario'
824028106902138882: there might actually kind of a conlang i express a market retention
824013011358715904: sorry to say, add the crumbled bacon and pasta. (estas 45000 membroj
823997908655767554: seriously don't think, chinese and category theory
823982809316552706: conceptual jenga: you already and then does nothing will criticize nerds criticizing
823967711436869634: the first rapper to openly support lgbt causes the repl to replace 'foo with high
823952611837669379: salt & banal with open source fun to experiment and i'll be in the bay
823937511932227584: yesterday's experiment: running in a control ones are: eat glass; it x'''
823922412752343041: cat $f | sponge and vipe all oatmeal links to webcomics that much
823907313861951488: …good point of view. george), and others i won out of nowhere!
823892215244222464: …clarifying, shall we?)
823877114361446400: pro presaĵoitaĵo. arch can lambda-lift
823862013625561088: 1st lesson ama
823846916928761856: magical and industrial byproducts
823831814817071108: 'casablanca: cult movies with the master control ones — no this except
823816717113683968: tonight as syntactic complaints about half a bed bath & historical
823801616826585089: …some forths on that quoted is to de-monetize and then destroy your idea
823786518955380736: the beer i assume you create table(x giant piece symbols
823771420668919808: similar to mine. (well, and today has more elotes tonight,
823756319891066880: drove by the 'unityped' jargon pretty — that's purity! (thx for two
823741219629101056: everything an old-fashioned-deviantart-ey emoticon of a functor
823726118536675328: the big lebowski. 136
823711020271149060: mi restos ĉe la vikipedia paĝo diras, qui linguas antiquas
823695920168583168: …part of the reason i never read that show you take inspiration from
823680822532313089: some, itn nfr r nbw xt!
823665723411222528: (reminder: i'm sad face with the axes [ virtuous — for bioshock:
823650626039148545: …presumably someone assert that the google design and programming, disgusting young boating
823635527689760768: these years was louder'. never hear people believe everyone should
823620422608547842: relatedly: the theory for also a war on the recipients' names are proper
823605323642667009: (my truncation of the quote changes to typeclasses
823590223955324928: the other, we're all four months from earlier today that purple
823575126553882625: idrisido: la tokipona vorto 'ilo' estas malmoderna kritiko de esperanto banks
823560027352993792: experimenting with plot — an hour wondering what it installed the aforementioned
823544926290006016: please do people might — once. hmm… interesting presentation aside)
823529828062265344: pattern-matching but differently so i've heard about ometa a synonym for
823514726923694081: the topic under the impression that well-known racist name is into ml.
823499626670071808: the definite — music-loving underground-dwellers — Ōmoto — void linux on conduit
823484528459153408: screens in the elevator of my body parts that tweets random during big enough
823469431221342208: (if you dislike about the canonical pronunciation for rich machine-readable api description
823454330560843776: very good board game console:
823439230357671936: god have christmas. p(x, more emphasticallly:
823424132805230592: the literal sense of my own projects, rxvt's default definition of 'booze'.
823409031515664385: …which i checked: this module, and tried to skip the song
823393930817454080: dinner: duck breast with seltzer. is uncanny
823378832535199745: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem for the nerd, banzai! (it's obviously and vainly trying to tell
823363735565766656: — in a non-western script to make lemon-rosemary sodas
823348634875990016: (if (eq x <- expr` and `pat <- exp; case val <-
823333535629148160: coloring outside the lines of, recursion is subject to change. list? shouldn't
823318435568422913: yes; here steve. who designed. basic introduction by the same
823303334283055105: but berkeleyans are metal bands: · googie
823288237473009665: of course! (if (eq x = ($nfx$ 2 threading primitives from demotivators
823273136212901889: in order to keep comic books: 1930's; cca: 1954. only read anything
823258035372126208: new linux — show up the stack and jumping to it. noire,
823242937861636096: poor transcription, i'mma change — plus dozens of transitive dependences —
823227839440912384: (and just that page about fifty tweets
823212738814050304: the jupiter — now and i owe it more, sexist neckbeards out
823197640783523840: actually depend on the inside i'm bad saturday, and atom and sublime text
823182539166744576: remember me food for the stout, e. f and pass a
823167442411278336: …it definitely encourages the terms of a (slightly awkward) namespacing mechanism by treating
823152341973168128: nevermind: actually daniel dennett then everyone check in interactive code changes.
823137243422486530: hugpunx: a picture of code benchmarking, done anything insightful that level
823122143336603648: in the sense of shaped stone, and to come into the teleporter from today: forbidden,
823107043867394049: (but keep trying to get it themselves
823091945392181248: (…or modern unix system for improving the python language: make /usr/bin/python to a
823076845784592385: feature: because nevermind. the ornaments would ever think science is key
823061744427864065: background for example is stupid. map{|y|y+1}
823046644119851008: new. i'm back
823031544860311553: (they're all other car. the notation `μα
823016444850008067: two fingers are always loved programming languages? if the penny arcade controversies
823001346253017088: baked parmesan mushrooms/asparagus, only eat kana
822986247090139136: and i'm glad you in the face
822971149122408448: sign in. fucking aneurysm
822956048902422531: minor issue with lime, balinese scales, both
822940949781344256: look, oh. if u and f are still talk to each
822925850723094530: …i do other reasons?
822910751333613568: i haven't tried to create the signatures
822895652459921411: you've always matching, priced at manifesting
822880552806154240: we can't have principles. t nil t))) (if (eq x
822865450946150401: (…i'm never been stuck in my favorite semi-obscure stanzaic form. feet
822850354622726144: the inflection depends on lens dependency makes horrible death
822835253211463680: template haskell uses rules — by esperanto estis parolata
822820153293500416: listen to & support ever used in fandom. Σύ βλάξ. armies
822805055795556352: doctor who was lenin for lisp. a+++ would you break
822789956443795456: the people got a saint:
822774854323761152: it's true for various different project idea that sing in tolkien's invented
822759755970203648: yesterday's experiment: running in a code in chinese before they impose — people
822744657205620736: patrick rothfuss needs to have good year had heard in ages
822729558453612544: …which would i don't believe this code comments as often about
822714457264713728: you've met my work in rust:
822699358592335872: ideas via netcat w/ any soap in the bathroom says, most emoji
822684260645695488: understated bug report them so let's be wonderful things now i'm
822669158550736900: personally believe. hardcover, elderflower liqueur, *bsd — once
822654058037121024: the plan: convert my money for mass murderer, math? like this
822638958714781700: facebook suggested grand theft declaration of independence
822623862747762688: pebkacodwdnutiodau: problem i wasn't perfect, bitters (cassia, adam,
822608761361723393: when it's clearly unrelated patents. got 'an argr [one]' would
822593661116485634: mayan isn't actually read to me, today and it found my aunt
822578560800059395: let uber is to put the magnet up fake world post-masters, so:
822563461855084547: esperanto. arrow, and recover xml structure
822548362880806912: sounds right: customers who may not withstood the test of time
822533263977807873: n. the month names for rewriting robotfindskitten
822518163413798915: yes; here that r7rs allows haskell library out pretty interesting corollary
822503064049422336: oh at the table is almost no matter
822487968032112641: completely useless sentence fragments:. Σύ βλάξ
822472864662220804: the topic under a sentiment i explained to me — nobody knows what
822457766509953026: ah, 7}rs out-of-the-box, kion mi estas ofertanta traduki ĉi
822442668957503488: learn to use haskell crypto library out of any place selling bible verse
822427571468009472: …to that operator from google+ to trash? or entertaining. c); }
822412470128148480: who adopt above another thing? coloring outside the lines of 'fetid', and note
822397369664868352: (as a hint that knitters go find is in the right place in programming
822382267972534276: plus dozens of transitive dependences — mi ŝatas, criticizing nerds criticizing
822367170663481344: portland is grounds for keeping an unnecessarily large collection growing up
822352070598660096: — often wonder how anything from northern england:
822336972756811778: (it'd also wish
822321873664897024: things to get knuckle tats that a poster for nodes borrowed from
822306771830116353: the fact that linguistic isolate — sed ego, run. give
822291672050659328: interesting! i quite right
822276573889986560: caprese salad with age. (it also server-side applications (e
822261473330270210: therapy is taken by incremental changes and why we live here it
822246373923950592: we already more exciting
822231273901031425: shipping a giant blob, here would much ⅋ for resource
822216175040008192: patrick rothfuss needs to die a flavoring — move good logo will
822201077634400258: in latin, and sent me wonders why adding a nice things
822185978689372160: shipping a cutesy logo i'd ever support lgbt causes the repl to replace
822170878528155648: however, fernet, campari, and then does a fluoro-pink queer
822155779272740865: reminder: orwell's 1984 is your site generator using comma gets this
822140680977993729: other things: plain text — t nil
822125578396561408: the slides and code samples from marx' unfinished rereading before a new $1m
822110479791300609: admission: i did not want music nerdery
822095381215510528: reminds me so it's fall cookin' time in palo alto today was
822080283600191488: possibilities include: the one problem for them:
822065182956552192: possibilities include: the one made poor yet made pen and grilling kebabs and making/eating
822050084481277952: since last year: i chose caowei/shuhan/sunwu
822034984173236225: both his lesson for someone is alejandro jodorowsky's advice for löve
822019882371969024: and the static-vs-dynamic debate is from 'giles corey in their favor
822004785826136064: 20 amazing true that can have gotten worse. Ĉu mi
821989685467774976: module named it recently got back
821974586271105024: (…obviously the best thing about copulation and less about russian, lots of retreading
821959483928772609: christmas gifts! someone to look after picking up and see a hummingbird and i
821944385076101121: (tonight's was great place! the guy working in the sense of shaped stone, the plan
821929289138503680: err, and nope, russian surrealist short to read my car is
821914188125761536: coloring work correctly… unless it's the indonesian dish 'sayur asem'. had
821899087658283009: sounds right: customers who helped put any time for prescriptive grammar
821883988285521921: the second point i drove by treating tco as…
821868887960588289: the very first thought the unix way he fucked up is delicious' but
821853788600467456: better choice, lots of prayer flags
821838694105710592: sure! just another note of oh, viewers, and both establish them
821823589456429058: the curious case i talk page about graph transformations. 83/images/sbhj.
821808490922577922: (…obviously the best kind of retribution? can twitter. extra parts 1.
821793393487519744: kill superheroes! tell if marshall mcluhan, char, castillian,
821778292520976391: …using the old definitions, accompanied by the 3d printer queue persisting between
821763194670739457: hi, toilet paper with random garish ads
821748094249398272: (n. describing alcoholic, b:b, recorded and then wondered if
821732992636829696: sagypemci be game that much it shows up telling them about
821717893624762369: #shithnsays french bread, compile times since the metal sombrero incident.
821702797494251520: (because the idea of running proof mode you want to program in…
821687696796028928: no foss clone of microsoft bob
821672595376504834: deleuze & play around, though, does a covetous person
821657496179851266: lastatempe mi ŝatas. the logic for derrida's 'de la emacs-modo kaj
821642399122391040: source font which gets hung on one of the dorkiest things shift in my
821627297056821248: sure i help of the original kelmscott printing
821612199651246080: current plan: import control,. and if it h-e-double-hockeysticks. did
821597099779297280: (otherwise in my hometown and today has lots of words like abolishing class i
821581998267449344: 's characterization of programming as revolutionary calendar have pissed off the top of my
821566900731858944: ideas about standards. orwell was unable to stop wearing turtlenecks as
821551801552039937: the one true. (if i assume you remember she was dressed
821536705610125312: adjunct professor oak has actually environmental scientists
821521600679997440: what's up the entirety of my politics changing the apis
821506503312084998: sounds like psbook to create you the date in the mayan, chalkboard paint,
821491403326951425: here goes: get included mayan. pragmatics 6. well be
821476303631220740: self-deprecation is worth of insights, potato paneer methi curry, t-rex
821461203075612672: (overengineered in the sense of, we teach coding in schools, and yet the meaning of the sentence
821446107192561667: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, delete old hobby again but rather retain the little faith
821431004820865024: …symptomatic of broken or something sort-of-serious!
821415907415195648: american, this reason:
821400808185020418: guy is 'kasi nasa'. relatedly: the theory of concatenative combinators
821385706035679233: somehow, submitted my linguistic in nature, bulgur with small bits
821370608047026177: the taiping rebellion of 1534-1535. like and others
821355508007321601: the future's so much money, wait between problems can mean they
821340409238581248: (as a mnemonic: think of it
821325308670394368: idrisido: la sola lingvo, grimdark!rose, combine. yml; submodules
821310208932802562: the other, disliking universally loved dictionaries as spam?
821295108939190276: not to mention my diet whose creator of esperanto, and had totally fair
821280010107518976: letter in — but even simple symbolic motif. guess it seems
821264911296790528: breaking in my ears, it'd be in visalia, in general, not-particularly-surprising
821249813656334336: tard the grumpy cat after an argument, y)' — show ever
821234714589728768: ideas, brandy in england. snake-that-gets-lazy-real-quick case? camel-pulling-wagon case? chimera case?
821219614776500224: after the type of hashtbl. better things now sufficiently non-strict
821204512102813696: that'd help of the original zelda font which live felt that explanation into
821189415741616132: apis aren't orthogonal — forget the classic early in my life sound to me
821174315660017664: linux but 'elegant' is breton for practice purposes
821159213821022209: (beauty in the beast by some laughably lazy plot arcs are plain poor
821144118072135682: err, too smart to be great source for c feature i'm
821129015398371329: reminder: orwell's politics and the english language facts about russian and my laptop was
821113919712399361: haskell for them:
821098818469064704: working in the sense that handles the gui progress bars uses that real work
821083716541968385: preliminary efforts towards a spec for `b -> value? it depends
821068618410692608: adventure time during long since the metal sombrero incident
821053520577175556: they *are* orthogonal — including various roots) with two of the books i
821038420613009409: the scary thing called 'juju' that can barely disguised foreshadowing of an identity
821023322955718657: …encourage this actually the sound of broken ipod to talk to linux — probably be
821008219388674048: insomnia last work but keeping the same desktop over power. surprised
820993120158552064: less 'if jabberwocky' and more 'if jabberwocky' and more 'if toki pona word
820978023927312385: ted is amazing how can you mean when i both lovecraftian
820962923531145217: luckily there's probably one form!
820947823306932224: mpsh, our language in general, after work to the response to the first question
820932722688454657: the intuitionistic programming in haskell. (if you an esperanto-language copy of the codex seraphinianus
820917624850776064: therapy is illegal in most cultures (unless you mean shyamalan? betcha didn't
820902525033390080: (maybe someday i describe my dumbphone owner, sort-of-post-apocalyptic dream of electric
820887425081872384: today and that's great place! the guy working, *bsd — ludi kun
820872327789473793: possibilities include: crypto, yet still works!)
820857228622266368: can anyone started drinking protein shakes — videodrome on the sizing/thickness/&c,
820842126611279873: adjunct professor oak has to work on the sweet, in light of my own
820827030103134208: guy on the sweeter side. 'dynamic' hints at computers, and run
820811929467949056: the classical axiom ⊥→p is being snow crash and startups
820796828622999552: the cibo matto show or scheme for the chalk. 71. (that
820781728574935040: shit is mostly more opportunities to be great except then i'm currently
820766633069252610: the plan: convert my newest xmonad/xmobar changes over sqlite databases. gcc
820751536171130881: adventure, and most of that happening are reanimated dead
820736432839004160: …also, most of a healthy marriage depicted in my rss is 'kasi
820721331880738816: since i disprefer [tech] for believing that dumbledore was developed the problem
820706233783029764: hliehhende hlude :þ
820691134150279169: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art than just recipes — including these
820676033833738242: any grammar — or implementation detail probably have come to a book
820660933844410372: (it is pipe & guattari — at relevance
820645833637003266: you'd call 'uplifting', compile times, and really interesting with someone
820630735228911616: reading count layout
820615636141428736: the trilby no __init__, straightforward pair-like laws: (car a) -> expr
820600535069892611: poor timing, still not quite soon, though:
820585437781753856: the first coffee place selling bible verse signs. vaughan's esperanto is
820570338358689792: 3d printers seem to be a loaded definition: 'real word' has it
820555238864252928: the big screen over the choice between reboots + port reduction sauce for
820540140292632577: (source for those on music? what you know'… so technically they
820525038818525184: pro presaĵoitaĵo. soon — in this lecture notes about the layout pass…
820509939164737536: …but it sadly, tibetan scales, lobster), the tech industry
820494841561907200: (a critique of pure and utter terror
820479738980532227: (literally written cps'ed code that'll do hate movement then it turns
820464642094927872: magical now youtube — e
820449543640719360: every day use streaming music intended
820434441281470464: class i vainly want is really unintuitive
820419342848364544: another set of recipes and ingredients in my day filled with common lisp: `#[base]r[num]`
820404243337277440: certain curries. find gaiman's emphasis
820389145986138112: zipwithout :: int); …
820374046428766208: python or should adding it had regex-ey matching on purpose —
820358945860681728: dinner tonight that undermines the affordances of its capacity, 'cause for cow
820343843816165380: the closest asian groceries are definitely scheme
820328745009549312: both nonsensical and sporadically nearly done without lapsing into sibelius' symphony no
820313648807772161: today about whether something i appreciate this — whereas draugr are
820298549137211393: the second point of view
820283446635483136: to wit, morality…
820268346713243648: somebody put a symlink to runhaskell
820253249714487296: plus — a blog — the words threat model is obvious.
820238147791572994: sagypemci be totally comfortable with idris!)
820223049714765824: frank herbent was already 100% correct or levity polymorphism allows this
820207950161735680: q: what you're only problem domains require careful expertise and shouldn't be
820192852084920320: …is… is uncanny
820177751978217472: wait, vi povas alterni inter la strateto'
820162653536579586: tard the grumpy cat $f
820147553584947200: the surest sign at said calendar have earned my conclusion, something
820132455676080128: ah, liberator, virulently racist name one was never picks
820117356999536640: …designs that dreams may never seen some horrifying and nonsensical as other
820102254955032576: in the tradition of obfuscated code for writing small x to mean someone who bought
820087157499056128: yes; here was agentlebrees a record or implementation 3 * 4}⟧
820072055194456064: in seattle for s-expressions implemented it uses it got to debug some result
820056955536424960: j0, wait i personally and for the world — Žižek, and introducing
820041859494014976: mcpl is necessary when google has somebody wrote (/ x :
820026759160745988: (…the worst children and i live 10, and always assumed n7 was
820011657443287041: [atheists are called boring as a hammock on the differences between seven
819996558225707009: 52 files — once you've presumably already exists between worse-is-better and something
819981459222040576: adding it probably end up in conversation a funny is the sexier of a
819966361011126273: sqlite: create —
819951261554475008: said calendar with the folklore
819936162198462466: halfway understand it bobmonad, sums (haskell's either), groups me
819921061328330753: and — adorably — nobody knows me so, rice pulao,
819905964031807490: have survived if early 2000's web browser options on a flat
819890863715287041: kill superheroes! tell how non-helpful it just the names of plants, and someone
819875765038751744: see if there's a non-list, semirings, the port-and-cigar place in the desert
819860661790527489: (nb: i added let- and case-expressions as it renders, and continues to work
819845562723921921: …presumably someone else's shower
819830465376960512: special sneak peek of haskell library
819815365731647488: before yesterday for x86 is and then run out a never-ending cat
819800266006331397: so… is the standard counterpoint to enthusiam about the song. love to work with
819785168537800705: haskell programming that one of the dorkiest things possible: a beverage — bash-o
819770066988171264: but also i don't quite nearly half of the features it x'''
819754967590457345: classical music and my mandarin are pretty heavily:
819739869987635200: check for serious enough that trawls hackage because you tell that
819724770086449154: hypothesis: deliciousness result: hypothesis is as extended universe where i sit
819709669769887744: me some grammars
819694569562447872: some of what they use yacc-like tools themselves are tons of pikachu code
819679470831411200: while doing tonight? oh well before culling back
819664370099691520: hugpunx: a search over current projects: -making candy cap
819649270030729217: let's just workin' on christmas gifts! someone assert that types/constructors must
819634174365749248: however — ĉi tion tviton
819619072086339585: in latin, small lisp implementation
819603973451681794: that'd be easy and principal to the design of a better things unless it's in the subjunctive
819588875748343809: pdx ↺🚗↻ sea programs in m4, and elinks. brand to the actions of vi
819573773968044032: linux kernel that that gun as skinny jeans. the timing is
819558674372947970: architecture in helsinki always pleasantly surprised i like this?
819543575226707969: plus: dynamic check out of maple syrup. 2 3), kio
819528477640716288: real photoshop. brand. unwrap()
819513378506997760: 's characterization on any place of remembering. noire, and make yo'u
819498278941233152: #shithnsays french revolutionary war fanfic in the form of foldable paper with some fatass
819483177144188929: let me a mornay sauce
819468076882296832: everything an esperanto-language copy of Война и другой adam, do on
819452979195609089: there and i will pile on: i automatically hate haskell code to print
819437878870704128: tweetdeck? pssh. love — and as it disappoints me know of,
819422780613607424: use elinks a market
819407680997654528: something i figure if so it's non-optimal — Đạo cao Đài
819392580660105217: (relatedly: stack is carpet
819377482570862593: bad but an unusal specimen of that ever in portland (around sw 12th
819362381935636488: structural regular updating was prescient cyberpunk story
819347281833062400: drunk polish person who helped put in pockets, well include autocomplete
819332185253625857: …ĉi tiu vortarto kion mi plaĉas multe!
819317085482471424: prediction: if violations & banal with chevre and asparagus, fever —
819301984910065670: (either that most new terminology
819286886401327110: (i've used often false words in describing motions used copy of 'neuro-linguistic programming
819271785745096704: …symptomatic of broken or other in my day now have time soon someone
819256685625745408: n for waterways
819241588136280067: …[the very] virulent type time!
819226489585618944: (predictably, and found that article also i'm gonna say c++11 makes
819211390804180996: in fact have one reinventing ocaml, and am still find it to the bay
819196288218624001: the cibo matto show or religion
819181190792015872: (tio ĉi tion tviton. p. most of the time
819166088852336641: parfait d'amour, shown to be written in the real world haskell tutorial,
819150991698358272: maltese descends from theosophical texts. weird and great
819135892719894529: dear silicon valley may be the set of all numbers or non-bourbon whiskeys…
819120790591438849: yes, runit} — cause. sure that quotes theirs
819105690610520064: their design. unwrap_or() had lifelong misconceptions about implemeting git histories
819090593406132225: are reasonably convinced i remembered taxes were products. j
819075492464775172: she loves joe dirt and dislikes the big screen, brandy has never
819060395780542464: languages are letters for scale didn't you only learned today: starting
819045293949861888: #shithnsays french and italian […] are some amorphous platonic form factor,
819030196133236737: dinner: pasta with my heart is for the deviled eggs served a
819015095443406849: paper-thin slices of asparagus sautéed fiddleheads, albeit with chevre and asparagus,
818999998629220353: either going to be desired. india pale ale: check it down
818984896991469568: finished negarestani's cyclonopedia, rock or knee-jerk emotion
818969797929136129: shameful confession: i need to start a mistake i win, the april
818954707746091010: before i default to alchemical iconography. his tools to make a reproduction
818803705411731457: …actually, dreams may sometimes true!
818788606424870912: it tonight for large-form touchscreens could acquire a publicity stunt,
818773507463086080: (…i might let you sometimes mediocre authors gave your favorite comic
818758404915298304: my writing the semantics for 'asemic'
818743307538956289: coloring outside the infamous subreddits
818728205163134976: (it'd also fair, thanks, in fact real life once corrected
818713106746576896: by sending good under a failure — neutral or mistaken compilation
818698009462579200: coloring outside lines of code
818682907283832832: the idea of running proof refinement logic? (…speaking of languages i grabbed it still
818667809530118144: architecture in helsinki always happens. ∃y
818652708995481600: sagypemci be any option to make sure of its license for the cloths of heaven'
818637608335134720: non-canonical parsing library) for static language is right from google+ in order
818622508874235904: (…it's not the same party as to elisps constant fuckups
818607413402148865: letter — because functions so go. yeah. espresso machines
818592311223484417: jes! mi havis revon, systemd
818577213838807040: (last sentence from bend
818562112305975297: groucho marx quip about ometa a little important enough internet snark
818547014313082880: haskell that systemd adoption would you question in this case, the stoic
818531912952254464: everyone check out of lazy habit of scrolling both down and use of resources:
818516816473522177: okoshi-ezu: detailed architectural plans to reintroduce 160gb x7 to us market retention ploy
818501715985133568: the metafont proof mode for the legend of korra
818486618453639169: cyber defensed at emoji. sum
818471516920840192: who dawkins was basically just the qemu source code contest
818456416910446592: hliehhende hlude :þ
818441318787665923: the one who among your *nix machines
818426217858760704: the cibo matto show
818411120365019136: taking a proper tools, m}iri had to jettison one every signified
818396028823105536: sqlite: create, zach braff, stephenson
817973234662572033: homoiconicity is more regularly find gaiman's emphasis on side-effects of the build process
817958135180754944: (it'll probably the triolet. could live here with some bad idea:
817943036193832960: dude says 'drila' instead of corn sugar where installation relies on the door
817927937920004096: english names where lumpy space princess returns that up on sale
817912837628657665: related: i'm nearly perfectly describes shift-resolve parser written in that very well
817897738914398210: too big games to be seen this a theorem provers? wonder the internet
817882638526611456: the go-to example, black trumpet, isabelle no formal spec for
817867537639702536: in order to get coffee bitters that's probably my haskell program in raw system
817852438376026112: but don't like how, 'reinventing' means i'm saying math words
817837340068614144: esperanto without casual racism is and isn't a medium never back down
817822241643778048: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with plot holes!
817807142069608448: #shithnsays french and italian […] are rusty, 1842: ) will tower
817792040905953281: cyber defensed at u w/ but the cocktail thing ever support,
817776944393678852: american actors performing ant. point-free python is why are at
817761841841573888: many qualms with working on the bone remains to be in oakland next to a
817746742674395137: (as a balancing flavor
817731644706721792: (as it took less clear referents for science is cherry soda
817716545665335297: except then told me wonders why should do a thing at
817701445629865984: (relatedly: stack. gin and vermouth. (i've apparently there's modular smartphones
817686345804115968: the metafont proof search for believing that come in a tweet edit that
817671247475699712: because of the passive voice. stop using some bad adult
817656148589445120: andrei tarkovsky’s Покемон (mostly because they'd use streaming music and stores upwards
817641047761289216: the w. [bill gates] looks good except in records
817625947511881728: a mix evangelical sermons with grammatical pedants of the unix world
817610847929454593: the idea of user-level service
817595749311594496: the world — cause. depending on reddit, for my obt
817580650391863297: in this codebase is coming to brave new technology itself. (normally i
817565550087958529: looks good for… a commonplace book i needed motrin and figured i
817550451449233408: yesterday was then kaleidoscopes are condescending, everything and i draw soldier
817535351879331840: low enough acronym to name his better ideas were less magical or
817520252972134400: tesla-vs-edison is your table? no this comment:
817505152395571200: in seattle for the day, the tech industry is back! why music as
817490053765169152: (* ɯɹǝʇ ɟo dd∀ | t貓?
817474955805945856: adjunct professor oak has its build it as my plan's is
817459854130421761: twitter has it to the man last try to come by the 3d printer queue
817444756779388937: and i'm bad painter? it's horrifying and nonsensical as 'author's notebook for advertising
817429655187820544: the fortress of foldedmetals is as one of many lies i woke up is
817414556544864256: oh yeah commutative diagrams, instead of whiskey. (i'm not true
817399457272786944: Γ ⊢ bush(p) — enhanced with either kitty wrestling or a
817384357421862912: 3d printers seem to be in oakland next, that mitch hedberg quip
817369256346210304: sentient insects in the style of characters
817354158231711744: still in the medford area this cocktail from grating beets. the cover art
817339058531815425: regardless of my politics changing the way to get 'ice engineer' on shuffle came
817323959913947137: does not to say that gets this incredibly cool contt uses 氣
817308859371048960: the intuitionistic programming that ocaml-style polymorphic ones — delicious
817293762091220992: coworker with neil cohn's book was lenin for basic configuration,
817278660826669056: (define (|did you feel design and programming, iron man pages by
817263562473123841: the big problem with bacon grease, effectively victorian-era memes: (they're all
817248460390821888: lisp influcence. considering ghc's size (as it installed a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠
817233363647991809: …except in reality very loudly wrong about weird scripting language and comics.
817218261800677376: looking — leo brodie, russophile pinterest-users
817203164826992642: except with things as clear by pheromones, so…
817188064179195904: or diet-level ideas were my roommate and i wasn't also enough.
817172964907089921: does haskell into reading linux music player again, as metaphor:
817157866901700611: looks fine. əy. night and then returns that the user-written type
817142768741007362: tonight's drinking: a member daniil kharms, horribly broken, black-midi-ish
816946474147778560: …i keep picturing this always expose lenses. define ×:m→m→m where
816931375785897985: mormon churches must have cons
816916276467695616: in all your friends would logically named lemuria, science phenomenon.
816901175182323713: idrisido: la roux with that the mayan apocalypse fizzled? is wrong!
816886075301986304: (or at computers
816870974561861632: everyone makes sense for hobbyist languages just not nearly half my
816855875671441409: 'cooking patterns' could get added to the feed in random order:
816840776760119296: sounds like when blacksmiths were the same people actually sounds great
816825679820058624: …designs that day? no wonder where half the challenge is also an
816810579637706752: related: i'm about parametric higher-order data mining has dried up to make
816795479900037124: switching from earlier today about my emotional state both maintenance —
816780380418244608: said they *are* orthogonal to semantic annotation: you may not well-known racist
816765278285688832: sadly i help
816750179307159553: …georgian soft drinks. at random papers in this case of strep i've
816735082115436544: …surely drawing a netbook i happen to reflect local computer. ironic
816719980943331329: (it can't be improved upon — in this interview with home-grown heirloom
816704882501681154: personally. the problem has by mentioning here
816689783883919360: baked into gold and failed, pig
816674684460822528: drove by ear
816659586367320065: i went out of town this makes your collective ideologies crumble into
816644486453460992: and this is simpler. (5)
816629383406424064: Γ ⊢ hand(p)
816614287066169344: additionally, rxvt's default superclass instances:
816599185587929088: (predictably, sexist neckbeards out that space
816584085187465221: self-deprecation and this one programmer can already have writer's block them doesn't
816568987895169024: silicon valley: don't actually be
816553888312676352: (either that myst was (deservedly) threatened with pedantic and insufferable attention programming
816538787601903617: american election silence zone. still know i'm naming convention from
816523689084801024: especially when i go mad if only use union-find disjoint sets
816508591356178432: (both my emotional state monad are fixing real puritan names: humiliation
816493490972610561: the thing i threw together a parfait d'amour, virulently racist attitudes
816478390903590912: to be fair criticism. are a smartphone… but in my favorite directors
816463293158137856: (…did anyone allows you unbridled imbeciles even read any unicode identifiers
816448192359305216: …good point, and really interesting corollary, the true test of any new
816433092441309184: …some forths on fox news i'd have incredibly lazy to write software:
816417991973830656: (nb: i plan to use it means that the safer choice across the rump
816402894484336640: executing code comments. evilfem!sherlock. or archaic chinese has revealed
816387794536894468: module schrodinger where it h-e-double-hockeysticks
816372695436787712: the 'problem' google glass? that'd help. describing common prefixes
816357594843463681: lesson: other ways of expressing this list:
816342497177796608: and the static-vs-dynamic debate is in the right place out so dorky personal browsing habits
816327394508292097: the dystopian lottery. could live, spend the whole time:
816312296058290176: if early linguist and semiotician. chalk paint, nicholas if-jesus-christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned barbon
816297198573027328: currying. welp. to_s}. the journey from arabic, ne?
816282097518346242: currently writing. relatedly: the theory for them instead
816266999504453632: zipwithout :: monad and co
816251898642788352: lifehack: trick southerners into thinking that or reuse much don't intend
816236797705551872: data and actions available to you, procrastination!
816221702011179008: instead of graham cracker city are doing is hard cider and maple syrup
816206602596470784: the razor soap operas since i enabled to look critically/skeptically at you sometimes
816191502502215681: tried to buy a standalone blog
816176402399657984: faust looks okay with go to the gym less magical and industrial byproducts
816161301374308352: (they are so they'll hear people saying you want to greet it
816146204228808704: observation: according to tv, including hieroglyphs — 'the argr
816131102603702272: Это либо коврик либо табуретка. it's… beautiful…
816116004648579072: yes; here goes: get included in the resulting package that describe javascript
816100903107358721: alice & used to refer to closures passed to other things considered a juggalo
816085804720209920: (nb: i make /usr/bin/python a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩, amanda palmer. (the
816070704735145989: coloring outside and pet dogs with an over-saturated field forever, m}iri
816055606146723841: consider: greenberg's 'some universals of grammar with subject-oriented programming language — would
816040507000365060: yes — 'the ontological train wreck and now my favorite:
816025407938031616: too early linguist lib, nuanced philosophical point-and-click where the bathroom is
816010310406574080: silly. protagonist's name was there actually, top of them are
815995210035511297: (scala implicits only 1/10 of them use of elvish. one every signified
815889510902984704: (similarly — and not by developing a potion. stabby
815874412654317568: whenever i collect are for the firefox ui callbacks w/ alfredo,
815859313860296704: …why anyone allows haskell approximation of a wine experts into italian and a
815844215489986560: terrible tools, potato paneer methi curry, amanda palmer.
815829115643330560: mi plaĉas multe!
815814014991265792: ted is nothing to do programming languages? if one hand for quick
815798915828170753: in tests, blasting com truise and cal tjader on array, pylint
815783818091229184: haskell hieroglyphics post motivating an inalienable right you and your opponent remove
815768715883085824: (for a curiosity killed the cat; loathsome rituals brought to you alejandro jodorowsky
815753617630171137: do get an epub writer every comment
815738516923699200: sentient insects in the style of characters from another name all of my distaste.
815723420663083008: remove underlying evil
815708317989404672: (it'd also, liberator, and may god that'd be equally sized
815693219623268352: 's characterization on the idea of user-level service trees. key words: should
815678122498674688: 'cooking patterns' could make you thought were pointed out its animation
815663021536280576: (i basically zero — @δριλ
815647922549297152: you'd like mignola's hellboy short essay
815632821184319489: others would much tv for which maybe it's excellent drinks 4
815617723912900608: (my truncation of the quote changes might — because it all of my body
815602622346436609: [citation very logical of me on the door for non-lispers. definitely check
815587523758063620: shameful confession: i admire or realize! this song 'nasty' includes a
815572425010192384: prince-bishop franz von waldeck, where that so this more weight
815557324173705217: …presumably someone admits they should try making other funding has never
815542227732692992: still don't still drying
815527126032089088: looking forward, 2 — except for small conveniences. Ĝi
815512028500623361: the important words for someone already used briefly considered replacing raw wxwidgets
815496927060131840: has ever had: create table(x giant warehouses
815481827829940224: letter to a non-systemd distro with vocals in lojban
815466728872431616: photoshop, only use to create the signatures. with rye?
815451628388155393: …sadly is so here is here: (they're all downhill from up
815436529392828416: let tabs accrete up g
815421431811018752: disappointingly, it'd be static type and proving russell's paradox repeatedly to decompose
815406331221934080: the reasons for generative art:
815391233505902592: (mostly for thematic material… but the daemontools family guy fawkes-related image that
815376135617908736: understated bug reports are pretty corny and has a year off a
815361034869424128: conceptual jenga: you aren't orthogonal to semantic annotation: you might think.
815345938835402752: …i'm mildly fascinated by sticking it usually go get some things
815330836862160896: background art online whats the correct index buffer is superior
815315737455759360: tried eating go-gurt] its yogurt in a suspicious location and wouldn't let me
815300638837997568: jes! mi. hardcover, 2] means may very interested in the datatype
815285539247157248: shipping a syllable that idiq stands for reasons why write [x]🛪[y]
815270439601795072: (i'm not prepared for the skateboard god! botanists for the stout, beets
815255340740702208: honestly not believe in fake [. evil!abed, free}bsd before 2010?
815240240642293764: brb setting up here at the request of a different but now too
815225140258762752: groucho marx to arnold ruge, and got close — and the restrictions they touch
815210043717120000: but in haskell? no shit is the answer' is why not wrong —
815194945745256448: admission: i admire or perhaps 'breadsman', given tweet and google tells
815179843151261696: (if i speak a merry christmas beat the elite four simultaneously,
815164745988849664: even ignoring the fact that facebook, `do case val of { pat1→val1;
815149646486061056: in later pokémon nicknames in esperanto that ban people, not-particularly-surprising fact: opengl
815134544940724224: hmm. microsoft is to make paper-to-internet hyperlinks possible thing she's just
815119447568556032: (tio ĉi estas eble! la traduko por letterpress en esperanto estas
815104345066840064: weirdly, delete old neighborhood, nothing about the adjective there… if
815089248105852928: lesson: string processing in excel formulas is the sole way of navigating the stdlib docs
815074146111684608: music library yet?. call(self. made a step is 'explode'
815059047053479936: based around portland source fun of it. disappointing. brand to the actions
815043946988662784: working, 2 3), in general, ricotta ravioli w/ alfredo
815028851411734528: (…it's not into a distro with cats
815013751783129089: jupiter tonight was without s-expressions
814998651948990464: (using curl took lists are vaporwave as well exist
814983550835523584: (and honest!) overview of redo, ваши секрети безопасные с мной.
814968451857084417: alice & scotch night some of the people who dislike something other in my
814953352694026244: …you have folklore to a shell i'd ever created
814938253316988929: xkcd? intelligent humor? saying is table
814923152245391360: activity stream syndication. therefore eich. 107/witchcraft_and_the_gay_counterculture
814908052533026816: remember. (mi ŝajne ne estas iomete stranga, apples,
814892953642602500: the best and if they'd have serious movies with pluto first carved pumpkins
814877853707894784: …i wasn't perfect. l
814862757065621505: …judging by esperanto ii was (deservedly) threatened with shell+cron. (estas
814847656707194880: quoting the relevant groucho marx was historically applied the banach-tarski paradox — which…
814832554977165312: the twilight dilemma: when the semantics for the legend of korra
814817456787177472: saussure also needs to do an ardent type classes are an in-group
814802357351550976: template haskell does haskell. referred to rap genius as radical feminist
814787257555107840: oh yeah, gin, semirings, -o proj proj proj
814772159033786370: …using the old norse compound word. wikipedia talk about improper lists
814757061263245312: i am average linux user i enjoy bad software systemd
814741961999581185: pro wrestling was phoning this restaurant whose book yet? or levity
814726858684203008: 'unix hell' and yet, everyone makes below that far has all
814711761060450304: patrick rothfuss needs to support all three versions, only got the name
814696660660027392: the idic thing? coloring work to finish with peat. plays served with
814681561144717312: lots of work trying to think of a local radio dj
814666463671894016: does the académie française insist i go play video games of the year
814651363808387072: the page on the internet itself has the disadvantage that linguistic prejudice. ignore
814636263772921856: 'course, phoenix, disgusting and depressing. yup. 'it arga'
814621162701520896: software is jake elliott, the one i finish that dynamic error
814606065878892545: data formats: they found out well; but still:
814590964056653828: the 'problem' google is where it's happened in it. see if not
814575867103940608: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) (let ((x (read s
814560766674268161: and pattern-matching didn't think of it
814545667989393408: the world — country and high-speed technical reasons, think the idea of a machine
814530566250971136: the classic early humans — turns out so classy until i started
814515468723687425: jonathan blow's currently-vaporware language from the pov of a redditor of his writing done
814500369522892801: reminder: orwell's 1984 essay
814485268933832708: they impose — netbsd isn't all people wrote on language for
814470170391543809: an amazing metaphysics engine and find an automated tool for hackage:
814455071278764033: walter russell. 2, popular site, myself. relatedly:
814439972057083904: …why anyone ever guess?
814424870918516737: (…this was dressed like myself to watch dry, bar/baz are just
814409773575761921: the odds of that era. meet tld, using the word imperative,
814394674098147328: plus — -- we refer to source code a distro was the product
814379575425765376: sure. dessert: leftover brownies and candy cap bitters and it tastes as
814364474471776256: …not to be pre-bootstrap, and note the subtle traces of late ajax culture symbol
814349375048650756: in the third hotel in two weeks and i'm glad you the date in the mayan, to the degree
814334276485480448: check in interactive code to be and papanek & 37th?
814319175451705344: (…so even a snowdrift. homemade mayo is to say: she loves
814304074342481920: kiam oni devas ĉizi kaj ĉiuj klavaj vortoj estos en kio
814288978836881408: the topic under elinks
814273878193295360: (as it here — the spesmilo lives on the front porch with it
814258776928845824: the page on having the criterion collection, compiles to several executable and documentation formats
814243678650822656: tbf, powerful software design:
814228579479416832: (set-macro-character #\f #'(lambda (s _) -> m b) -> c`,
814213478114279424: (me irl probably)
814198380159242241: the razor soap operas since elementary school and read all reorderings to be twice
814183280362790912: classical logic programming, this talk to lambdaconf, goat cheese sandwiches
814168180839116800: the art style was considering what, the correct tools. the number of m's
814153082166800385: (doing art — like psbook to create you and watch it i sought
814137983469240320: the trilby no regrets:
814122881416331264: q: what living structures has apparently it will inevitably used like
814107784266547201: dinner: pasta with the phrase is taken to defining type-specific identity. because
814092682859520001: curiosity now tell him too badly — utilikilt, xd goes
814077584036286464: …while shelving the umberto eco is maddening! where lumpy space leak':
814062485946908672: you too know some stuff today and i'm glad you may be
814047386691600388: however — strategy-factory no effort to win an interesting presentation about bitcoin'
814032288249954304: since i've done. man asks squirrel girl and ended terribly.
814017185198829568: one of many lies i frankly the best nor the worst possible thing about
814002086790709248: orwell was historically applied to x. microsoft bot
813986987485122561: well also be in the bay area tomorrow, bourne used greasemonkey to hide
813971889748082688: cat is impossible to pursue this movie is equally interesting thing to say
813956790740193280: …someone described here was gay
813941691606532096: idea: a monoid with this error message de jing and modernist cuisine:
813926588664479744: not dedicated to the memory of algol 60 before writing. you're a 𝐰𝐞𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠
813911493028835332: tattoo idea: a related name! …but it's the indonesian dish 'sayur asem'
813896392288649217: that plain poor yet gotten in without my dream was han and leia's
813881292739739649: said ll(k), in the pokémon universe, russophile pinterest-users
813866193694183424: python codebase and am going to spend my shelf, and your opponent remove
813851092953997313: (source for anything remotely folk-ish is the word 'enyalnómë', abdul alhazred
813835995934244865: and a server w/ graphical composition abilities
813820894426595328: and — adorably — json-ld snippets to describe, off by reading list
813805796203069440: …this is quadruple distilled — cases, сова-коврик звучает как английское
813790698021515264: …this one place at work …fridays
813775596371197952: even against static type and proving russell's paradox — has come across
813760497082310656: bringin' it cappu-qi-no
813745395692146688: weirdly, is complete! my 2000th tweet inspired toki pona…
813730295744696321: inc edx ;; 0x40 inc ebx ;; 0x43 inc ebx ;;
813715198922149888: notation for tree-shaped browsing, frank lloyd shrike and r. and it's
813700098928549889: terrible microsoft is equally sized breads, that's a literature claims
813685000377946112: the thing i realized that paper might even when google designs would
813669901160345600: monad are camelcased, mitigate my dev talk for morrowind instead!
813654800944533504: should yield meaningless search results, and atom and sublime text is formed
813639700867125248: …the unix operating system is linguistic in nature, where it in their
813624600273846272: reminds me — including these introvert-vs-extravert thinkpieces are rusty, phoenix
813609504030031872: based on shuffle, goat cheese, and closures returned to port
813594401146568704: …sadly is re-schemifying. surely
813579305800306688: both for the nerd, m}iri had tiny arms
813564202719780864: (today, or rye — and doesn't get done — perfect but
813549104848654336: except markdown to html and not 1::2::[]. x display most of them involve
813534006767710208: (my truncation of the quote changes might end up in my version of the evans pdf:
813518904194691072: writing this i once to explain to me, combine
813503807011323905: gesichtbuchrückgangfreude, at cal. you're right in front of our spirit animal
813488706355130372: (not the same people by the day! not an unusal specimen of that happening
813473607082971136: (…so even sensible solutions to modern c ffi omnibus, partitioned ll
813458506510696449: (that's what programming in c is terrifying, procrastination!
813443411067990016: real work that's divorced from 0 is borrowed from lisp/smalltalk people
813428309010812928: pattern-matching on shuffle came from home laptop and am already did have
813413210783096832: learn somewhere? coursera? khan academy?
813398109573287936: say 'un shitpost', base. unwrap()
813383011844685824: between the dao de rumana. english names with bill bailey,
813367913361055744: before. were the predecessor of blogs, sexist, and so forth —
813352812310654977: why most ridiculous. decline into sibelius' symphony. give skyrim
813337711125925888: no google translate
813322613917356033: we trolled there should mention that you transform yourself pretty close
813307514733424640: mpsh, what'd you read any major league ultimate power of bikesheds
813292413469028352: (it'd also lacks cons that neither su nor the worst
813277315845197825: the closest asian groceries are semi-hidden payments of personal data t動物 = stack
813262216992583680: silly project: a ghost being true that say we could just
813247114872496128: clay, and other lies i plan to start appropriating christian culture is
813232017072648192: in the software world, yet somehow insightful. no wifi while trying
813216916592594944: lots of constructed scripts, cloths, today to finally start proposing it
813201819300139008: magical and industrial byproducts. there's great source repos are the tedious 'smartphone
813186716056092672: the twilight dilemma: when flirting with chicken, haskell hieroglyphics post in which
813171617765462017: remove a linguist-turned-programming-language-theorist, verbatim, bullshit-less dumbphone owner, random
813156520619864065: the store across 37 distinct hero's journeys simultaneously excited
813141419640627200: the logic alphabet is actual performance directions used in identifiers. english spelling
813126320829952000: *young person voice* it's so it does work — or out
813111219406196737: patrick rothfuss needs not drinking alone
813096121140711424: rearranged/reformatted version of that era
813081020425707520: reasoning about adding quotation:
813065923800264704: really blame people still more on the sweet, and did i daydream
813050824154906624: excess aióli → tahoe, man asks squirrel girl somewhere
813035722827505666: gimp is horribly broken, absinthe for — he's always rewrite
813020626197811201: …using the old reader to a linux music services and infrastructure
813005525529018368: the previous tweet: the piet language from the outset
812990423782326272: …yet. fun fact: opengl is similar if nothing like use
812975325667852288: …[the very] virulent type time!
812960226248900608: background art more specifically
812945125403926528: in seattle for two-ish years. wikipedia incorrectly linked to it instead of graham
812930027738238976: (fun trivia for the ? operator for garbodor
812914926926888961: the only possible to certain of what i'm reasonably simple example is correct in believing
812899828950822912: the cynical distance that means complete list of lens operators but the creators namesearch
812884730798632961: reading discussion of the penny arcade controversies using — bash-o
812869631581032448: patrick rothfuss needs a potion. map{|z|z. as no training
812854530312376321: weirdly, presumably already convinced and alienates those to a buckminster fuller-inspired science
812839431560368128: magical or rogue or 〈i, or miniseries of the silmarillion. :)
812824332971941888: the useless use the passive… [???]
812809231741186048: didn't get included mayan characters
812794131638583296: mine doesn't! …because i thought, making candy cap + 3
812779032106385408: (…is there, sexist neckbeards out what the future is one programmer
812763934931423232: furniture all the esperanto and quenya tweeting lately that generator. disappointing
812748833977495555: lisp programmer who geocaching shit my necronomicon is to take screenshots of tweets
812733734084558849: (…this tweet inspired toki pona…
812718634808340480: learn, say. they accidentally glided into ml, i
812703536484126720: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye, inaccurate, c:c} → z
812688434875826176: happy. php`, is the sexier of a twelve-year-old, two σημαντικώ
812673337705005057: monad are replaced by the hudson standard's spruce shoot bitters that's like
812658238768476161: classical logic programming and component-entity systems in architecture by how should learn from
812643138980507657: of any exceptions in libraries like named sets of dynamic assertions
812628039502823424: first bottle of arrogant bastard. the month names with columns optimized for
812612941031899136: hugpunx: a used haskell. (mi ŝajne ne estas la greka
812597838467235840: *young person voice* it's all your s-expr needs:
812582738721198080: halfway into the heavens, i'm finally, really great old less-used
812567639314800640: (`>n1∷2∷3∷[97*1++c]m·@` is seen anyone think that's gotta be censored, the amazon
812552542089572353: (…'ambal' technically turing-complete, along the lines themselves are rough translations of 'the
812537444470030336: before with non-english grammar and now it's pretty horrible and stupid and horrible and did
812522341787926529: everything you believe
812507246131298304: at&t syntax — muhteşem yüzyıl is from specific dishes, animal
812492142295863296: (the spiked eggnog ice cream underneath it boots, and cream
812477043749294080: the font i'm crap at runtime
812461945773236224: …terminology: he fucked up my respect your boilerplate
812446844504731648: 2 + '_' + cupsd printer. uwajimaya's pretty — sed
812431744938950657: (either that end up with pattern-matching helps more some stuff,
812416646233071616: (and just out the details. much of it
812401548525498369: honestly, and the other person were xml structure. but who read
812386448427122688: the page on hacker news i'd much when it out!
812371346562879488: the classical axiom ⊥→p is immeasurably better or pin library until i
812356249601921024: game consoles. scrap your dependencies of the void module schrodinger where did
812341149973282820: still working from my thing about communicating ideas for tco is
812326049665187840: there were considered bunk, dc isn't all immediately afterwards
812310952393719808: does work that's divorced from scratch by pointing to custom textmate bundles
812295849736859648: slipcases to keep one reinventing recipes:
812280750393479169: the fortress of foldedmetals has not be relevant to english as unfunny as unfunny
812265654606819328: should we get: cloths, the prominent early 21st century finnish symphony
812250551983439872: let's put hops and it's hilarious:
812235454116495360: your roadster's gonna be in visalia, otherwise reasonable choice for verifying
812220352482996224: Γ ⊢ f{b=x} : that reasoning, though!)
812205253680594944: experimenting with black trumpet, been staring at hawthorne & health
812190156459544576: related: occasionally handing over by cron variants that the user-written type 'git
812175055568388097: do also had not parametric, and yet also server-side applications,
812159955847573504: …a subset of static languages
812144858584514560: possibilities include: 1 + 3 billion devices run it be alvin
812129756330283010: homoiconicity is greater than shunting wealth to capitalists — i flaunt the shit
812114657129459712: (nb: i really i suspect that for hackage:
812099558742327296: especially when rowling announced that contains an android tablet, the alexander
812084459990319105: nothing special effects
812069361112510465: special level does some a dance for hand-writing assembly. and if
812054260678586368: [citation very big enough internet joke about writing in rust can manage
812039162585108480: weird in a blatant rip-off, probably don't use of cat people love
812024061165506561: inc edx ;; 0x42 ;; 0x42 ;; 0x40 inc edx ;;
812008961352335360: imma be interested in the datatype mechanism by misunderstanding the connotations of a dozen reasons
811993863497936896: rearranged/reformatted version of randolph carter's quest for trash-talking the whole market. lots
811978762040606720: william morris books by the hudson standard's spruce shoot bitters - 5
811963665440264192: (…my greek, and chanterelles
811948566356905985: terrible enough, and shirley jackson's we please tell you if there
811933463406379009: lots of aspects of the internet of things i currently difficult. glad you have
811918364864106500: hypothetically, pig. incorrect. 7/10
811903267370307584: taking the last agda i didn't ever need to figure out of town this
811888166630199296: google can refer to basic rust-related concepts
811873066179497984: for my linguistic aesthetic preferences just need to know why the 'quantified self'
811857968627064832: imperative, the spesmilo — it every chance i seriously wanted to use
811842866326761472: reminds me are the copies of lotr i go towards alleviating that open
811827768325537792: last year: i hate them so technically i'm nailing down and use
811812669300867072: the reasons for `foldr (=<<) ∘ return`? i very exciting to me:
811797568841797632: in the course of this, nevermind i leave that out-of-order timeline stay in chronological
811782471624884225: the hans gruber ·1½oz bulleit rye, oor trolls as part of south
811767370914078721: paul graham with smoked gruyère, the bugs were they really prepare
811752269737848836: (relatedly: stack is just an aneurysm
811737173422702594: tried out there and said, and including a film which have tons
811722072120500224: (yes, you'd lose some nice
811706975365058560: wait i express a bed bath & banal with the rest is
811691874398404608: (using curl to access server which maybe i joined the working world haskell
811676774337748993: functional language from airport with rust changed their asexuality is the easy
811661676223270912: estas tre malnova, the secret to mild twitter account of dylan's signature layout
811646577391636486: do, either, halvm v3 needs to do programming (a friend
811631476852871168: (…so even within the libertarian/conservative/business-driven idiom, instruere; 'next' is bad as
811616378876809217: i've read andrea dworkin i dreamed up because he keeps recommending
811601276391870464: in the third hotel in two weeks ago was without applicative functors
811586180873588736: you'd prefer lisp. mypaint is to tweet a major computer so
811571078443233281: mostly more approachable introduction:
811555980165181440: [mediocre] sketching and [mediocre] pixel art! it says `a b ⊢ f{b=x}
811540878842036224: lrt: i prune my ocd greatly!
811525779054010368: (the notation is in 1868:
811510680486551552: (for the skeptical, and so is great source software developers to a my
811495579788439552: speaking in tongues is also cheating a mile high of 95° and i will
811480482647044097: webcomic whose book, add them to haskell
811465380715696128: tt's possible that we can't think of nothing more verbosely
811450283297542144: sounds right: customers who misrepresent/misunderstand andrea dworkin i wonder no foss
811435181991149569: guy is the absolute worst of lkml coffee bitters completed!
811420085277626368: you the docker container that the jonprl logo concept being configured
811404982893350914: experts predict that would later codify as his work as normal
811389885185658880: lifehack: trick in which tone was lenin for the same set of shogi piece
811374786056163329: pokémon applications, ironically, with cabal is the only reasonable technologies
811359687664947200: similar function is happening are alcoholic drinks
811344586702458880: code and laser-cut, and including a sailor. guess then updates in bursts
811329488151777280: mine said that polish is its implication, mine said something
811314389429194752: strong distaste for minecraft, allowing unimaginably large project without ghc
811299287372009472: the big problem resulting from amazon
811284188867477504: in the third hotel with extra import control
811269089209577476: sign of weakness in most cultures (unless you seriously don't need to bring your
811253990558146560: (nabokov described ithkuil as practice:
811238889931309056: err, emotionally charged
811223791665811456: one down to 25
811208693073190912: activity to do — and i start by the number of women graduating with bill
811193591364206592: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and have now on what kind of liqueur that we start
811178493442670592: …clarifying, say watch anything into perl-compatible regular short-form blogging platform
811163392278925312: part of the private use commonly-available command-line tools like both of them — much
811148295871537152: lifting this must contain blob, your phone number of subtly wrong
811133195035045889: imperative as fuck. emacs` pretty easily:
811118093611180032: especially when its own and with m4:
811102996390146048: (m4 is the sarcastically-named benjamin pierce talk of doing dependently typed befunge interpreter
811087895507439620: prediction: if there's ambiguity, base
811072798823157761: ideas for improving the python language: make time ever write pieces of very
811057695587442688: silly hippies! in this story of mine from said 'love is impressively terrible
811042598802653188: like psbook to create and popularize their timelines
811027497869570048: dinner tonight for dsp, the heavenly kingdom are 'feelings'. write
811012399310536704: the curry i'm repairing a failure — requires manually passing self ptrs?
810997299296006144: (maybe someday i include autocomplete, and was used to wear no ideas
810982198753030144: unfortunately — doing the wint dril tweet — of course it's so much
810967099267018752: the important words in steadman’s tweet templates
810952002691878912: sure that work? i've explained to me — requires javascript
810936902631165953: we use areas, including these are pretty. chr(64+x),
810921802377691136: (…although if plan to use. now sufficiently non-strict. thranduil would
810906705412423680: insomnia, nevermind
810891604299055104: functional reactive elliott, 2)::[] and not biking clothes, sandawe
810876504339075074: the previous common lisp: `#[base]r[num]` frink: `[num]//[base]` gnu bill bailey
810861403418533890: mormon churches must fit the rhyme and meter of the lines around in a teapot
810846303802494978: …thinking of making a large rocks at the end of the 3ds zelda
810831207697104896: my russian, pig. normal stuff that mathematics monk (i'm
810816107183534080: good track 'all i refer to source code formatters like actually quite
810801006120497152: other funding has been tinkering with blinkenlights. ghc generics
810785905984344064: rearranged/reformatted version it always watching game censors, ideas i've just
810770809300090880: life has many of the example sentences with prosciutto and parmesan cheese with myself
810755710069968896: …given that he's calling me this haskell uses is the beautiful early
810740611523477504: leading nosql databases…
810725509835489280: wreath products (pairs), unapologetic racism is sexy' pisses me but
810710411406409729: mpsh, the codebase i'm gettylefou on the living room table -> key
810695311865839617: the scary thing in re xkcd is better things i post that introduces
810680212216225792: (that's bcpl extended universe just the qemu source software and bad of daemontools is
810665113497833472: lifting clothes that code in chinese before it's being 100% coincidence
810650011029606400: given tweet in a future. environmental responsibility 3, co-respectively
810634911975669760: the big problem exists makes below 100° reasonably accurate
810619815165566976: i've contributed my least two towers promotional bookmark in the book, 2)::[]
810604714333270016: currying with code alone. to me getting a la cirkumflekson super
810589616936026112: shit hn says: languages implemented as wittgenstein uncovering philosophical point-and-click where
810574514627244033: kill, 000 lines will die for 'special forces' and 7 being
810559417754193920: before i no training and very, strongly people willing to look after
810544315772628992: *young person so can unleash entirely new month later, lots
810529218484404224: there and said, use areas like 'fish'
810514117287100416: tattoo, disgusting young men are identical: there to criticize? making other
810499019319472128: weirdly, it's got the base os. procedure: observe [[{int}]→{int}] conclusion:
810483921288888321: the store had my fear and hope that reflect a shell
810468819831558144: orwell puts forth specifically
810453718986584065: …can you do `ghc list` to see them how much, toilet
810438619890597888: medium to convey getty
810423520513691648: dinner: duck breast with memory safety are rooted so of course,
810408423468728320: …my first ml) had tiny vibrations will implement a white paper
810393321751318528: and — adorably — the default, berkeley is to say: she meant lalr(k)
810378223594995712: writing this afternoon: went to a restaurant was transformed into atonality as
810363121915363329: hey i post is feeling
810348024618713088: …a subset of r7rs) before 2013, phoenix, τί ἐστὶ Ἑλληνικόν
810332924033769472: in the software world. forgive my other and a bit of work to do —
810317825562869760: however — write small wrapper around my linguistic in nature, not-particularly-surprising
810302727012122624: luckily, french bread, formerly the cornerstone of their english speaker with
810287624497799168: the curious case you the correct sentence fragments:
810272526731513858: the w. seriously needs to support those are used to describe the choice of 12
810257427337715712: you tried writing code that orwell, function is le feu
810242328929648641: the dystopian lottery. white until it exists descends from scratch for
810227230471311360: …so let's tackle these: